How to Become a Better Student in 2023 (30 Tips and Tricks!) (2023)

Do you want to know how to become a better student? Or what does it mean to be an effective learner?

If you picture the class nerd with thick glasses and a pencil behind his ear, that's itNOIt is.

You can read all the books on how to be a good student, doodle and highlight anything and it won't make a difference.

Becoming a better student means learning a new skill,student participationand other practical methods that will help youretain and apply what you learn.

Here are 30 tips and tricks that will give you many creative and successful ideas.learning strategiesto help you become a better student.

1. Don't be afraid to ask for feedback.

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Feedback is one of the quickest and easiest ways to become a better student. You may not always like what you hear, but honest feedback is like taking a shortcut instead of learning the hard way. Good students ask for feedback and use it to learn faster.

2. Ask questions

A good learner is someone who has the courage to ask questions and does not take information at face value. Evaluate what you learn, ask how things work, why this way and not the other way. It's a great way to understand the uses ofpractice material.

3. Avoid unnecessary distractions

Social media, Netflix, texting, and unimportant tasks that can wait for later cost you many productive hours of new knowledge acquisition. For! Set boundaries, create time blocks for your schedule, and prioritize with sharp focus. Please turn off social media and email notifications during study time.

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4. Learn from others

There will always be colleagues who have learned and mastered more in better and smarter ways than you. Learn from their different perspectives and spend time observing them. This learning opportunity can help you avoid costly mistakes and teach you tips and tricks to make content easier to master.

5. Be enthusiastic

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Remember why you are making the effort to learn. Make it visible and hang it on the wall above your study. Your goal, along with a positive attitude (and some coffee), will help keep your spirits up when you're having a rough day.

6. Stay organized

Successful learning requires organization that helps your brain focus on what you are doing. Organize your learning material and have the necessary utensils ready. Use a schedule and plan what you need to cover and when to keep you on track. This will help you monitor your learning progress.

7. Be an agile learner

This is an essential life learning skill that means you can apply what you have learned from prior knowledge to a new challenge in the right way and at the right time. In short, learn to be flexible and keep your wits about you!

8. Join a community

John Donne, the poet, once said, "No man is an island." How can you test your knowledge when you are alone? Join a group of people who are studying material similar to yours. You will benefit from itcollaborative learningand also be more motivated.

9. Challenge your brain

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Your brain is a muscle. You must keep using it to get "Study Form". If you struggle with critical thinking, challenge your brain in other ways: write with your other hand, follow a new route, or play a strategy game. This will help in understanding the new material.

10. Stop comparing yourself to others

Comparison is one of the worst distractions, it takes away your enthusiasm and makes you feel inferior. Don't lose focus on what others are doing. keep an eye on youlearning goal, your own schedule. Learn at the pace that works best for you.

11. It's more than your textbook

Have you ever had nightmares at school because you lost your textbook for class? Today, the same material can often be accessed online in avirtual class, as an audio book, e-book or even better in video format. Oops! Don't be afraid to use different formats to cover your content.

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12. Your degree doesn't make you a better student

Don't stick to your title too much. It doesn't guarantee anything. The results you get after completing a diploma depend on the actions you take to apply the material. You have the power, not the role!

13. Leave the marker

If you enjoy using bullet points, please take a minute to ensure that this helps you read and absorb the material.with a markerit often means that you only read part of it, possibly missing important details.

14. Yes, diet and exercise are important

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Your brain needs fuel to help you absorb, remember, and apply new information. Take care of your body and your mind. Eat nutrient-dense foods and exercise your body daily. Get some fresh air and go for a walk. This will help your brain to process and consolidate the material.

15. Try new problem-solving skills

Exercise your brain by trying new problem solving skills - do some challenging brain teasers and creative brain teasers. Using different parts of your brain in this way is one of the most helpful things you can do to learn better.

16. Find your learning style—

Have you explored otherwiselearning styles? If you're having trouble learning by reading, try a hands-on approach, where you physically "train" your way through the material. Or maybe you prefer to learn by listening to audio. Your learning style is the key to mastery.

