mteb/reddit collation of records in Hugging Face (2023)

[ "'Brisbane's Banksy' Anthony Lister found guilty of graffiti", "Dick Smith enters voluntary administration due to bad sales", "Flood Water Damage Restoration: Acquiring Proper Services", "What is a real AUSSIE? by Peter Drew", "\"3 days, 17 lines and 218 stations later the quest to reach every station in Melbourne is complete. If you can't travel the world, travel the metro\"", "Smoke from the huge bushfire that ravaged Yarloop and over 21 thousand hectares of farmland. As of this post the fire is still going strong.", "Question about Centrelink and their app", "Triple Js twitter this morning.", "Confidence in Australia property market continues |", "The cult of the arsehole", "NSW ALP boss Jamie Clements resigns amid pressure over sexual harassment claims", "Andrew Bolt's Channel Ten show The Bolt Report reportedly cancelled by network", "NBN Co rejects FOI request for basic FTTN modem details", "Can’t spell, can’t count: Bosses fume", "Prisoner Jake Devenney-Gill on the loose after escaping Yatala jail in Adelaide", "Triple J Hottest 100 2016 (Spotify Playlist)", "Want to attend an international esports event with world class teams in Australia? Tell us about it in this survey", "Mwave are trading Dick Smith gift cards for Mwave $'s", "1994 British program forecasts NBN issues", "Forecast for cooler, wetter weather in south-eastern Australia as El Nino declines", "[NP] It's the /r/Australia random discussion thread. 17/Jan/2016", "Senator Nick Xenophon's three-point plan to salvage Dick Smith gifts cards and prevent the same in the future", "Wollongong Uni accepts anti-vaccination thesis citing 'freedom of opinion'", "Abbott addresses US conservative group", "I got an email today from the ATO about HECS repayment obligations when overaseas", "Capilano Honey to expand its Maryborough facility in Victoria", "Gina Rinehart no longer Australia's richest person", "The Commonwealth Bank set my wife and I our quarterly loan statements in eight seperate letters on the same day. What a waste of paper and postage.", "Rescued passenger of Lake Eyre plane crash tells of relief at surviving incident", "Australian man in the photo is the 'third hero' that night in 1968", "Røde Microphones founder named member of the Order of Australia", "Mitchell Pearce filmed engaging in lewd act with dog, NRL future may be clouded", "Liberal and Labor factions. Is there a list?", "Looking for unusual food producers in Australia, anyone have any suggestions?", "Mitchell Pearce caught in an alleged debauched incident with a canine. What is it with NRL players and dogs?", "Abbott reportedly scheduled to meet News Corp executive chairman Rupert Murdoch in New York next week - AAP", "The Inside Track: No, the ABC did not gag Nick Ross | Delimiter", "John Farnham - You're the Voice", "LNP MP calls on supporters to inundate newspaper with attack messages", "Another new flag for Australia", "Malcolm Turnbull blames blocked spending cuts for credit rating warning", "Triple J in a nutshell", "If someone bought a Dick Smith gift card on credit card, could they dispute the transaction with their bank for failure to provide goods under the Goods and Services Act?", "Coward Punch in Civic, Canberra, check this cheap Cunt out!", "Father abandons baby at railway station to bash friend", "What a Beautiful View of Whitsunday Island, Australia", "Comments on Facebook page of boy charged with deadly one-punch attack of Cole Miller", "Uber surge pricing: Kris Keen lodges complaint after $332.06 bill", "[australia] My girlfriend is a prostitute! Damn I found it on this site ... Check out friends and girlfriends.", "How an Indigenous treaty would build a better foundation for Australia", "Julie Bishop spruiks Australian startups in the US: “We are unleashing the full potential of our entrepreneurs”", "Roe 8: WA Government to seek new environmental approvals", "Vic may raise teaching degree benchmarks", "what are they hiding about the NBN?", "What's new for businesses in 2016", "Video of a Queensland police officer shoving a young Aboriginal mother in the chest five times", "Yet another mosque being built, yet more claims that it's a terrorist breeding ground...", "WA fire: Yarloop blaze creates own weather system, causing further grief for WA firefighters", "Mona Museum's David Walsh on accepting Order of Australia honour: \"Nominating yourself for an award and subsequently winning is a lot like masturbating and then declaring it the best fuck you’ve ever had.\"", "pretty stunning opening salvo from stan grant", "Gold Coast Schoolies - Week1 vs Week 2", "Kevin Andrews angers Liberal Party chief whip with 'prayer breakfast' reason for Washington visit", "How the \"neveu-organised crime\" celebrate weddings", "Births, deaths, dismissals: Australia's PMs in stats", "The Best of Two Bros One Game - 2015!", "Nine News Sydney on Twitter: \"Officers found a terror tool-kit during the raid\"", "Chris Gayle tries his luck during interview and gives outrage farmers something to harvest in 2016.", "I'll be first to suggest it... did JJJ throw the Hottest 100 number one to fuck over the betters?", "Multinationals won't open their books to ATO", "Oil refiners thrive amid rout in Brent crude market", "Please tell your Minister for IT infrastructure to shape up", "I'm in my late 20's. Have a very average job. Did not complete grade 10. Want to go back and study.", "Mariah Carey and James Packer are engaged", "Crew of four women rowing 15,640km across Pacific Ocean set to arrive in Cairns", "Mosque loses halal certification role", "What's hanging in the corridors of power? Parliament House's $85 million dollar art collection", "What type of spider is this?", "Did you see a motorbike accident in the Sydney CBD in December?", "15yo boy kills pregnent mother after crashing stolen car.", "Sydney Man Seeking Zooper Dooper Trading System", "North Korea has a higher population than Australia", "Accessing South Park Studios in Australia", "Translation please for none Aussies. Supposed to be really funny.", "Nuala Hafner asked a man on a beach if he was single on national TV", "Handcuffed 12-year-old swearing and spitting at police... I don't even", "Smash A Froth - Tim and Dan (Shake it Off Taylor Swift Straya Style)", "Police RSVP to underground Australia Day party on Facebook, ruin everything", "Advice for a yank moving to Queensland from Alaska", "Ex-army chief David Morrison named Australian of the Year for 2016 |", "Deluded Gen Y mistakes indulgence for freedom", "Workers Shouldn't Call in Sick Before Australia Day, Appeals NSW Business Chamber - Australia Network News", "Super Smith leads Australia home", "Turnbull government to start negotiations on national child abuse redress scheme", "What ever happened to Honey Snaps? Why doesn't Arnotts bring them back?", "237 workers to lose jobs at Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel refinery in Townsville", "Six-year-old refugee allegedly sexually assaulted on Nauru", "Department of Health - Pap Smear Misleading Claims", "ROSS GITTINS: Broken public service leads to broken governance", "Cherish Australia's freedom from fear, says refugee lawyer Deng Thiak Adut", "Sacked ANZ trader says bank tolerated drugs, strip clubs - Sues for $30 million", "Daughters of Australian scientists who took their own lives reflect on their parents' plan", "Clive Palmer, Fairfax MP Voted an ‘F’ – for Fail!", "The Hangover - David Pope 05/01/16", "Comment: Changing the date won’t fix ‘Australia Day’", "Spotlight swings on elder abuse as inquiry and Royal Commission examine issue", "8 months Jail and $2k fine. This is whats wrong with Australia.", "Hostage Rescue Footage/Commence Operation Australia Lamb 2016", "Almost 25,000 animals surrendered to RSPCA Queensland in 2015", "Everyone needs to vote for Senator Geoff Quinn", "Jaycar Makes Play For Dick Smith Premises", "Channel Nine reporters forced to wear bulletproof vests in Western Sydney. /S", "The pm no one voted for", "\"Dwell, for a moment, on what it takes to become the most despised person in the history of the Australian Labor Party, what kind of soul it takes to win that contest.\"", "[australia] I'm divorced and I want to find a guy for the night. Do you friends free?", "Around how many empty tinnies would fit in a wool pack?", "#AustraliaDay: Twitter unveils new 'cool' koala emoji to celebrate January 26, 2016", "If You Don’t Love It, Leave It: An Australia Day Guide To Whinging About Whingers", "Republic Day- 26 January 2016", "LIVE NOW: 360 opens up about codeine addiction on Hack's facebook page", "Malcolm Turnbull: PM accused of backing away from republic debate", "Fishermen go to ground after massive tiger shark caught off Swansea", "'Was it rape?' Why it's a question no one should need to be asking", "Dick Smith CEO quits as receiver seeks to sell struggling business", "\"How i accidently created a hoax\" - Canberra lightning hoax", "Experts warn of doughnut burger health risks - Queensland", "Chris Gayle reportedly exposed himself to a woman during last year's World Cup", "1993 Buy Australian Made Lift-Out", "Lets Go Walkabout dance party changes name after social media backlash over cultural appropriation", "\"Australia, Yeah Cunt\"- new national anthem", "Aboriginal boy, 11, 'bashed' by guards in youth detention centre, say family", "Minister 30 years ago : 'Beware of swimming with gays': Qld Cabinet documents", "Will we see medical cannabis in Australia in 2016?", "Canberra victim of New Year's one-punch attack in Civic \"surprised\" he's alive", "Kittens are being given away for free in Australia, this is not a drill", "Data retention laws: Turnbull appoints ex-judges to defend journalists in secret court hearings", "Better than bald eagles on an American flag", "Emily Sears and Laura Lux: Why we shame the trolls who send us inappropriate messages", "Dick Smith won't honour gift cards, deposits on goods will be lost.", "Why did Dick Smith Die? More importantly what is JB HiFi's edge? LEAKED document from internal training for JB HIFI sales staff.", "A new Trojan is targeting \"LINUX\" Operating System!", "A Word about Office Parties and Alcohol", "Demand for fixed rate home loans increase in Australia |", "Two Aussie girls catching mice", "\"He didn't even have a real go\" - Joel Monaghan Sneers At Mitchell Pearce’s Half-Hearted Attempt At Rooting A Dog", "Hilarious behind the scenes clip from the new Aus Day Lamb Ad", "Is there any hope for good internet in Australia.", "NT crocodile products industry gets boost, as over 250 pulled from Darwin waterways in 2015", "US 'pick-up' artists return to 'shock the crap out of the hottest girls'", "PSA - NBA: Free stream of the Cavs vs Timberwolves from 11am (Cavs playing in green & gold for Australia Day)", "Does anyone know what this thing is?", "Australia responds furiously to unauthorised Chinese 'fox hunt'", "Australia Tax in Full Effect with VR", "Melbourne at night from above | Lensaloft photography [NP]", "Sydney home prices fall in December |", "Man drives car with front wheel missing in Brisbane.", "Baby monkey in Launceston city park", "In case this GST bullshit goes through, I want you all to know how to use cash.", "Jeff Thomson's colourful Hall Of Fame speech", "Some males still don't get it: Liberal MP", "Adelaide Family Killed in a Horrific Crash 'on way to Taj Mahal'", "CFA Fire truck champions drive through flood waters", "Never try carjackings in Darwin...", "The flood prone suburbs buyers are flocking to ...", "Foreigner looking for an Australia day ad I saw", "'Dim Sim' at the Brisbane International", "A burger shop robbery with hilarious narration", "Let's hope they find a cure someday", "AFL 'girlfriend basher' too risky for bail", "NSW government drug approach like climate change denialism, says doctor", "No cap on entrepreneurial visa", "Wesfarmers buys Homebase for $705 million", "DFAT scrambles to bring home Holy See diplomat", "Stan to stream Showtime TV shows in Australia", "How are you guys so nice?", "Deja vu for Australian economy as China woes portend another bad year", "Woman's Day publishes nude photos of Collingwood footballers Dane Swan and Travis Cloke", "Explosives used on sick beached whales most humane way, say marine experts", "Australia Day lamb ad featuring Lee Lin Chin does not incite hatred against vegans, Advertising Standards Board rules", "Labor asks for audit of all infrastructure spending after East West Link findings", "Shark As Big As 'Jaws' Spotted Off Australian Coast: What To Do If A Shark Attacks You", "Media companies linked to the Murdochs pay the least tax", "[Politics] Puppet Government: Global Warming", "Hidden Gems for Seasoned Australian Travellers", "Tour Down Under 2016: Porte victor on Willunga Hill, Gerrans retains lead in stage 5", "Australia closing in on No. 1 Test ranking", "Tony Abbott to speak about importance of family to far-right US lobby group", "Kangaroo photos 'fundamentally misinterpreted': wildlife expert |", "'Crazy' close call in footage of marlin v man - Port Stephens - NSW", "Stress, burnout, abuse deter deputy principals: study", "Alleged one-punch attack victim Cole Miller has died in hospital in Queensland. - ABC News on FB", "Why is Australian Internet so bad and why is just accepted? : (x-post explainlikeimfive)", "David Bulmer-Rizzi's death certificate amended to recognise same-sex marriage", "is it just me or are triple j playing parkway at a lower volume then all the other songs on the countdown?", "What can be done to Populate the Australian Outback?", "TIL Aussies rank 42nd in the world in per capita coffee consumption at 3.0kg per year, far behind Italy (5.9kg) & even the U.S (4.2kg)", "A New Flag For Australia", "Big Bash League star Chris Gayle rants on social media against 'haters' in wake of sexism controversy", "Masters – A failure of corporate governance?", "Australia’s Got Talent audience star reveals he had no idea he was being filmed during hilarious jaw-drop moment", "Trump supporter in Adelaide's leafy Eastern suburbs", "Bob Brown arrested at Tasmanian logging coupe", "Cabinet Secretary Arthur Sinodinos reportedly cleared by Icac over corruption claims", "US Customs denies racial profiling of NSW Greens MP Mehreen Faruqi, says validity of passports 'routinely' checked", "Sugar is more harmful than smoking and should be taxed and restricted to adults only", "Hoverboard ignites, causes house fire in Strathmore(Vic)", "What is your favourite moment that ever happened on Australian television?", "ACCC investigation forces Exetel to compensate customers", "Chiropractors who claim ability to prevent caesareans and cure cancer referred to health regulator | ABC news", "Karen Chetcuti: Police find body believed to be of missing Whorouly woman", "Australia Should Ban Abu Haleema", "Besy AusDay song: Kate Miller-Heidke - \"Soithern Cross Tattoo\"", "Planners take over the Sydney of the future", "Has any UK resident in Australia applied for an Emergency Travel Document? Anyone have an idea how long they usually take?", "Anyone get an earthquake in SE QLD @ 1446?", "Today Show host Karl Stefanovic in stitches over Oporto robbery heroes", "Local SEO In Jackson MS Experts SEO SEM Professionals", "Bill Shorten rebukes NSW Opposition Leader Luke Foley for considering supporting a GST hike", "Smartflix - r/Australia might be interested", "A special haircut for Australia Day", "Australia snubs 1st major post-Paris summit after killing renewables target", "Video startup crumbles after false and Richard Branson claims", "Apple is recalling AC adapters in Australia for electric shock risks", "Dog dies after poisoning in Sydney's Queens Park", "OZ Minerals says it's a good time to build mines in Australia as it weighs new copper project", "Labor leader Bill Shorten rebukes NSW opposition leader Luke Foley over GST comments", "Slacklining taken to new heights above Kanangra Falls in the Blue Mountains for short film", "Have you seen any feral animals? Report them with the FeralScan app!", "Low paid workers $10,000 worse off under Turnbull parental leave cuts: research", "Chris Gayle to sue Fairfax Media over claims he exposed himself", "Why you can't have everything: The Netflix licensing dilemma", "Second boy charged over Perth 'clotheslining' motorcyclist trap", "Aussie playing Tenchu Shadow Assassins", "Queensland minority government at risk after Labor MP's dissension", "Nick Ross's AMA has begun!", "The latest video game in Australia", "BREAKING: Police have pulled a rifle from the water at #PortLincoln where a car plunged over the wharf this morning", "Man walks free hours after admitting rape of young boy", "Can anyone recommend a private health insurer? Particularly anyone in healthcare?", "Aussie guy ninja kicks car theft in Darwin", "Labor factions engineer deal to keep Joel Fitzgibbon, Pat Conroy in Parliament", "TIL Adelaide is famous in Iran due to a cartoon that featured Adelaide and it's landmarks", "Isabella 11 Pointless plebiscite is totally unnecessary", "Bodies of father, two children found in submerged car which drove off Port Lincoln wharf", "Capital gains: How MONA got Hobart humming", "The secret life of Gary Low", "Confessions of JB HiFi reviewers", "Chinese language media in Australia increasingly dominated by the PRC", "Police Operation underway at Sydney Opera House", "PSA: The complete recordings of TISM are now available on Apple Music.", "TPP trade deal will expand Australia's economy by less than 1%, World Bank reveals", "Assange-Snowden-Manning Irish whistleblower commedy opens at Australia's WA Fringe fesitval", "What newspaper should I start reading?", "Dick Smith is the Greatest Private Equity Heist of All Time", "Get one PALM WALLET For FREE!", "IF YOU GET THIS QUALITY OF ASSIGNMENT AT A CHEAPER PRICE, WE WILL DO YOUR PROPOSAL FOR FREE!", "[NP] Life is sweet Saturday. 02/Jan/2016", "Why Sydney's train promises don't add up", "Thinking of making a sub for all the punters in r/Aus", "Places to visit around Sydney?", "When are terrorists not terrorists? When, as with the PKK, national self-interest gets in the way", "Farmer needs help naming new mango variety", "I was wondering what form of punishment WA L-plater Luke Offer received after killing someone and critically injuring another. Looks to me like he's moved on? (Thread Deleted by /r/Perth mods)", "$70m Powerball jackpot scooped by Queensland winner", "Manufacturer's warranty VS Australian Consumer law", "Sydney NYE Fireworks from my apartment in Drummoyne", "It was hot, was considering it", "THANKS GIVING VS. CHRISTMAS: WHICH GETS YOU MORE EXCITED?", "The Inspiring Story of Us", "Why does it appear that r/australia has turned into a proxy for NBN/Anti-ABC nonsense? Are Delimeter, New Matilda and the other vested interests now 'sponsoring' the sub?", "Sniffer dogs helping fight to save endangered mountain pygmy possums from feral cats", "Fears Queensland’s infrastructure plans not on track to meet future demand", "Is it possible to open an Australian bank account from here in the UK?", "Clive Palmer's Queensland Nickel goes into voluntary administration", "Netflix ACTUALLY starting to block geo dodgers.", "So what's the current situation with the intake of Syrian refugees? Are they already here and being settled into Australian towns/suburbs? Are we taking in everyone (regardless of background and religion)?", "Nick Ross's 2013 NBN article that was held back by publication by the ABC because it makes the coalition look bad", "TV stations are the greediest fucking cunts in the world", "'Jerk Off' planned for small city of Armidale", "Sure is hot in Melbourne tonight.", "Asylum seeker children on Nauru abused, sexually harassed at school: former teacher", "Did that thing about universities being able to compete ever happen", "This year's hottest 100 list", "Records broken as two Melbourne CBD icons make switch to solar", "Dick Smith accused of pumping up now worthless gift voucher sales", "After seeing these shops for a decade, only this morning did I cotton on to their wordplay. Well played.", "who enjoys non mainstream clubs in sydney?", "New Australia tourism tv ad featuring Chris Hemsworth", "Derek Zoolander catwalks The Sydney Harbour Bridge", "The first thing ever broadcast on the ABC 5-11-1956", "[Breaking News] Police place Brisbane park in lock down after suspicious item found in toilet block.", "Border Force Spends $100 Million On Six Month Anniversary Parade", "1 in 5 Australians drinking 75 per cent of nation's booze: report", "Private health insurance premium increases must be justified, Sussan Ley says", "PC brigade steal our kids’ identities", "Vote Labor over independents: Christopher Pyne", "Can companies deny refunds on tickets cancelled due to adverse weather?", "Foxtel confirms Australians will get Game of Thrones new season at the same time as the US.", "NSW Labor leader Luke Foley vows to consider GST increase, prompting reprimand from Bill Shorten", "Video emerges of rugby league player simulating a lewd act with a dog on Australia Day", "'Big Boy' indeed! ( Banana for scale )", "Borderlinx now has a Hong Kong and Germany address", "Aussie Kid Makes GOON cocktail LOL", "With Australia Day coming up, here is a great review for anyone interested in trying out racism.", "Bureau of Meteorology website crashes, sparking delays in weather updates", "3 things to do in Australasia for 2016", "Eb games boxing day sales question.", "Port Lincoln murder suicide: SA father who drove kids off wharf at high speed a 'top bloke', shocked friends say", "ABC denies that it gagged Nick Ross over NBN coverage", "Tesla’s home battery is finally rolling out. First stop: Australia", "Any youtube channel (Australia specific), where I can watch news discussion about economy, market etc?", "Indigenous student demands answers from Google & Apple over a game that encourages death of Aboriginal Australians", "Dick Smith: Vouchers and deposits won't be honoured", "Nick Ross AMA (x-post from /r/iama)", "Woolies social media team has a sense of humour", "[NP] It's the /r/Australia random discussion thread. 07/Jan/2016", "US is stronger than ever: Malcolm Turnbull rejects claims of receding American power", "The diminution of Australian education standards", "Offended Vegan Strikes Out against the Australia Day Lamb Ad", "A funny yet poignant look at Australia's approach to border control...", "Hawke calls for Labor to consider cutting ties with the CFMEU; Keating calls for union influence to be reduced", "This man beat Centrelink's system and he says you can too", "Banks Are Finally Openly Fighting Bitcoin In Australia And USA", "True Blue Australia Day sale to promote home grown brands", "best place to work in Australia from june-october ?", "Gambaro's electorate office landlords' LNP links", "The (completely true) discovery and naming of Australia", "Alcoa rejects AMWU’s claims of endangering workers during Waroona bushfire", "Telstra abuses need legal attention", "Clive Palmer's wife appointed director of Mineralogy days before Queensland Nickel announcement", "Why do I read on reddit that Canadians are so worried about their falling currency but Australians seem to not be so bothered by it?", "Prisoner Jake Devenney-Gill Escapes from Adelaide's Yatala Prison; Police Still on Hunt", "Why Malcolm Turnbull is boxed in on gay marriage", "Self-harm in detention centres at epidemic levels, internal documents show", "LGBT community fights against push to have Fred Hollows on $5 bill", "Chinese navy stops in Brisbane, stocks up on Aussie milk powder: Shanghaiist", "Preview of funny real life Aussie comedy: The Family Law on SBS. Coming of age story of gay Chinese/Oz Benjamin Law. Worth a look people.", "Mabo day instead of Queen's Birthday?", "What do you people think of the appearance of this uniform? Attractive/ugly? Etc", "Chris Gayle comments cause uncomfortable Big Bash interview with Mel McLaughlin", "PSA to anyone considering Optus: Don't.", "Can any healthcare professionals recommend a private health insurance provider?", "Centrelink customers complain of long waiting times to access phone and online services", "Do you need a degree to succeed? - RN Breakfast - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)", "Netflix to clamp down on geo-dodgers", "Kangaroo shown 'grieving' was actually trying to mate with dying female: experts", "OPTUS puts up ads only in arabic", "I faced a 14-year jail sentence for carrying pepper spray", "Vegan-stirring lamb ad pulling the wool over our eyes", "Immigration spends more than Defence on medals for its staff", "Ignorant foreigner question: do any aboriginal people still live a \"traditional\" way of life to any extent?", "Dog stuck in drain at Yanchep", "Big Bash pulls 897,000 viewers as The Chase Australia audience falls in prime time", "Do hogs breath staff use fake names?", "Bullying parents: NSW principals among most threatened in Australia", "Need help finding an NSFW Aussie Advertisement!", "what is the nature of the force we have referred to as Dark Energy? if anyone knows Science fears mystery we are all doomed", "One Of The Brains Behind The Dick Smith 'Windfall' Just Got Appointed To The Reserve Bank", "Maternity photos of Australian mom expecting quintuplets go viral", "The Federal Government was asked to help \"bail out\" Clive Palmer's struggling Queensland Nickel refinery after it donated 21 million to the Palmer United Party.", "Woolworths recall Australia Day hats after forgetting TASMANIA!", "Looking for something from oz (so im asking you upside folks)", "Ag export values grow as coal loses strength", "Turnbull lobbies US Congress to pass TPP", "Australia Day: what makes us great, and what that greatness demands of us | Stan Grant", "Labor commits to fully funding Gonski as part of election year education reform plan", "Total Fire Ban for ALL of Tasmania for next 4 days (23 Jan to 26 Jan)", "Pollies in peril: Whose careers are on the line as election approaches?", "Plucka Duck is back with KFC", "Confidence in Australia's renewable energy sector 'evaporated' after Abbott cut, Bloomberg says", "Ben Mansfield, Daniel Marchesano receive life sentences for shooting murder of Michael Pruiti", "Game encouraging players to bludgeon Aboriginal Australians to death causes outrage", "Fall in love with Sydney forever with these 10 breathtaking photos!", "Thieves forced to flee on foot after man takes the keys out of the getaway car the left running", "Are there any recordings of lifeline or other help line conversations to make people more comfortable with calling? I'm deadly scared a swat team is gonna burst down my doors and scare the shit out of me or lock me up if I make a slip up. Goddam coersive psychiatry.", "Zika virus found in Australian travellers returning from South America, virologist says", "Jess Mauboy admits she’s a big sexter", "Pair of tops bloody 'strayans bugger up the robbery plans of a pair of shit cunts", "Australia overtakes Denmark to become world's most indebted nation by private debt to GDP", "High energy costs, unsafe heating practices blamed for increase in fatal home fires in NSW", "If I buy a car in NSW and live in Victoria, can I get a new registration instead of transferring it?", "The plot thickens in the ABC's NBN (lack of) coverage", "Screenshot from a CIV V Australia mod", "YOU MUST MAKE A BUSHFIRE PLAN THEN USE IT", "Cole Miller: One-punch attack