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Short Summary

The Government has committed in its program to taking steps to improve the integrity of UK elections. He legislates for major changes including Voter ID for UK elections; facilitating voting by foreign voters; improving the security of absentee voting and proxy voting; make polling stations more accessible; and strengthening the rules for political campaigns. The 2022 Electoral Law governing these measures received royal assent in April.

To meet these obligations, the Electoral Integrity Program was created. The program will provide the necessary secondary legislation, digital innovation and infrastructure across the UK to support the successful implementation of the government's vision. The program is part of the government's portfolio of major projects and is a key priority for ministers. It is an ambitious work program that continues to attract a great deal of attention in Parliament, the media and a wide range of commentators interested in how our democracy works.

This is an exciting time to be joining our dynamic programs team and making your contribution to the UK Government's most important electoral changes in many years.

job description

The Project Manager's role is to lead and coordinate the day-to-day delivery of multidisciplinary project work packages for the Election Integrity Program. These projects will evolve over time in response to overall program priorities and needs, so some flexibility and ease with changing work packages is required.

The role holder must be able to work effectively on all teams; Achieve measurable progress within tight project timelines and remove roadblocks where necessary.

The project manager is responsible for leading and overseeing the delivery of their projects and suppliers to ensure that objectives are clearly defined and aligned with program priorities and broader implementation plans, and are delivered within time constraints, agreed cost and quality.


• Create and manage the project to deliver agreed results within time, cost and quality constraints.

• Daily management of the project and all associated project teams.

• Rely on agile and waterfall project delivery methodologies, appropriate for working with hybrid program delivery and governance arrangements, and manage the effective transition between project phases.

• In consultation, identify the resources required to carry out projects and allocate and develop resources accordingly.

• Work with our partners throughout the program to ensure projects deliver identified benefits.

• Identify and manage stakeholder relationships and high-level support needs. Manage internal and external relationships as needed.

• Identify and monitor the risks and problems of the project. Develop mitigation measures and escalate if necessary. Identify and collaborate with related projects to manage dependencies.

• Supporting effective governance and decision-making. Provide reports and participate in mechanisms that make you, as project manager, responsible for delivery.

• Commit to warranty reviews and support action on recommendations. Organize assurance processes, such as: B. Gateway Reviews.

• Ensure effective change and configuration management processes are in place to agree and document changes to deliverables as agreed with stakeholders.

• Provide support, guidance and training to direct reports. Show commitment to personal development. Promote effective individual and team performance.

• Communicate the vision and translate it into delivery goals for the team. Develop and maintain the project plan. Manage performance and report to sponsors on program progress.


Essential criteria:

• Proven experience in end-to-end project management of one or more projects with significant impact, complications and/or complexity;

• Demonstrated ability to clearly articulate project goals as well as the roles, responsibilities and expectations of each team member;

• Proven and demonstrable ability to validate plans and dependencies;

• Proven experience of working with multiple partners and setting directions;

• Extensive experience and knowledge of managing and overseeing agile and cascading project lifecycles to effectively challenge and ensure best service and profitability;

• Proven ability to work under broad management in challenging environments.

Qualification or equivalent experience:

It is desirable that the candidate has a recognized project delivery qualification demonstrating knowledge of a variety of program delivery methodologies such as: B. or equivalent to:

• PRINCE2 Intern

• Agile project management practitioner

• Qualification in APM project management

technical skills

We will assess you against these technical skills during the selection process:

Projektmanager 3 Project_Delivery_Framework

learn and develop

The successful candidate will be encouraged to pursue a professional learning qualification as part of the position (e.g. an L6 degree in Project Management) or other relevant qualification available under an alternative accreditation pathway for design professions that caters to both the needs of the company and the development needs of the individual.

Details on the selection process

we are there for everyone

At DLUHC, we value diversity and inclusion and encourage and welcome applications from everyone, including those who are underrepresented in our workforce. We promote equal opportunity in all aspects of employment and a work environment free from discrimination, harassment, intimidation and victimization.

