265927 Head of Social Media and Digital Content (2023)

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job overview

From providing multibillion-dollar funds that spread opportunity and prosperity across Britain to relocating refugees fleeing Putin's war in Ukraine, DLUHC spearheads high-profile government policy that has dominated national conversations.

To succeed, we must communicate our complex policies to the public and secure popular support for our work. This is not possible without the work of our powerful digital communications team.

job description

We are looking for a visionary communicator to lead and guide the department's content strategy, define and articulate our content pillars for each channel, and identify new opportunities for original content.

The head of digital content will be responsible for building the department's digital communications capability and setting an example for the rest of Whitehall.

They will be able to deftly distill complex policies into content that reaches the public and then demonstrate the success of their work with clear analysis.

While this is a leadership role and managing the content production process is standard, the technical skills required to execute compelling content are essential.

The head of digital content also has an intimate understanding of the political landscape and can be expected to work closely with ministers and senior leaders across the department on a daily basis.

You will play an active role on the Communications Directorate's senior management team. You will be responsible for helping increase skills across the team and championing digital excellence across the department.

The position will be filled full-time on a permanent basis.



• Develop the content vision together with ministers and key stakeholders within the department.
• Stay on top of social, video and post trends to ensure we continue to reach and engage as many people as possible with our content.
• Effectively communicate the substantive vision to departmental teams to ensure ideas are accepted.
• Qualify the department to understand the role of social and digital in future communication.
• Advice on all aspects of social media management to Secretary of State for Leveling Up, Ministers, Special Advisor, Secretary of State and other departments.
• Develop a deep understanding of the department's business and communication goals and ensure our social media strategy meets them.


• Lead and drive the area's content strategy, defining and articulating our content pillars for each channel and new opportunities for original content.
• Make sure shooting and editing days are scheduled.
• Manage monthly budget for original content shooting.
• Create and maintain a content calendar that tracks events and trends and ensures we benefit from thoughtful content packs throughout the year.
• Design and launch a content management system to help the team easily find existing owned/licensed content.
• Provide final pre-launch approval of all social media content to ensure all videos are clear, accurate, error-free and match the department's voice and video style.
• Report weekly on content performance and brand equity growth and proactively suggest actions based on report insights.
• Define the DLUHC brand and act as “brand protector” in all communication channels.


• Lead and manage a growing team of digital communications professionals.
• Encourage staff and assist them in their personal development to ensure they achieve their own personal goals for career advancement.
• Communicate effectively across the department to ensure the team meets key departmental goals and ensure we are maximizing the resources available to us.
• Play an active role in the Communications Department's senior management team and promote digital best practices across the department.

person specification

  • We are looking for a visionary social media strategist who can translate complex policies into clear and effective social media campaigns.

  • The successful individual will have extensive experience leading a team to develop and execute creative social media plans, either at an agency or in-house. Experience working in a large corporation or well-known brand is desirable.

  • As this is a key role on the senior management team for communications, the ideal candidate is an established leader with the ability to improve people and drive results.

  • Experience working directly with high profile stakeholders or well known individuals would be an asset.


We will evaluate you based on these behaviors during the selection process:


  • Learning and development tailored to your role

  • An environment with flexible work opportunities

  • A culture that promotes inclusion and diversity

  • ANcivil service pensionwith an average employer share of 27%

things you need to know

Details of the selection process

we are here for everyone

At DLUHC, we value diversity and inclusion and actively encourage and accept applications from everyone, including those who are underrepresented in our workforce. We promote equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and victimization.

We strongly recommend that candidates contact the job manager for more information about this position.

we are here for everyone

Resume statement and cover letter

We recruit based on your knowledge and skills rather than background, gender or ethnicity; this is known as blind recruitment.

Remove references to your:

  • name the title

  • educational institutions

  • years old

  • sexual gender

  • email address

  • Household

  • phone number

  • Citizenship/immigration status

You must merge your resume and cover letter into a single document. When you apply, Applied will ask you to submit a resume. If you do, you must submit your combined resume and cover letter document.

Most of our campaigns use multiple reviewers, so your app may be seen by different reviewers.

Our application system is designed to remove as much bias from the hiring system as possible; this means that a hiring manager will not know your name and details, see your completed application immediately (or have your resume in the review phase, unless otherwise noted). ).

Your answers will be randomized and grouped. This means that each reviewer sees multiple responses to questions, for example, For example, responses from all applicants to "See the big picture" instead of viewing an applicant's entire application. The science behind this is that design can be subject to order and fatigue effects and we want to reduce that as much as possible.

Most of our campaigns use multiple reviewers, so different reviewers may see each of your responses.

When writing your application, remember:

  • The evaluator will not read your responses one by one.

  • Don't assume that the same reviewers have read all of your responses.

  • If you talk about something in your first answer, make sure you write the second answer as if you didn't write the first one (and so on!).

At Sift, your resume and cover letter will be used to evaluate:

Experience (Governing Element): Experience is based on the essential skills and criteria outlined in the job description.