victim dies in Brisbane hospital", "Australian Kid Ate A Whole Watermelon At The Cricket And Became A Huge Star", "Magic Sunset To Finish Australia Day In Brisbane", "Who is drinking pure cream with a straw?", "Concern as private training colleges to compete with TAFE to teach HSC courses", "Australian of the Year’s Empty Vessel.", "Where do photographers look for freelance work in Australia? Craigslist type of sites.", "Hourly Wage for Call Centre Employees in Australia?", "Beetles trying to mate with fluorescent safety equipment", "2nd year visa help needed", "Air Quality alerts due to bushfires in place for North West Tasmania", "Mitchell Pearce and his doggie friend footage", "National cashless welfare card plan by Turnbull government", "WTF is wrong with r/Australia today?", "Australia Day fail (from local 2 dollar shop)", "Private rail's 'value capture' model", "Quentin Tarantino spotted having a quiet one at a pub in Middle Park", "2015 World Press Freedom Index: Australia #25, behind Ghana, Uruguay and Cyprus", "Do you reckon this book (\"Whispers from the Bush: The Workplace Sexual Harassment of Australian Rural Women\") has an intended double entendre in the title or is it unintentional?", "Hammerhead shark display proposed for Adelaide nightclub Atlantis Lounge Bar condemned by marine experts", "It's hot. This koala is definitely feeling it!", "There will never be another opportunity to do a comic like this and it not be terribly racist.", "Greyhound racing's live-baiting scandal no deterrent for Gen Y gamblers: research", "Top TV Shows To Look Forward To In Australia This 2016", "225 children left in hot cars in Victoria last month", "Best Australia Migration Services from India", "the opera house is quietly giving away amazing experiences to people who instagrammed it", "If you are the one Aussie Edition", "Branch stacking claims beset Liberals in Sydney", "Australian of the Year: Catherine McGregor says David Morrison choice was 'weak'", "Parkinson baby death: candlelight vigil for baby Queenie", "Canadian. Living in Thailand. Hoping to work in Australia. Advice greatly appreciated.", "Hobart light rail proposal bolstered by Infrastructure Tasmania report, supporters lobby group says", "(X-post from r/sydney) What websites do you use for news?", "2016: A rough plan - David Pope 08/01/16", "Question about women in the Australian military", "Centerlink is driving me insane", "Town camp management plan a 'slap in the face' for Aboriginal people, NT Government told", "South West town Yarloop 'burnt to a cinder' by raging bushfire", "We’ve lost our way Australia", "Government considers plan for teachers to make the grade", "ANZ boss Shayne Elliott breaks silence on strip club scandal", "JDPower portable lifters available for contractors", "The real problem is not the lamb ad but the militarisation of Australian nationalism", "Cabinet papers 1990-91: Hawke's fight to keep mining out of Kakadu helped unseat him", "Many Aussie women lack manners and are 'foul-mouthed and loud'", "The Great Emu War comic", "‘Appalling treatment’: Vic IT minister to take Ross’s cause to ABC MD", "Foods and farting: some people don't have stinky farts", "Visa of 'pick-up artist' Jeff Allen cancelled after petition launched", "So I'm reading everywhere that oil has fallen to USD30 a barrel, yet we're paying well over a dollar per litre, WTF?", "Our illicit-drugs policies aren't working - we need new ones", "The internet from 1994 (Even they had the foresight to know that copper lines weren't fast enough.)", "BPs 'subliminal advertising': Pylons resembling cigarettes sparks online debate", "Survival Island 3: Game that purportedly calls for players to kill Aboriginal people prompts outrage", "YSK Vodafone is offering a ridiculous deal with 10gb of data a month for life and infinite data for the first two months for 40$ a month", "Inmarsat satellite phones with Aus mobile numbers", "Sex discrimination commissioner job still vacant as government continues to stall", "We take this Australia shit seriously", "A classic piece of Australian culture.", "Clash of Clans Hack – Unlimited Coins, Elixir & Gems", "NSW Police Force, Minister for Police: Stop evidence-free roadside drug testing", "BlazeAid volunteers raise $120,000 for farmers after Pinery bushfire", "Detention centre operator Broadspectrum, formerly Transfield Services, rejects takeover bid by Spanish infrastructure firm Ferrovial", "Netflix starts blocking Australian customers from US catalogue", "Meteorite 'Older than Earth' Retrieved at Kati Thanda - Lake Eyre in Australia", "'Free the nipple' picnic being held tomorrow in Brisbane. Where else but West End?", "Hervey Bay storm: Teenager survives lightning strike on toilet block", "New legislation shows developers only need 75% of of units in a building before the remaining owners can be forced to sell", "A belated Australia Day greeting from the ISS", "Teen arrested over alleged gang rape of girl at Blue Mountains party", "Coward punches: It's a guy thing", "Adelaide tsunami prediction by clairvoyant John Nash proved wrong, 40 years ago", "Are Aboriginals actually touched by the \"acknowledgement of the Traditional Owners of the Land\", by white people?", "Coalition must apologise to Save the Children staff after report, Labor says", "All of the Australians offered an interview for the role of Woolworths CEO declined", "Independent economists: TPP will kill 450,000 US jobs; 75,000 Japanese jobs, 58,000 Canadian jobs, 39,000 Australian jobs", "Property market to hit the brakes in 2016", "Woolies’ ‘free fruit for kids’ PR stunt backfires [/r/australia thread mentioned in article]", "Woman reverses car into backyard pool after police chase", "Vegemite, cricket and beer: Facebook releases stickers for Australia Day", "Turnbull apologises to the Emus", "What is the Turnbull gov. next move?", "In-N-Out Burger pops up at Dead Ringer in Surry Hills", "Have Netflix made good on their threat?!", "My favourite piece of legislation. \"For the purposes of making a declaration under this Subdivision, the Commissioner may treat a particular event that actually happened as not having happened\"", "Asset-rich landowners demand cheap loans from taxpayers for their failed businesses", "Oh the irony of someone from Austrailia making fun of someone from Canada.....", "PSA: 100mL liquid allowance includes alcohol now", "Is anyone here a hospitality manager?", "Rupert Murdoch Divorce Settlement: Wendi To Get Kids, Australia", "WA fire: Yarloop devastated by bushfire with 95 homes lost, three people missing", "How the Japanese tsunami sent marine invaders across the ocean – and why you should be worried", "What beer are you drinking on Tuesday?", "I just got this little doppleganger in my change. I wonder how long it's been happily masquerading as a dollar.", "Are Australians stil blocked from getting HBO?", "We can enter the US lottery.", "National cashless welfare card plan by Turnbull government (x-post from The Australian)", "Hopman Cup 2016: Nick Kyrgios and Daria Gavrilova lead Australia to victory", "Bringing Alcohol into Australia in carry-on", "What betting site do you use and why?", "1 in 5 Australians drinking 75 per cent of nation's alcohol - ABC News", "Fox Sports reporter Neroli Meadows says Chris Gayle is \"a creep\" that did the same thing to her", "Kevin Andrews calls for troops on ground, disagrees with government policy", "American considering a move to Australia for a summer...", "When does your grass grow?", "The NBN article penned by Nick Ross in the lead up to the 2013 Federal Election. The article was held back from publication by the ABC ostensibly due to political pressure.", "Cricketer Claims Comments Were “Just A Fun Bit Of Workplace Harassment”", "Chuck another flag on the barbie", "Chris Gayle interview with Mel McLaughlin: Cricket Australia to investigate Melbourne Renegades star", "ABC staff in Melbourne have once again been warned not to wear their ABC lanyards outside of the building to protect their safety, Crikey has learned.", "Fossil fuel investments damaging Australians’ retirement savings, research shows", "Go to the servo. Get amongst an Oporto robbery.", "Australian honey could be making us sick", "the tepid 100 - a data-driven prediction of the hottest 100", "Five Australian TV ratings winners remade for American audiences", "Why are we still working?", "The tennis is making me feel hungry", "Australian Flag Blunder: Coles Supermarket Slammed For Flying Wrong Flags", "'Isis kangaroo filled with explosives' part of teenagers' Anzac Day terror plot, court hears | Australasia | News", "Bored on night duty. Made wildlife safety advert for Tourists.", "Australia’s Westfarmers acquires UK retailer Homebase for £340 mln |", "Female paramedic allegedly assaulted by drunk woman at Brisbane pub", "Scott Morrison won't apologise after claims detainees coached to self-harm", "Best Australian Senator Ad: Senator Geoff Quinn", "National heritage body unhappy at deregistration of Aboriginal sites along Roe 8 highway route", "Has Germany Lost the Bid to Build Australia’s New Subs?", "NBN outrage.. what can be done?", "Chevy Bolt: designed in Aus or US?", "Easiest way to establish a company/get a visa", "Australian citizen, currently living overseas, wanting to study in Australia. Have some questions.", "The ABC Scare Campaign Against A GST Debate", "National Rifle Association video warns Australia's gun laws would mean confiscations and bans - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)", "Like a Version 2016 #1 - Sarah Blasko covers Bowie's 'Life on Mars?'", "Dogs killed after hunters allegedly trespass on Coolabah property near Nyngan in NSW", "Australia Day Fireworks from Adelaide", "Discussion Thread: Hottest 100 2015", "Amy Molloy quit being a vegetarian and started hunting her own dinner", "Australia Day, or Invasion Day? What's your thoughts?", "Christine Forster asks Malcolm Turnbull to avoid same-sex marriage plebiscite", "'Mad Max: Fury Road' could very well be the most nominated film at this year's Oscars, making it another in a long legacy of Australian film success stories", "Prioritise Indonesia economic ties: Bowen", "Australian copyright reform stuck in an infinite loop", "Doing a line on a Sunday night", "Has anyone used this Spoof SMS website? Does it work?", "In quotes: Rosie Batty reflects on being Australian of the Year and what is in store for her future", "Almost 300 crocs removed from NT waters in 2015", "Cartoon in today's Hobart Mercury", "Bans and Confiscation: NRA takes aim at Australia's gun laws, again", "'Toe-slicing' chairs: Fantastic Furniture to recall nearly 100,000", "Need arguments for why Australia does not need to do its fair share in accepting Syrian refugees.", "Where in Sydney to exchange JPY to AUD?", "A Police Operation Is Unfolding At The Sydney Opera House", "Julie Bishop interrupted by animal activists during Los Angeles speech", "Uber will send around an umpire for your backyard cricket game this Australia day.", "I need a vacation - Help!", "Australian Exchange CoinTree Adds Regular Bitcoin Purchases Feature", "Triple J not happy with Hottest 100 betting", "Gold Coast bloke in his undies thwarts robbers despite busted plugga... Uncensored video in comments!", "Interview with Nick Ross on PC & Tech Authority", "The \"real-life struggles\" of living in a small apartment", "Moving to Australia - Mobile phone?", "Has anyone ever transported a non-running car?", "Baby's whooping cough battle documented in heartbreaking video", "Scouts Victoria on Twitter: \"Scouting's for all regardless of gender, faith, language, location or sexuality #VicScouts marching #PrideMarchVic\"", "Aboriginal artefact reveals ancient art of slow cooking in Indigenous culture", "2016 Australian of the Year is David Morrison, former Chief of Army", "I've created a new forum for Australian Retro Computing, if that is your thing :)", "Perth to host October rugby league Test match", "TIL that accoriding to Channel 9 I'm one flag away from being considered a potential terrorist.", "Inside the Alliance Defending Freedom, the 'gay-hate' group hosting Tony Abbott", "Gaming the system: The beginning of the end for university admissions", "Anybody able to help me with Centrelink? Uni student trying to get some sort of financial help.", "Australian of the Year David Morrison throws support behind republican movement", "Woolies pulls the plug on Masters", "When David Attenborough dies, we should replace him with an Aussie.", "Shaun Barker killing: Witness saw man's body fall out of esky, Brisbane hearing told", "Poor Tasmania, even gets left out of the Australia Day snapchat geofilter!", "Tony Abbott - Forty Thousand Dollar Man", "Sylvania bakery closed as at least 40 people suffer food poisoning", "Indigenous Aussie comedian takes on racism in most offensive way possible - hilarious!", "Solar Heating and Cooling Workshop 2016 program released", "Hill End nuclear waste dump ruled out due to community opposition", "Would May 27, the anniversary of the '67 referendum, work as a suitable date for Australia Day?", "Tony Abbott’s plan to be PM again", "I Ate Some Weet-Bix Today, give it a watch", "Australia, not UN, has final say on Syrian and Iraqi refugee intake, Peter Dutton says", "Jamie Briggs slammed for violating privacy by sending out staffer's photo", "Entire town of Yarloop destroyed by massive fire south of Perth.", "Crew on MV Portland replacement owed over $100k after ship's captain \"withheld\" wages", "ATO seeks owners of boats, planes, horses", "Going on exchange in Australia, help choosing!", "[SCAM WARNING] The ATO Scam has been varied, and is ramping up again.", "International Artist Dubbed “Brisbane’s Banksy” Faces Council Graffiti Charges", "Pauline Hanson 'thinks twice on vaccines because of autism and cancer'", "Mark Latham to get one-off radio show 'Lathamland' on Triple M", "Tip: book a day off on Monday 25 Jan for 4 day long weekend", "Passerby steals car keys of alleged robbers, chases them from Gold Coast scene, +(video)", "Ask Reddit: Favourite red head Australian celebrity?", "Council gives new citizens naked woman stubby holder as welcoming gift", "Paramedic in fire mercy dash for rainbow bee eater", "US visa waiver program: Rule change for some Australians", "Can we make a drinking game out of all these Bernie Sanders posts on /r/all?", "Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton is caught speeding on the Peninsula Link freeway, going 108 kilometres per hour in a 100kph zone", "Video of Gavrilova's Aussie : \"I'm good from behind\"", "New Tourism Australia television commercial.", "Subterranean Sydney: the city's secret life below the surface", "Nationals Leader Warren Truss says he's not under pressure to resign from PM Malcolm Turnbull", "Brutal mob bashing in Sydney's west shows more than a dozen people beat one man limp", "Lleyton Hewitt retires in Australian Open farewell campaign with straight-sets loss to David Ferrer", "Bill Harney: The enduring legend of Northern Territory yarn-spinner Bilarni", "Gold Coast bloke in his undies thwarts robbers despite busted plugga!", "Indigenous student demands answers from Google and Apple over game about killing Aboriginal Australians", "QLD Government approve pay rise for MPs. Palaszczuk now paid more than Putin, Cameron and Trudeau.", "Huge penalty charges loom as renewable investment remains at standstill", "Hey cobbers is the road clear from Qld to NSW?", "Queensland Police Senior Constable charged with murder of infant", "Suspicious videos.. Does this guy seem like some sort of unstable person to you?", "Ipad scam - apparently I'm into some weird stuff", "Sydney apartment rents are falling", "Bill Shortens Lettuce Sensation (video at bottom of article)", "[NP] It's the /r/Australia random discussion thread. 26/Jan/2016", "Dual Dutch/NZ citizenship. Could I easily move to Australia with this?", "Trans-Pacific Partnership will barely benefit Australia, says World Bank report", "Half a strawberry milk for sale.", "Parks Victoria washing toxic waste into Yarra River", "Coward punch victim records powerful song recounting his Australia Day attack.", "Relationship between between Australia and New Zealand", "Former treasurer Joe Hockey officially welcomed by Barack Obama as US ambassador", "61 separate agencies have applied for metadata access since Metadata retention laws came in March 2015", "New Australian Political Party to use Blockchain Voting for Policies", "Rebeccah Panozza AFC player Travis Cloke’s Girlfriend", "Australian of the year in the UK...", "Why is Food in Australia so expensive?", "Unholy union of meme and SummerNats", "WA bushfires: two bodies found in burnt-out homes in Yarloop", "From sci-fi to man-eating spiders, 10 Australian films to watch in 2016", "PSA: Use up all your Dick Smith gift cards TODAY! They will probably be officially in receivership by COB.", "Interesting road sign in Queensland", "Foreign buyers juiced the bubble, but won’t save it", "Bill Shorten's chief spin doctor, Kimberley Gardiner, exits as Labor struggles in the polls", "Albany(WA) bushfire sparked by fireworks, authorities say", "AMWU to stick by Queensland Nickel members", "Any good coffee shops in Daytona Beach", "Lido 3 adjustment rings problem", "Things Only Coffee Lovers Can Understand", "Which metal filter for Aeropress should I get?", "I was introduced to coffee that wasn't Folgers via getting hired at Starbucks a couple years ago. I've been lurking here for a couple months and just tried my first fancy coffee.", "부천건마→∴← Οpyo02쩜CΟM 오피요 →∴←선릉오피 간석건마", "Anyone willing to help me find the right gear?", "Value in adding a pre-boiler heat exchanger", "Are there any brands of k-cups that taste alright?", "I just spent two weeks without caffeine.", "배팅사이트 【∠】CASS79.Com 【∠】 해외야구픽 픽추천", "Caffeine Myths: Dark vs. Light", "BREVILLE 870xl on sale for 479", "Problem: rust in Bonavita kettle, salvageable?", "In my city there are some very expensive coffee places which reportedly have the most excellent coffee. It certainly is expensive, but the coffee is either sour or overwhelmingly flavored like molasses. Am I just a barbarian?", "선릉업소추천&선릉오피 → \"UDaIso03 . COM\"Æ[논현오피]【유흥다이소】▷대치동오피←주안오피", "A Death Wish Coffee taste test: Reactions to the world's strongest coffee", "『OpyO O2』 『컴』광교오피 《오피요》 구로립카페", "Interested in home roasted Coffee? Here is a 5 step guide to take your worries or concerns!", "Hyperchiller: Anybody have experience with this product? Fresh brewed to iced in 60 seconds.", "[MOD] Inside scoop - Ask the coffee industry", "[Gear] Upgrading espresso machine, need advice.", "Would this mug work on a USB mug warmer?", "▶세종오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 천안휴게텔 『메이커』 전주오피 유흥다이소", "토토사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 배팅사이트 안전한사설토토", "야구토토/ / /B O K 25 . C O M)/(CoDe:JAM/ / / 축구토토", "[gear] Check out this beautiful work of art that just came in the mail.", "Thank You for Voting - WE WON!", "네임드사다리 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 핸디캡언더오버 축구분석", "getting a pour over cup from a Brazen", "NBA실시간 문자중계 nba개막≫※≫(OPpA 77 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}까톡: UK888≪※≪ 토토하는방 토토추천", "My coffee smells like whiskey?", "サ강남안마↗강남역안마 o1o-2156-2312 도실장 강남안마방 강남쪽안마 강남구안마 강남구안마문의 강남안마추천 강남역안마예약 강남안마가격 강남역안마번호안내 강남안마후기", "배팅사이트 →↓← CASS79,COM →↓← 인터넷토토추천사이트 네임드사다리", "배당높은곳 ▷▷▷▷ BUZZ77. C0M {c0dE ; jam} ▷▷▷▷ 배당높은곳", "Has anybody tried the new Kuissential EvenGrind yet? If so, what are your impressions?", "7m실시간스코어<%>{OPPA 7 7 . COM}§{CoDe:JAM}까톡: UK888<%>NBA 해외구매율 NBA 해외구매율 예상픽", "Thanks for turning me on to AeroPress!", "You all suck... I come to this subreddit ONE TIME, and this is what you have turned me into. Thanks!", "What's the process of creating your own recipe?", "A friend is in Bali for a few days, what coffee should I ask him to buy?", "for ya'll who use \"cream\"", "[Question] Recommend a coffee similar to Papau New Guinea?", "Coffee Club Subscription Company, Atlas Coffee, Offers 3 Easy Subscription Services - Atlas Coffee Club", "TIL: A Keurig with a reusable pod doesn't taste that bad.", "Need help filtering cold brew", "Bitterness vs. Yield - Stove Top Espresso/Macchinetta/Moka Pot", "「역삼오피」 엘르」[밤 [전] 간석오피 중앙로오피", "Is it bad to eat regular coffee beans?", "\"서현건마\" (oPyo)02.(COM) 『오피요』 《신림오피》/써니/ 사당건마", "What is your favorite travel mug?", "Extreme Fatigue After Coffee Consumption", "A few months shopping at value village", "Just launched a small Canadian coffee roasting company, check it out!", "mlb라이브스코어( ( (OPPA77.COM(CODE:JAM)) ) ) 온라인토토 토토파트너", "\석우동휴게텔 / 유흥다이소 \ UDΛISØ 0③ ㆍ CØM /중앙동휴게텔\잠실동휴게텔/신흥동휴게텔\이의동휴게텔", "Got lucky at goodwill yesterday", "The Sticky Situation re:Decaf Coffee", "Facebook Group For Coffee Nerds", "UK redditors - what's your current favourite coffee?", "Not my cup, but just saw this coffee from concentrate product - anyone tried it?", "Pour over arrive from The Atlantic (apologies if already posted).", "온라인토토 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】 인터넷토토 네임드사다리", "New to coffee-making: how do you store coffee?", "Ibrik (turkish coffee brewer) recommendations?", "Thoughts or Experience with the Breville Grind Control Auto Drip", "What's a favorite varietal? Region perhaps?", "Top 5 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker Reviews Single Serve Coffee Maker...", "Duracasa Manual Coffee Grinder similar to real Hario Skerton?", "KERVANSARAY KAHVESİ | ADIYAMAN YÖRESEL ÜRÜNLER", "배팅사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 스포츠배팅 사다리토토", "\"Shocking\" Iced Coffee a legitimate concern?", "Hows my French Press method look?", "【 동탄건마 】→ 유흥다이소 → UDAISO 03 . CoM →〔 정자동건마 〕 독산건마 〔 금정건마 〕", "가산오피OP ( 유흥다이소 ) ¢ ( UDAISO 03 . CoM) 수원오피」 역삼오피」 선릉오피」", "[For Sale] OPV Kit for Nuova Simonelli Oscar", "Aeropress just gave me a lesson in physics", "▶구미오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 청주휴게텔 『구멍』 진주오피 유흥다이소", "사다리가족방 # # # # buzz77. c0m [c0De : jam] # # # # 가족방 무료픽방", "What are good grinders for flavored coffee?", "Canadian version of happy mug?", "if 1ml water = 1g why weigh water versus just measuring in cups or oz.?", "Coffee's not the only thing i'll need for this late night math report - Anyone care to fill out a very short survey of mine on coffee consumption & hours of sleep?", "Great coffee shops in London", "▶전주오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 청주휴게텔 『엔젤』 용인오피 유흥다이소", "『Opyo O2』 『콤』용산오피 「오피요」 반월립카페", "7m실시간스코어●高●Bok25.Com(Code:JAM)●高●NBA 해외구매율 NBA 해외구매율 예상픽", "[Question] whats wrong with my franke saphira?", "Journey to Coffee Mecca: Munchies Presents LA Coffee", "Black Crack Coffee - interesting name - any tried it?", "*TIPS* Last remnants of the pourover draining very slowly", "Currently using Capresso Burr Grinder, would a Baratza significantly improve my coffee?", "Baratza Encore for storing coffee", "베팅사설/ / /B O K 25 . C O M)/(CoDe:JAM/ / / 농구토토", "토토추천 ⇒⇒⇒⇒ buzz77. com [c0De : jam] ⇒⇒⇒⇒ 토토추천", "온라인토토 →↓← CASS79,COM→↓← 인터넷토토추천사이트 네임드사다리", "10 reasons why coffee is better than tea", "온라인토토 √‰ CASS79.COM ⇔⇔ 토토추천 안전한사설토토", "Do chemex filters filter out more caffeine?", "Quantity and quality? Drip coffee vs French Press", "인터넷배팅 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 스포츠토토추천 배팅사이트", "Looking for a good automatic machine", "[Podcast] Direct trade Q and A with Rodolfo Ruffatti Batlle", "[Gear][Question] Lido vs Fuji Royal?", "Cholesterol-raising factor from boiled coffee does not pass a paper filter.", "Here's how to heat up your tea, coffee or soup on the train", "스포츠배팅 ⊆∧⊇ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ⊆∧⊇ 오늘픽 스포츠배팅 스포츠배팅 ⊆∧⊇ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ⊆∧⊇ 오늘픽 스포츠배팅 스포츠배팅 ⊆∧⊇ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ⊆∧⊇ 오늘픽 스포츠배팅 스포츠배팅 ⊆∧⊇ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ⊆∧⊇ 오늘픽 스포츠배팅 스포츠배팅 ⊆∧⊇ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ⊆∧⊇ 오늘픽 스포츠배팅", "I made a pourover stand this Christmas. I'm happy with how it came out!", "What's the best way to decaffeinate my coffee beans?", "[Question]: how do you fix your broken ceramic mugs?", "스포츠배팅사이트 ⊆∧⊇ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ⊆∧⊇사설배팅사이트 해외배팅사이트", "How to prevent your ice from tasting like freezer burns?", "Planning a trip to Spain this year. Anyone been to Satan's Coffee Corner in Barcelona?", "Your Daily Cup of Coffee Might Be Cheaper in 2016", "I got the chance to have some really cheap and really good coffee for a couple of weeks while abroad, now that I'm back in the US I don't know what to do.", "Any ideas for a better way of doing this?", "[GEAR] Thinking about upgrading from my Bodum Bistro to a Lido 2", "Suggestions for beans / recipe for 12 cup French press or commercial Brewer", "MÁY PHA CÀ PHÊ JURA GIGA X9c Professional", "야구실시간중계≪≪ Tex56ㆍCOM ≫≫ 하이로우 한국축구", "마포오피 〔〔『 오베이』〕〕 【유흥다이소 メ UDAISO 03 . CoM】 석우동오피 『마포오피 』 영통오피", "[Gear] Same grinder for several people.", "Thanks, /r/coffee! You may have saved my life.", "『 분당휴게텔 』 〔 \"유흥 다이소\" UDAISO 03 . CoM 〕방배휴게텔 @ 신사휴게텔 @ 산본휴게텔", "Question about Hamilton Beach Brewstation 12 cup", "What is the filter size in μm for Aeropress paper filters?", "NHL 코리아 NHL 코리아●高●Bok25.Com(Code:JAM)●高●토토분석사이트 스포츠토토배트맨", "Just ordered a Bellman Stovetop Espresso Machine with Pressure Gauge!", "Question: Kalita Wave 155 Filters - Two types, or a single type with two different folding methods?", "Do my eyes deceive me?", "Are all French presses created equally?", "Finally! A YouTube channel that reviews average store bought coffee!", "NHL실시간스코어『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』스포츠토토분석 여자농구토토프로토", "I want to know about more coffee styles!", "[gear][question]Looking for some advice, not new to coffee", "As a coffee-loving photographer, but hater of milk, I always get jealous of latte art. Kaffeine in London's long black with an extra shot sorted out both my fixes.", "강남백마추천ⓑ역삼백마 \"최저가\" 010.3381.6886∏ 【강남러시아오피 선릉혼혈오피】『역삼러시아op 태국오피』[신사동러시아오피 양재역러시아오피]", "Machine request: coffee + espresso", "[Question] Should I buy an Aeropress?", "Why does my milk froth sometimes end up silky smooth and sometimes end up a spongy, deteriorating mess?", "The Coffee Hardware Story – from Age of Steam to the Internet of Coffee (+ Interview with Aeropress inventor)", "Recommendations for a grind and brew machine?", "Climate change grinding down coffee: Illy CEO", "Is a conical frustrum the best shape for a cup/mug to retain heat as the drink is slowly consumed?", "배팅사이트 {∩} WAWA27.COM →¥← 네임드사다리 토토추천", "유로파리그픽 『❂』『❂』 buzz77. c0m {c0dE : JaM} 『❂』『❂』 챔스리그픽 프리미어리그픽", "[Gear] New gear, need help on how I should be making my own coffee.", "Right Roast Episode 22 Bath Coffee Tour", "평촌오피OP ( 유흥다이소 ) ¢ ( UDAISO 03 . CoM) 강남오피」 석우동오피」 관양동오피」", "What does /r/ coffee do when they run out of coffee", "Why is the general consensus on here and much of the internet that coffee doesn't last very long?", "What ratios do you guys like for a Yirgacheffe?", "토토사이트추천 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 프로토 스포츠토토분석", "In Japan I tried their drip-style packets. Nice. Hope it comes here. Imports pricey.", "베팅사이트 ⇒⇒⇒⇒ buzz77. com [c0De : jam] ⇒⇒⇒⇒ 베팅사이트", "토토사이트 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】 스포츠 토토 추천 네임드사다리", "Options for small waiting room", "How much caffeine in average Aeropress coffee using recommended 15g coffee?", "Buy the Finest Quality Nespresso Coffee Machines in Singapore Online from The Capsule Co.", "네임드사다리 ∠‰ Cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ∠‰ 프로토 사다리사이트", "10 Interesting facts about coffee", "If you were going to order coffee right now on the internet, what would you buy and why?", "Cereal enthusiasts: Have you ever tried putting coffee in your morning bowl of Cheerios out of convenience/curiosity? Did it taste good?", "Anyone from Panama knows where to buy coffee gear?", "강서안마 Yabam [7] 닷 컴 ?