How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages in 5 Easy Steps (2023)


The way things are going, self-employment and self-employment are likely to be the future of work.73% of millennialsNow go straight to freelancing instead of joining the classic workforce.

Not to mention the fact that we are witnessing the biggest work-from-home experiment in history. There is likely to be a serious shift towards remote work and freelancing in the near future.

But there is no denying that being self-employed is complicated and difficult. At first, you do everything yourself, from prospecting to marketing your services to selling, all alongside your client's work.

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The only way to start scaling your freelance social media business is by adding structure to your work. And the first big step is to move from the work you can do to setting up professional social media management packages. This is how you do it:

STEP 1: Choose the right services

There are a lot of social networking services you can offer… make it a ship the size of the Titanic. There's content creation, content curation, social media strategy, campaign management, channel-specific services, etc.

Demand for certain social networking services also fluctuates. A couplethe most in-demand digital skills for 2020They are video analysis and production. Additionally, new platforms and capabilities continue to disrupt the market and open up new opportunities for businesses. For example, TikTok is all the rage right now and Instagram has featured several of them.Social shopping featuresrecently.

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With that in mind, how do you find out what social networking services to offer?

As you know, the social media management and consulting industry is highly competitive. Therefore, you are more likely to build a successful business if you specialize in something. After all, clients want to hire someone who is an expert in their field. So start by listing your areas of expertise.

Next, you need to create customer personas for your target audience and figure out what their pain points are. You can do this by asking past or existing customers what their biggest challenges are.

You should also research what services people are looking for online.Google trendsit is a useful tool for determining whether interest is rising or falling over time.

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Another option is to check forums or question and answer sites like Quora to find out what problems your audience is having and what questions they are asking as a result.

Well, that's the good part, where your research and planning come together... Find the sweet spot where your areas of expertise meet demand, and phew, you have the ideal list of services to offer.

STEP 2: Create Layered Social Media Marketing Packages

There are many reasons why bundling your services works:

  • Potential customers choose what suits them best from a variety of options
  • Make it clear what is included and what is extra
  • Potential clients can compare your packages with other freelancers, agencies or brands
  • Helps you organize your workflow more efficiently
  • You can resell lower ranking customers over time
  • It's an industry standard, so it looks more professional.

You've already determined what services you'll offer, so the next step is to group them together in a meaningful way. Your audience research will help you determine what services the average customer needs.

It will also help you determine the depth of your packages. For example, small businesses may need a more generic package that covers a variety of services. While those who already have resources or staff may need in-depth or niche services.

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worth mentioningscaling your businessfor the first time it can be scary. However, don't limit the size or depth of your packages for fear that you won't be able to do all the work yourself.

You can easily manage multiple accounts and campaigns with a tool likeMavSocial🇧🇷 For example, you can automate post rescheduling to maximize client social reach without additional manual work. MavSocial also automatically generates professional social media reports that you can send to clients right from your dashboard. These are just a few ways to speed up workflows and offer advanced packages.

The complete toolkit for social media managers.

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Plus, as your business grows, you can hire more freelancers and outsource administrative work, allowing you to attract more clients and increase your profits.

Start with a basic package of services and decide how to level up. There are several ways to organize your packages:

Goal Oriented Social Media Packages

Instead of providing a list of specific services, you can choose to express the value of your services. So plan your packages based on how many customers you want to reach.

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Service Oriented Packages

This is a simple approach: level up each package by adding additional services. Choose this option if you want to add custom elements like content creation to your basic package.

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budget oriented

You can decide to provide your packages for different budgets. Do this if you expect to work with small and large companies alike. Or if your services include paid advertising.

How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages in 5 Easy Steps (6)


number of platforms

If you have a wide range of skills that span multiple platforms, you can create packages based on the number of social media platforms you'll be working on. Clients can choose which platforms to focus on.

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tiered packages

If you want to offer many different services, just group similar services together. You can then sort the packages within those packages.

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In general, the type of package you offer depends on your services and the needs and wants of your target customers.

STEP 3: Offer custom plugins

Your packages should be your top priority when it comes to selling your services. This is because you want to build a series of repeat clients instead of working on one-off projects.

