Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (2023)

emmass effect, the Milky Way thrives with diverse life. There are species that have not yet left their home planet, some that can reproduce asexually, and others that have been working to perfect AI technology.

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Throughout the Mass Effect games, Shepard encounters virtually every type of opponent in the galaxy, organic or otherwise. They must keep up with their armor and upgrades to stand a chance. You can even see rare species like the Yahg! But which race is the most dangerous enemy? We'll take a look at the threat levels posed by different species in Mass Effect.

sixteen The Guardians

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (1)

The Guardians are a race of insect-like creatures that live exclusively in the Citadel. They are interested in maintaining the space station, which means they are completely uninterested in everything, and everyone else.

They are not dangerous at all, except to help the reapers in their plan. When the citadel was first discovered, some insistedThe Guardians were effectively enslaved and tried to make it up to them., but the guards did not accept.

15 or Jahg

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (2)


The Yahg are a sentient race from the planet Parnack. They are experienced predators; When the Citadel first contacted them, they murdered the entire delegation. After that, the race was prevented from interacting with the Citadel room.

They are not a space race, so despite their natural abilities, they do not pose a significant threat. The only Yahg you interact with during Mass Effect is Shadow Broker. However, some detractors (fearing that the Reapers would manage to take lives) thought that the Yahg could be the dominant race in the next cycle.

14 I would like

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (3)

The Volus are an influential race in the Citadel space due to their extensive trading relationships. In fact, they developed an aptitude for economy when they realized that they could not physically compete with other races.

Volus relies heavily on the Turians to defend his space, though they have their own airships. Most of those who fight use some sort of biotic that can function well despite their size. Breaking a deal with a volus is far more dangerous than attacking it.

13 About vorka

The Vorcha are a short-lived race that do not have a significant presence in the galaxy. Most vorcha who leave their home planet end up in mercenary gangs or other criminal activities; As a result, they can be found in shady places like Omega.

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The vorcha species is known to be particularly aggressive: it communicates primarily through combat and other non-verbal means rather than speech. As such, they are known to be difficult to deal with when found, but do not pose a significant threat.

12 the batarian

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (5)

Batarians don't get along with the Citadel Council, but they don't care about war either. Their slave networks, drug trade, and pirate gangs are far more lucrative than war could ever be.

Because the Citadel has no authority or presence on the batarian homeworld, little is known of their formal military, though they are considered insignificant in comparison to the larger races. They might make the galaxy a more dangerous place to live, but their collective strength isn't extraordinary.

11 the quarians

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (6)

Since leaving their homeworld, the quarians have lived aboard a collection of ships known as the "Migrant Fleet." This is a mix of civilian and military vehicles, basically anything useful, and even civilian vehicles are often equipped with weapons.

Their technological knowledge makes them dangerous enemies in the space age, but their numbers are limited. As a result, most quarians keep to themselves, rarely leaving the fleet for good.

10 ajuste elkor

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (7)

The Elcor are a slow species in the true sense of the word. They are not the type of people to throw themselves into anything, let alone a fight. Don't underestimate them though - they are called "living shells" by their enemies due to their ability to ignore thick-skinned attacks.

However, relatively speaking, elcor does not maintain a large army. They don't expect to go into a war without warning, and can rarely envision something they would have to fight for anyway.

9 O Drell y Hanar

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (8)

The drell are a mathematically insignificant race compared to other species.When their homeworld was destroyed, the hanar moved as far as they could.but there wasn't much they could do. Drell currently has neither an army nor a planet to call his own. However, they contribute significantly to the Hanar forces.

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The hanar have a small army of their own, but the drell support really gives them some efficiency. They try not to force the drell into combat unless they can avoid it, with the exception of the Reaper invasion during Mass Effect 3.

8 the krogan

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (9)

Once,The krogan are possibly one of the most dangerous races in the galaxy.. However, since the genophage, their numbers have decreased significantly, and the tactic of "throwing wave after wave of troops into a problem" is no longer as viable.

Contemporary Battlemasters are seasoned krogan who know what it takes to succeed and how much is too much. Because biotics are rare among their kind, the krogan emphasize other tactics such as psychological warfare and newly adapted weaponry.

7 collectors

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (10)

It is unclear how large the assembled forces are, as they are known to use hit-and-run tactics and hide in the Tartarus debris field. However, they do have a clear military structure with different units for specific tasks, so the Collectors are supposed to be a major force to be reckoned with.

However, based on Mordin Solus's observations, they lack culture or creativity, preventing them from performing creative maneuvers that other races might come up with. You can only follow orders.

6 Oh Geth

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (11)

The geth are a major threat to the peace of the galaxy. During their war against the quarians, they virtually drove their opponents to extinction. Its intelligence is relative to the number of geth nearby, similar to a hivemind, but even a single geth is incredibly dangerous.

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The geth, as Shepard points out in the games, are great for ambush tactics: "they don't move, they don't make noise, they don't breathe." They also don't care about their physical bodies, as their consciousness just slips into another machine, making them unpredictable as opponents.

5 People

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (12)

Man is made to resist. Likewise, human armies are respected by other species for their flexibility, speed, and use of unconventional tactics. They have had the military in their culture for generations and they take the role seriously.

Their combined human powers rival any of the Council race fleets, but the humans like to believe that their rowdy style can get them out of any jam. Also, their technological advances (including VIs, artillery, and drones) help make up for their lack of numbers.

4 die wage earner

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (13)

The salarians are worthy adversaries for their impeccable intelligence work, not for the physical size of their forces. They strongly believe that wars must be won before they start. In fact, the Salarian "Special Task Group" (STG) is a specialized reconnaissance unit that operates outside of the usual bureaucracy and inspired the Specter program.

Salarians can attack randomly and without warning, but they play chess ten moves before their enemies know there's a game on.

3 Oh Asari

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (14)

The asari have one of the largest armies in the galaxy. Your army thrives on diversity. The asari in their communities form their own units and employ the tactics they prefer without a centralized structure. This allows them to be fluid and mobile, making up for their troops' lack of armor and weaponry (which would overwhelm them).

In fact, when the reapers attacked, the asari homeworld was one of the few that put up a good fight.

2 turianero

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (15)

oThe Turian civilization is militaristic to the core.. All young Turians are expected to serve at age 15, though many remain until their 30s, even when injured.

Discipline is built into every young turian, and their upbringing includes special training in staying calm in a firefight. It is said that "you will not see the back of a Turian until he is dead." Most of the Citadel's forces are turian ships, and they take that responsibility very seriously.

1 the reapers

Mass Effect races ranked by their dangerousness (16)

Huge metal creatures from the stars, the Reapers are arguably the most dangerous race in the Milky Way. The gun they fire is actually a gun that spews molten metal at the speed of light.

They can also "indoctrinate" members of organic species to serve them. By collecting organic matter from their victims, they can create new reapers. Everyone has a huge zero element nucleus. Even a reaper could kill millions and be virtually unstoppable.

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