천안안마??뉴페이스? 야 밤 ∩행당안마", "I just realized my grinder has a coffee catcher", "I have a FOG in my brain and my brain functions are at 30%. Is it sleep or lack of coffee?", "메이저 안전 놀이터 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】 한국의 스포츠 베팅", "Starbucks to Make China its Largest Market by 2019", "[Question] Melbourne, VIC coffee shops?", "배당률높은곳 「→↑←」 CASS79.COM 까톡: oxiz 「→↑←」 스포츠배팅 배당좋은사이트", "사설토토( ( (OPPA77.COM(CODE:JAM)) ) ) 배팅사이트 스포츠배팅", "/ 분당건마 ⇒ 모나코/ 【유흥다이소 ¢ UDAISO 03 . CoM】 착한업소 강력추천~!!!", "[Question] Do coffee roasters ever import beans themselves or use importers?", "Do you add the bloom time in with the overall bloom time on a pourover?", "Newb at espresso looking for some discussion", "Forget The Fourth Wave, We Live In Coffee's New Wave - Sprudge", "스포츠 토토 판매점 신청『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』스포츠 토토 검색 스포츠토토판매점", "리그오브레전드토토/ / /B O K 25 . C O M)/(CoDe:JAM/ / / 라이브스코어코리아", "Just Ordered a Kalita Wave for 1-2 person and want to know what size filters work.", "NHL 하키문자중계≫※≫(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}≪※≪ 스마트폰스포츠게임 스타언오바 놀이터", "[Question] What are filtered methods other than slow-drip?", "[Gear] Europe, 500€ budget, espresso maker. Suggestions?", "So I'm thinking of starting to roast my own beans, what's the shelf life for raw green beans?", "Can anyone help me identify this pour over thermal pitcher from Melitta please?", "Right Roast Tasting Episode 1: 2 Filter Coffees from The Barn", "놀이터추천(•◡•) Bok25.Com(Code:JAM): 까톡:UK888(•◡•) 스포츠토토추천 안전배팅사이트", "온라인토토 →↓← CASS79,COM→↓← 인터넷토토 네임드사다리", "Some of the brewing methods on this page are crazy.. do they really make a difference?", "Why do I hate espresso?", "Where to find this now?", "[News] New dietary guidelines from HHS and USDA agree with recent studies on the subject of coffee: \"Moderate coffee consumption (three to five 8-oz cups/day or providing up to 400 mg/day of caffeine) can be incorporated into healthy eating patterns\"", "Made a pretty good cup this morning.", "▶천안오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 부산오피 『겐조』 잠실오피 유흥다이소", "What makes a good pour over coffe maker?", "가족방 『❂』『❂』 buzz77. c0m {c0dE : JaM} 『❂』『❂』 무료픽방 스포츠 카톡", "Anyone work with a Modbar espresso machine?", "토토사이트 →↓← CASS79,COM →↓← 오늘축구픽 국야배팅", "온라인토토 {∩} WAWA27.COM →¥← 토토추천 안전한사설토토", "Great place to set coffee.", "[Gear][Question] Cold brewing contraptions and end products", "스타배팅『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』축구토토추천 스포츠토토추천", "?일산안마??띵동?Y a b a m [7] 닷 컴?간석안마? 야 밤 ?전포동안마?", "\"수내오피\" (oPyO)02 .(CoM) 【오피요】 《압구정건마》/더원/ 영통건마", "신도림역휴게텔▷대림역휴게텔〘Y A B A M 7 점 C O M〙▷ 야 밤 〚구로디지털단지역휴게텔〛〚신대방역휴게텔〛", "Where to start with making blends...", "I have an espresso machine and want to make this delicious looking little thing. But WHAT is it?", "스포츠 토토 판매점 신청(•◡•) Bok25.Com(Code:JAM): 까톡:UK888(•◡•) 스포츠 토토 검색 스포츠토토판매점", "강남안마방NN강남역안마방 ギ010.2154.2663 『최저가』【서울안마시술소,서울안마】∑서울안마추천 ∑서울안마정보 강남안마]] 『대치안마 건대안마』", "Saw this in r/woodworking and thought you guys would like it", "Thoughts on Death Wish Coffee?", "Question on using new grinder", "Vice Video on LA Coffee Scene", "Some Coffee Reviews For You (Warning .. Instagram!)", "Help! I somehow turned my Mom's brand new induction stove top coffee pot brown on the inside!", "nba 황금픽 nba개막 nba개막●高●Bok25.Com(Code:JAM)●高●사설스포츠배팅 모바일토토", "Love #game and #coffee check this out", "Upgrade: Hario Skerton to Bodum Bistro", "Coffee Vader I drew for the shop I manage", "Do you use coffee as a substitute for food?", "인터넷스포츠게임 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 스포츠토토사이트 실시간사다리", "Brewing with a chemex for one person?", "The Army takes brewing terrible coffee seriously (x-post from /r/army)", "배구배팅『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』월드컵토토 주식배팅", "Free Shipping From Heart Roasters Until End of January.", "인터넷배팅 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 해외토토분석 안전놀이터", "Coffeespecialists: general question about brewing...", "[HELP] Understanding the effect of altitude and bean density on production quality", "A question about the Hario product lineup", "『oPyo O2』 『컴』신용산오피 《오피요》 학동립카페", "I have a $50 Target gift-card, I want a good grinder. Suggestions?", "▶대전오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 천안오피 『페라리』 성정동오피 유흥다이소", "v60 [02,red], filters and kettle arrive tomorrow!", "What are some books to learn about coffee roasting and/or the coffee industry?", "토토사이트 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 인터넷배팅 토토추천", "Dream Jobs: Bennett Cross - Blue Bottle Coffee Co.", "Is this what my bloom should look like?", "Do I just leave these beans in there until the next use?", "(bam) (war) 1o (com)선릉립카페 물‘밤워‘〘구로역립카페〙천안립카페", "Selling some of my coffee gear to redditors at a deep discount (AND free coffee)", "온라인토토 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 네임드사다리 사설토토", "I need help Purchasing a roaster!", "Making Coffee question about Chick-Fil-A's \"specialty grade\" coffee", "토토사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 인터넷배팅 토토추천", "토토사이트 →↓← CASS79,COM→↓← 스포츠 토토 추천 네임드사다리", "[Beans] [Roaster] Best Bang-for-Your-Buck Gesha?", "여자농구토토프로토『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』베트맨배팅 배트맨토토", "토토체험머니 ▷▷▷▷ BUZZ77. C0M {c0dE ; jam} ▷▷▷▷ 토토체험머니", "스포츠배팅 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 안전사설놀이터 사다리배팅", "스포츠배팅사이트 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】사설배팅사이트 해외배팅사이트", "수원오피 ((「 에이스 」)) 『유흥다이소 VS UDAISO 03 . CoM』 신천오피 【방배오피】 인계동오피", "「역삼오피」▷udaiso03^Com◁신논현오피 Ħ 논현오피 ▥ 강남오피", "Can you use Hario V60 Iced Coffee Maker to brew hot coffee and achieve the same result as regular V60 dripper?", "스포츠토토추천 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 토토추천 사설배트맨", "토토사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 인터넷스포츠게임 사다리타기", "배팅사이트 『※※』 CASS79,COM『※※』 사설 토토 추천 네임드사다리", "[Gear][Question] Does anyone know what this style of travel mug is called?", "Shapeways 3D Printed Hario Mini Mill Attachment Report", "Just tried fresh beans for the first time today.", "I've been gifted a $50 gift card to Peet's...", "토토사이트 →↓← CASS79,COM →↓← 토토프로토 프로토배팅", "Does the God Shot still exist?", "brewing time in V60 for four or five cups", "유료픽 √≪≪ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz √≪≪ 사설토토 사설사이트", "How to Make Espresso with STARESSO", "What bottled water is the best at brewing coffee?", "Experimenting with cacao brewing -- any ratios / recommendations?", "Do certain roasts have lower caffeine?", "Having trouble doing Matt Perger's V60 method in 2:20", "What amazing coffee would /r/coffee recommend to a Tea professional?", "Hacks for the Porlex/JP30 and Rebrands", "Need advice fast - should I buy a rok espresso maker for $125? Claimed to be almost new.", "Do you guys back flush after every espresso session? Why or why not?", "\"R.I.P. Big E's\" (2016) A mixture of Starbucks and the landlord forces a community hub and coffee shop of 12 years to close its doors. This mini-doc explores the story of how the subculture and people are affected.", "Coffee shop opens for non-morning people", "Adjusting to the Rancilio Silvia/Maintenance Questions", "A quick revisit to 3D printing a Hario Skerton mod", "인터넷 스포츠 토토 √≪≪ cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz √≪≪스포츠 토토 추천 네임드사다리", "Where can I buy a cheap dual spout for a portafilter?", "Noobie questions! Help appreciated, thanks!", "스포츠배팅 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 사설토토 토토추천", "《오피요》 광교립카페 『oPyO O2』 『콤』 압구정오피 》오피요《 수원립카페", "▶마산오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 청주오피 『쇼킹』 구미오피 유흥다이소", "Why do I have to use too much coffee to enjoy the taste?", "Upgraded from the Silvia to the Linea Mini, may not be very pretty, but man is she powerful!", "The robots are at it again, trying to replace us baristas. (x-post from /r/barista)", "배팅사이트 √‰ CASS79.COM ⇔⇔ 스포츠배팅 안전한사설토토", "[Question] Coffee oil for cooking?", "스포츠배팅 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 안전사설놀이터 사다리배팅", "[Question] Chemex coming out bitter?", "I think I've broken my moka pot somehow", "배팅사이트 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 토토추천 사설사이트", "Skinny Peppermint Mocha Latte (+ giveaway)", "Is an Illy Francis Francis just a Kuerig for espresso? And is that a bad thing?", "Received Nepalese Coffee. What can be done and how?", "Do you like flavored coffees? Hire much would you generally pay per pound of flavored coffee beans?", "스포츠배팅 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 와이즈토토 해외축구픽", "부천업소추천&부천오피 → \"UDaIso03 . COM\"Æ[간석오피]【유흥다이소】▷주안오피←노원오피", "▶해운대오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 청주오피 『유레카』 서면오피 유흥다이소", "Newly Open NYC Library Collection old ad for Brazilian Santos", "프로농구중계 ⇒⇒⇒⇒ buzz77. com [c0De : jam] ⇒⇒⇒⇒ 프로농구중계", "Don't you hate it when the barista doesn't tamp?", "Has anyone tried grinding fresh beans to use with the Cafissimo (Tschibo) Espresso? I have...", "인터넷토토추천사이트 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】 사설 토토 추천 네임드사다리", "[HELP] Problems With New Grinder", "Is my palette totally off?", "How To Make The Better Coffee?", "How Much is Blue Mountain Coffee in Japan?", "강남안마방CC강남구안마 O1O 2156 2312 도실장 【강남역안마】 와꾸최강 서울강남안마문의 강남안마예약 강남안마가격 서울안마추천 강남안마번호안내", "Tips for brewing at a high altitude?", "[Question] K-Cups: Am I getting any more caffeine from a larger cup of coffee or am I just diluting it more?", "온라인프로토≫※≫(OPpA 77 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}까톡: UK888≪※≪ 토토승무패 축구토토승무패", "▶군산오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 천안휴게텔 『뉴힐링』 익산오피 유흥다이소", "Adıyaman Kervansaray kahvesi online al", "My name is Sohrab. I'm thinking about creating a monthly subscription box that showcases coffee beans from the Washington DC area's amazing roasters, and I'm posting this to gauge interest.", "Ways to flavor coffee without creamer?", "A very interesting latte.. (Sawada Coffee, Chicago)", "[Deal] Discover Cardholders: 18-Pack K-Cup Coffee", "I ordered a Moka pot. AKA: I have poor impulse control.", "▶구미오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 천안오피 『초이스』 대구오피 유흥다이소", "South Sudan: Coffee in a time of war?", "Im finally moving out soon. What should I get as my starter kit?", "Paxt giving free V60-02 (plastic) with £1 first bag", "Is the Baratza Preciso worth $70 more than the Virtuoso?", "200lbs roasted coffee - what to do with it?", "[Question]How to get my coffee fix while at school?", "Fun fact: Goodwill can't tell the difference between a $15 Mr. Coffee and a $180 Bonavita. I got this guy for $3.50.", "Help me find coffee my parents will enjoy.", "[GEAR] Quamar M80 on Demand: not able to find the right grind size for espresso. Bitter or sour can't find the sweet spot.", "SCAA \"The Basics of Brewing Coffee\" good buy?", "Anyone Going to Any Coffee Shows This Year?", "Redditors! What coffee shops/cafés should I check out in NYC and SF?", "【 서울대건마 】→ 유흥다이소 → UDAISO 03 . CoM →〔 선릉건마 〕 신논현건마 〔 논현건마 〕", "스포츠토토추천 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 네임드사다리 배당률높은곳", "토토사이트 ∽√∽ CASS79,COM ∽√∽한국의 스포츠 베팅", "Why does my coffee not bloom?", "Why Are Office Coffee Machines So Popular In Melbourne?", "Half full okay for stovetop espresso maker?", "Preventing rust in Bonovita Gooseneck?", "(Help) - How make cold brew last longer?", "Learning how to make good espresso from home?", "First time making coffee from scratch, i have alot of learning to do. I rushed the process abit. Not the best, but ill get better :)", "스포츠토토추천/ / /B O K 25 . C O M)/(CoDe:JAM/ / / 농구프로토", "Recently gifted Cuisinart Grinder, worth using?", "Come help improve a complete newbies' coffee.", "스포츠토토하는방법<%>{BOK 25 . C o M}§{CoDe:JAM}<%>사설토토 사설놀이터", "Coffee helps me sleep at night. Is there a discernible reason for this?", "Doing market research for a new coffee startup! Would be amazing if you could fill out this quick survey", "Getting a lot of fine grounds in my french press, help?", "Where can I find those 2 coffees as beans?", "[Coffee] My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with a friend and I decided to post a link on its page with erotic pictures", "Replace Keurig with drip machine", "Caffeine yield of different brewing method?", "I was told to submit this here. Repost from /r/diy . I made my coffee setup for $33, it's pretty good, but I'm a total noob at roasting, any tips?", "Anyone else kinda just eyeball it?", "Help with a Bodum Burr Grinder", "인터넷 스포츠 토토 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】 스포츠 토토 추천 네임드사다리", "[Gear] [Question] - What is this Chemex accessory?", "No Crema on my French Press?", "What is a good coffee set up for quick morning coffee?", "〖용답역휴게텔〗〖신답역휴게텔〗 றே 〘Y A B A M 7 점 C O M〙 றே 〖 야밤〗신설동역휴게텔 フ 뚝섬역휴게텔", "Trying to show coworkers how coffee should taste. This is what I have to work with.", "Why do people dislike super-automatics so much?", "If I blueberry flavored water to make coffee, will it taste like blueberry coffee?", "As seen on Saturday Kitchen", "토토사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 온라인토토 인터넷스포츠게임", "Start cold brewing and save money on energy costs! And get better tasting coffee.", "Anyone know where to find authentic quality ratings for commercially available crappy coffees i.e. Folgers, etc?", "Told my fried I love coffee... What should I do with this gift?", "SOZO Global Review – Legit Business Opportunity or Scam?", "스포츠토토추천 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 네임드사다리 배당률높은곳", "강남백마오피ⓑ선릉백마 \"최저가\" 010.3381.6886∏ 【선릉역러시아오피 강남혼혈오피】『선릉러시아op 태국오피』[신사동러시아오피 양재역러시아오피]", "\"수유립카페\" (OpYO)02.(cOm) ⟪오피요⟫ 《강남건마》/더하드/ 신용산립카페", "Lets talk about Geisha Coffees [Discussion]", "Why does my crema look like this?", "How do you bounce back from a coffee crash?", "토토배당 ▷▷▷▷ BUZZ77. C0M {c0dE ; jam} ▷▷▷▷ 토토배당", "Genovese & Sons coffee museum, Melbourne Australia", "First Look at Kuissential Evengrind Grinder", "Breaking the laws of coffee?", "The 2016 Chicago Coffee Guide crosspost chicagofood", "[Survey] Let's create the definitive /r/coffee recommendation for SCAA-approved home brewers", "Can someone reccomend the KRUPS F203 Electric or suggest an alernative", "How to Use Advanced Definition Roasting (ADR) to Improve Your Roasted Coffee", "[Gear][Question] Can Anyone Translate This Parts Page (Korean)?", "the coolest looking espresso machine I have seen", "Any tips on how to make extra-concentrated cold brew?", "My first brew. Bonavita immersion dripper. Hario Slim Mini grinder.", "배팅사이트 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 해외야구픽 픽추천", "What to get next? [GEAR]", "$60 coffee maker w/ built in grinder. Has anyone tried this?", "사설토토 적발『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』스포츠배팅사이트 라이브배팅사이트", "[Question] Just got a brand new lido 3 and I'm having trouble setting it back to the zero point it was at when I got it.", "Trying to buy my First Espresso Machine", "안전한사설토토 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 사다리타기 온라인토토", "Coffee pot broke this morning, so I had to improvise.", "Advice on reasonably-priced electric burr grinder?", "Question about hardware I lost.", "사설사다리 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 오늘픽 야구토토", "온라인배팅토토배팅사이트 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】인터넷배팅사이트 사다리게임 픽추천", "My Italian Aunt's vintage coffee maker collection", "Where to find exceptional craft/specialty coffee on the big island of Hawaii.", "What is the most Chocolaty coffee bean?", "\"This is where the magic happens\"", "where do you buy your coffee online?", "Caffè corretto -- What spirits do you add to your coffee, if at all?", "Any good coffee in Bucharest, Romania?", "Are there any good coffee shops near University of Texas at Austin?", "How To Make The Healthiest Coffee", "Grandma got rid of my coffee grinder, measures had to be taken.", "배팅사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 해외배팅사이트 인터넷배팅", "유료픽 ∠‰ Cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ∠‰ 사설토토 사설사이트", "How many of you drink black? w/ Milk? w/ Milk+Sugar?", "Commercial Espresso Machine and grinder advice for a small shop.", "Hand grinder that won't break the bank.", "Family used coffee grinder as a spice way to clean it to get rid of the taste?", "라이브스코어7m≫※≫(OPpA 77 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}까톡: UK888≪※≪ NBA 라인업 NBA 분석 NBA순위느바일정 농구중계", "Grind setting for OXO 9 Cup", "토토배팅추천( ( (OPPA77.COM(CODE:JAM)) ) ) 해외안전토토 안전토토사이트", "After not having Starbucks in a while, it is a shock.", "What are some good places in NYC that offer a coffee cupping experience?", "Chocolate Covered Coffee Beans - some of these chocolate favors are new to me.", "[Question][Gear] Help! Gaggia Carezza Deluxe doesn't prime", "Has anyone here been able to use the Hario Slim Mini Mill daily for more than a year? My second one stopped functioning from the same issue of the hexagonal nut wearing down. [question][gear]", "Lavazza Super Crema Espresso – Whole Bean Coffee – 20% OFF Coupon -good rated coffee - with a link to 20% off coupon", "Guys I need your help. My trusted, beloved travel mug in it its death throws. What do you love or think is a worthy replacement?", "[Question] What roast level is best for Guatemala Antigua?", "와이즈토토<%>{BOK 25 . C o M}§{CoDe:JAM}<%>스포츠토토 분석 스포츠 토토 검색", "스마트폰토토 ∠‰ Cass79.COM 까톡: oxiz ∠‰ 해외사설사이트 축구온라인배팅", "Can anyone give their experience using a handpresso, rok, or minipresso ?", "네임드사다리 【∠】CASS79.Com 【∠】 핸디캡언더오버 축구분석", "Looking for a quality burr grinder", "Has anyone ordered the lido 3 and it is on back order? Can you tell me how long you waited?", "Super fine manual burr grind options ?", "Recently stumbled upon this subreddit, and decided to upgrade a little", "Help for an absolute newbie", "사다리사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 유료픽 프로토배팅", "The Common Tips Buying and Maintaining Good Coffee Machine", "easyJet opens its first easyCoffee shop", "What's stopping you from opening your own Coffee Shop?", "UDAISO 03 . CoM )) ⇒ 수원오피 【 유흥다이소 】 고잔동오피 『권선동오피…인계동오피… 수원시청오피』", "13 Funny Morning Coffee Quotes For Everyone", "해외스포츠배팅 \と\ TeX56ㆍCoM \と\베트맨토토 스포츠토토확률", "Newbie looking to purchase a scale for an aeropress/chemex set up. Would really appreciate some suggestions.", "Simple setup for a college student?", "So I like dark roast...", "Crash hard/get the shakes/weak almost every day that I drink coffee. Any ideas?", "Orphan Espresso Customer Service Problem", "토토사이트 →↓← CASS79,COM →↓← 배팅사이트 사설배팅사이트", "Question about grinding for a cold brew setup", "Is there a detailed description of the different stages of taste of a shot of espresso I can read somewhere?", "Question about the Breville Express BES870XL", "Learning More about the Best Fair Trade Coffee", "Anyone have any idea where I can get awesome bottles to sell cold brew at artisan markets?", "new barista looking for help with steaming/frothing milk.", "Best spots in Kansas City?", "Facebook gave me no love, think you guys will understand.", "스포츠배팅 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 사설토토 토토추천", "Pact giving away first bag AND a V60-02 plastic for £1", "온라인토토 『※※』 CASS79,COM『※※』 달팽이레이싱 ゅ 달팽이분석", "I grind my beans and do pour-overs/etc., but that being said, I would maybe like to get a small Keurig coffee maker in the future to use sometimes for quick coffee. Is there going to be a \"version 3\" that does away with the stupid built in DRM in the future?", "Hario mini mill grind setting for siphon?", "Aacaso espresso machine for $300. Worth it?", "Skerton or Mini mill for different methods.", "Q for Hario Mini Mill Users", "배팅사이트 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 사설배트맨 배당높은사이트", "Irregular Heartbeats? Coffee May Not Be So Bad for You", "Need online shop for fresh coffee!", "※ 분당건마 → 스파르타™ 【유흥다이소 Ð UDAISO 03 . CoM】 착한업소 강력추천~!!!", "의정부북부역휴게텔▷의정부역휴게텔 Y A B A M 7 점 C O M▷ 야 밤 〖회룡역휴게텔〗〖망월사역휴게텔〗", "What 50 bucks got me at the thrift store.", "인터넷배팅 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 스타토토 축구온라인배팅", "Need a little help with volumetric water/coffee ratios for a french press", "Just got an Aeropress, I don't have a grinder. What grind should I ask for or get when I buy my coffee?", "Moka pot brewing too quickly and not hot enough", "Raising the Bar: Should I roast my own coffee?", "Anything worth buying when travelling to the Philippines?", "와이즈토토사이트 ⇒⇒⇒⇒ buzz77. com [c0De : jam] ⇒⇒⇒⇒ 와이즈프로토사이트", "Is coffee addiction a thing?", "『오피요』 신사립카페 『OpYO O2』 『콤』 안양립카페 》오피요《 송파립카페", "How exactly is a good espresso shot meant to taste like?", "사설배팅사이트『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』MLB프로토 MLB해외배당", "Better latte art... at a Starbucks?", "스포츠배팅사이트 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 온라인토토 인터넷배팅", "Do I have to buy a vaccuum sealed container to extend coffee's lifespan? Any McGyver methods for storing coffee?", "Coffee, Cats & Retail: Like Fresh Coffee? You'll Need A Good Coffee Grinder", "So I just got a Mazzer SJ Man from an old man that used to own a bar for 40-50$ started cleaning it out! Any advice on what/how to do to make it run better is appreciated!", "스포츠배팅 √‰ CASS79.COM ⇔⇔ 사설토토 토토추천", "Apparently there are people in Spokane who hate coffee hunks and babes...", "[Question] How long after roasting beans are they fine to grind and brew?", "Lido 2 grinder mod to eliminate bridging/bean feed issues.", "If some of the tastiest* coffees were brewed with paper filters then what gets stripped by the filter?", "Alternative brewing from drip and Keurig 2.0", "Burco Boiler pour over bar", "Hi All, I'm trying to put together a survey for making a great cup of coffee. Would love to get feedback on the questions and general structure before I release the survey. Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Nick", "[Gear][Question] I have a lido 3 and looking to change my grinder.", "FYI, Happy Mug is now putting roast dates on their roasted coffee.", "Coffee places to check out in Long Beach?", "[MOD] Show off your gear! - Battle-station Central", "Ask whisk noon homonoginized milk", "의정부업소추천&의정부오피 → \"UDaIso03 . COM\"Æ[강동오피]【유흥다이소】▷서초오피←화정오피", "Very important to keep coffee safe!", "프로토 토토 판매점<%>{BOK 25 . C o M}§{CoDe:JAM}<%>스포츠 토토 판매점 신청 스포츠토토 분석", "[Question] How can I develop my palate to better understand what I'm tasting?", "스포츠토토추천≪※≪ °O P P a 77 . cO M 추천:J A m°《※》 /핸디캡언더오버", "Going to Austin (Texas) soon. What are the two must-try coffee shops in your opinion and why?", "I am thinking of getting a BeanBox subscription (4x 1.8oz monthly). Does anyone have it and if so, how do you like it?", "7m실시간스코어『‰』(B O K 25 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}『‰』NBA 해외구매율 NBA 해외구매율 예상픽", "Change grind size, no change in time?", "The 1939 World’s Fair Held A Coffee Making Contest", "Hidden Grounds Coffee Shop Owner", "What is this thing in this video? I think the guy calls it a \"micro-pot.\" Ever heard of something like this? Is it good? Where can I get one?", "Black Cat Espresso and Aeropress question", "I interviewed a new coffee shop in Vancouver that serves great coffee and local food! Highly recommend to anyone visiting Vancouver", "7m라이브스코어(•◡•) Bok25.Com(Code:JAM): 까톡:UK888(•◡•) nba실시간문자중계 NBA라이브스코어", "【오피요】 신사오피 『oPYo O2』 『컴』 부천건마 》오피요《 정자오피", "[Question] Hey, I've been drinking coffee a long time but I'm no connoisseur. Any recommendations for what I try next?", "Life time drinker, New appreciator, soon to try roasting!", "Interested in purchasing an Aeropress and was wondering what you all thought about it.", "스포츠토토추천≫※≫(OPpA 77 . CoM)§{CoDe:JAM}≪※≪ 스포츠토토배당률보기 스포츠토토추천", "사설배팅사이트 『※※』 CASS79,COM『※※』 사설스포츠배팅 안해외안전놀이터추천", "I was just gifted an aeroexpress, can some people chime in on quality of coffee I am to expect?", "guys orders double shot over ice. proceeds to use milk at drink bar to make himself an iced latte. how do you feel?", "▶평택오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 천안휴게텔 『멀티』 서산오피 유흥다이소", "Does anyone know where I can find a replacement aeropress plunger?", "Kitchenaid's take on a French Press", "How good is the ember mug really?", "Why a good grinder is nice (Blade to Lido)", "[how to] brew the best French press", "[GEAR][QUESTION] Should I get Lido or Hausgrind?", "Idaho’s Shaakwave Coffee Roasts By Sound, Smell and Heart.", "Create Your Favorite Hot Beverages At Home with Nespresso Milk Frother", "사설스포츠베팅 ⇒⇒⇒⇒ buzz77. com [c0De : jam] ⇒⇒⇒⇒ 사설스포츠베팅", "Tips For Choosing Best Quality Coffee Maker In Online", "스포츠 배팅 분석 「→↑←」 CASS79.COM 까톡: oxiz 「→↑←」스포츠배팅사이트 네임드사다리", "[Gear] Inexpensive, decent quality burr grinder?", "All hail /u/KittyKat122! I can't believe it; thank you!", "New roasters with free shipping today.", "Im new and here's how i brew!", "Any good way to make a singular cup of coffe?", "Does anyone else do overnight jar brewing method? It is THE BEST", "Does /r/coffee recommend the Bodum Bistro grinder?", "What's your favorite method of brewing blended coffees?", "[question] Does anyone know where Starbuck's Willow Blend comes From? (Second question in post)", "Anyone from Sweden (or otherwise) tried the Espresso House single origins?", "So it's Blizzarding up in NYC... Any creative hot coffee drinks I should try that can be made using common household products?", "▶두정동오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 천안오피 『하이클래스』 천안오피 유흥다이소", "What should I do to clean this 8+ year old mokka pot from aluminium \"rust\" ?", "Sydney, Australia. It's a really good coffee city.", "Planning on Opening Up Coffee Shop. Need equipment advice!", "I don't often make coffee but when I do I overthink it. • X-Post: /r/cafe, more details in comments /r/cafe comments", "Coffee shops I gotta check out in LA?", "Got an Aereopress for Christmas. Using too many beans. Also a question about frothing milk.", "Impress coffee maker vs Espro travel French press", "안전놀이터추천 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】해외 베팅 업체", "Heart coffee roasters are awesome - so are Bluebottle!", "wooden steam knob for Gaggia Classic", "[Question] I'm going to buy an espresso machine, any advice?", "Hot Water Faucet At Home?", "[GEAR] The new Ripplemaker will print whatever image you want on your latte.", "스포츠토토추천<%>{OPPA 7 7 . COM}§{CoDe:JAM}까톡: UK888<%>스포츠토토배당률보기 스포츠토토추천", "[Technique][Question] Bialetti moka pot and Mahlkönig (Baratza) Vario grind settings", "인터넷배팅 ↓↓↓ Tex56ㆍCOm ↑↑↑온라인사설사이트 해외사설놀이터", "Breville Smart Grinder Pro Problems", "My Aeropress coffee is coming out a little too sweet, is it my method or my beans?", "Decent immersion coffee brewer for under $5 with no moving parts", "픽추천 ⇒⇒⇒⇒ buzz77. com [c0De : jam] ⇒⇒⇒⇒ 픽추천", "Where does coffee get its 'notes'?", "coffee maker that uses hand print recognition to make the right cup of coffee for the right person", "[Question] Creating a mocha? (Standard barista-style coffee machine)", "Best coffee in San Antonio?", "토토사이트추천 ⇔※⇔ WAWA27.COM →¥← 프로토 스포츠토토분석", "모바일놀이터 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 토토추천 네임드사다리", "Getting a sudden stiff bubbly crema?", "축구토토<%>{BOK 25 . C o M}§{CoDe:JAM}<%>야구프로토 야구베팅", "Is it