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Updated October 27, 2022

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Duke University has and is a 9% acceptance ratefamous gymIt attracts thousands of applicants due to its excellent programs and warm southern climate.

Duke is also No. 9uprightRanked #1 on the list of the best colleges in the country by US News Magazine.

So can you stand out from the crowd?Competitive candidate pool

One way is to use extra papers! This guide will help you write your best Duke supplemental essay.

How to Write an Extra Duke Essay (With Examples!) - Transition (1)

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What are the additional requirements for the Duke thesis?

Duke University requires you to submit an additional essay for the program you are applying to, and if you believe there are aspects of your background not covered elsewhere in the application, you may choose to answer up to two additional essay prompts.

Additional essay prompts can be found on Duke's admissions website and are reflected in this guide.

Tips van Duke University

Before we explore specific issues related to each program, Duke University offers some general tips for candidates as they write their supplemental essay.

  • Getting accepted into one program or another is not easy or difficult.
  • Choose the school and academic program that best suit your interests.
  • One of the essay questions is mandatory and the other is optional.

With regard to the third point, Transizion advises you to respond to the selection papers that apply to you.

This means that if the article has anything to do with your life, comment on it. Writing a dissertation can be exhausting and stressful, but this advice is for your own good.

The main purpose of the first two tips is to remind you that it is easier to write a dissertation in your field of interest than in a field that you think has a higher acceptance rate.

When answering the question why you want to go to Duke and study the program, DO NOT write the following:

  • sporty
  • Location (perhaps your fascination with the research triangle)
  • social life

One thing you might notice about Duke Essay bonus questions is that they tend to be more direct than some of the other more creative questions you can get from other schools.

With this simple, just write:

  • Don't make fancy introductions.
  • Stick to a simple structure.
  • make sure thatBrainstorm about different ideas, topics, values, hobbies and interests.You don't want to write an essay just to realize you now have a better idea and have to start writing from there.

If you have specific ideas about what you want to study at Duke, use this bonus essay to show it to the admissions committee!

  • Talk about the activities and resources that will benefit you as a student at Duke University.
  • For example, discuss a further course in mechanical engineering mechatronics that you would like to follow.

Admissions boards don't necessarily want students to know exactly what they want to study before they arrive on campus, but they do want to make sure their school, in this case engineering, is really what you want to do.

Think about why you want to study engineering and what interests you about studying this discipline at Duke.

For example, maybe you're interested in tissue engineering and drug development, but you're not sure if you want to study biomedical engineering or chemical engineering.

  • Is there a professor whose research fascinated you? Why?
  • What courses do you take as a student at Duke University?
  • Do you haveextracurricularDo you want to participate
  • Is there an aspect of your current education that inspires you?
  • What do you think of technology? design? Solving a problem? invention? math?
  • Do you have an invention you want to share with the world?

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So ask yourself:

  • How does the Duke Engineering program help me achieve my goals?

"Why Prince?" Additional essay

Share with us why you think Duke is right for you. Is there anything about Duke's academic or other programs that particularly appeals to you? (maximum 200 characters)

This additional question is simple and can be split into two parts:

  1. Why do you think Duke is a good fit for you?
  2. Is there anything about Duke that particularly appeals to you?

When answering the first question, you should focus on your own experience and why you think you are a good fit for Duke.

You can focus on the following points:

  • your scientific interests
  • Your community interests and how your experiences will enrich Duke's existing community.
  • Or maybe there's a community that Duke doesn't have, so you could argue that bringing your community to campus is why Duke is right for you.
  • For example, you may be interested in the political issues of an unknown social group with which Duke is not familiar. Write it down.

Now is the time to talk about the resources Duke offers students.

  • This can be a specific study programme, a specific professor or a student organisation.
  • You should also discuss how to use these resources.
  • For example, there may be a music group on campus that you want to join because you have been in the choir for the past few years.

Do you have a question? Here are easier questions:

  • Which student organization would you like to join?
  • What are you going to study? Why?
  • Which professors would you like to talk to?

Combine the answers to these two questions in your essay and you're done!

"Why Duke" Supplemental Essay Sample!

Here is an essay from a student who applied and was accepted at Duke:

The forty-two volunteer opportunities at Duke University Medical Center were the first thing that attracted me to Duke University. The DUMC Student Volunteer Program provides an enriching experience for students, especially those like me interested in medicine. As I dug into Duke's premed offerings, I was drawn to the rigor of the curriculum because I did well in a demanding academic environment. In addition, the university's affiliates enable premed students to gain meaningful experience in the professional workplace, such as observational opportunities. Shadowing was a key factor that drew me to Duke as it is an important part of preparing for a medical career. I value this opportunity because it provides a realistic understanding of the skills and abilities required for the profession, as well as an understanding of the many pathways in health care.

In addition to the experience for medical students, Duke University offers a wide variety of activities and clubs to create a well-rounded atmosphere for students. Pursuing hobbies and passions beyond my educational interests is important to me, so I enjoy exploring different clubs and organizations. I've been active in traditional Indian dance and volunteering in my community for as long as I can remember, so it was great to find student groups at Duke that could devote me to my passion, such as Duke Dhamaka, Blue Devils United, and Environmental Alliance. I look forward to finding community at Duke both within and outside the classrooms I belong to.

Here's another example from the "Why Duke" article:

I am particularly interested in Duke's strong emphasis on interdisciplinary education. This unique learning environment allows me to explore my diverse interests, including studying neuroscience and economics. I am interested in understanding the intersection of these fields where I can gain insight into our human decision making systems. Participation in the prestigious Duke Center for Interdisciplinary Decision Sciences allows me to collaborate and participate in neuroeconomic research under the guidance of leaders and pioneers in the field. I am particularly interested in the research of Dr. Huettel that links quantitative behavioral data with neurobiology to uncover interesting analyzes of human behavior. In the future, I hope to use my background in the social sciences and Duke's interdisciplinary training to equip myself with multiple skills to provide the highest quality of care throughout my career as a physician.