However, there will still be potential customers who want services specifically tailored to their needs. If you don't engage them, you are losing business.

One way to offer more customization options would be to create a list of relevant optional extras for each package. Check out this example from Social Cut:

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Your Instagram management package comes with a basic list of services such as: B. Prints and content mail. However, customers can add extras that make sense for Instagram administration, e.g. B. Personalized photography and comment moderation.

You can do something similar by pinning relevant extras to your packages.

Another way to tailor your services to clients is to offer the option to create your own package along with their standard packages. Here's an example from Fisher Green Creative:

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As you can see, they offer the ability to customize their social media packages based on the client's needs, budget, and goals.

If you decide to offer custom services, it's important to define your processes and pricing for custom social media marketing plugins or packages ahead of time. This is a quick and easy way to quote leads. Also, both you and the client know exactly what is at stake in advance. So you won't find yourself doing more work than you paid for.

So it's a good idea to offer personalized services. However, you must plan carefully to do this successfully.

STEP 4: Evaluate your social media packages

Prices of your packagesIt will probably be one of the most challenging and important steps in growing your social media marketing business.

It's tempting to offer cheap services when you start to attract more customers. However, this is simply not sustainable. Also, when your prices are low, potential customers will believe that you are working less than your competitors or that you are less committed to helping them achieve their goals.

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There are different pricing models you can use andmost digital agencies (43%)Use a combination of different pricing methods.

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For social media packages, a flat monthly fee is the natural choice, and you can use other pricing models to determine this fee. Switching from billable hours to a flat rate is much more efficient and cost effective.

You can opt for point-based pricing. This means that you have a fixed fee per point, e.g. $50 and each point represents a service.

So let's say your package includes page setup, page optimization, 10 posts per month, and a monthly report. Four points equals $200. As you upgrade your packages, each package contains more points and therefore the monthly fee increases.

Another option is value-based pricing, where the price of your packages depends on what the customer thinks their packages are worth. To determine your prices, first look at what your competitors are offering.

How much do you charge? How is your package different? And what might be the perceived value of these differences?

For example, if your main competitor's package is $600 per month, but you offer more services, you need to decide how much those additional services are worth to the customer. And you can use customer feedback to adjust your prices over time.

Ultimately, you should choose the most profitable pricing model for you.

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STEP 5: View your packages

Some social media marketers make their packages as long and complicated as War and Peace. It's great fun.

How you design your social media marketing packages for your prospects is important as it influences their decision to hire you. So here are some tips:

Offer a direct comparison

While B2C buyers make emotional and impulse purchases, for B2B buyers the decision-making process is well thought out. So you need to see your packages side by side to make decision making easier and faster.

For example, here you can see line by line what each package does and does not include:

How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages in 5 Easy Steps (13)


Also note that the brand is emphasizing middle packaging. This tactic lures potential buyers to the more expensive package.

Be clear and concise

If you present a prospect with too many options, they are less likely to make a decision because they feel overwhelmed. Namelythe paradox of choice.

To avoid this problem, you should avoid having large comparison tables with all your services. And avoid overselling packages like this:

How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages in 5 Easy Steps (14)

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There's no shade, but it's certainly hard for customers to choose between six different social media packages.

Instead, keep it simple and condense the information you share in your spreadsheets.

describe the benefits

On the same landing page where you show your packages, use tactics to get the customer to hire you. Customers not only want to know what you do for them, but also what you get, that is, the benefits.

In other words, you not only research and use relevant hashtags, but also increase your social reach.

This brand does a great job:

How to Create Social Media Marketing Packages in 5 Easy Steps (15)


They address customer pain points, describe the benefits, and let potential customers know why they should choose your brand.

In short, the way you present your packages should make the decision to hire them easier.


Creating social media marketing packages will take your business to the next level. It gives you the opportunity to grow your customer list and profit.

First, you need to find out where your specific skills meet the demands of your target audience. You can then create tiered packages that really suit your needs. Make these packs your priority, but don't forget to offer customization options.

Next, you need to price your packages for optimal profit. And finally, present your packaging in a simple and attractive way that supports decision-making.

Now it's your turn to start configuring your social media packages. All you need to get started is a list of your areas of expertise.

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