Technician - Technician is based on the essential skills and criteria outlined in the job description.

Your cover letter should be no longer than 1 page and should state how you meet the criteria set out in the job description.

The interview will be mixed in nature and will consist of behavioral, experiential, technical and strengths-based questions as detailed in the advertisement. Strengths-based questions require natural responses from candidates.

The campaign will fully test the following elements of the success profile:

Behaviors: Seeing the Big Picture, Leading, Communicating and Influencing, Fast Delivery

Experience: yes

technician: yes

Strengths: Yes

We do not accept direct CV requests to our recruitment mailbox; you must apply for this position through government jobs application link

Please note that candidates who do not meet the payment criteria for this campaign may receive near misses on the lowest grade.

Classe salarial 7

  • The salary for this role is £54,632 (London) or £49,697 (Domestic).

  • Standard non-negotiable qualification and promotion policies apply to existing government employees.


Public service transfers from October 4, 2018:
If you change from another employer to DLUHC, you are no longer entitled to care vouchers. This includes exchanges between government agencies. However, you may be eligible for other government programs, including tax-free child care. Determine your eligibility belowhttps://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

For more information on DLUHC employee benefits, please see the attached candidate packet.


  • London

  • Wolverhampton


The hearing is scheduled for February 13 W/C with interview dates to be confirmed. Currently, all interviews are conducted remotely via video calls.


In the event that we identify more recruitable candidates than positions currently available, we will keep candidate data on a reserve list for a period of 6 months, after which new hires can be made. This may include functions at a lower grade. Candidates on the reserve list will be notified. Due to the time the CTC exams can take, our HR Shared Services team will contact candidates on the reserve list for positions in London to start the CTC exams. Applicants who do not wish to remain on the reserve list should contact Recruit@levellingup.gov.uk to be removed from the reserve list.

CTC (Anti-Terrorist Clearance):

Important note

Successful candidates for positions in our 2 Marsham Street building must meet security requirements before being appointed. The required security level is an anti-terrorist check and the process can take up to 8 weeks.

Please note that successful applicants must pass CTC security checks; this requires you to have resided in the UK for the last 3 years. For more information on Counter Terrorism Clearance (CTC), see the DLUHC Security Clearance Notes section of our Candidate Packet. Thanks.

Applicants should also note that effective August 1, 2018, the department will also check all successful interview candidates against the Cabinet Office's Internal Fraud Database (IFD). In accordance with the internal public service fraud policy, DLUHC will deny employment to any candidate accepted into the IFD. More information about the internal fraud database can be found in the candidate packet.

Before starting your application, it is very important to make sure that you are eligible to apply and meet the civil service nationality requirements. All applicants are expected to read the information on nationality requirements and rules contained in the DLUHC applicant packet.

Candidate Package Information

See the attached Candidate Package for more information.

Internal fraud database

The Internal Fraud Unit of the Division of Fraud, Mistakes, Debts and Donations of the Cabinet processes information about employees who have been fired or would have been fired if they had not resigned due to internal fraud. The Cabinet Office receives details from participating government organizations about staff who have been sacked for insider fraud or who would have been sacked had they not resigned. In such cases, civil servants are prohibited from continuing to work in the public sector for 5 years. The Cabinet Office then processes this data and shares a limited set of data with DLUHC as participating government organizations. DLUHC conducts pre-employment checks to uncover instances where known scammers attempt to reapply for government jobs. This ensures compliance and prevents repeat internal fraud.

For more information see-internal fraud record

Feedback is only given if you attend an interview or assessment.


Successful candidates are required to pass a lock and release security exam.

Selected candidates must meet security requirements before being nominated. The required security level isanti-terrorism check.

See our review letter.

People who work with government assets must graduatebasic staff safety standardverifications

citizenship requirements

This work is generally open to the following groups:

  • UK citizens

  • Commonwealth citizens entitled to work in the UK

  • Citizens of the Republic of Ireland

  • EU, EEA or Swiss nationals with established or pre-established status or applying for any of the statuses in a timely mannerEuropean Union Settlement System (EUSS)

  • relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals working in the public sector

  • Relevant EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals who have established a permit to work in the public sector

  • certain family members of the EU, EEA, Swiss or Turkish nationals concerned

Learn more about citizenship requirements

Working for the public service

DieCivil Service Codeestablishes the standards of conduct expected of employees.

We hire on merit based on fair and open competition as outlined in the Public Service Commissionrecruitment principles.

Public service embraces diversity and promotes equal opportunities. As such, we operate a Disability Trust Scheme (DCS) for applicants with disabilities who meet minimum eligibility criteria.

The civil service also offers a reinstatement interview program for officers who are at risk of being dismissed and who meet the minimum requirements for the advertised position.

app and more information

This post is partGreat place to work for veteransInitiative.

Upon termination of this position, the job posting will no longer be available. You may want to keep a copy for your records.

Point of contact for candidates

Work contact:

  • Name: James Fowler

  • E-mail: James.Fowler@levellingup.gov.uk

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