best to store beans in a glass container?", "Flavia Coffee Machine - Flavia Coffee Maker Minnesota - Coffee Mill", "If you compact your coffee too much and grind it too finely, it takes much longer to pour than the guideline 30 ml in 30 seconds. I actually find it always tastes better this way vs a fast pour. Does have general advice or opinions on this topic?", "\"창동건마\" (OPYo)02¸(cOm) 【오피요】 《강남건마》/더하드/ 서초립카페", "How to brew coffee on the ISS", "스포츠토토배트맨/ / /B O K 25 . C O M)/(CoDe:JAM/ / / 토토분석사이트", "[Video] [Gear] My new AWS SC-2KG scale is drifting steadily downward with a constant weight on it. I've already replaced it once. Is there a better alternative in this price range?", "V60 02 size - largest practical brew?", "Can't seem to get a dry puck out of my breville, even when extraction is around 25 seconds in the right pressure range.", "Desperate for Keurig reusable filter advice", "스포츠배팅 【∠】CASS79.Com 【∠】 스마트폰놀이터 인터넷배팅", "Issues with static from my Baratza Encore", "How do I clean this mold out of my Bonavita?", "How to drink your coffee in Norway", "Best Coffee Grinder: A Guide To The Best Grind – From Espresso to French Press", "Wowee, I have finally got the funds free for an espresso machine! What do you recommend, Oh Mighty Coffee Redditors (bowing respectfully)", "NHL 하키문자중계(•◡•) Bok25.Com(Code:JAM): 까톡:UK888(•◡•) 스마트폰스포츠게임 스타언오바 놀이터", "Wondering what coffee beans to buy?", "토토사이트 →↓← CASS79,COM →↓← 사설프로토 프로토", "Hey r/Coffee what are you bigest tips for beginners?", "Verve Coffee Roasters Expands To Japan - Sprudge", "Have A Cup Of Coffee To Get A Great Relaxation", "해외배팅사이트 【≒【 CASS79,COM 】≒】 토토추천 토토프로토", "Applying to be a Barista", "Was given a coffee mug yesterday. I'm not exactly sure where they bought it at though...", "분당오피 ((「 유앤아이 」)) 『유흥다이소 VS UDAISO 03 . CoM』 분당오피 【영통오피】 사당오피", "▶울산오피◀ Udaiso03_C0m 아산휴게텔 『연예계』 춘천오피 유흥다이소", "모바일놀이터 「℃」CASS79.Com 「℃」 토토추천 네임드사다리", "MLB배팅 MLB프로토<%>{BOK 25 . C o M}§{CoDe:JAM}<%>월드컵토토 월드컵토토", "Banned Coffee - the Strongest Coffee in the World!", "Small youtubers ftw, love coffe", "Grinding for a Chemex: Skerton vs. Mini Mill", "Can we use an Oak Barrel to serve cold brew coffee?", "스포츠토토추천 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 인터넷스포츠게임 배팅사이트", "네임드게임 【∠】CASS79.Com 【∠】 축구픽 해외토토", "Just stumbled on this kick ass Maple Bacon Coffee, you should check it out", "Is a gooseneck kettle completely necessary for a good pour over with the kalita wave?", "Gifting coffee to non coffee people", "[Gear] My First Foray into Espresso... Deciding Between a Rancilio Silvia and a Gaggia Classic/Grinder Combo", "Why are \"specialty coffees\" expensive?", "신논현업소추천&신논현오피 → \"UDaIso03 . COM\"Æ[잠실오피]【유흥다이소】▷인천오피←구로오피", "사설토토사이트( ( (OPPA77.COM(CODE:JAM)) ) )토토사이트 사설토토", "Best way to adjust grind level without wasting beans?", "[Question] Is there a way I can test the caffeine content of my coffee?", "Looking for the \"prettiest mug\" that I saw recently", "『OpYO O2』 『컴』대방건마 「오피요」 신용산건마", "Coffee-Con. Jan. 30th Los Angeles", "How accurate is this? Also what are these strange apparatuses she is using to brew?", "인터넷배팅 ⇔※⇔ CASS79.COM →¥← 스타토토 축구온라인배팅", "Naturally Soothing Skin with Upcycled Coffee Grounds", "Getting a new brewing method soon. Need advice!", "Which french press do you recommend?", "The 2016 Coffee Liqueur Throwdown!", "Best pitcher for at home?", "Has anyone ever used a Lacore milk pitcher?", "[Question] How to get back into Coffee?", "Free Sample from Green Dragon Roasters!", "Woke up to my phone telling me to reset my iCloud password?", "Apple’s Android switching plan (xpost from /r/technology)", "Teenager blames Wi-Fi Assist for $2,000 bill as he racks up 144GB of data on his iPhone plan", "MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues", "[Tech] Dead pixel black spot", "TouchID to access Messages conversations.", "Apple CarPlay: Does Your Car Support it? – Tech News Today", "Does iBooks iCloud integration added to iOS 9.3 sync our PDFs we have in iBooks now, finally???", "Why does my menu bar and Dock keep going back to light on El Capitan?", "'Getting It On' is shown under Apple Music's 'Activity' Playlist", "Will what I just bought ruin the 'magnetization' on my phone? Feel like an idiot.", "\"Investors are haunted by Apple’s overreliance on the iPhone... To reinvigorate its stock, what Apple badly needs is a new standout success.\"", "Apple to Add Support for Subscription Content in Apple News App", "Any way to improve graphics performance on mid 2012 macbook air?", "How to get rid of photos on my ipad but not icloud?", "Can anyone help me figure out how to make a hidden album on my iPhone 6s+?", "If the iPhone 7 has a 32GB model as its base model, but then also released an iPhone 7 \"lite\" at 16GB and is $50 cheaper for those who didn't care about storage, would you be happy?", "12 inch rMB battery down 10% in 30-40 min. Seems poor to me. Am I crazy or is that normal?", "26 App Free ประจำวัน จำกัดเวลา วันที่ 22 มกราคม 2016", "Come visit r/TextExpander if you also use that app! (x-post to r/Omnifocus)", "An event in March may launch Apple Watch 2 and iPhone 6C", "Apple Music reportedly approaches half as many paid subscribers as Spotify", "Apple Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro", "Apps to resize picture and drag it onto another picture like in Photoshop?", "iMac connected to two displays, can I use one mirrored and one separate?", "Quick question regarding formulas in Numbers", "Resign iPad-only App Store ipa to universal", "Anyone else think Hey Siri should recognise multiple voices, like TouchID recognises multiple fingerprints?", "Keychain on iMac keeps popping up at login.", "Replacing iPhone 6 logo with back-lit one", "Im looking to treat myself and get an Apple Watch. Ive decided I want the 42mm size, and was wondering if there is any other difference between the sport and the Stainless Steel with Milanese loop, other than the band?", "Has anyone worked at apple as a contractor? What was your experience?", "Apple increases iOS App Store revenue lead, now earns 75% more than Android's Google Play", "Apple Releases its iOS 9.2.1 Beta 2 to Developers", "Apple announces first iOS App Development Center coming to Europe (Italy)", "MacBooke Pro Apple ID (iMessge) Texting", "[Question] Is it possible to login to MacMini if the wireless mouse isn't working?", "Can i unlock my iphone trough internet?", "I wrote about how Apple may look into \"leasing\" their hardware and would appreciate some of your thoughts on the piece", "My late 2008 MBP died on me this week. Should I get a new logic board and wait for Skylake or get my graduation gift early?", "Two metre iPad Pro data cable?", "I switched from Android to iOS recently and am having issues with calendar apps", "iOS 9.3 adds multi-user support for iPads in schools, new Classroom app, more", "Will the Retina MacBook ever run on an AX chip?", "Is there a way to remove the branding from the iPhone 6S Plus?", "Smaller bezel for iphone 7 please.", "Uforio is a new reddit client for Mac", "Looking to buy an iPad Pro, but am curious if an updated version is coming out soon. Does anyone here have any info on a potential iPad Pro 2 release?", "iPhone 6s to 6s+ trade in at Best Buy?", "Why doesn't Apple just transition to a 2.5mm audio port?", "\"Hey Siri, I just ate 250 Calories\"....\"Ok X, you have 1250 remaining\"", "it would be nice if they add haptic feedback on the 3D Touch Action to the Assistive touch icon.", "Have anyone choosen iPad Pro over the Surface Pro 4? Why did you do it?", "Release date of 2016 Macbook Pro with Retina Display", "Looking for a neat dock that can hold my iPad Air 2 and my iPhone 6s.", "With record sales in 2015, Apple looks to open its branded stores in India soon", "Is there a way to figure out what is eating all my watch battery?", "Sideload a \"Tethering\" app for your iPhone! (xpost from /r/iphone)", "I think the recently released Apple Battery case is really indicative for what Apple is planning for the future...", "Apple has started asking accessory makers to stop designing iPhone accessories requiring a jack connector (source: Apple Info Belgium)", "The 3.5mm jack has got to stay in the iPhone 7, Apple", "Setting up a router to the MacBook Air", "I think I just killed the App Store", "When doing a web reinstall why can't the user choose which OSX version to reinstall ?", "Safari users on OS X have been plagued by an erratic, yet persistent bug for months", "iPhone 7 May Come With No Headphone Jack?", "iOS 9.3 beta users, call on Apple to implement 4x5 icon layout in landscape on iPads...", "Need help with Timemachine on a network drive.", "Apple to launch iPad Air 3, iPhone 5se, new Apple Watch models at Spring 2016 event", "How Old Is Your iPad?", "Geek Squad using shady parts for replacement iPhones.", "Here's the most recent satellite view of Apple's new headquarters/campus that's under construction.", "VLC Arrives On Apple TV With Support For Casting, Playback Of Local And Network Files", "Any way to avoid terrible CD insertion noise on Macs?", "iPhone refuses to stop playing.", "Has anyone gotten their iphone 6s water damaged, or had it survive water?", "Analysts: Apple has been 'deliberately overstating underlying trends' on iPhone sales", "Would you be willing to take a short survey about the Apple Watch to assist with a design project? You can take it even if you don't have a watch and 2 participants will win an iTunes Giftcard! (xpost /r/applewatch)", "What Apple would have to do to comply with Donald Trump's American-built mandate", "Rumors about Apple iPhone 7", "California Joins New York in Effort to Weaken Smartphone Encryption", "Through hard work and a clear vision, my brother now has the number one game on the App Store. Color Switch!", "Apple Forcing Users out of Spotify", "Swiping from the right opens control center in OSX, what would you like swiping from the left to do?", "Apple iPad Air 3 will be most announced in march", "Apple pay at Barnes and noble? Has anyone tried?", "From Nexus 6P to iPhone 5S: First couple days.", "Are the Facebook and Messenger apps any better on battery these days?", "Can I use a new gen router as a base with a 5th gen router as a bridge/extender?", "New URL making the rounds that crashes Safari on both OS X and iOS: \"\"", "iPhone 5s on iOS 9.2 has red and blue vertical lines; touch screen freezes; screen brightness makes it worse.", "Macbook pro for video editing", "iPhone 6 not restoring through iTunes", "How Apple lost this fanboy", "How much phone storage do I need?", "iTunes Radio Will Soon Cost Money", "I get this cool keyboard when I quick reply on Whatsapp. Anyone else?", "Taking my MBPro into Apple to have the battery replaced at the weekend - will update on service and issues encountered.", "ProTip: The new Apple TV is compatible with the previous generation IR remotes", "I want to pull out my current hard drive, replace it with an ssd, and then clean install el capitan. is it that simple or am i skipping steps?", "The rumored iPhone 5SE may start with only 16GB of storage", "Shouldn't the new education multi-user support be using Touch ID?", "Apple store worker wows autism kid's mom", "Apple to update Apple Watch in mid-March with new bands, OS + full redesign in fall", "What is all of the information that is saved when I merge my iCloud with Safari?", "Apple Seeds First OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan Beta to Developers", "Apple Tipped to Launch 4-Inch iPhone 5se, New Watch Models, iPad Air 3 in March", "Which apps could Apple learn from?", "IPhone 6s+ screen registering touches incorrectly", "Apple’s new massive underground auditorium, as seen in drone footage", "A senior Microsoft spokesman dismissed the iPad Pro as nothing more than a companion device, contrasting it with the Microsoft Surface", "Barclay Financing A Second Time", "‘iPhone 5se’ likely to have faster A9/M9 chips & always-on Siri, but still come with a 16GB capacity", "Would you consider moving to a other phone OS in case Apple were to remove the audio jack?", "Considering getting an IPhone 5s and have some questions", "Rick and Morty game Pocket Mortys now on App Store.", "Does Apple Music have Sync with Desktop?", "What are your Favourite apps that are not on the app store?", "WatchConnection adds a new icon to your iPhone Status bar when connected to Apple Watch", "Need help restoring iphone 6s firmware...", "Issues with AirDrop - Not connecting at all", "Moving a \"Home Video\" to the camera roll?", "iWork apps are no longer free under the made by Apple tab", "How do you think IOS 10 would look like?", "Authorized Apple Beats, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Laptop Service Center in Patna", "Users in r/iOS9 find that iOS 9.3's new Night Shift mode is hardware locked to 64-bit phones", "App developers get fake reviews for their apps on Google Play and Apple App Store", "I've never really found a good use case for an iPad, but now I think I have", "Apple May Be on Hook for $8 Billion in Taxes After Europe Probe", "A fake bomb threat was issued for Apple's operations in Ireland", "How much faster is the 2016 rMBP than the mid-2012 rMBP?", "Invert the colors on your phone with the F.lux feature enabled on iOS 9.3", "Software with the most vulnerabilities in 2015: Mac OS X, iOS, and Flash", "Am I destroying my iPhone battery if I never unplug the iPhone smart battery case even when my battery is at 100%?", "Apple Music asking to subscribe when already subscribed?", "My iPad Pranks me that it Updated", "AppAnnie, the service that tracks and publishes analytics about mobile apps, has just added a chart that ranks the top 500 Apple TV apps. As of Jan. 28, 2016, the top 5 are Netflix, YouTube, Pandora, Hulu, and HBO GO. Also see the charts for iOS apps and Mac ones.", "Is This a Leaked Image of the New Iphone?", "iOS 9.3 \"Night Shift\" Device Coverage", "Offering a $50 iTunes gift card for $35 PayPal", "Add more than 5 Prints to Touch ID!", "Apple iOS 9.3 finally Unveiled, Exciting and irresistible features to look for", "I have the same issue with my iPhone 6. I got it about a month ago and the first time I used it, it already had a clicking noise. I noticed that a lot of people is saying I can easily take it to apple and they'll replace it but I recently dropped it and it cracked from the bottom. What can I do?", "Apple Recalls AC Power Adapters Sold Outside the US", "Four Alternatives to iCloud Photos on the Apple TV", "Music Videos in Apple Music: is there any way to integrate with song playlists?", "LPT: Save cellular data with iPhones with YouTube app's ability to \"Play HD on Wifi Only\"", "My new light looks like a MacPro", "Apple’s appetite for Washington influence keeps growing", "Should I put in my legitimize birth date for my apple id?", "Here is the Reason why Apple will come back with a bang in 2016.", "iOS 10 Tasarım İpuçları: iOS 9.3 Açılır Pencere Görünümü", "Siri activates but does not listen", "Apple recognizes iPhone 6S battery percentage bug, promises a fix", "Fitbit / Health App for Apple TV?", "Why I replaced my Apple TV with a Chromecast and didn't look back.", "Apple agrees to pay $350 million in Italian tax case", "Managed to crack both my iPhone and my Apple Watch, what's next?", "If you were CEO of Apple for 24 hours and could make 3 irreversible changes, what would you do?", "What games for iOS and OS X use Metal?", " as a Google search competitor", "Is there a way to block mass junk mail from gmail on the iPhone or Mac?", "iPhone and iPad Safari crash is now fixed", "Problems with screen after getting it replaced and having a hardened glass protector put on", "Frustrated with the Thunderbolt Display", "Navy A School Apple Suggestions", "When will apples' things come to the rest of the world?", "Question about Apple magic trackpad?", "Canvas - A new podcast about productivity apps on iOS", "Non-USB on Mid 2014 MBPr not showing up", "Scraped the aluminum corner of my iphone 6. Any idea how to repair?", "Now Apple to get into virtual reality.", "Anyone experiencing problems with slow iTouch unlock times?", "Apple Inc. – Some facts about the Apple employee that you would definitely find interesting", "What are some free, fully featured, habit tracking apps?", "$15 US iTunes Gift Card Giveaway!", "App Store delivers record $3.3 billion revenue in Q4", "Is anyone looking for an iPhone 6s (Verizon)", "Learning How to Code When You Have No Idea Wgere to Start--iMore", "Does anyone know a way to get the Safari bar to work like chrome with site specific search (pressing tab after typing in '' will let you search youtube).", "Don’t Believe Headlines That Claim OS X Was The “Most Vulnerable” Software of 2015", "[Discussion] You can \"Peek and Pop\" on non-3D Touch devices within the Instagram app. I would love to see more developers doing this.", "Is some kind of generic driver I could use for my printer/scanner Ricoh SP 112SU ?", "So there's this Apple store employee...", "Let's start an AT&T grand-exodus petition based on their CEO's recent comments on encryption!", "Messages on Macbook Air won't stop telling me I have two unread messages when I don't", "Dish streaming problems on iMac.", "Tim Cook explains why iPhone sales will decline for the first time in history next quarter", "Apple finally gets US sales ban on some Samsung phone features, but the ruling is practically meaningless", "Apple have got me/us with Photos.", "Apple's new 'Night Shift' feature for iPhones should help you sleep. Here's how it works.", "Apple, Safari in iOS need some more love!", "Apple raises iPhone, iPad Prices in Germany to pay Royalties to Porn Filmmakers and Actors", "What was the first app you bought? (Check in App store>show purchases>scroll to the bottom).", "My mum, 83, managed to get me an Apple Pencil from the Apple Store today.", "Improved reception when sitting on stainless counter-top in my kitchen?", "OS X El Capitan. Oh capitan, my capitan! The Wifi woes are gone (knock on wood).", "Help with Hardware Test error: 4HDD/11/40000000: SATA(0,0)", "[HELP] Brother passed away and we can't get into his locked iPhone 6(maybe S). Any help at all will be much appreciated.", "Regarding itunes on win 10 (rant)", "Which of these 3 MacBooks would you go with?", "Apple music cant play a song because I'm not logged in to apple music.. But I am??", "Is there a controller that is compatible with the Apple TV and Ps4?", "Best function after 10.11.2 update that I do not read about", "Is it true devices with after market screens can no longer get updates?", "DAE think that the new Night Shift icon in Control Center looks like the Welcome to Night Vale logo?", "KVM with Apple Aluminum Keyboard", "Tip: Many if not most of the features you want are there, just hidden.", "Apple’s OS X comes out as most vulnerable software of 2015", "My students (frequent /r/apple visitors) put together this project for my classroom. We are all pretty excited", "Looking for an app that makes it easy to split a bill between 4-6 friends", "The iPad Air 3 will reportedly be announced in March", "Is there an app for my CD backlog like the 'old' Music App(Before Apple Music)?", "Apple Acquires Education-Tech Startup LearnSprout", "Apple to open facility in Kanata, Ottawa Canada", "Apple iPhone 5SE (6C) Review - Final Rumors & Leaks", "1080p@60 fps or 4K@30 fps, what video settings do you prefer on 6s/6s+?", "Does the iPad mini 4 lag a lot? Or is mine broken.", "Why I think Apple made 9.3 such a significant update...", "Apple's OS X and iOS contain more bugs than any other OS/app, says CVE", "i hate the retina macbook keyboard", "MacBook Pro Screen Coating and Cleaning", "iOS 9.3 beta does things right: Brings new features without breaking the old stuff", "Backups shouldn't be part of the 5GB iCloud quota", "Anyone else's iPhone 6 sometimes goes to max/min volume by itself (and can't be changed)?", "What are the chances that Apple will ship AirPods with the new iPhone?", "What are some cool uses of Spotlight (El Capitan onwards) that most people might be unaware of?", "Help in deciding about buying a Macbook Pro", "Can somebody tell me how to get fucking pictures off my ipod?", "The old Pulse app for iPhone officially stopped feeding content today. Has anyone found a good replacement?", "[Question] 3D Touch use in GTA LCS mobile ?", "How do I turn off the \"vibration\" with Force Touch?", "Increasingly popular update technique for iOS apps puts users at risk", "Apple recalls international AC wall plug adapters due to risk of electric shock", "Need help with Macbook Pro late-2011", "Apple is opening its first store in Mexico", "Has anybody with the 6+ had a case that caused the phone to act slow, flicker, or do things on the screen?", "iPhone 5SE leaked photo next to iPhone 5", "One Contact with two phones - I want two different chats", "Apple seeks nod to open India stores amid concerns of slowing sales growth", "Want a Mac Book Pro - Should I wait?", "NOTE Will: Your prayer is never sent any where but any", "Has anyone used a Surface? I really need OS X on a portable tablet that can easily be transformed into a laptop with good speed. I don't think Apple would be wrong to start offering OS X on an iPad, or at least offer a new product line for this.", "Mid-2015 MBP 15\" stuck trackpad", "TIL HDMI-CEC works both ways (can control Apple TV using TV remote)", "Going to the AS for the 3rd time with my MBP 15\" late 201. Any tips?", "So yet another anti-Steve Jobs post has reached the front page. Why all the hate considering the majority of these people enjoy and use Apple products on a daily basis?", "Apple needs a better and faster bluetooth connection settings now more than ever. What do you think?", "Apple News App Is Off to a Rocky Start.", "Pressing the crown on Apple Watch once should go to your watch face. Pressing it again should go to your home/app screen.", "Protip: Chrome can take up a stupid amount of space on your machine", "If I download new emojis on cydia, will the people I message see them?", "Recall for certain AC wall plug adapters designed for use in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Continental Europe, New Zealand and South Korea (sold between 2003 and 2015).", "Which do you think is the best feature of iOS 9.3?", "I just found this feature in the Facebook app!", "Just a thought: Apple reduced iPhone 6s orders by \"30%\"to free up manufacturing capacity to make the rumoured iPhone 6c?", "What Would Steve Jobs Do? - An Android Experiment", "Say hello to Siri today (January 12).", "Does anyone feel like Apple has been dumbing down their products?", "\"We now know what percentage of Apple customers have opted to stick with smaller iPhones\"", "Drawing on iPad Pro w/ Apple Pencil using the Notes app", "Going to try to upgrade my mid 2010 macbook pro > 8Gb ram, and an OWC SSD. Has anyone tried this? How did it work out for you?", "Just got this total scam in my email. Not sure if you've seen it before, but watch out.", "Safari not loading web pages properly?", "Apple what is this ugly shit?", "Buy Cheap Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Notebook Computer MJVE2LL/A Laptop (128 GB) NEWEST VERSION", "help with using a playlist with itunes and apple music songs", "on this day in 1984 the Mac was introduced", "Does this mean, as an iTunes Match subscriber, that I will not longer be able to listen to any radio stations?", "Another bite taken out of Apple’s status", "Did i do good? 2008 iMac updated to El Capitan after taking this picture for 50$.", "INTERNATIONAL DRAWING: 6S Iphone 16GB (Active until February 21 )", "iPhone Leather Cases - Do they fit 6S?", "Everytime I open Chrome, Skype etc. I get an icon on my desktop. To get rid of it I have to right click and say eject. Then it has to boot when I use that thing again. What's happening? [Macbook Pro El Capitan 10.11.12]", "How Exactly You Can Save Your Apple iPhone Battery | OHTECHOH", "Do the current iOS betas still prevent people from using iCloud backups?", "Apple files a patent indicating a process for identifying information with any incoming call, including unknown callers, on future iPhones.", "Gold Spot price not available on apple stocks app. Help!", "If I edit a playlist on my iPhone and sync it with iTunes on my Mac, it creates a duplicate of it. Any Solutions?", "Apple releases list of car models that support CarPlay", "[Serious] Should I buy an iPhone 6S?", "I've heard a lot of rumors about updates this year... Apple Music Rumors anywhere (besides higher bitrates for streaming?)", "What's wrong with my MacBook?", "How come on my mac I can watch 1080p iTunes videos but not 1080p YouTube videos?", "Download: Apple Releases OS X El Capitan 10.11.3 Final Version To The Public", "How good is the 5s today ?", "Right Click on an Album/Song on Apple Music/iTunes Match and share with members of family cool would that be?", "Apple has to pay 318 million Euros following tax fraud allegations", "Help! Updated MBR 13 and now I can't get past login screen. Can't even type", "Apple Launches 'Music Memos' App, Releases Major 'GarageBand for iOS' Update", "iOS 9 question: When I select a song to be played in my Music app library, there is a short delay at the beginning, causing the very beginning of the song to be cut out. How do I stop this?", "Not sure if this question belongs here, but is there a program/app that allows me to read books in both a macbook and an android tablet?", "Why does it say my storage is almost full when it's clearly nowhere near?", "Headphone makers quietly prepare for the iPhone 7 - No one at CES seems alarmed by the death of the headphone jack", "I just replaced the hard drive in my Macbook and it works great and I just want people to know.", "Less known feature of Mission Control?", "How can I get a MacBook Pro?", "Fellow iPhone users who put your phone in your pocket with no case....", "To celebrate a Happy New Years Day I'm giving my game out for free! (x-post r/indiegames)", "Need some help in retrieving info from a locked iPhone and a MBP. Any advise?", "The Truth About Apple's '100% Renewable' Energy Usage", "Do I have to restore my iPhone 6+ (ATT) on iOS 8.4 to have the phone fully unlocked?", "Why is my Apple Music deleted?", "Why do lots of people want a true dark mode (dark UI) for iOS?", "Would anyone else jump ship to Android if Apple gets rid of the headphone jack?", "I'm excited for Notes Private mode in 9.3, but I hope it's more private than what's in the image...", "Apple is reportedly developing a wirelessly-charged iPhone for as soon as 2017", "Partitioning SSD for use in Mac & PC?", "Better Touch Tool is going to be a paid app, are there any alternatives?", "Download Gangstar Vegas IPA For Apple", "The Logic Pros: 3 overlooked tricks to keep your Logic sessions tidy and efficient", "Is Apple Stores selling \"Refurbished\" iPhones as New? My experience says, \"Yes\".", "Can I retrieve a Windows product key from an old, cheap Windows 8 laptop to use in Boot Camp? And if I do manage to do so - will I have a clean install, or will it come with the bloat ware of said laptop? Thanks", "The 2012 Non-Retina MacBook Pro Is Still the Best Laptop Apple Sells", "I'm sick of your shit apple... quicktime player won't run in background and now twitter links in imessage's wont open in the app. How do you not find these bugs before rolling out software?", "Authorized Apple Store in Kochi, Kerala | All Essential