A third example to complement "Why Duke":

Duke students and professors display curiosity, a love of learning, and an infectious school spirit. I want to be part of it. I was first drawn to this passion for learning and contagious school spirit when I went to Duke AcScience camp 4th grade. At summer camp, I had the pleasure of watching the professor react with excitement to calcium carbonate hot enough to boil. I've entered streams to observe creatures, had to extract DNA from strawberries and even visited a lemur. I'm addicted! This action-packed camp sparked my love of science and art.

During my visit to Duke last summer, I finally decided to make Duke my home. My family spent the day exploring the Duke campus and talking to students. Although every student has a different story, they all share the same passion. Each student emphasized the diversity of the student body, the collaborative nature of the community andevery studentI remember the same excitement this science professor had years ago, and we were excited when we talked. Duke University provided the academic challenge, collaborative environment, and warm, curious community I was looking for. For the past four years as the Stanton Blue Devils,I am so excited to be the Blue Devils for the next four years!

Duke University Diversity Essay

If you're reading these essay questions and find something you want to say that isn't mentioned elsewhere in your application, go for it. Your perspective and experience are important.

Duke University seeks talented, engaged students with a broad range of human experience; we believe that the diversity of our students makes our community stronger. If you would like to share perspectives or experiences that help us understand you better - for example, relevant to your community, family or cultural background - we encourage you to do so. Real people read your application, and we're committed to understanding and appreciating real people who apply to Duke. (maximum 250 characters)

These are very personal matters, so if necessaryany experiences that you believe have influenced your growthand/or led to your decision to apply to Duke, please let them know here.

For example:

  • Your grandfather raised you?
  • Do you have to work to support your family?
  • Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness?
  • Have you immigrated to the United States from another country?
  • Who are youactive member of the organizationTo promote the interests of a particular social group?

Whatever it is, Duke's admissions committee wants to hear it, and they've given you a place to tell them here.

You don't have to feel limited while writing this post. Think about your strengths and weaknesses, struggles, challenges, achievements, family life, genetics, and other factors that affect your life.

"Diversity" does not mean racial or ethnic diversity; think about what you put on the table. These questions will help you brainstorm ideas for:

  • If you walked into a room full of people, how would you tell a stranger about your life?
  • What are your biggest struggles and challenges?
  • Make a list of the achievements you've worked towards, no matter how big or small.
  • What three qualities are necessary to understand you?
  • What do your family and friends like about you?
  • Do you have a melting pot story in your life? Make a list of the big changes you've experienced since this melting pot.

Duke's commitment to diversity and inclusion extends to gender identity and sexual orientation. If you'd like to share more information about any of these with us, and you haven't done so elsewhere in the app, you can do so here.

This is also a personal matter, but if you haveexperienceIf you would like to share your gender identity or sexual orientation with the admissions committee, you can do so here.

  • For example, you realized you were bisexual in high school, or you may not have identified yourself as male or female.
  • Has your gender identity changed over time?
  • Have you ever found out that your sexuality isn't what you first thought it was?

You also don't have to write a reply to this message if you don't want to.

Duke Diversity Supplemental Essay Sample

Example 1:

I just want to buy a sprite and pay a hundred rupees. The cashier looked as confused as I did and spoke eagerly in a language I didn't understand. We were all so frustrated that the cashier ran to another counter and snatched a plate from under him. At that point I thought, "Why does my sprite need a board?" Usually the staff in a store understand enough English and I understand the essence of Tamil in my native Telugu. This time we were both confused. Finally, after nonverbal communication and pointing, I realized she gave me a free Sprite board for the deal.

Most people are surprised to learn that moving to India was a huge change for me despite being Indian. But since I'm moving to a country I've never lived in, a language I don't speak and a culture I don't quite fit into, it's definitely a challenge. From language barriers to cultural changes to conservative local customs, I had to adapt to a new way of life. All this and living in a country that is culturally and socially different from America has given me a new perspective on my place in the world. I believe these experiences will help me make the Duke community more open and understanding of differences.

Example 2:

I grew up in a Sindhi Indian family with a unique cultural tradition of music, art and dance. However, one of my favorite parts of my childhood was baking Sindhi desserts like khorak, majoon and khus-khus seero. I have fond memories of the wonderful Saturday afternoons my mom and I would have baked these candies and filled the room with the wonderful aroma. I remember slowly coming to appreciate the patience, care, and subtle attention that went into making these desserts.

These dried fruit desserts are traditionally baked in India and used to celebrate important and beautiful occasions such as weddings and holidays. However, my family and the Sindhi community also use them to remember and enjoy life's often overlooked moments, with the aim of spreading joy and happiness to those who eat them. When I eat these desserts alone, I often see smiles on the faces of family members as they reminisce about past fond memories of enjoying these desserts with their loved ones, celebrating the best moments of life.

At Duke, I'm not only looking forward to baking these desserts for other people, but also adopting new traditions from other students who enjoy sharing their cultural identity. Overall, I hope to use these candies to at least share my culture with the Duke community. With every bit of progress my colleagues at Duke made, I wanted to share the wonderful emphasis on celebration I received from growing up in a Sindhi culture.

Conclusion: Write the Prinsensupplement

Now that you've read this article, you should be ready to start writing more papers at Duke.

Also,don't forget to correct.These essays are short, but you don't want to apply with false confidence. Check each line for passive voice, spelling, and punctuation errors.

If you get stuck, come back to this article for brainstorming tips. Good luck!

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