10 Mass Effect 3 Things You Can Only Get In One Replay (2023)

The conclusion to the most critically acclaimed sci-fi RPG adventure in video gaming history, Mass Effect 3 was great — until it wasn't. The game is technically impressive and features plenty of dialogue moments and various substitute characters to keep the story moving as it should and confirming the choices made in the previous two games.

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An impressive achievement that shouldn't make us forget the terrible ending either. While the final moments of the game weren't everything fans expected, this game had so many things to do and so many exciting quests that it was very easy to miss the various hidden and not-so-hidden details that this game has to offer make it so great. . .

10No matter what you do, the endings are the same.

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This is one of the biggest frustrations a Mass Effect fan has had to face when playing the third game in the trilogy. The ending has been viewed as lazy, misspelled, taken out of context, and with many other expressions that could be used to define it. The general consensus was that the ending was bad.

While the way you played changed the journey and some visual elements in the final scenes, the last three were just a choice to be made at the end of the game.

9The last poem by the poet Krogan

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In Mass Effect 2, there is a krogan poet on Illium. He recites poems to himself when players meet him. Talking to him and his neighbor Asari will reveal that they are in a relationship, but Asari is considering ending it.

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These characters reappear in Mass Effect 3. Unfortunately, it's not the humorous dialogue it used to be. During the Rachni quest you can find a dead krogan in the tunnels. With him is a datapad containing his last poem to his beloved partner Asari.

8The Basilisk reference

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Mass Effect was developed by BioWare, the same studio responsible for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate 2. As soon as they had the opportunity, they made sure to include references to their older games. At some point during the Leviathan mission in Mass Effect 3, Shepard asks EDI what he knows about Basilisk. Instead of talking about the Basilisk project from the Mass Effect game, Edi talks about a bunch of fun facts about the word Basilisk.

"Multiple ships, a mythical creature, and a rare mid-level enemy type in the Galaxy of Fantasy video game. Has a staring attack that can trigger timed animation kills. Gamer forums describe it as 'outclassed'."

7joker sister

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The Reapers invaded the colony where the Joker's father and sister lived. Liara receives reports of refugees from this colony arriving in the salarian colonies. Liara says the fugitives are mostly children, giving Joker hope that he only lost his father and not his entire family.

We later found out that his sister was hurt and couldn't stop crying when a banshee approached. In order to stay alive, the asari hunter who was protecting Hillary eventually kills her. She mentions that she couldn't protect everyone because she didn't have her gun. If she manages to get hold of a weapon through player intervention, Huntress Asari will kill herself.

6Oleg's fate in the Omega DLC

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During the Omega DLC, Shepard teams up with Aria T'Loak,the proud pirate queen of omega. As they bond, Shepard helps her regain control of Omega Station. At one point in the mission, a turian woman named Nyreen sacrifices herself to save a group of civilians from monsters created by Cerberus. This prompts Aria to seek revenge.

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If you play the mission and select most of the Forsaken, Aria will slowly choke Oleg to death. To prevent him from doing so, two example interrupts are required. Unknown to many players, exemplary play results in Aria letting Oleg live but allowing Shepard to kill him with a Renegade interrupt. If he survives, Oleg will provide vital information about the Cerberus Laboratories.

5The goddess Asari was a Prothean

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The Protheans were an incredibly advanced race. When Javik is found, he is the last survivor of his entire species. It is just a reminder of the once great galactic empire of the highly evolved Protheans. The asari religion has a goddess who looks oddly similar to the Protheans. You can confirm that this goddess is a Promethean by taking Javik to Asari Thessia.

It turns out that the Protheans disguised themselves as gods to retrieve Element Zero from the asari homeworld. The gods would end up giving away the asari, accelerating their technological development. That's why Javik calls the asari primitive, that's how he remembers them.

4Benches Wiks, der beste Ersatzcharakter

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When important characters die, the story must still go on. Because of this, we have backup characters that serve the same function as the more important characters in the main story. As far as backup characters go, Padok Wiks is hands down the best. He's a unique character with rich dialogue, a very strong backstory and he feels alive and not just a replacement for Mordin. When it comes to filling the shoes of sucha great character like Mordin, Padok is as good as it gets.

Padok is also willing to sacrifice himself like Mordin. If so, Shepard says his actions are recorded and remembered deep in the fabric of reality. He says Shepard's will be remembered for all eternity. Just as he realizes he will die to save the krogan from the genophage, Padok smiles and says, "Forever."

3Legion's personality becomes more organic.

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This can be easy to miss when players are just chatting, especially if it's been a while since you've played Mass Effect 2. However, this is a very interesting development on a character who is already incredibly well written.

It seems that between the events of Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, Legion's behavior becomes more human. This role has been handed over a bit to Javik, who is very pragmatic. This may have prompted the writers to give the Legion character a different fate. In Mass Effect 3, Legion even expresses what might be perceived as shame. He also sees himself slightly differently than the other geth, as if he were an individual.

2Kirrahe's sacrifice keeps Thane alive

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If players can get Kirrahe to truly hold his ground and survive the events of Mass Effect 2, he can be found in Mass Effect 3. If Kirrahe survives, he will play a major role in the quest to rescue Councilor Salarian.

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Kei Leng seems ready to kill the salarian advisor but is interrupted. If Kirrahe is dead, he will fight Thane to the death. Unfortunately, this fight ends with Kane being stabbed and eventually dying. However, if Kirrahe is alive at this point, he will sacrifice himself to shoot instead of the Counselor. This result keeps Thane alive. It's also possible to keep both alive, but only if Drax is dead.

1With Wrex dead, the krogan can easily be betrayed.

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There is a well-known result when it comes to betraying the krogan and preventing Genophe from healing. If Wrex is alive, he will discover Shepard's treachery and go after the Commander to kill him. Wrex announces support for Earth, saying both races will become extinct. The leader of the Urdnot clan is clever and foreshadows alternative events, declaring that he is not as stupid as his brother.

Wrex's brother, Wreav, becomes the leader of Clan Urdnox when Wrex dies in Mass Effect 1. This krogan isn't as smart asthe wrex of many centuriesand if Shepard decides to betray the krogan, they will not know. This is the outcome that grants the most war resources as long as Eve survives.

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