Information Including Addresses and Contact Details", "YouTube has its first million-dollar month on the App Store", "Are anyone else's apps not updating?", "Issues with Apple's repair service", "How much is a early 2015 Macbook Pro worth?", "Apple confirms it’s backing away from iAd on June 30th", "iPhone Service Center in Chennai", "Japanese iTunes Store in English", "Anyone else having issues with Live Photos on Facebook?", "Prepo 2 - Mac and iOS - Preview, resize and export icon and @2x artwork for app development", "Flash on OS X - Download from Adobe or run within Chrome? Safari is my default/preferred browser", "Is it possible to run El Capitan in a virtual machine on Windows?", "Looking for PDF of List of Enhanced Dictation Commands", "Lost phone. Find my iPhone showing duplicate phones?", "I recently bought a used 2012 MacBook Pro and ripped the outer casing off from the laptop while trying to remove the InCase hardshell", "Is anyone else unable to listen to Apple Radio Stations (annoying popup)?", "adobe lightroom cc crashes when macbook air connected to external screen.", "Why can I search for half an email address in Apple Mail and I will get results, but if I search for the entire email address, I get none?", "Would you use screen protector on iphone 6s", "Apple Asks Widow to Get Court Order to Reveal Dead Husband's Password", "USB 3.0 Adapter for Thunderbolt for Mac Mini", "Apple Music not connecting after 10.11.3 update.", "Apple & Microsoft: The Evolution of OSs (1978 - 2014)", "Does anyone elses cursor get really big when they spin it in circles quickly?", "Are there cases for iPad Pro that protect the back of it but will still let you use the smart keyboard?", "Do Mixed Device Colors Bother You?", "The Promise and Confusion of USB Type-C", "Is Apple working on a VR headset?", "Customer Support with Apple is the best I've ever had", "iPad pro: thoughts since launch?", "14 Ultimate Reasons That Will Make You Fall In Love With a Macbook & That Will Tempt You To Buy It.", "Found a mint-condition, 25-year-old Apple Extended Keyboard II in a junk shop today!", "What is he Best iOS Version for an iPhone 4?", "Microsoft Opens Early Access 'Office Insider' Program to Mac Users", "Updating from 10.8.5 to El Capitan. What problems should I expect or should I continue putting off updating? I'm afraid. It's a mid 2010 iMac 27\"", "Just got a brand new 2015 15in rMBP with top specs, came with Intel iris graphics instead of AMD, should I be concerned?", "Apple finally put together a full list of cars with CarPlay", "Why u do dis iPhone Alarm Clock?!", "Tech giants voice their support for Samsung at the Supreme Court in Apple patent dispute", "Is the ipad air 2 still worth it or wait for 3?", "iPhone stolen over the weekend.", "I discovered that force touch is partially working on Chrome, is this new?", "I got a virus pop up and telling me I had 2 browser viruses with a countdown timer and to download Onavo should I be worried?", "Japan Display Confirms OLED Production in 2018 Amid iPhone Adoption Rumors", "Honestly, I don't think its for the sake of simplicity, I think apple is bad at adding tons of features.", "AirPrint doesn't work on printer shared by OSX?", "How useful is 3D touch?", "Apple Store Buchanan Street (Glasgow) closed for refurbishment", "rMBP upgrade RAM or SSD?", "Do you have your read receipts on or off?", "Google finally launches an AdWords app for iPhone and iPad", "What does /r/apple think of LinusTechTips ?", "iPhone 5se leak? 4-inch iPhone with rounded edges pictured next to iPhone 5", "New iPhone 6 (straight out of the box)... already has horrible battery life and is slow?", "This is occurring during public beta 9.3 download every time...", "How good is the Non-Retina 13\" Macbook Pro?", "How much would it cost to replace a 5S from Apple?", "Cant sync old music with new itunes", "Apple needs a way to organize the \"Purchased\" section.", "Recording FaceTime or Skype on a Mac.", "How to Use iCloud Photos on Apple TV's Screensaver", "Is a Mac with FileVault + Firmware password completely useless for a thief?", "Apple Pay Is Coming To ATMs From Bank Of America And Wells Fargo", "Tech support Thursday! Does 2011 mac mini support 1440p resolution? Over DP or HDMI?", "Alternatives to the old QuickTime Broadcaster", "[Meta] Can we get some flares on /r/apple?", "Can I upgrade snow leopard to el capitan for free?", "Apple working with Beats to bring wireless earbuds to the iPhone 7", "Too late in cycle to buy iPad Pro?", "Glitch: How to hide unwanted apps", "Anybody know any good app bundles", "Assuming the wireless charging in iPhone 7 is any good, imagine by say iPhone 8s or iPhone 9 if Apple car is released (2019-20) how convenient it'll be iPhone-to-car continuity.", "iPhone blacklisted under one carrier. would it work for another?", "Preserving Macbook Battery: Plugged in or no?", "Those who have the new MacBook, how do you like it?", "What's your dream RSS / News Reader app?", "Expectations from Apple Watch 2...", "Question about 5k iMacs and SSDs", "What markets do you see Apple breaking into?", "The $1500 Apple Watch Hermes edition will finally be available to buy online this Friday", "LEAST busiest days+times at Apple Stores?", "Apps not appearing under 'Use Mobile Data for' on iPhone 6S", "iPhone 6Plus Stuck in Password Loop - Restore?", "I'm looking for an apple product for my iPhone for my car that I'm having the trouble remembering the name for", "Apple iPhone Upgrade Program: Can I trade in my 5S when enrolling?", "AT&T offers unlimited data again if you subscribe to U-Verse or Direct TV.", "Creating Bootable USB for mac on windows?", "Is it worth repairing White Macbook (Late 2009)?", "Do you use Migration Assistant?", "Can I delete my iTunes library?", "Today I tried Mac Paint", "16 incredible facts about Apple's new 'spaceship' campus", "ELI5: Why won't apple let me create an address to just use as an email address?", "apple icloud login failed - issue with login", "Expectations from Apple for 2016: iPhone 7 - Zapact", "So my cousin bought this $120 Android phone with a 4000 mAH battery.", "SwiftKey users should update to 1.4.5", "MacBook Pro (Retina 2015 base model) or MacBook (space grey base model) for school work and normal use?", "Is there an alternative to Slinkware ? I would like to access all the bonjour services outside the home network such as iTunes library.", "Apple planning to launch iPhone 5SE in March", "Donald Trump promises to make Apple manufacture in US instead of China", "Rumor: Apple’s new 4-inch handset will be called ‘iPhone 5se’ – Apple Insider |", "iPad Pro, can one of you Apple Advocates explain it?", "How come Chromecast is able to achieve video mirroring from my computer so much better than AppleTV is with AirPlay?", "iPad Air 2 still worth buying?", "is windows less buggy with the driveless bootcamp support?", "The Apple Gatekeeper bypassed once again by a researcher", "App Store app prices going up in Canada, New Zealand and 5 more countries due to exchange rate fluctuations", "How to download YouTube Videos on iPhone without jailbreak", "Podcast App pausing when i get texts.", "What to add to my apple collection?", "MacBook Pro at work - Docking Station vs Adapters", "tvOS 9.2 beta 1 adds support for app folders, Bluetooth keyboards", "How to try out Mac App store apps, if there is no easy way to refund ?", "Is their an easy way to switch the side the apps are on in split screen multitasking on iPad?", "My Apple TV has this new keyboard...", "Live Images Of The Samsung Galaxy S7 Front Camera And Display Surface", "5000 Instagram liker - Get 5000 Likes instantly", "Weird error downloading iPhone update 9.2.1", "Rectangular \"zoom\" box on iPhone 6?", "got a brand new 15in MBPr with top specs for my birthday, should i just return it and wait for the new Macs with Skylake processors, or keep it and use it?", "People are overblowing the 3.5mm jack situation. If it happens it will likely happen elegantly.", "Anyone know of a way to extend the Final Cut pro x trial?", "New Apple patent hints at near-universal mobile payments", "Video clip allegedly shows the rumored 4-inch Apple iPhone", "iOS 9.3 beta allows you to manage which apps can access to the media library", "Error on iPod touch page?", "Advert for Apple Computers – Made in Cork 1981", "Is it Worth Getting an rMBP right now?", "Automatically fill with free space not working?", "This Is Why People Use Spotify", "iPhone 7 Plus May Have 256GB of Storage", "How does the Apple mobile buy back scheme work?", "Looking for Signs That Apple’s Runaway Growth Is Waning: Investors have long relied on Apple to deliver one crucial attribute: growth. Now they are beginning to wonder whether Apple’s days as a growth stock are coming to an end.", "Apple To Develop its Own Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Products", "Apple Has Secret Team Working on Virtual Reality Headset", "Random thing I'd like updated in OS X 10.12", "Buy the apple watch now?", "2016 Top 5 iPad & iPhone Video Converter", "Would Apple ever change the name iPhone?", "Need advise with new MacBook Pro A1332 battery purchase", "Entire Mac freezes (except for mouse cursor)", "David Bowie Blackstar Apple Music", "12″ Retina MacBook debuts for first time on Apple's refurbished site", "The Year 2016, What's next for Apple?", "Tech Support Tuesday [January 26, 2016] - Your Weekly Tech Support Megathread", "iOS 9.3 Update: Apple may have a new iOS release strategy", "[Question] How to fix Error 3194?", "Can you damage an iPhone 6s by keeping on low power mode all the time?", "강남풀싸롱@ 0l0 2l54 3560 매직미러초이스 Hot타임 핫(女)人들 강남풀싸롱들 강남야구장에 놀러가자", "Apple to discontinue ad-supported radio on Jan. 28th.", "iPhone replacement display made of different glass? Scratches more easily.", "Apple expected to cut iPhone 6S, 6S Plus production by around 30%", "iOS keyboard / spellchecker alternatives", "Can I use an apple gift card for a down payment on a new phone, even though my plan is 0% down?", "Prices online vs at the store?", "All my DELETED photos are still in the cloud and downloading them to my Macs & devices", "iPhone 7 to feature flexible OLED display made by Samsung", "ttoltsnd This is not a dating site, is a search a partner for hooking.NO PAY, NO BULLSHIT!", "Tech Support Thursday [January 14, 2016] - Your 2nd Weekly Tech Support Megathread", "Futureproofing - Should I get a 6 or 6s?", "iCar: Apple fans in a frenzy over electric wheels rumours", "Microsoft Office Update Brings Drawing Tools for iPad, 3D Touch for iPhone 6s", "Best Email App for iPhone?", "iPhone 7 - What to Expect?", "Apple AC Wall Plug Adapter Exchange Program", "Usman Riaz Teams Up With Apple for iPad art demo", "Pretty and dense iPhone reddit app?", "ios 9.2 Group Chat. Message not received.", "The 3D-touch keyboard cursor move feature is a rage factory", "Help - I got the last update and is frozen in this screen", "Hot-patching method Unveils Apple App Store's Security Hole - The PrimeVersion", "What are your predictions for Macbook updates in 2016?", "iPod nano 5th gen. Video import", "Someone ELI5 why I can read the Herald online for free but the Globe is essentially a pay service?", "Amazing Yelp Review of Wabora, a Sushi place on Newbury in Boston", "Back Bay station to become a vision in glass", "The House voted unanimously to repeal a state law that imposed an automatic revocation of the driver’s license of anyone convicted of a drug-related crime.", "East Coast Grill to close Jan 23rd", "For fans of Rooster Teeth, the second showing of Lazer Team needs 32 more tickets purchased to show at AMC Leows.", "TriviaCompass - Find Boston bar trivia", "It appears more likely southern New England will miss the brunt of the upcoming storm", "MBTA fare hike decision expected Monday[Today]", "Hi Boston! I'm new here for college and I made a vlog recording my experiences here..I hope you enjoy it!", "New service survey (Boston University )", "[boston] I threw the guy, but I have a disease, that it does not accept, I - a nymphomaniac! I want to have sex.", "What companies' vans might on a one time basis let a kind polite person aboard to get from Boston South Station to North Station?... Or from North Station to South Station?...", "Report: MBTA knew two years ago about Green Line ext. overruns - T releases sealed record after losing public records appeal", "GE lured to Boston despite Warren's best efforts", "Advice on BU MET Computer Science Masters versus WPI Masters", "2016 Committees of Boston City Council", "hey r/boston, does anyone NOT support legalization of marijuana in the state? If so, why?", "Several Dozen Suspected Gang Members Arrested In Boston-Area Raids", "If you could add 1 attraction to Boston or improve one we already have, what would it be?", "College student off campus housing - Fort Hill vs. Mission Hill", "Room for Rent - Huge, Private Master Suite in 2 Bed, 2 Bath Condo (Wellington Circle, Medford)", "Free credit for food and drinks in the BU area with new ordering and bill-splitting app", "Powerball Jackpot is at $900M! Dont forget to buy tickets!", "How is the ski gear at Play It Again Sports?", "What would you do? (Theft situation)", "Mass’ Internet Branding: On Fleek", "Boston Crime History: The Giggler", "St. Patrick's Day pub crawls?", "Bostonians, I need your help.", "A board game cafe is coming to Somerville", "1 Ticket for Wilco. Saturday, Jan 30th $70.00", "Sex assault prevention report highlights Harvard ‘final clubs’", "Where are some of the best places to eat in Boston?", "Are the first night ice sculptures still up?", "Amtrak to NYC. Anyone familiar with this trip?", "Meetup on January 30th, 5PM at the Beacon Hill Pub!", "Need ideas for 8 person lodging in Boston area", "Yard decorations if you're a New Englander", "Contact Sen. Warren and ask her not to endorse Shilery", "Needing to stop moping around the house and get out and grow a spine.", "Gigabit internet? Or the fastest services for Residential?", "Dancer Who Lost Leg In Boston Marathon Bombings Will Run 2016 Race", "Boston, anyone skilled in the art of tech support?", "What would MLK tell young Boston Blacks today?", "Bar recommendations near Packard's Corner?", "[Information] Moving to Boston at the end of February", "2015 Best Supporting Actress in a Play: J. Deschenes as Lady Bracknell in Theatre@First's \"The Importance of Being Earnest\"", "Full Presentation from 3/2 GLX Meeting", "Mayor Walsh to support municipal lobbying regulations", "Just put together a box of lightly used clothes I had growing up, hoping to give it to some kids in need, any recommendations on how/where to do this?", "I submit to you, the definition of Douche", "Recent College Grads Help Guide Boston Students Through Admissions Process", "East Meets Words Open Mic Featuring SUTY KOMSONKEO", "TIFU by not getting Asian girls number", "Something hit my windshield on in the Tip O'Neill tunnel", "Any upcoming shows/events for someone's 24th birthday?", "Website for furnished apartments in Boston?", "Boston/Cambridge car commuters: Where do you work and park? How much do you pay to park there?", "Need to repair a PS4, where is the best place to have it done?", "Meanwhile, Seattle is about to open a light rail extension 6 months early and $100M under budget", "Whats up with all the sirens in Allston right now?", "Send this Patriots fan to Super Bowl 50!!", "looking for good bar style pizza in the north shore! grew up with town spa pizza in Stoughton for reference... know of any place similar but north of Wilmington?", "JP house in NY Library Digital Collection", "\"Boston’s Identity Crisis,\" brings up good points about contradictory moves the city is making", "It Finally Happened: I Was Hit By a Car While Biking to Work in Boston", "Cardboard Tube Fighting League - Boston. Jan 30th 2016 - Free event!", "Advisory: You might be denied your right to purchase cigarettes, even if you're over 21", "Dave Portnoy sold 51% of Barstool Sports to The Chernin Group and moving to NYC. Big move for the local blogger.", "A new wrinkle in Ansin v. Comcast: Plans exist to sell WLVI's spectrum and combine its programming with an NBC-less WHDH", "Somerville taking 279(!) properties via eminent domain", "What other 1 Hour or so delivery services are available around Boston, Brookline, Cambridge, Somerville?...", "Is there anyone willing to give me some legal advice about a business?", "Moving to the Boston area in the next month, looking for some insight on finding an apartment.", "Brookline Residents Express Support Of Black Officers Alleging Racism", "Threatening letter sent to Trump son came from Boston - Is it bad that this makes me smile?", "Ideas for marketing a tutoring company in Boston", "Are there any good African restaurants in Boston?", "T-shirts Bostonians might actually want to wear. Not bad.", "Best bars to watch Copa América this summer?", "Week long vacation with toddler", "Did you lose a commuter rail monthly pass yesterday?", "I will be spending the next few years in Boston, MA? Tell me about it!", "Red line shuttles between North Quincy and Jfk Thursday am", "You have $200, Girlfriend, car, and a day off together what do you do?", "Stephanie Pollack Talks T Progress", "First workday of the year and already having severe delays, going to be a good Winter Boston.", "Is there hopento get hired as a graphic designer in Boston without a degree?", "Front license plate stolen on leased vehicle", "2016’s Best & Worst Cities for St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations | WalletHub®", "Could Charlie Baker support a Basic Income Guarantee in an effort for statewide welfare reform?", "Wretched Shelter Conditions Drive Homeless to the Streets", "What are some little known things i can do while im in Boston?", "T cites progress on structural deficit: Officials suggest replacing all 220 Green Line cars", "Flew a drone in Boston. Timelapses of downtown. It's all about TIME :)", "Moving To Boston Area - Any Recommended Neighborhoods?", "Snow Removal Company for my Elderly Uncle and Family in Brookline?", "If you know Sarah, who just started a new job and lost her phone, tell her to call her phone.", "Free LEGO Indiana Jones Costume in Southie", "A text-based lunch delivery system has just launched in Boston.", "Looking to swap 2 Saturday afternoon Extreme Beer Fest tickets for 2 Friday evening tickets.", "Surgeons pull 27 bags of heroin from Lynn man’s body", "What happen to the Banditos Misteriosos?", "Local city-dwellers continue to act surprised that cities have tall buildings", "New Commuter Rail schedule? Can't find anything about it", "Northeastern student who went missing in November found dead", "Anybody know of the status of the Friend Street Hostel?", "Robocall Bomb threats now linked to Twitter Account claiming responsibility.", "Anybody know what happened to Lena Kochman?", "Verbally assaulted by MBTA employee... advice on how to proceed?", "I noticed these new MBTA displays are now live at Wonderland as of today. I think they're a nice new additon to the system.", "How much does Boston nightlife suck and affect the city?", "Good Opinion Piece on How Nightlife in Boston Needs a Policy Rennaissance", "Anyone else stuck on route 2 near concord?", "Got a descent shot of the Skyline Tonight", "Cat needs a home or may be put down", "Check out 'Seeing Boston By Streetcar,' one of Boston's first ever films - Have a look at Boston in 1903.", "What does the Job Market look like for new grads in Boston?", "Gov. Charlie Baker proposes $918 million economic development bill for Bay State", "Massachusetts Senate panel on legal pot to visit Colorado", "Ordered to clean up decades of PCB contamination in Western MA, GE created a 40 foot tall, 6 acre toxic waste pile next to an elementary school.", "Boston Police Sergeant sends 16 year old girl pics of his penis. When confronted, he says \"she's seen penises before I showed her mine.\"", "Punk, queer, anarchist, counterculture ect. spots/stuff happening around Boston this weekend?", "Hey a 'new' iOS app for the Boston Globe... aaaand it sucks a high hard one.", "Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos Of Someone You Know! Biggest in the world service for sseex!! ID:saallgaalaioldgalosn", "/r/RedSox's Most Used Words of 2015 [x-post from /r/RedSox]", "Newton North High School on lockdown. Searching for gunman and calling in bomb k9 from state police", "Salem Police would appreciate everyone moving their cats as soon as possible", "State Lawmakers Call on MBTA to Keep Late-Night Service", "Anyone else miss snow? Let's do the snow dance and make it happen!", "A Peer of Mine Gets to Live His Hockey Dream Despite Physical Disabilities", "Please advise: Looking for a rental in Cambridge or Brookline, how can I find a place while avoiding broker fees?", "Potentially huge snowstorm coming early next week", "PSA: Boston Children's Hospital is in critical need of platelets. If you are eligible, please consider donating!", "Best place to have a birthday dinner in Boston? want it to be able to accommodate a party of 10-12 or so? dinner & drinks.. thanks!", "That's something to be proud about. I guess?", "Michelle Wu Elected Boston City Council President", "Question: place to store bags in Long Wharf", "Got a little creeped out on the train today", "Two bus planners and a former Transportation Secretary have a plan for T bus service all night, every night.", "Instructions for No Pants Boston Jan 10, 2016", "Best place to stay in Boston", "Vintage Photos Show the Beauty (and Misery) of Winter in Boston | The Weather Channel", "Anyone have a car with a manual transmission want to teach me how to drive it? Willing to pay.", "The City of Boston drops its lawsuit against Wynn Resorts, the casino will be built as planned", "GREAT ROOM IN WALTHAM FOR RENT - $733", "Bald eagles at Spy Pond in Arlington (photo by a neighbor)", "Woman whose life was touched on in \"Common Ground\" wants the world to know the truth. (TRIGGER WARNING)", "Who here is house-hunting right now? Is it even possible to bid under asking in Boston anymore?", "Homebrewers and Aquascapers...where can I buy a small CO2 tank locally? (2.5 lbs)", "How Chip Goines asked the city of Boston for moar cats and then got them. And then the bostonglobe noticed and wrote a story.", "I love this map -- does anyone have a better/newer version?", "With More Fare Hikes Coming, MBTA Eyes Partnerships For The Ride Service", "Boston Public School Students Stage Walkout Over Proposed Budget Cuts - Live Update", "Needham Patch: Forbidden Broadway?: Needham Theater to Hold Auditions", "Boston will consider giving tax breaks to landlords in exchange for maintaining rental units at reasonable rates.", "In Good Conscience, I Can No Longer Support Marty Walsh as Mayor of Boston", "\"Bienvenue à Boston\", news, help, exchange and more from the francophone community in Boston", "Archdiocese Responds To Antisemitic Chants At Catholic Memorial-Newton North Basketball Game", "How to get copy of police report from hit and run accident to support insurance claim?", "The Real Housewives of South Boston", "Since the T seems like it won't get better, should we rebuild the Central Artery over the Greenway, and add a second deck to 93 north and south of Boston?", "Gov. Baker Heralds Accomplishments, Outlines Goals In State Of The Commonwealth Address", "Obama executive action could stem flow of guns to Boston from New England neighbors", "An Interesting Look Ahead at The 2016 Boston Restaurant Scene", "A cool story about a kid from Boston Tryna make it in the NFL", "Baker: MBTA operating expenses, which usually go up by 5% a year, have only gone up by 1% in the latest year to year cycle", "Logan protests marked by arrests", "New Year's events in different parts of Boston", "Strangers: Fear Fills The Space Between A White Man And A Muslim Woman", "What's the deal with park st station's temperature?", "[Cambridge] Missed connection Jan 12, 2016", "Looking for a PAX East 3 day pass", "Anyone happen to know if there is enough snow for kids to sled in Boston Common today?", "Heartbreak Hill, Here I Come!", "Anyone with an established friend group try Dungeons and Dragons?", "Old maze at the Children's Museum?", "BIG AIR AT FENWAY PARK!", "What qualities should new Head of Boston Public Library have?... Progressive/advanced knowledge of technology/software !", "Where to see quality live music?", "Boston Prosecutors drop charges against Iranian national in wake of Iran deal", "Here are the current snowfall amount predictions from channel 4, 7, 5 and 25 for Saturday", "Anyone have a centralized list of Boston area breweries?", "V5 Dance Presents: REBEL | April 16 | $10", "Needing to stop moping around the house and get out and grow a spine again. (x-post from /r/bostonsocialclub)", "How long will the T take?", "What are some of your favorite free tours in Boston?", "My ex - whore, nickname: AmazonGirl44 *Search can be registered [boston]", "Big fire in Brighton. 4 or 5 fire trucks and multiple ambulances on the scene. Any one have any more info?", "I need a place to park a school bus near Boylston Street on a Sunday", "Weekend Nor'easter Mainly Rain for New York, Boston", "Interview with Joe Kurland of local metal band Armory. (Podcast)", "How could Proceedings of City Council Inaugurations be updated for our times?", "Cobblestoned streets in the Boston area", "Baker Walsh face swap = Ricky Schroder and a young Al Gore", "Parking is bad in Boston and it's about to get worse.", "Boston Ward 3 Tuesday March 1 2016 Democratic Presidential Primary, State Committee Man Candidates, State Committee Woman Candidates, Ward 3 Democratic Committee Candidates. Ward 3 is split among three State Senate Districts: Middlesex And Suffolk, 2nd Suffolk, and 1st Suffolk And Middlesex.", "Any chance Tamisha Little is on here?", "NETransit has frequently updated data about the MBTA fleet. I don't know why, but it's fascinating.", "Women only uber service probably illegal under Mass. anti-discrimination laws", "Junior Operators License questions on learner's permit test in Mass while over 21?", "Roxy's Grilled Cheese to compete in Food Network's \"Great Food Truck Race\" season two", "After Severe Morning Delays, MBTA Officials Detail The State Of The Red Line", "Decent Taylor in the Eastie area?", "Summer intern looking for a place to live near the corner of Somerville and Medford this summer.", "Craziness in N Cambridge on Mass Ave?", "Boston Comedian Jenny Zigrino Lands Role In Bad Santa 2 (Over Jennifer Lawrence)", "Keolis (commuter rail operators) to move their NA HQ to Boston.", "I just moved to Boston. What's the best place to get cheap stuff for my apartment?", "Trump: It Would Be Interesting To Ask Bill Clinton The Difference Between Him And Cosby", "Heading to Boston for my honeymoon", "Warning to women in the Boston area: a popular ultra-rightist and rape advocate, called \"Roosh V\", is organizing a worldwide meetup of like-minded \"tribesmen\", including one in the North End, on 6 Feb at 8 pm. Be safe and stay away from this dangerous group!", "Massachusetts wins US college education championship!", "Union Oyster House manager responds to Globe review (and comes across like a total jerkwad)", "Mass. environmental activists protest pipeline that would reduce New England energy costs", "Why Do People Refer to Certain Neighborhoods as if They're Not Part of Boston (ex. Roxbury, MA, Allston, MA, etc.)