We strongly encourage applicants to contact their job manager for more information about this position.

we are there for everyone

DLUHC wants to integrate a diverse workforce at all levels.

Our application system is designed to remove as much bias as possible from the recruitment system; This means a hiring manager won't know your name and details, won't see your entire application at once (or review your resume unless otherwise noted).

Your answers are random and grouped. This means that each reviewer sees a series of answers to questions, e.g. For example, all candidates' responses to "See the big picture" instead of seeing a candidate's entire application. The science behind this is that there can be clutter and fatigue effects when drawing, and we want to reduce this as much as possible.

Most of our campaigns use multiple raters, so each of your responses may be seen by different raters.

When writing your application, remember:

  • The evaluator will not read your answers one by one.

  • Don't assume that the reviewers themselves have read all of your replies.

  • If you address something in your first answer, be sure to write the second answer as if you didn't write the first (and so on!).

We will evaluate in the sieve

Experience (core element) - What experiences have you had with working in a project environment and the associated project management processes?

Behavior 1 - See the big picture

Behavior 2 - Work together

Behavior 3 – Deliver quickly

There is a limit of 250 words per question.

In the event that we receive a large number of signups, we may conduct an initial assessment based on the lead behavior described in the ad. Applicants who pass the initial assessment may proceed to the full assessment or directly to assessment/interview

The interview will be mixed in nature and will consist of the experience- and behavior-based questions listed in the ad.

In its entirety, the campaign will test the following elements of the Success Profile:

Behaviors: seeing the big picture, working together, keeping pace

Experience: (yes)

We do not consider direct resume requests to our recruitment mailbox; You must apply for this position using the application link in Public Sector Jobs

Please note that fast miss bids may be placed at the bottom tier for applicants who do not meet the eligibility criteria for this campaign.

Salary 7 years

  • The salary for this position is £49,697.

  • Existing officers follow standard rank and promotion policies, which are non-negotiable.


Transfers in public service from October 4, 2018:
If you switch to DLUHC from another employer, you are no longer entitled to childcare vouchers. This includes changes between government agencies. However, you may be eligible for other government programs, including tax-free childcare. Determine your eligibility belowhttps://www.childcarechoices.gov.uk

For more information on the benefits for DLUHC employees, see the attached candidate pack.


  • Leeds

  • Wolverhampton

  • Cardiff

  • Nottingham

  • Cambridge

Depending on business needs, there may be opportunities for candidates to work flexibly. This will be discussed on a case-by-case basis with the job manager if you are successful in the position.


Screening is scheduled for W/C 3/6/23, interview dates to be confirmed. All interviews are conducted remotely via video calls.


Should we identify more suitable candidates than positions currently available, we will retain the candidate's details on a reserve list for a period of 6 months, after which further appointments may be made. This may include positions at a lower grade. Applicants on a reserve list will be informed accordingly. Applicants who do not wish to remain on the reserve list should contact Recruit@levellingup.gov.uk to be removed from the reserve list.

Before you start your application, it is very important that you make sure that you are eligible to apply and meet the civil service nationality requirements. All applicants are expected to read the information on nationality requirements and rules contained in the DLUHC applicant pack.

Information about the candidate package

Please see the attached candidate pack for more information.

Internal fraud database

The Cabinet's Fraud, Error, Debt and Donations function's internal fraud function processes the details of employees who have been fired for internal fraud or who would have been fired had they not resigned. The Cabinet Office obtains the details of participating government organizations from officials who have been fired or would have been fired had they not resigned for internal fraud. In such cases, civil servants are barred from other public service posts for 5 years. The Cabinet Office then processes this data and shares a limited dataset with the DLUHC as participating government organizations. DLUHC then conducts pre-employment screenings to detect instances where known scammers are attempting to reapply for public service positions. In this way the policy is insured and the repetition of internal fraud is avoided.

For more information, see-Internal fraud register

contact details

Mark Sutton


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