Follow Tika Sumpter's love life since her divorce from her husband Hosea Chanchez (2023)

Age/Date of Birth:
42 years old (June 20, 1980)
5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm)
husband or boyfriend:Nicholas James (Business; 2016–)
Formerly married to Oseas Chanchez (d. 2009-2012)
pais:Mother: Janice Buy,
Pater: Arthur Curtis Sumpter, Sr.
net worth:6 million dollars

Tika Sumpter is an incredibly talented woman who plays every role she has taken on in movies and TV shows. She wears several hats as an actress, model, director, producer, and writer. Since hosting the reality show The N,best friend dateWith small roles in TV shows and movies, Sumpter slowly made his way to the top. Today she is best known for her role as Candace Young in the Tyler Perry film.Those who have and those who don't🇧🇷 As her fame skyrocketed, so did public interest in her life beyond her profession. Sumpter has kept a lot of secrecy about her personal life in the past, but since she's become a huge star, she's been more open to sharing information about that part of her life. After her marriage to fellow actor Hosea Chanchez ended in 2012, she dated Nicholas James.

Tika Sumpter met Nicholas James on the set ofThose who have and those who don't

Initially tight-lipped about the new man in her life, Tika Sumpter ended up revealing who her mystery man was, and it turns out he wasn't so mysterious after all. This is Nicholas James, her co-star onThose who have and those who don't🇧🇷 When he finally revealed it was him, fans of the Tyler Perry show wondered if it was the show that brought them together, and it turned out to be the case.

Tika Sumpter describes meeting Cage as love at first sight. She had booked the role of Candace Young, one of the show's regular characters, which debuted in 2013. James only joined the show in 2016 when he started playing Officer Justin Lewis. In her own words, she was immediately attracted to James the moment she saw him and was interested in getting to know him better. They grew closer while working on set, Sumpter revealed how she found it so fun and soon they were making out.

Follow Tika Sumpter's love life since her divorce from her husband Hosea Chanchez (1)

Since then, Sumpter and James have been going strong and sharing the progress of their romance with their fans via their respective Instagram accounts. Of the two, James is the lesser known actor. He began acting professionally in 2006, making his debut in the sex comedy film.Dinner Out 2: Sloppy Seconds🇧🇷 He also had small roles indance nightjfired!, before focusing more on small screens. He played small roles on shows likeNCIS,jane by design,Hollywood Heights,Client list, jRakebefore landing his first series regular roleThose who have and those who don't.

(Video) Tika Sumpter BACKLASH for MARRYING WM

The couple had a daughter in 2016.

  • Name: Ella Loren
  • Birth: October 8, 2016

Tika Sumpter's romance with Nicholas James was turbulent; Shortly after they started dating, Sumpter became pregnant. Her pregnancy made tongues flutter as many wanted to know who her baby's father was and if she was secretly married. Regardless, Sumpter remained silent and only gave one pregnancywhere she revealed the reason why she kept her pregnancy a secret because of how harsh social media can be and because she didn't want people to bombard her with questions about who the father is. She also revealed that she waited before telling some of her friends. She told the publication that she is a mother bear dedicated to protecting her family.

Sumpter only revealed the identity of her baby's father after their daughter, who they named Ella-Loren, was born. The actress made the revelation in an emotional Father's Day message shared on social media.

Sumpter announced his engagement to his co-star in 2017

In January 2017, Tika announced that she was engaged to her baby's father, Nicholas James. She opened up about the revelation during a performance.the realThe engagement took place over Christmas of the previous year, about two months after the birth of daughter Ella.

The actress revealed that James had thought about his proposal. She had taken a short tour of the house and realized that he was going to ask her to marry him. However, James found a way to make the proposal incredible by including her daughter Ella. James wrote Sumpter a sweet letter he hid with Ella and asked her to show him before popping the question. Sumpter described the moment as simple and simply amazing.

In early 2021, Sumpter saidBEINGSMagazine that after four years of engagement she was finally ready to get married. However, she did not reveal the reason for her long wait. She said the Covid pandemic made her realize that she wanted to get married and couldn't wait to celebrate with family friends. She revealed that the wedding would be next year.

Overview of Tika Sumpter

Follow Tika Sumpter's love life since her divorce from her husband Hosea Chanchez (2)

Sumpter's Wedding To Hosea Chanchez Was Very Private

Before the Adonis James entered Sumpter's life, she was married to another Adonis, Hosea Chanchez. Many would remember him for his recurring role.for your love, as well as football quarterback Malik Wright on The CW/BET sitcom,The game🇧🇷 Although it is known that they were married in 2009, there are no details about how they met or how long they were together, but their marriage did not last long before it ended after their divorce in 2012.

Follow Tika Sumpter's love life since her divorce from her husband Hosea Chanchez (3)

According to Chanchez's interview withBEINGS2012 looks like the show,The game,Where they acted as each other's love interests, they tried to rekindle their love. In the interview, she said that she got back together with an ex that she had known for 9 years and who lived in New York (Sumpter lived in New York at the time). It seems they can't seem to work things out as they soon split up. The two had no children together. Chanchez continues his acting career, details of his personal life have been kept under wraps.

Sumpter had a crush on rapper Drake

Aside from Nicholas James and Hosea Sanchez, Tika Sumpter has not been romantically involved with any other men, at least not to public knowledge. However, it was revealed that she was in love with Canadian rapper Drake. The meeting and first meeting happened thanks to the first gig as a host on friend date.

One date was all it took for Sumpter to realize that Drake was pretty cool; She revealed that he told her that by that time he had already started working on his music. This was before he became popular, as Drake and Sumpter referred to him as Aubrey. At the time, she had only described the rapper as "super cute" and "super cool".

Profile Summary
First name:euphemia
Last name:bathroom sink
Also known as:
Actress, singer, producer, TV presenter and model
Famous for:best friend quote
Colleges/Universities attended:
Marymount College de Manhattan
Academic preparation:
communication student
birthday and zodiac sign
Age/Date of Birth:
42 years old (June 20, 1980)
Hollis, New York, USA
Country of Residence:
United States of America (USA)
physical attributes
5 feet 7 inches tall (170 cm)
55kg (121 libras)
eye color:
dark brown
Hair color:
dark brown
Other body measurements:
Chest: 34 inches
waist: 24 inches
Hips: 34 inches
Marital status:
I have a date
Spouse/life partner:
Nicholas James (Business; 2016–)
Formerly married to Oseas Chanchez (d. 2009-2012)
family and relatives
Arthur Curtis Sumpter, Sr.
Madam:Janice's store
Ella Loren - daughter
Brothers:Curtis Sumpter - Bruder
Other relatives:
N / D
net worth
Estimated net worth:
6 million dollars
Wage:N / D
Source of Wealth:
show business


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