?", "Tasks for new Boston City Council President... what could the new Council President do to improve City Council practices?", "Essays and Reviews of *The Boy Who Could Change the World: The Writings of Aaron Swartz*", "Who wants to help out an undergrad with an interveiw", "2 people shot inside MBTA station", "US soldier on leave, need somewhere to park for 10 days", "Where do you guys go for vintage / consignment furniture?", "ISO 2 Bruce Springsteen tickets!", "Apple objects to unlocking iPhone seized in last year's gang bust", "Galvin orders T to release Green Line ext. report: Secretary of State says agency can’t claim attorney-client privilege", "Massachusetts desperately needs to pass Dyslexia Legislation. How can you help 1 in 5 children succeed?", "My favorite photo of the Custom House Tower", "Mbta bus and train collision in West Medford", "Hello /r/Boston, I'm considering moving from Kansas City with a $53,000 salary to Boston with a $65,000 salary. Is this worth it? Help please!!", "Boston Metro transforms article about enjoyable winter cycling to \"Boston winter biking 'a hellish nightmare'\"", "Need a little help in getting in contact with SAR teams in Boston", "Footlight Club Told by Boston Fire Department to Replace All Theater Seats", "Hey food lovers of Boston, what is your favorite and/or go-to recurring choice for a meal?", "Delayed Commuter Rails....Again. Mondays in 2016 aren't good for the MBTA", "all boston pro sports team mashup hat", "Where can I see this kind of live music?", "ML Strategies scores win with GE: Lobbying firm helped facilitate deal with state, city", "CitiBank has closed all locations in Massachusetts. Anyone else completely taken by surprise by this?", "Boston Districts. Presidential Preference. State Committee Men. State Committee Women.", "Want to play semi-competitive ball?", "Why people are complaining about planes. Flight paths before and after implementation of Next Gen software", "Potential renovation on historic Boston home.", "Taking a trip to Boston! Go Celtics!", "MBTA cop indicted for allegedly beating and pepper spraying woman at Dudley T stop, then lying about it", "Went for a walk from Medford to Davis via Teele...could see the Pru from Holland ave", "When Charlie Met Marty: A Political Bromance As Antidote To Partisan Toxicity", "Has anyone ever found Charlie?", "State and city to spend up to $125 million to improve transportation links to South Boston waterfront, as part of GE deal", "cambridge break in, laptops lifted...", "GE Aviation laid off 59 engineers in Lynn and more than 300 around the country yesterday", "International Relations - Specialist or Major?", "Winter Storm Jonas - Parking in Allston", "Gun licenses rise 7.8 percent in 2015", "North Station MBTA track fire", "Task Force Offers Plan To Extend Boston's Nightlife Scene", "Couldn't not take a picture after crossing the MIT bridge last night.", "Free or very cheap places to camp near Cape Cod?", "Reverse natural history of Boston Common [gif]", "Anyone have experience with Boston Pads?", "What are somethings you dislike about Boston/living in Boston?", "Where to stay for a visit?", "‘Brutal’ cutbacks likely in store for Green Line project", "There's something wrong with a school shooter plan consisting of \"throw things at the guy & pin him\"", "On this day in 1919- a storage tank in the North End exploded sending a devastating flood of molasses through city streets, destroying buildings and killing 21 people.", "Is \"Tonic\" a lost slang word?", "Anyone in Boston doing Augmented Reality work?", "In light of the recent GE news, a relevant article from 2012: How Local Taxpayers Bankroll Corporations", "The 5 BEST events in Boston tonight - March 22nd - via TheBostonCalendar", "Initial construction and road closure plan for Grand Prix", "Boston Ska/Rock Steady band looking for new members! Sax and keyboards!", "Scam Alert: Keep an eye out for a guy named \"Billy\" looking to sell you tickets on craigslist", "What are your favorite terrible bar suggestions?", "Anyone else SICK of Comcast prices???", "Full-Time Grad students of Boston -- how do afford it??", "Someone Brought Some AWESOME Weapons To The Winter Classic", "When is Allston Christmas 2016 ?", "Another impassioned cry from Gloucester police", "Pedestrian struck by vehicle in Roxbury", "Hairstylists for men in Boston/Camberville", "Boston Globe Reporters Hand Deliver Newspapers Amid Delivery Crisis", "Boston University MET - MS in Computer Science", "Who Owns Chinatown? One Immigrant Family’s Gentrification Fight", "Should I switch to Direct Energy?", "Baker prepares mid-year budget cuts: Finds DeLeo an ally on no new taxes", "Explosion, injuries reported in North Andover plant", "Oasis Balls Offers High-quality Stress Balls in Bulk in Boston", "Does GE’s move to Mass. signal a Connecticut exodus?", "Boston diners are the most generous tippers in U.S., according to Zagat and Google", "8th Annual Irish Pub Challenge: Boston", "Mayor Walsh announces savings account pilot program for five Boston Public Schools", "[boston] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:asnlaadsaasa", "To the guy who felt up my girlfriend after the Bruins game", "Mass. State Senators Travel To Colorado To Learn About Its Legalized Marijuana Industry", "Hands-free phone bill seen missing mark on safety", "Brendan Behan’s Building For Sale at $3M", "SJC: With a warrant, cops can search basically anywhere on your phone", "Tremont Street and the mall, Boston, ca. 1915.", "Three-quarters of released inmates return to prison... but not in Boston, which is providng a national model to prevent recidivism", "Are there any Canada themed bars in Boston? We need a place to watch the World Junior games.", "What can you tell me about Boston that would convince me to move there?", "Actual site of Salem witch hangings discovered", "How hot is the Boston real estate market?", "Body of Student Found at Kilachand Hall, Boston University", "Exactly a year ago, the USOC selected Boston. And the saga of Boston 2024 began...", "MBTA’s sick time pension pad - Tab for taxpayers: $72M", "Where can I dump a couch?", "Commuter Rail proposed changes - survey", "Don't Forget: Show Support for Late-Night T Service at Public Meetings Tonight (12/19) and Tomorrow (12/20)!", "When do college students go back to school?", "Introducing Boston PayTix: the fastest way to pay your parking tickets.", "Boston Is Growing Fast. So Is Ridership on the MBTA.", "A couple of my favorite shots from Andrew WK's NYE Extravaganza at Paradise Rock Club", "Where are all the dogs?", "Bald eagle on the Charles?", "The Ghosts Of Dorchester: Can Unlocking The Past Enrich A Neighborhood’s Future?", "Want to Buy a Coffee Trike?", "Brandeis Castle to be partially torn down, replaced", "Boston asked for feedback on web portal, someone on twitter asked for moar cats. This was the reply.", "Racquetball in Greater Boston area", "If there are 51,474 subscribers in this sub (even assuming half are repeat accounts bringing that to 25,737 real people), we represent 4% of Boston's population. Add the lurkers, I bet the number of people reading is closer to 10%..", "any harry potter fans out there try this? i can confirm it works, just thought i'd share if anyone else hasnt seen it", "Is your fios Internet down?", "Visiting Boston for 1 week. What to do?", "Did anyone see the car the Darius Fleming (Patriots player) rescued a woman out of?", "As NBC Cuts Ties With Local Affiliate, WHDH Owner Says Not Without A Fight", "Updated snowfall forecast from 4, 5, 7 and 25. They keep moving that possible foot of snow into Massachusetts... (comparison pic in comments)", "Any place that makes custom temporary winter carports/shelters in the greater Boston area?", "Is it just accepted that brokered apartment listings on Craigslist are full of bait and switch?", "Lost dog in Brighton last night message me if you know anything thank you", "Ray Tomlinson, who invented email in Boston back in 1971 has died. RIP.", "I am a Irish student looking for work in Boston for summer 2016, can anyone recommend company's that I could contact work?", "Has anyone taken a blacksmithing class at Prospect Hill Forge?", "Boston from 22 floors above Northeastern University on Wednesday", "Any english people that have moved here? Been researching and boston looks like the place for me IF i do move to the USA, still not sure though.", "Are there any websites that list new companies that opened in the Boston/New England area?", "Found lost cat in Arlington missing since at least last night near Park Ave and Route 2.", "Fearless Katie Nolan speaks hard truths about sports on ‘Garbage Time’", "If someone harasses you on the T, what are you supposed to do?", "ELI5: The \"signals\" on the T and why they keep having problems", "A New Northern Avenue Bridge Would Be A Traffic Nightmare", "Looking for some place in the area to buy Kee Klamps to build a desk frame.", "A Brief History of Recent Parking Space Violence in Boston", "Boston Arts Study: Individuals Are Generous; Corporations And Institutions Are Not", "Does anyone know what type of establishment 'Twelve Hours' on Washington St. in Brighton is going to be?", "Anyone a member of Rock N Fitness Cambridge?", "Did anyone else's electricity bill jump 200%?", "Best place for a first date in the city? (besides papa genos in brockton)", "PSA: If you see a homeless person in need during a Winter storm, call 9-1-1!", "Anyone want to form an NCLEX- RN study group? New to Boston and don't know anyone.", "MBTA Ridership Increased 15 Percent Since 2004: T is more crowded than ever", "Baltimore's IndyCar Experience: Miles of Barbed Wire and Millions in Unpaid Bills", "Personal Injury Attorney recommendations? Also advice on a car accident?", "Mass. Added 7,100 Jobs In December, Finishing State's Best Year For Jobs Since 2000", "Best Place in Boston to get a good cry on", "In State Of The City, Mayor Walsh Promises To Up School Funding, Tackle Inequality", "MAKE ME ++ Hackathon sponsored by PUMA", "Worcester, Lowell face high fees after losing lawsuits on unconstitutional panhandling ordinances", "National tour of ‘Hamilton’ is coming to Boston (in 2018)", "Boston Police officer shot on Mount Bowdoin Terrace", "Insufficient heat? Report via @BOS311", "Norwood Police Officer Struck During Vehicle Stop, One Arrested", "Any tax prep recommendations in the area?", "Looking for a restaurant for valentines day on a budget.", "Commuter rail pass on Charlie Card?", "BSO Gets Its Bard On With 3 Weeks Of Shakespeare-Themed Concerts", "A 1970 Sketch for a Proposed Stadium for The Patriots, on 93 Just South of Boston. The Proposed Stadium Drew Opposition When It Was Shown to Residents.", "Neil Gaiman's \"Sandman\" - graffiti in Cambridge [x-post from /r/Sandman/]", "Snowboarders are expected to throw 1620 triple corks on this 90 foot jump this February in Fenway", "Best clubs to go out and dance at", "100 Pakistanis fled to Syria and Iraq to join Islamic State", "Rude Boston Hipster Bullies His Way Into A Seat On MBTA Red Line", "Boston’s Suffolk Construction Co. Is Selected To Build Wynn Everett Casino", "Tom, the pleasure is all ours", "GE Headquarters moving to Boston", "PSA accident Sturrow drive west", "Not really sure I give a shit, but - Barstool Sports is moving to NY,NY", "Replace out of date Stenographic Services at Boston City Council !", "Quick question about taking the train", "BU MET College MS in Computer Science reviews needed", "Doctor Who Weeping Angel in the Graffiti Alley in Central [x-post from /r/doctorwho]", "End of Year Field Trip for 6th Grade Class (Traveling from Brooklyn) Need Advice!", "75 Condos proposed for former Suffolk buildings on Beacon Hill", "Boston Mayor Walsh, Wynn Strike A Deal To End Legal Battle Over Everett Casino", "Assistance for LGBT *adults* who are homeless?", "How easy is it to impeach a public official in Maine?", "What are some of the best men's room in Boston for dropping a deuce?", "Great Instagram feed to check for beautiful pictures of Boston taken by dozens of local photographers, some pros some just for fun. It's called IGersBoston", "(Active) Boston Munch - Fetish Kink BDSM Poly Weekly Events", "Where the planes were flying, Jan 11-18, 2016", "Hey Boston residents! This is my cousin. He's had a rough life and is working hard on making it better! If you need your snow shoveled he's the guy to call!", "An R/Boston Shower Thought: Bernie & Phyl's is missing out on a major marketing opportunity by not re-branding as \"Bernie & Hill's\" during election season.", "Moving for college via MegaBus -- South Station question", "Safety reminder: clean the snow off your car", "Planning on visiting Boston for St. Patrick's Day. Any advice or events to go to?", "Anyone know what is replacing Boca Grande in brighton?", "Parking skill = Grand Wizard", "UberPOOL doing $5 flat fares for 4 weekends in place of late-night service", "More Robocall Bomb Threats...targeting hospital and retail stores in Weymouth last night", "Biomedical research in the area?", "Committee on Post Audit and Oversight not included in listings of 2016 Committees of Boston City Council", "Boston Public Library covered in graffiti this morning. Can we find out who did this?", "What's that blob of people apparently living out in the middle of the harbor?", "Interview at BC and staying for the weekend. Tips and Questions!", "Where to stay for a weekend visit near walkable nightlife?", "Boston woman attempts to hit her ex-boyfriend with car", "Does parking at Alewife in the parking garage count as \"Ground Transportation\" on a credit card statement?", "Massachusetts station in January 1962. This is the outbound platform looking southeast; the high turnstile in the background is the exit to the surface station which was just a year from closing", "Any Redditors looking to rent out a room?", "Boston swat team cat returns.", "What makes you uniquely Bostonian?", "Best place for used guitars in Boston/suburban area?", "First Asian-American council leader reflects Boston's newfound youth, diversity", "Bizarre Boston Crime Thriller ‘WIZARD’ Trailer Online", "BRA Approves 2 Towers On Site Of Government Center Garage", "Soon to be new to Boston.", "Get your checkbooks out: The Citgo sign is for sale", "Red line is slow due to a \"track situation\" on the Charles River bridge.", "Can anyone recommend a place around Boston where a man get a consultation on a haircut/style? Not a just a good barbershop, not just a good stylist, a place that would give me a recommended cut/style for my hair type?", "Committee approves millionaires tax: Would impose 4% surtax on income over $1m", "[Giving Away] Looking to give away school supplies to public school", "Here’s the Deflategate Video Roger Goodell Doesn’t Want You to Watch", "Medical Imaging education in Boston", "When/where can I recycle my Christmas tree?", "Tales from The MBTA Ride", "not allowed to get Boston parking permit?", "Boston condo market hit new heights in 2015", "Kendall Square: Cats, Drugs and Vandalism?", "Squash players - Boston Racquet Club?", "I'm sorry, plan a what?", "DAE feel annoyed that at least 12 of the posts on the front page right now are about the T?", "Indoor group activities (like bowling)", "Why does Massachusetts have Pro Life sponsored license plates but not Pro Choice?", "Report: Average Rents Crack $2,000-a-Month", "Poor John Henry sits in a Globe warehouse, mourning over stacks of undelivered newspapers, and claims his hand-picked proteges never told him about concerns that his new delivery service had an unworkable business model", "Former state Sen. Brian Joyce got free dry cleaning for decades - and tailoring too; claims it was payment for 'legal services'", "GE’s Relocation: Great for GE, Not as Great for Boston’s Taxpayers -- The generous subsidies that led the company to move its headquarters will use up funds that could have been put toward anti-poverty programs and education.", "Reasonable Doubts: Reopening The Case Of Darrell ‘Diamond’ Jones", "An old trolley from the Green Line's defunct A branch is used in this concept art for Brooklyn's proposed streetcar system.", "Visible police presence near Government Center MBTA stop construction site", "I love when the Globe filters out all the nonsense, and leaves me with just the ads...", "Live in New Bedford, flying out tomorrow morning from Logan. What's the best strategy? Drive and park outside of city, travel in via train?", "Question about moped parking in Boston..", "Great UHub piece about why the Winthrop Square deal is still \"wrong.\"", "Any good heaths (or heath-like environments) around here to get lost on?", "First snow in the Seaport District.", "Anyone who lives/works in Watertown hit up Sityotdong gym?", "Boston Mayor Walsh To Deliver State Of City Address Tonight", "Need help finding a 30th birthday venue", "Forecasters warn of potential for major snowfall this weekend", "The trailer for this new game where Pikachu is Sherlock looks like it was filmed in Boston", "Any recommendations for an obgyn for a *special* type of problem? (NSFW)", "Globe turns to former distributor to get back on track", "Massive cucumber in DAVID BOWIE's ass!", "BU bridge has been closed", "Lost Wallet since friday 1/15", "Places to see and eat?", "ICYMI - Green Line service to be suspended four nights this week", "MBTA forced to consider late-night service alternatives", "Anyone in the area looking to buy an Xbox 360 or Playstation 3?", "Another $80 million debt for MBTA: Audit reveals agency has been paying deferred comp to retired managers without funding", "Boston On The Silver Screen, Female Empowerment And A Return Of Big Hitters — The Year In Movies", "New to city, looking for advice for parking", "Why are moving trucks (Penske, UHaul, Budget, etc) so expensive?", "This local artist sketched all 121 stops on the MBTA", "Where to go after Childrens Floating apt?", "Boston City Hall will today unveil CityScore, its digital metric for tracking the delivery of city services.", "Scandinavian Airlines launches new direct flight to Boston", "best place to get a good quality but relatively cheap haircut?", "What is the purpose of this???", "Best sports bar in the back bay area?", "date suggestions for a mellow bar where you can actually hear your date talk?", "Perks Cost Massachusetts Nearly $1 Million in Toll Revenue", "Some Brunch spots around Boston for New Year's Day? Anyone have anymmore>", "Best Bars/Pubs to Work at in Boston?", "Are there any cleaning spas for... you know...", "1913 view of Tremont St. shows the Park St. Station staircases for the Cambridge Subway, which the Red Line was originally known as.", "Furnace broken - I'm freezing - recommended repairman?", "'Stop the War Machine' Protest Nuke Weapons at Draper Lab - Monday, Jan 25, 2016, 8:30 am to 9:30 am - 538 Main St • Cambridge", "Melrose Patch: Melrose High School Tragedy: Identity of Victim Confirmed", "Does anyone know what is being built in Quincy at the corner of Newcomb and Coddington?", "Saw a blue Yamaha get backed in to on newberry this morning. If that's your bike send me a DM, I have the licence plate number of the SUV that did it.", "Looking for restaurants that serve English Pasties", "\"To a driver, Boston is a nonspatial city.\" – a pretty approachable text about space that takes the time to comment on how counterintuitive Boston streets are", "The Legend of the Harvard Turkey", "Best food place near enterprise ave in Dorchester.", "Mass. lawmakers to hear proposal for extra tax on wealthy", "Brighton Residents rejoice! The old Dewalt building at Western & Leo F. Birmingham is being torn down for apartments!", "Bike Advocates Urge Safety Guards To Prevent Tractor Trailer Deathtraps", "$100m loan program aims to replace Mass. lead water lines", "I took a picture of sunlight spilling over Boston", "Is the red line to alewife down today?", "Doing some research for work, I thought I'd share this great photo collection of the old Seaport / Ft. Point Area.", "Bernie Sanders Rally - Video", "Kickboxing in the Boston area", "Proposed updates to MBTA Commuter Rail schedules (PDF links)", "[boston] Base profiles unmarried age 21+ online. The base is available only 2 hours.", "Things to do on Easter Sunday?", "Do you like 3D printers? I work at Formlabs and I'm organizing an Open House in Boston to find new recruits for our team! Come see what we've been up too.", "Thousands of Boston Students Just Walked Out of Class to Save Their Schools", "Question about non-compete clauses in MA.", "Are there gift cards you can buy to put towards Red Sox tickets?", "What do you people think of the Boston globe and its reporting? Bias and trustworthiness? Does anyone even read it anymore?", "BRA might let GE use two Fort Point buildings rent-free for 20 years", "Man is shot over parking space dispute in Dorchester", "Belgium presses manhunt after new plot revealed", "Difference between a \"college\" and \"instituut\"?", "Hi /r/belgium. I am looking for a university student who is willing to help.", "Can someone please help me by translating this e-mail to Dutch or French?", "Reizen Brusselse regering kosten belastingbetaler 150.000 euro", "Question on Credit Card interest Rates", "Traveling by train in belgium", "Wanneer is de feestdag van de homo's?", "[meta]Oh man, look at these terrible fascists. How can they call themselves human? They're not in line with western values.", "Man risks prison time over calling cops 'Smurfs' on FB (dutch)", "\"Imagine\" on the carillon of the KUL library", "They let Fayçal C., the 'third man' suspect and journalist, back on the streets for lack of evidence (Dutch)", "Belgian vice PM: There were celebrations following Brussels attacks", "Need help with the parkeerverbod. Again.", "Why do you lot honour a genocidal mass murderer?", "Populariteit NVA in vrije val", "If we get attacked or something else goes horribly wrong in Belgium on the first thursday of the month around 1pm, nobody's going to believe it's not a test.", ">be teaching Muslim kids,they cant stop celebrating the attacks ,tweet about it in complete disbelief,3 hours later the cops show up and tell you to shut the fuck up and stop tweeting", "Where can I lumber and woodworking tools in Belgium?", "Picture inside Zaventem after the explosion.", "‘Als we België nog verder ontmantelen, verzwakken we België én Vlaanderen’", "Apartments with sea view 17% more expensive", "Found this great Chrome/Firefox extension for comparing prices-- works with most Belgian/Dutch shops (, all the amazon sites, It's definitely the best I've used so far.", "Grim atmosphere in Molenbeek: police officers booed at and journalists went home with vandalised cars", "Extrait d'une brochure de 'Gil et Jo' (Jommeke), à l'occasion d'un timbre publié en 1997.", "Filosoof Etienne Vermeersch pleit voor verbreding van het begrip vrijheid van meningsuiting: “Negationisme moet kunnen”", "Kersverse miss België beschuldigd van racisme", "Air in Belgium second most polluted in Europe", "Top of the pops Thursday", "Apparently the tec isn't running ?", "Does the Belgian govt has one of these petition sites?", "Vijf jaar cel voor 'rappende' loverboy", "[DUTCH] If Belgium is ever occupied I'll defend the resistance here too. | Israel", "[x/post] The Oculus is coming to Belgium!", "age 15 from Belgium like sport,music, skin couler is black", "How accommodating are Belgium restaurants to food allergy's?", "SP.A: \"Cijfers Van Overtveldt zijn fake\"", "The first skating lesson Part 2 Belgium Oudenaarde For children and th...", "John Crombez (sp.a) supports Dutch refugee plan; \"last chance to bring refugee flow under control\"", "Where can I learn French in Belgium?", "Israel refuses a Belgian parliamentary delegation entry to Gaza", "[Dutch] Het meel in de ogen als het over wit seksisme gaat", "Cursus Fedasil moet respect voor vrouwen bijbrengen", "\"Ik houd daar echt niet\" van or \"Ik houd echt niet daarvan\"?", "Man standing on Israeli flag in Brussels victim memorial starts shouting 'Palestine'", "Is it worth getting a masters degree?", "Belgian Artist Turns Live Surveillance Feeds Into Unsettling Works of Art [x-post /r/europrivacy]", "TIL Belgium is number one in IPv6 adoption!", "belgium attacks and terroist brothers", "De grootschalige diefstal van video bij online nieuwsredacties", "Interview in Visie // ‘We moeten meer aandacht hebben voor de ander.’", "Celebrating Christmas with an audiovisual spectacle, The iconic old ’Basiliek’ Tower on the main town square of Tongeren was transformed into a psychedelic trip, wishing everyone a very merry christmas.", "My favorite marathon: Antwerp, Belgium", "Мy sех stоry аbоut Sex with 3 diffеrent girls", "1 mоnth I’m using this Frеe аnd gоod seх dating wеbsitе – I’vе fоund 3 diffеtent girls whо аgrееd fоr seх", "Grandmother being bullied to move out of retirement home", "How can I find a roommate?", "Newspapers/sites in Belgium, right or left winged?", "[belgium] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:aditdaa", "Brussels raid: Suspect killed in anti-terror operation", "Praktijktesten om komaf te maken met “Samira, no, Cecile, yes”", "If Flanders would be under the sea", "Getting cuberdons in the US", "Don't miss #hruBenelux HR Unconference x Talentsquare event on 18th of February! Get a 15% discount with promocode social15", "[HELP] Mother still Missing from Zaventem Attack", "What to do with this treadmill?", "Largest gaming event in Belgium moves from Antwerp to Mechelen - 01 and 02 October 2016", "How do you solve snoring problem? Which doctor you should visit to solve it?", "[dutch] \"Blokcast\" a livestream of students learning for their exams to support and entertain other students! Livestream will start soon. (more info in the comments)", "Muslim sub-animals push car down escalator. Brussels, Belgium, Dec 2016", "[Dutch] Ikea kennis van't Oilsjters opdoeng", "Peter Gyselbrecht(Castle Murder) will not be prosecuted. More information will follow later", "Canadian wanting to live/work in Belgium for a year or more.", "Wie naar het Belgische onderwijs kijkt, ziet de kiem van de tragiek van Brussel verklaard", "Politie Antwerpen on Twitter: \"Suspicious package found at Van Stralenstraat.\"", "More info over the trump poll", "Ik ga het zeggen Walter", "[Announcement] AMA With Carl Devos Thursday 28/01/2016 at 14:00!", "Maggie De Block mikpunt van haatberichten", "Free University of Brussels has vacancies where only refugees may apply for (Dutch article)", "70 of the 570 De Lijn buses in Antwerp don't meet the exhaust standards for the new low emission zone. They'll be moved out of Antwerp", "Mayeur: \" The success of the Xmas Market? The best answer to the cretins\".", "ESTA - Visa Waiver Program for Belgians is under pressure.", "WikiLeaks cables portray Saudi Arabia as a cash machine for terrorists", "Belgian cuisine from Russian view", "Of which Islamic country is this the political list of candidates?", "Antwerpse politie stuurt West-Vlaming naar gesloten asielcentrum", "statistics mental healthcare in Belgium", "Montasser Alde'emeh arrested in terrorism investigation.", "Where to buy Christine Ferber jam in Brussels?", "the proper response to the terrorists", "Youths involved in honour killing (Dutch)", "Logistics of Moving Back to Belgium", "P&V Foundation looking for essays about fighting declinism of young adults (€2500 prize money)", "Where to go on a night out?", "Off The Cross - The Final Adjustment (Loud music from Belgium)", "[DUTCH]'Spoormannen worden tegenwoordig vaak als profiteurs gebrandmerkt. Dat is onterecht'", "The cost of electricity generation per source in Belgium", "\"Could we soon choose between subsidized car ownership or a mobility budget?