17. - But don't rule out experimenting with new learning styles

However, don't get too caught up in one learning style. It's worth exploring different learning styles for different subjects or materials, as this will add more "learning tricks" to your toolbox. You can switch between methods if needed and avoid getting stuck.

For example, auditory learners might want to put on headphones and pick up a book and read instead. A visual learner might want to start taking notes or brush up on their communication skills.

18. Add gamification to your learning arsenal

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gamificationis exactly what it sounds like: doing learningMore fun, more like a game where you have to advance to win.


It's aboutto create this exploratory flow stateChildren have, where learning occurs naturally and almost effortlessly. More creative and enjoyable.learning processmakes it much easier to achieve your learning goals.

ÖOnline course platformXperiencify does this throughcombining different rewards,quick victories, visual clarity in objectives,curiosityand personal recognition to motivate students to continue learning.

19. Get your ZZZs

Stay up late? Is your short-term memory a little...short? Sleep is just as crucial as active, focused study. Your brain needs sleep to process what you have learned and store it in your long-term memory. Get enough sleep so that you can “retain” what you have learned for longer!

20. Never lose your curiosity and think outside the box

Curiosity is the best quality a student can have. Ask questions, research, explore and try different things with the material you are learning. This is how innovative ideas are born! Think beyond what's on the page in front of you.

21. Not studying at night

Cramming all night is just as bad as lack of sleep. Do not do that! Even if you get away with it, it will cost you your long-term memory of the material and defeat your learning goal. Instead, it's a good habit to prioritize shorter, more focused study times with healthy breaks at the same time each day.

22. Yes, this lecture is boring, but—

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You can still turn it into productive study time by using your book, taking notes, and asking questions about the material. You can also use an online transcription tool and use it to take notes of what was said at the conference instead of listening.

23. Set clear and realistic goals

Many students start their studies with a big, long-term goal in mind. The excitement triggers some enthusiasm, but it soon wears off. Break down your big goal into smaller, more specific, and realistic goals. This will help you make steady progress.

24. Scribble, Scribble, Scribble

WriteIt is a useful learning activity as it activates your right brain and adds a creative visual element to your learning material. Our brains are wired to remember and learn in pictures, so doodle a smart student!

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25. Stay motivated

MotivationYou don't get far alone, but discipline and routine can help you keep going. You won't always feel like doing the job. Create habits that make you a lifelong learner and hold someone accountable - build your own support system to become a better student.

26. Don't multitask

If you're trying to make the most of your time by multitasking, stop. Your mental supercomputer works best when it's focused on one task at a time. Multitasking steals your short-term working memory. Give your studies your full attention and you will learn better and faster.

27. Write those notes down - on paper

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There's something magical about taking notes on paper that always trumps electronic notes on a tablet or laptop. Here's the secret: hand-eye coordination and the multi-sensory act ofTake notes, not paperit's like consolidating a new concept in your brain. Use the!

28. Playing Games (Brain)

Educational science has shown that children learn best through play, especially in the first few years of life. This rule of playful learning also applies to adults! Playing games that challenge and stimulate your brain activates different areas thatimprove your learning ability.

29. When the student becomes a teacher

One of the oldest tricks in the book of effective learning is teaching someone else what you've learned. You have mastered the content when you can explain it in your own words to another person in a way that contributes to their understanding.

30. Learn in different ways

Tired of reading? There are many different ways to learn different topics - try watching webinars or YouTube videos on the topic you are studying. Or listen to podcasts and audio books.

Now up to you!

With 30 tips in your pocket to become a better student, there are no more excuses! You are allowed to learn in any way that is easy, fun and interesting for you.

You have a unique brain, nobody thinks like you. It's a gift! Use it to your advantage and create your own creative learning experience.

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If something doesn't work, change it. You are the teacher of your lifelong learning journey.

your brain ismadeto thrive through exploration, learning, curiosity and discovery of new things. Forward!


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