\" - Zevende Dag [Dutch]", "Download il museo nel mondo contemporaneo la teoria e la prassi livre pdf pdf", "When I tell Belgians that Christmas is a big holiday in the U.S., they are often surprised. Anyone have a guess for why this is?", "Police interrogates asylum seekers after formal complaint of \"ongewenst gedrag\" at Lier swimming pool", "Donald Trump says Belgium's capital is 'like living in a hellhole'", "[FRENCH] Malinois cop new location Abdeslam [XPost /r/France]", "Chance to win Gold! Need Belgian research participants for study on differences in relationships, self-forgiveness, and religion.", "[DUTCH] Pronostiek voor de finale van 'De Mol'? Wie wint, wie is de Mol?", "'Painful and shocking facts' at Antwerp police", "DIY: Doe het zelf: Winter decoratie die je zelf kan maken!", "[Dutch] Pv voor verboden wapenbezit nadat Dewinter pepperspraybusje bovenhaalt", "The History of Elections in Belgium, 1847-2014", "AT&T, Verizon and Sprint Offer Customers Free Calls to Belgium", "Can you help us keep the AH in Leuven?", "Vandaag weten of je morgen moet werken: \"Aanslag op privéleven\"", "Remember that \"fait divers\" a few years ago?", "Watch this and see what the mainstream media have not been telling us about the recent terrorist attacks in Belgium", "Most see cities or must do?", "Verkeerschaos in omgeving Oostkamp na ongeval op E40", "We must be united. NVA : No, we don't.", "\"The @DailyMailUK misspells #Bxl neighbourhoods, puts a nuclear plant where there is none and moves Brussels by miles\"", "guess what i found at autoworld", "Brussels is only a siren", "Most likely moving to Belgium this summer", "Do we have enough time to catch a flight at Brussels airport if we have only 2 hours?", "Opgedreven veiligheidsmaatregelen voor proces Scientology na Anonymous-oproep", "Tomorrow at 12pm live of the destruction of the Belgacom Tower [french]", "Is asking for legal advice allowed here? I have no idea where to start and would love some pointers", "I'm an Italian academic Brexiting to Belgium: I have a few questions", "\"Abdeslam interrogated for just 1 hour, investigators didn't ask if there were plans for new attacks\"", "Under the motto of Shitpost Saturday", "EnergyVille introduceert objectieve vooruitblik op de Belgische elektriciteitsvoorziening in 2020-2030", "I'm looking for girls who play the game CS:GO", "Social media team of the Belgian national railway company during the attacks - VLCM", "Power Lifting Gym In Kortrijk?", "American on the ground report from Molenbeek", "[PDF] Belgian research and innovation system report for 2014", "Nuclear Problems in Belgium. Help us shut these down.", "[FRЕE JОIN] 100% Frеe-Seх-Dаting-Wеbsitе. Our girls arе looking fоr just freе-sеx. Меmbеrs аrе frоm all ovеr thе wоrld.", "Brussels North Station right now...", "Hello r/belgium i'm coming there as exchange student who needs laptop.", "Al Jazeera doesn't believe in arrests • /r/conspiracy", "A motorist under the influence entered a tram tunnel in Brussels on Monday evening and drove along the lines several kilometres before being hauled out", "De Wever: \"We hebben de werkgevers niet nodig om alles af te remmen, daarvoor hebben we de vakbonden\" (...) \"Als er nog verder bespaard wordt, moet dat in de sociale zekerheid zijn, de enige plek waar nog geld te rapen valt.\"", "De Wever: ‘Evolueren naar een Europa waar asiel niet meer mogelijk is’", "Journalists from RTL Info and France 3 attacked by a man in Molenbeek this morning", "C'est quoi le meilleur endroit pour me choper une frite décente sur Bruxelles ?", "\"Originele Get Ready! terug bij elkaar\"", "[Opinion] Why we have to be critical to all extremes [Dutch]", "[Ask Belgium] I need a easy solution for a NAS in my home.", "Victim's mother of attack in Paris taking legal action against Belgium (in French, Dutch in comment)", "[dutch] \"Blokcast\" a livestream of students to entertain and support other students while learning for their exams. Livestream will start soon! Moor info in the comments.", "Dit is wat er gebeurt als je in ons land probeert jihadi’s te signaleren", "Opinie:'CM gaat zieltjes winnen bij de vluchtelingen'", "Best place to pass the driving exam", "Switching from Scarlet to edpnet", "Anyone interested in playing football every Tuesday evening?", "What does this mean to those of us who use work computers in/outside of work for personal (eg email/internet)", "Nucleaire bewaker vermoord en badge gestolen", "Brussels's finest watches shop getting robbed and vandalised", "Bekermatch Gent - Brugge wordt uitgezonden op Club RTL", "King Filip visiting the DSU to thank them for the Verviers raid.", "Stoffel Vandoorne to replace Alonso in the upcoming F1 race at Bahrain.", "Opzettelijk blanco gelaten/Laissé en blanc volontairement...", "Werden daklozen Zuidstation verplaatst voor bezoek Merkel?", "450 hooligans verstoren herdenking op het Beursplein in Brussel", "Victim's mother of attack in Paris taking legal action against Belgium (in French)", "I made a totally free android app about Belgian Beer, it's a quiz (but only in french for now) and I add an option to discover new bar, so tell me what's your favorite Beer Bar and I will add it to the app.", "Homans: ‘Hopelijk bestaat België in 2025 niet meer’ [De Standaard - DUTCH]", "Any shortcut for Mobile Vikings", "My prepaid phone card to cash analysis.", "Dagske congé? Hier is een citytrip idee! (x-post /r/Belgica)", "Oostkamp in then news again", "Belgian on demand parcel delivery start-up is looking for feedback + free gift ;) !", "[Dutch] Faical C. \"broken into\" flat to evade press", "vakantiehuizen te huur aan zee", "Kan jij nog achterhalen welk model auto dit is?", "Belgium is third-best European country for LGBT employment", "Belgium questioned Salah Abdeslam for only one hour before attacks", "Saw Acht's \"Even geduld\" screen, I present you TMF's version", "Debate between Crombez and De Wever", "Looking for recommendations for Antwerp stag-do.", "loooking for a ride from Brussels to Liedekerke", "En de mol is.. [Spoiler alert]", "[DUTCH] Thesis vragenlijst voor ouders van jonge kinderen (5 minuten) Win bon voor speelgoedwinkel (€30)", "Paris attackers linked in Morocco arrest", "So, I had to create a spotify-playlist for eandis (and got totally bombed)! Tell me what you think...", "[French] 10 langues et dialectes de Wallonie", "Wie is die man die vanaf vanavond weer staakt? (Studio Brussel)", "Saudi Arabia Can’t Hide From the Truth", "Muslim woman tears up Israeli flag at Brussels memorial", "Why multiple voting shares are restricted in Belgium?", "What's up with the new /r/belgium rule?", "Moet ik hier nu echt woorden aan vuil maken? Achterlijke...", "2016 jail-proof terrorist starter pack (x-post from r/starterpacks)", "Brussels; two students \"punished\" for apology of terrorism [French]", "What do you think is the best frites sauce? [x-post from r/thenetherlands]", "Man from Hasselt (20) stabs woman (23) with broken beerbottle in face", "5 MIVB-employees attacked by 30 men", "Negotiations with banks for a loan (mortgage)", "Trein vertrekt zonder machinist en ontspoort in Vorst", "AMA Request: Een deelnemer/maker/Mol van \"De Mol\".", "Mayer of Koksijde wants to deny refugees access to local swimming pool", "CD&V wil snoeien in aftrekbaarheid beroepskosten", "What is your opinion on Laurette Onkelinx?", "Fokke destroys de afspraak and reyerslaat.", "What really happened with the pool-incident in Koksijde according to DIW", "Challenge video met vrienden ! ( GAAT FOUT !!! )", "Medical specializations in Belgium for foreigners (and/or job opportunities for doctors)", "Budget hole now estimated to be €3.2 billion", "De accijnzen uit de verkoop van tabak hebben vorig jaar 150 miljoen euro minder opgeleverd dan begroot.", "Geeky, silly Flemish podcast. About A.I., Nintendo Switch and a romance that started on Reddit", "Van al de mannelijke vrijgezellen voor Temptation Island verwacht ik wel het meeste van die Etienne", "Montasser AlDe'emeh: 'How are we going to notice radicalisation if we constrain our freedom of speech?'", "Brussels raid: High alert after Paris-linked raid", "First visit.. Of course a couple of questions", "They are going to screw with food some more (dutch)", "I have been served a subpoena to go to court for a dispute. what now?", "Firefighting exercise with drone footage", "Van Overtveldt wil de vennootschapsbelasting verlagen tot 20%.", "[Dutch] No arrests for childporn in mosque.", "Belgium, we are with you.", "Belgian government building plans (including PM's office) found on abandoned computer", "My condolences and support to the families of the victims and the Belgian citizens.~From Greece", "Muslim school in Mechelen is being funded by drug lords", "BeSports an online platform for belgian gamers!", "Sharia4Belgium klaagt Tom Van Grieken aan voor Terrorisme", "What would you do to make Belgian society safer and diminish the terrorist threat?", "\"Good news\" responds Francken on the news a women was convited for preventing a repatriation .", "[Opinion] Wie iets durfde te zeggen, was een bange blanke man - Luckas Vander Taelen", "This is really bad timing. My heart goes out to the victim's family and friends", "[according to sources of la DH] the original plan might have been to attack the nuclear plants.", "Anyone else regret what they studied at college/university?", "matériaux de toiture et isolation", "[belgium] My name is Angie. I - a nymphomaniac! I want to have sex.", "hire a 4x4 south africa", "(Dutch) Seems there is another incident going on in Tihange 1. Belgium is continuously having issues with its nuclear power plants. Do you still feel safe?", "Value of Belgian MBA in the United States? Recommendations?", "‘Hoe kan je de vrije meningsuiting beschermen door ze in te perken?’", "Big motorcycle ride in the flemish ardennes 17april 2016", "Wat zouden jullie vinden van een samenvoeging van Vlaanderen en Nederland?", "Try the \"CNN 2016 Candidate Matchmaker\" and see which American Candidate is closest to your opinions", "Europe’s Fear Of ‘Islamophobia’ Led Directly To The Belgium Attacks", "Facebook Safety Check: Brussels Explosions", "Agenten weigeren te patrouilleren in Molenbeek: allemaal \"ziek\" gemeld", "Help me learn what babies in your country eat.", "TIL we have a national fire museum", "N-VA schiet met scherp op rechtbankvoorzitter: “Ambt onwaardig”", "Driving license theory and practical lessons in English", "Stel je moet emigreren, welk land zou je kiezen?", "Court confiscates money collected for muslim school in Mechelen", "How much would a locksmith typically charge to open an unlocked door?", "Rioting youth after a minute of silence in Anderlecht", "Got a pamphlet in the mail today I thought was worth sharing. It was a message from the president of the Islam political party of Belgium in response to the recent Brussels attacks.", "Native Belgian minors kill lesbian lover in sordid affair murders.", "Package stuck at belgian customs", "Hello-looking for some help from people who speak nederlandais", "Brussels has learned: Everything about terror has already been said (Except what everyone is thinking).", "Looking for insight on UV-Curable inkjet flatbet printers from China.", "Belgian court finds no proof scientology is a criminal organisation.", "Where to live in Belgium as a 31 year old single man from America?", "'Hoe naïef kan N-VA zijn: de reputatie van Pol Van Den Driessche wordt nooit meer clean'", "At least people have got their priorities straight", "Belgium, Vorst - Shots fired during a house search regarding the Paris attacks. Two officers are reported wounded with minor injuries. At least one suspect still on the run.", "Question for people living in Eupen", "De Mol Episode 9 (Recap)", "Advice on a 4 day trip to Brussels/Brugge or Gent", "[Announcement] AMA's next week: Frank Camberlain (Monday 19:00) & HotMarijke (Wednesday 20:00)", "The long list of fuck-ups: why aren't people outraged?", "[MATCH THREAD] Temptation Island S08E06", "Former governor National Bank: \"Taxes can be raised still, the average Belgian isn't hurting yet\"", "Medewerker Crisiscentrum ontkent in telefoongesprek bestaan Israël", "Delivering a letter should take 5'66\".", "Globalreal s*x encounter day night, full anonymity , no wallet is required only registration", "Er rot iets in de gemeente Molenbeek", "At lost of how you should do a student CV or what your motivation letter should say. Asking here as most online advice is US-oriented", "Looking for someone who studied social and cultural antropology.", "Just to break the tension. Who else is gatherine Panini stickerkes from the EK?", "Onderzoek naar BOM-methoden om terreurverdachten voor rechter te brengen", "[French] 10 langues et dialectes de Wallonie / 10 languages and dialects of Wallonia", "Kinésithérapeute à Liège: page Facebook", "Check-date, volgende zaterdag (30/01) in Gent. 20 minuten one-on-one, 20 vrijgezellen, 10 bordspellen.", "Almost half of the car drivers do not use their turn signals", "A positive news-bit about the NMBS for once.", "John Oliver with his racist round waffle irons.", "Gents winkelcentrum past balustrade aan na zware val jongen (2)", "\"Alone all around Europe\" He made a film while travelling alone 30 cities in Europe for 3 months. The scenes were filmed by passers-by willing to help him. (Bruges, Brussels scene clip)", "Would the Dunkerque situation be possible if it was within our boundaries (=5km closer)?", "Looking for driving help in Leuven", "Last night, Brussels police arrested one of my friends, made him kneel on his knees and shout \"I'm a little girl\" and beat him so bad he had to go to hospital. What should he do?", "Note to travelers: Zaventem will be closed until Friday", "Trump hates Samson for leaking a 35-page document that clearly states Plop has dirt on Trump's affairs in the Melkherberg.", "Get free Amazon, Ebay, Best Buy, Steam and other great gift cards!", "Tienen, once again the victim of De Ideale Wereld", "Comment pirater: Mobile Legends hack Online Generator", "Salah Abdeslam caught alive! (Dutch)", "Welke constructieve feedback hebben jullie op mijn sciencefiction-nieuwsbrief?", "Opzoek naar een plek in een Deathcore/metalcore band.", "Sold in Belgiun (desigual scam)", "Looking for anyone who can offer me a room/space for two weeks in Feb", "Belgische Luchtmacht F-16 vs ISIS Peugeot Force aérienne belge F-16 vs ISIS Peugeot", "Asbestos exposure at Maelbeek Metro Bombing", "For the Temptation Island watchers", "Is Belgium A Terrorist Hotspot?", "Criticism on Flemish education reform", "Israeli Soldier blows the head-off Palestinian Terrorist", "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice 2016", "Ryanair - Need to go to Berlin, but can't find info about airports.", "Opinie: Mijd simplismen over economische impact vluchtelingen", "[French] Social Security expenses have reached 100 Billion € last year.", "To the victims of today's attack, am I wrong? (Socialism)", "Brussels New Year 2016: Angry \"Youths\" Torch 804 Cars, Push Car Into Subway, Blow Up Christmas Tree", "After a week of terror and finger-pointing, VRT just launched this..", "My so is going to miami, what could she bring back that's fun/cheaper?", "Equivalence of American Bachelors Degrees in Belgium", "Wanted: someone with a Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini and Proximus plan to test something.", "Anyone knows about trackers that have some Belgian content? Especially Ebooks?", "Maggie will make us Belgians healthier...", "Vlaamse regering geeft groen licht voor Uplace", "Free Hair Loss Information for Belgium Residents", "Donkere wolken boven Genkse stroomcentrale", "[Dutch]The numbers: Ministers (by far) over budget are mostly N-VA.", "House of Indie's Screenshake 2016 in Antwerp.", "Bambooti|A Wooden Back For Your Mac", "How to get rid of an unwanted cat in Belgium", "This news has been censored throughout Reddit: Sexual assaults and robbery by refugees on a large scale in Cologne, Germany on NYE. What are your thougts?", "Snow/sky place nearest to Brussels?", "VTM - What do Flemish voters think about Trump?", "Terwijl energiefactuur stijgt, geeft Vlaanderen klimaatgeld cadeau aan vervuilende bedrijven", "“Geen honger? Blijf dan buiten. Kun je niet tegen een grap? Blijf dan ook maar buiten”", "Les terroristes belges en contexte: oligarchie et violence de mercenaires", "[Dutch][IT] Duo to acquire Nascom", "[SERIOUS] How do I start a record label in Belgium?", "Donald Trump: Once 'Beautiful' Brussels 'Like Living In A Hell Hole Right Now' - Breitbart", "[French] Young flemish people want less independence than older flemish people.", "Twee miljard winst onbelast (dutch)", "BMW drivers and what to do about them(warning textwall)", "TIL: The origin of the Belgian Lion", "Can I inscribe my son into a school and then choose another?", "What the fuck are they doing?", "BBC documentary about Molenbeek, and race relations in Belgium.", "Digid: Upcoming local talent in the Stepper scene.", "16-year old Belgian has the third biggest youtube-channel of the country (behind Tomorrowland and Dimitri Vegas/Like Mike)", "De Mol: what to think of this \"clue\"?", "After the tragic events in Brussels curious as to your thoughts on this video \"With Open Gates: The forced collective suicide of European nations\"", "if belgium were a cute anime girl thank you", "Spiderman, throwing colleagues of the roof, little pony in the office and many more to hire a new purchaser", "Bijna ramp op 1 januari: Vliegtuigen kruisen elkaar rakelings boven Gent", "Who's that man that goes on strike again, starting tonight?", "[Question] Is there a website to compare the odds for sport bets? And are we only able to bet on sites that have a belgian license?", "Bart De Wever: 'Is het nodig dat je in één lijn van Antwerpen naar Charleroi gaat?'", "Ophangen banner Ronde van Vlaanderen loopt volledig fout", "2nd Vlog! Einde examens KU Leuven. Show it some love! (NL)", "Onderzoek bachelorscriptie: Enquête rond duurzaam houtgebruik.", "Incident in de kerncentrale van Doel 4 geklasseerd op INES-niveau 0", "Landsat Spots Foundered Ships in Coastal Waters Zeebrugge", "Is a 55-minute layover in Brussels Airport too optimistic on the part of Brussels Airlines?", "[English] Europe's Muslims hate the West [Brussels' attacks]", "I dont k now what to do", "I really wanted to do something with my free time and I've made this:", "How to pre-order Oculus without credit card/PayPal?", "Pis & Love, Stay strong Belgium !!", "Nostalgia² - 'De Mol' - Someone else hyped?", "[dutch] \"Blokcast\" student livestream for supporting and motivating other students in the \"blok\". Link in comments, live now!", "TIL that the Leopold II tunnel in Brussels was built to replace a viaduct that was sold and transported to Thailand", "Certified Belgian or European Meteorite sellers that ship to Belgium?", "Unauthorized Use of my Telenet Account", "Erdogan lacht in zijn vuistje. Europa danst naar zijn pijpen. Vrolijke vrienden, dat zijn wij.", "Brussels suicide bomber Laachraoui 'nice, clever,' brother says", "De belg en het spaargeld", "Salah Abdeslam is De Mol", "Abou Jahjah over aanslag op Israëlische soldaten: \"Geen terreur, wel daad van verzet\"", "Lorsqu'on ne chauffe pas assez l'huile des frittes, on fait sous-frire les patates. [Idée de la douche]", "Skepp Educatief: Etienne Vermeersch on ISIS, terror (threat) and Islam [Dutch]", "Afgeplakte Hitler is geen censuur (dutch)", "Bourgeois: 'bring the European medicine agency to Belgium'", "We're a metalcore band from Tournai and we just released our new single. We've also got some shows coming up! Link in the comments. Enjoy! Abyss Of My Heart - Ocean Encounters", "To tackle my self-loathing, I worked to grasp my identity in Christ. I understood: this was war.", "Do you believe in a god? Why?", "This nonsense article about alcohol is why Charisma has zero credibility with me.", "Are You Christ-Like? Devotion for Thursday January 21, 2016 – My Daily Covenant With God", "\"What do I do when I don't feel God's presence anymore?\" Thomas à Kempis answers", "Biblical Thought Series - January 17", "Holy See: Pope welcomes several thousand refugees at St. Peter's Square [xpost /r/PoliticalVideo]", "Breast Grabbing Pervert Sexually Assaults Sister Cindy!!! Is this Christianity?", "In your own life, what is the primary purpose(s) of attending/being a part of a church? Is it fulfilling those desires?", "silent retreat + catholic seminarians + bananagrams", "If evidence came forth that the earth is much younger then previously thought, would this interest people more in The Bible?", "Adam and Eve [comic strip]", "Rowan Williams on the purpose of the church", "What a strange week. I am at a crossroads in my spirituality and just got a boost.", "My Agnostic friend keeps saying this but I don't know what to say", "What awesome things has God done for you this week?", "I will never leave your sight and I will never forsake you. I am faithful.", "Money (6), Government (6), Religion (6)", "Mary as the ark of the covenant, vis a vis perpetual virginity.", "Merry Christmas Armenian Apostolic Church!", "Been thinking about something that happened to me one time", "Oh Chizz! It's on now! Report: Netanyahu VS Obama", "'Tolerance': definition vs usage -", "Dream Involving Jesus early this morning", "To Catholics: Jumping into RCIA next week with hopes of getting confirmed Easter... is there a quiz?", "The Blessing of Abraham produces Wealth!", "Black Church, Church and Politics", "Tips For Making Wise Choices Concerning College", "Puritan Thomas Watson - God's School for His Children (Christian devotio...", "A New Worship Song To Lift Your Spirit UP :) \"YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL\"", "Hello Christians, could you please help me with some independent research?", "What are some of the differances between Baptist & Non-Denominational Christians?", "The Love That Moves Hearts", "Coffeedoxy and Heterodoxy – In response to the recent coffee joke post", "I have an idea for a food pantry/ministry I want to start. Looking for ideas and advice.", "Are these good arguments to use for a debate against my anti-theist professor?", "I threw my spoon forcefully after my father complained me for not shaving my facial hair.", "If you're certain God exists, why do you think there's so many atheists?", "Traditional Latin Mass returns, but doesn't have the wide appeal that advocates hoped", "If you were born into a non-christian Chinese family, do you think that you would still become a Christian?", "14 Christian Quotes About End Times. Eschatology.", "Jesus and pagan roots of Christianity myth nonsense debunked", "Atheist Teachers Force Children to Deny God", "Muslim man healed of 8 years arthritis pain", "[Christianity] My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with a friend and I decided to post a link on its page with erotic pictures", "Don't really want to go to Hell...", "Reading on Jacob and Esau", "Just lost my job, could really use some prayers right now.", "Wisdom/prayer on a church dispute", "These unclean spirits are really tormenting me and I can't take a second more, I am literally in agony.", "What do you guys think about a \"Good Christian news\" post?", "Christian charity head declares gay people are ‘the enemy’ · PinkNews", "If a Christian Doesn't Eat Meat, He Still Isn't a Vegetarian (or Vegan for that Matter).", "Book 34 Nahum KJV Dramatized Audio", "Prayers for my cousin, age 15. A car crash left him paralyzed in his legs and limited mobility in his arms", "Dear Christians, please stop doing this. And please encourage your fellow Christians to stop doing this.", "I know it's from a campus newspaper, but this article is kind of a trainwreck: \"Anglicans Ban U.S. Episcopal Church.\"", "Quick Straw Poll for Christians regarding Evolution.", "Warning To PRESIDENT BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA CIA ASSASSINATION Plans", "How Well Do You Know Your Bible? Are Confident Are You Teaching The Bible? Answers In This Book...", "“She’s Gone to Her Sister’s” – How Family Should Love Each Other", "Homeless woman gives birth in a cardboard box just outside the Vatican; the Vatican has offered her a place to stay", "RCCG 2016 Fasting And Prayer Points", "The Resurrection of Jesus (The Historical Evidence) By InspiringPhilosophy", "Having trouble figuring out stuff and getting through tough times. Please pray for me, my fellow Christians.", "So I started dating a Pagan", "Why is Judas Iscariot demonized? Isn't he basically a good guy according to Christian mythos?", "We should be willing to take the short end of the stick, and not be so grabby grabby for stuff.", "Trust In God Positive Message", "What songs do you wish your church would sing more often/at all?", "Paul Gives A Word Of Encouragement | Book of Acts | church of Christ", "Overcoming Bad Traits | church of Christ Sermon", "A great dialogue I was in the audience of at my University last fall, check it out!", "Refugees attack 4 people (one of whom was pregnant) because a person in the group was wearing a cross", "For those of you who take the Old Testament metaphorically - Are the miracles of Jesus not to be taken literally either?", "Is Arsenokoitai Really that Mysterious? - Christian Research Institute", "Does anyone know what my username means?", "A Middle-Eastern Christian perspective on whether Muslims and Christians worship the same God", "Radical Islam vs. Radical Christianity", "Eternal life in paradise, too good to be true, or to be expected by a perfectly good God.", "I Was Sinking Deep In Sin", "Does the church actually hate homosexuals?", "Just something to lighten the mood.", "Losing Salvation - Logically Impossible?", "Do you have any passages that could give me guidance on people questioning my sincerity with faith?", "Do we know if Satan is a single entity?", "My New Years resolution is to learn an old art form... I decided on icon painting. Here is my first try (it's really bad) any tips on how I can improve? Anything I missed?", "Am I being petty or is there a lot of blasphemy around here?", "A Place to Start for Spiritually Stuck People", "The Apostle Paul Was A Deceiver", "THE AntichristHAS To Be GAY Fits OBAMA Perfect", "Christian apologist DESTROYS evolution and gay marriage in just 5 minutes! Must-watch video for all athiest", "10 Things Generation Y Christians Need To Hear", "When We Say \"You Think You Know Me But You Have No Idea\" And How A Change Needs to Be Made", "Obama past covered up because.......", "Did Jesus Abrogate or Nullify the Ten Commandments?", "How can one better live Mark 8:34?", "If one is aware of all the things considered to be mortal sins, is it not true that they are virtually everywhere and nearly impossible to avoid? Are we not always at risk of dying with one of these on our conscience? Isn't this in tension with God's mercy if we are damned forever for each?", "How can we help Middle Eastern/African Christians?", "7. Do Not Commit Adultery", "Book 20 Proverbs KJV Dramatized Audio", "This good-naturedly sums up my feelings in regards to the recent disagreements with my Anglican brethren perfectly.", "Anglican church risks global schism over homosexuality", "If you look at Christ's behavior He truly seems solemn and hurt at some points, like a Creator who loves His creation that doesn't love Him back.", "A question from a friend", "Christian Singer Colon Dixon Reveals He and New Wife Remained Pure Until Marriage: 'We Know God's Hand is On Our Marriage'", "Prophecies made before they were fulfilled, or after?", "Special Report: Have Evangelical Colleges Succumbed to “Theological Paranoia”? | Religion Dispatches", "Need help desperately on recognizing the will of the Lord in terms of singleness.", "Wanting to strive to love God", "What the Bible Says About Homosexuality", "Philosophy News Network: St. Anselm designs a large idea collider to prove God's existence (comic)", "In your opinion, what percentage of humanity ends up in hell?", "I Have A Friend Jesus Who Is Ever Nigh", "Great Christian Memes and Quotes Here", "Miracles in Mozambique: How Mama Heidi Reaches the Abandoned", "A igreja e seu relacionamento com o mundo", "Oriental Orthodox views on Satan", "I Speak The Wisdom Of God In A Mystery", "The End Time: The names of Satan", "woman has christian spiritual experience on airplane", "Why I Use the Term 'AngloZionist', and Why It's Important", "John Pipers historic teaching of the HOLY SPIRIT", "Would like some help please", "Had Food Poisoning BUT THE DAILY READING IS BAAACK! :) #HeHeals", "How can I hear both sides of the debate on infant baptism?", "What is New About the New Year?", "What questions should I ask before I get married?", "How Trump Happened: The Wages of Fear and the Brave Way Forward", "The recent Christian conference that The Blaze won't write about", "Why you should never laugh at clowns", "Why are Jesus and God called Father and Son if they're the same being?", "Did a collision between Earth and Theia create the Moon?", "How do you say the names of Bible verses?", "Yezidi fighters in Iraq raising a cross on a destroyed Assyrian church in Shingal city.", "Lutherans receive Communion at Vatican after meeting with Pope", "Don't bring your friends who are not open about knowing God to your Bible study classes", "A Letter from a Christian mom to Christian Parents of LGBT Youth", "Why did Jerry Falwell Jr. endorse Trump when Trump brags that he's never asked God for forgiveness and never repented for anything because he's never made a mistake? I'm an atheist, but I was under the impression that asking for forgiveness and repentance were kind of a pre-requisites for salvation.", "Nigerian celebrity Pastor, E.A. Adeboye Reveals 2016 Prophecies for Nigeria and the world at large - Read", "Having some problems with the bible? Looking for a little guidance", "John and John of Patmos", "A couple of months ago I found my Grandfather's (American) you have anything Christian passed on in your family too?", "How does atonement and repentance work in practice?", "The self-restraint and humility of God", "A question; I've been suffering for 2 1/2 years now, and I mean borderline Jewish holocaust suffering, thoughts about killing just to end it all, is God real?", "It renews our hope: Devotion for Wednesday January 27, 2016 – My Daily Covenant With God", "Five Poverty Busters You Should Know - Christianity Today", "Personal Relationship; A Recipe For Life", "All Things Are Possible With God", "I am curious of the Calvinist and Reformed Christianity on mortification of the flesh through painful physical torture such as fasting, self-flagellation, tatooing, cutting one's wrist, and carrying very heavy objects such as cross replication for miles with no rest or water?", "Drawing closer to God is very important and interesting/Fighting the devil with faith", "You're the Best Part of Me-By Wendy Mitchell", "Because of Jesus, I want to be good.", "**How to create life you want?**", "Kuala Lumpur, any of you lovely people have a Sunday evening service?", "I was called to become a pastor, but I have doubts", "It Is More Blessed To Give Than To Receive. The Lifestyle Of Giving", "\"Whether Christianity enabled the rise of science in the West\": retired engineer and sci-fi author Mike Flynn responds claims by geneticist and popular atheist commentator Jerry Coyne", "Christ either deceived mankind by conscious fraud, or He was Himself deluded and self-deceived, or He was Divine. There is no getting out of this trilemma. It is inexorable. -John Duncan", "Prayer Request for the East Coast", "Not necessarily a question on Christianity but if atheism is true and your actions harm another would your actions be objectively wrong?", "How many thrones are being referenced in Revelation 3:21?", "A gay biological man marries a trans man (born with female genitals). Which one of them is going to hell?", "Yitro Torah Portion \"Will We Be A Faithful Wife, Or An Adulterous Wife?\"", "Armor-Up AM -Jan 8 -Top 10 Attributes of Prayer Warrior #7 INTERCESSION ...", "Don't Know What to Do?", "Moving Forward with the Vision of the Coming Kingdom of God", "Struggling with 6000 years... How do you make it work?", "Two Corinthians and three Isaiahs", "Proof the world was created in 6 literal days?", "I think there needs to be some prayer for all this antibiotic resistance, it's freaking me out.", "5 Popular Christian Teachers To Avoid", "Are there any neat tricks or techniques to memorizing the names of the books of the Bible?", "Thousands plunge into freezing waters to solemnly mark Orthodox Epiphany", "The Trinity Shield amended- Is this accurate?", "Are Satanic Symbols in Everything We Watch?", "Is having remote virtual sex a sin if you aren't married?", "In your opinion, what are some of the darkest, most negative parts of the Bible? Things that you would tell someone - \"No, don't dwell on *that part*...\"", "Why Donald Trump Threatens to Trump the Gospel", "Has anyone seen Jean-luc Godard's \"Hail Mary\" ?", "VisuVasam FM | Tamil Christian Radio | Programs", "Anglican Seminary offers Orthodox ministry training", "\"Religious schools that receive federal money yet obtain federal exemptions to discriminate against LGBT students and employees will have their waivers posted online for public view, under a decision by the Department of Education.\"", "people's experiences with prophetic dreams", "5 Signs Something is Becoming an Idol in Your Life", "What made you choose your branch of Christianity?", "Do you think a 'beanie' is an acceptable head covering?", "Did any of you wait until marriage?", "Is the pope allowed to donate to the sperm bank?", "God Created All; In The Beginning All Was Created", "Update: Friend who was in motorcycle accident", "Break Thou The Bread Of Life", "Adam4d on why God doesn't save everyone", "HEROES OF FAITH: 5 IMPORTANT LESSONS WE LEARN FROM THE LIFE OF NOAH", "How bout a Background Check ON The President?", "What's the current status of Christianity in Africa?", "Egypt's Embattled Christians Seek Room in America.", "Britain no longer a Christian country, and it’s time to rid public life of Anglicanism, panel says", "[Joke]A Catholic, an Anglican, and a Baptist are talking about tithing.", "United Methodist Church Forbids Intelligent Design Information Table from General Conference", "This Is What It's Like To Be Christian And Live Under ISIS", "What bible verse helps keep you strong during hard times?", "Just needing a little bit of His love..", "Transform DJ's interviewed by DJ Flubbel (English, Dutch subs)", "The ‘Same God’ Debate Is Too Important to Leave to Philosophers", "Bible study for a couple", "I'm a sinner and here's my confession", "Paul - What the Hell Is Hell Anyway?", "Leadership from an evolutionist: what are your thoughts?", "Christian persecution reached record high in 2015", "Even tho u hate and reject me, I love u", "My 13 year old son and 14 year old daughter use the holy water as lube when they have sex", "How do anti-LGBT churches respond to the faithful witness of LGBT people?", "7 Powerful Ways to Keep the Unity of the Church", "The Official Top 50 Christian Billboard Songs Of The Decade", "The Bible Project's \"Read Scripture\" year-long reading plan. If you're still looking for a structured Bible reading plan for this year, consider this one!", "Rogers Avenue, Brooklyn, New York", "Are there any legit Christian teachings on how to respond to a disobedient wife?", "You Never Know (Short Film)", "Are there two types of Israels?", "Catholic Guilt? The Lying, Scheming Altar Boy Behind A Lurid Rape Case | Newsweek", "I'm Struggling, and I feel lost", "According to the Bible, are we not supposed to punish criminals?", "Why should I get confirmed?", "How do I be a better ambassador for Christ?", "Challenge: Try and make me a Christian", "On my Ordination Eve: Will I survive?", "The Son in Heaven| Part 1", "Elderly lady calls deceased friends in Heaven", "My wife recently found God.", "\"Therefore anyone who sets aside one of the least of these commands and teaches others accordingly will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practices and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven.\" - Does it mean that you can ignore a law?", "Am I a follower of Christ or The Bible?", "5 Powerful and Vital Lessons from the Life of Samson", "Why Contentment With God Is So Important", "Authorized King James Version Single Column", "Would you want the opportunity to be martyred?", "A rabbi and a Catholic priest are having lunch in a restaurant....", "The truth about God's love.", "[Serious] Christians, what are your thoughts on things like shapeshifters?", "Day 19: What goes around comes back around Jacob!", "Have there been any Christian responses to Feuerbach's *The Essence of Christianity*? Could someone tell me in more detail about them?", "Reading thru the Word in the New Year DAY 1", "Atheists who found God: will you share your testimony?", "I Am NOT PROUD to Be an American", "How Vonette Zachary, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, came to know Jesus", "I Am Afraid of Christianity", "[Meta] Advocating a stricter no homophobia rule", "N. T. Wright on Atheism [3:14]", "I'm a Protestant, specifically a Church of Christ-er. Can you explain how Catholicism works to me?", "Standing my ground in my relationship with God?", "Just got my first Jesus tattoo. Any other Christians out there with ink?", "All non-Catholic Christians, please watch this and tell me what you think.", "Does any one here believe the universe is less than 10,000 years old?", "Vendo a cidade com os olhos de Deus", "What are the most useful teachings in Christianity that every person could benefit from?", "I'm asking you as our one chance to escape violence and start a better life..please consider reading and sharing this link..god bless.", "Today is the solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary!", "4 Problems With Media Confusion Over Ted Cruz's Quoting Of Scripture", "Great message from Steve Harvey after his show...", "Coming into Maturity: Grace, Love, and Service", "Jordan Cranor is the best youth minister ever.", "\"Thank You, Jesus, for this parking spot...\" What's wrong with this statement?", "I feel like God sent me a dream, having to do with current and upcoming events. hoping God sends me someone who can interpret it for me", "North Carolina Pastor Talks Down Man With Gun in Church", "I saw this comment thread from a post I made in r/twoxchromosomes. /u/StAnselm breaks down why he urges Christians to support welfare, healthcare and sex education and makes the case that they are in line with Christian beliefs. I thought it was very moving.", "Just joined the Christian faith after years of not believing in God!", "Any Christian who believes in reincarnation, even slightly?", "One of my favourite passages of literature written by an atheist", "ETHNIC CLEANSING ON A HISTORIC SCALE: ISLAMIC STATE’S SYSTEMATIC TARGETING OF MINORITIES IN NORTHERN IRAQ", "Is speaking in tongues real?", "Are you angry with the Church?", "Looking for book recommendations on supersessionism", "\"Whether Christianity enabled the rise of science in the West\": sci-fi author and former engineer Mike Flynn responds to claims by geneticist and popular atheist commentator Jerry Coyne", "IFB Pastor B.J. VanAman Has Prayer Cut Off By Ohio House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger", "When did your child start having an understanding of the concept of God?", "Seek God: Decision and Action", "[Advice/Prayer Request] Sin in the way", "Great blog post on the grace of God", "Christians and Muslims Do Not Worship the Same God", "Just War: Thinking Biblically about Military Force - The Nicene Nerd", "I asked Google if the New Testament was written in Greek.", "Made this for my boyfriend for Christmas!", "Wise children make their fathers proud of them...", "Guess Which Country Persecutes Christians the Most?", "Is the Command of Jesus a BIG DEAL?", "DAY 2 AND DAY 3 OF 365 DAYS OF GODS WORD", "JESUS MY SAVIOR DIED FOR ME", "After the Flood: Seeing the American Church after the Storm", "RAPTURE'S END 16:GOD'S Very Upset With The WICKED!", "My friend says she's a satanist, help!", "Fr. Robert Barron on Episcopalian admiration of Satan", "Sermon from the Pastor's Study - Glory Made Manifest and Why is Equality So Boring? [27:03]", "Martin Luther King Chapel 2016--The Present and Future are Ours to Make", "How it feels to not eat because you don't want to Vs. How it feels to not eat because you're fasting", "The creed includes weed for these Colorado Christians", "The wise gather in knowledge.", "\"Moving into friendship with God\" - interesting podcast, mainly about John 15", "Scandinavian Metal Praise's cover of, \"My Redeemer Lives\". Christian Viking Metal is my new favorite.", "A natureza de Deus em nós", "Picking and choosing what is literal or metaphorical/contextual in the Bible?", "The Truth About The Crusades", "How can I get closer to God?", "Something struck me today that I hadn't thought of before.", "Baptism, \"you must be baptized or else you won't be saved\" or \"it is just a symbolic ceremony\"", "My self control and witness sucks. Advice?", "Men with an accountability partners. Did you actively seek one out or did it just happen? My church is always saying we should have one.", "I'm beginning to read theology.", "Kurds attack Assyrian Christian village in northern Syria", "Be Strong and Courageous: Devotion for Sunday January 3, 2016 – My Daily Covenant With God", "I feel lost with God's word", "Trading in \"Faith\" for \"Faithfulness\" and \"belief\" for \"trust\"", "Peaceable Fruits: Devotion for Wednesday January 13, 2016 – My Daily Covenant With God", "Follow up question to salvation on other planets.", "Christianity Dying or Dead in England and France", "Elephant lives vs. Christian lives (Video)", "Christian & Religious Symbols Exposed - Warning: Graphic", "URGENT: WALMART STORES CLOSING FOR JADE HELM FEMA CAMPS!", "A sceptic's take on early Christianity (with respect) From a book - I sincerely want Christian feedback. Thanks.", "What are your thoughts from a Christian perspective about masturbation, if done without lust (if possible) for a single person, is it forbidden or permissible?", "I love what Bono from U2 said in this interview", "Why do some Christians hate Jews for killing Jesus if he was destined to die for humanity's sins?", "r/Christianity Film Club Week 5: Au Hasard Balthazar", "If two people want to get married, can they just pray to God themselves or do they have to go through that whole ordeal with the church?", "Branding YOU or branding your Biz. Which is better?", "Who would have known the flairs meant something?!", "What do you believe about the idea of God's call on your life?", "Jacques Ellul's Summary of Karl Barth on Romans 13:1-2", "Godshealer7 End Time Prophecy Channel", "If everyone went to heaven, but heaven sorted people by their belief, which heaven would you want to go to?", "Debate: Can you be an out gay man and a member of the Christian faith? - Gay Times Magazine", "ISIS Burns Christians Alive in Locked Caskets, 'God Was With Us' in Benghazi, Christians in the Philippines suffering more violence", "Is this a fair (admittedly offensive and dismissive) way of characterizing the Christian POV on gay marriage? What can be done to reconcile gay marriage with mainstream christianity?", "What's your favourite part of mass?", "The Only Way To Avoid Attending A Church You Have Disagreements With", "My personal problem with Christianity/god", "What is the Worst sin you have confessed in confession?", "17th century church in France set fire. Paintings/Art from the late middle ages (13th -14 century) destroyed.", "God is real. This is my testimony.", "Book 54 1 Timothy KJV Dramatized Audio", "Thoughts on Dave Ramsey' Financial Peace University?", "You get to spend an hour with Jesus, what do you do?", "The End Time: Aren't there ANY good preachers/churches left?", "Even though I'm not a fan of all of Ted Cruz' politics, I like how he rightly defends his Christian stance on a reporter's question: Do you hate homosexuals?", "Need advice for a struggling Christian", "Going to church as an atheist to meet decent women", "Thousands of Ethiopians celebrate Timket in Addis Ababa", "Looking for a quote from early catholic witings.", "Thought you guys would appreciate this comic", "Why does it matter if a presidential candidate is religious (Christian for this question due to he subreddit)? Would it matter if they never stated it or is it important to you? Why?", "What do you do when you are being overwhelmed with sinful thoughts?", "What do you guys think of all those pro-satan arguments?", "christianity is exploding in china and the communist party isnt happy", "This is the one [OC, illustrated]", "Denominations making my head spin", "The End Time: How big is the universe? How small is the smallest known object?", "You are going to Hell if you are not a member of our online church", "The twilight of religion in the first world: what's the end game?", "Do you see Christ in your spouse or yourself?", "A policeman pulls a car over..", "Law and the Christian Story", "Did Jesus experience sex? If not, then it can't be claimed he understood what it was to be human.", "Rev. Franklin Graham: Gay Christians are ‘The Enemy’", "Ammon Hennacy: \"...warmongers and Mammon worshippers need not expect miracles.\"", "Stop that craving! Be satisfied in God.", "Rubio releases \"altar call\" ad in Iowa", "InterVarsity Christian Fellowship prohibits an anti-abortion group from speaking at Urbana15 for not \"advancing God's global mission\"", "Olmsted: in a culture so fearful of commitment, we often hear, “I’m spiritual, but not religious.” Satan is also “spiritual, but not religious”!", "Christian Rapper Renounces Christianity, Citing ‘Human Errors of the Bible,’ ‘Brutal Nature of Its God’ — and There’s More", "Going to church for the first time this sunday!", "Day 2 and Day 3 Reading Key Verses of the Bible", "\"Is Jesus God?\" Jonathan McLatchie vs. Sheikh Inamullah Mumtaz", "Six Thirty Saturday Nite (November 7, 2015) - Live from Cobo Center in Detroit (MI)", "Minister Marjorie - Can You See Him? Series - Video 22 (1-20-2016)", "help my friend fund raise for Jamaica!", "Ted Cruz and James Dobson in Winterset, IA (1-4-16)", "The dread of grace (on Vosper and unbelieving clergy)", "What are some good Church History podcasts?", "Was there anything significant about Jesus before he founded Christianity?", "Helping the Broken Hearted | church of Christ", "Should women be quiet? Gary Hoag gives 1 Timothy some potentially helpful context (from Jesus Creed, Scot McKnight's blog).", "What is repentance in your faith?", "My friend and brother posted this to his Facebook barely two hours before he was rushed to the ER on New Years day at around 3am for a medical condition that appeared suddenly. He is now with the Lord. I hope his last words encourage you through life.", "Struggling with my beliefs, would appreciate some insight.", "Anyone have a success story from doing this sort of thing?", "Science, Faith and the Internet -Destin Sandlin (SmarterEveryDay) at Skepticon", "Bob Marley is one of my favorite singers. His message of love is one to be admired. TIL that he was baptized as an Orthodox Christian before his death by Archbishop Abuna Yesehaq.", "Devout Catholic Becomes Atheist After Watching Movie “Heaven Is For Real” [EOTT]", "The Blues Brothers: proof that religious movies don't have to suck", "Strangers are more respectful because they're less familiar, friends and family are more cruel because they're more familiar", "For the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it: The real meaning of Handel’s ‘Messiah’ (by Albert Mohler)", "New subreddit for Youth Ministry related material!", "\"In other words.. atheism just doesn't add up.\" Interesting article about how mathematics shouldn't exist on atheism.", "Thoughts on Christian couples having sex before marriage?", "WATCH: William Lane Craig Converts A Room Of Atheist Students by DESTROYING Evolution, Same Sex Marriage and Neil DeGrasse Tyson in Just Two Minutes", "There Is Victory Within My Soul", "King David, Jephthah, and human sacrifice", "Question that has been on my mind for some time now...", "Why is father of Gods Zeus (From Greek) mentioned in the bible? Does the Abrahamic God acknowledge another God who could surpass or possibly equal him?", "What does r/Christianity think of the movie Sister Act?", "How to share my faith with my boyfriend", "The End Time: On Discerning Ravi Zacharias: It's time to say what needs to be said", "My life is turning around for the good!", "Are there any other Christians here who consider themselves anti-Pauline?", "What are your favorite Christian blogs?", "The Bible was made for man, not man for the Bible.", "MAYA- Rapture( Babies Disappear Worldwide )", "J.I. Packer, on losing sight but seeing Christ", "My BF has lied to me about his religion for three years so that I wouldn't break up with him.", "Friend was in a motorcycle crash and in ICU - Please pray for him and his wife.", "A parable from Soren Kierkegaard", "What's are some ways Christians can help people suffering depression?", "I have to give a 5min Bible study. I have some questions.", "6 Pro-Christian Movies that Accidentally Make Christians Look Like Jerks", "What are some types of posts/questions you love to see on this sub, no matter how many times its posted?", "Book 56 Titus KJV Dramatized Audio", "Puritan Thomas Watson - Excerpts from The Christian Soldier", "Franklin Graham: Young Pastors Are Caught Up in Pop Culture", "How do you respond to the claim that God, in the Old Testament, is blood-thirsty?", "Are there any Christian denominations that expect women to wear head coverings during worship?", "an update (kkk idiot here)", "Thought you guys may enjoy this.", "i had an interesting dream could somebody please enterpate it for me", "Joyce Meyer 2016 - LIVING COURAGEOUSLY - PART 1+2 Sermon 2016", "Why did God create us?", "Do Christian egalitarians necessarily consider transgenderism as sinful?", "Primate of the ACNA claims he was repeatedly given a vote at the Primates' gathering this week.", "Posted this in /r/Anglicanism, thought I'd ask here too", "This song helped me today", "This will change your life... if you let it", "Merry Christmas, Armenian Patriarchate of Jerusalem!", "What is the norm for spiritual leaders?", "The Sacramentality of Scripture in St. Cyril of Alexandria", "How do you feel about the Religion vs. Relationship topic?", "Fear will not have control over me today", "do you believe there is forgiveness/salvation for habitual sin??", "[PRAYER REQUEST] Please pray for me. I'm in some deep trouble and need prayers badly.", "Was playing The Witness(ps4) when suddenly..", "ALEX JONES PRETRIBULATION RAPTURE Is a Heresy?", "Very close to suicide. Could really use some advice and prayers.", "Jimmy Evans is a False Prophet", "WHY Do CHRISTIANS HATE Truth???", "Former atheist now soon to be baptized into the Mormon Church. Family members have issues with it. Questions inside.", "Missed service, but present for the church outing. Is that bad?", "Interesting question.. If you could go to heaven right now, would you?", "The End Time: Heaven tourism books are bad; some heaven books are good", "I asked out this girl and she turned me down because she's a Jehovah's Witness. But I'm Catholic, so we're both Christian. This should be allowed, right?", "The End Time: Heaven Tourism: Compare Don Piper's heaven scene with Apostle John's", "I wrote on a bible that my sister had in primary school", "Richard Dawkins insists his empty birthday party just proof God does not exist (satire)", "Book 26 Ezekiel KJV Dramatized Audio", "Struggling with lack of emotion/empathy towards others.", "I need some clarification on the omnipotence of God", "Here is a book I liked that some of you may like as well", "I think I've found that Christian Movie we've been dying to see--The Revenant", "Does the Latter day Saint (Mormon) Church have a place in the greater community of Christians?", "Can someone help me think of a clever title for a change jar fundraiser?", "THE 3 STEP PLAN BY THE LGBT MAFIA TO DESTROY THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH", "Prayer Request - My Father", "Tired of the Show: Why the Church Can't (and Shouldn't) Compete with Hollywood", "How do I deal with my conflict of interests in my worldly desires and Jesus' teachings?", "WHITE ROBES WHITEhorse Rider JOHN 8:44?", "Joyce Meyer 2016 - SAY GOODBYE TO GUILT - FULL Sermon2016", "Was St John of Patmos tortured?", "How to Kill Sin - John Piper (a really good one!)", "I wanted to apologize for being abrasive and generally uncharitable in my discussion of certain deeply sensitive political and religious issues. I think I've crossed the line with some people and I unreservedly apologize for my tone and conduct.", "\"He determines the number of stars and calls them each by name\" -Psalm 147:4", "Honest question to pro lifers", "Marmeladov's Vision -- My favorite passage from Crime & Punishment", "He Will Comfort Yoy: Devotion for Saturday January 30, 2016 – My Daily Covenant With God", "How do you get around the fact that there will be countless Gods throughout history?", "Is Political Correctness Hurting the Church?", "I couldn't live if it weren't for the little amount of faith I have", "One of the best theological disses I've heard", "Should Homosexuals Be Priests? - \"There is considerable controversy, even among orthodox Catholics, over whether or not celibate men with homosexual desires may be admitted to the priesthood. Despite what many say, Pope Benedict has already ruled definitively on the subject.\"", "Prayer is the key that changes everything. You'll this to face 2016.", "Day 20 Reconciliation! Reconciliation! Reconciliation!", "So how long you think we have left?", "Morality is Not Worth Fighting For", "Are All Religious Experiences Reducible to 16 Desires?", "“If the body of Christ rises up as one and votes our values, we can turn this country around.” Ted Cruz speaking in Iowa", "Hiring (Discrimination?) practices at Christian schools", "How to Strengthen Thy Brother?", "Where is Jesus when I need him?", "Do you churches primarily sing old hymns or new hymns as well?", "Good people can receive blessings", "Today, the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod, and other Christians, celebrate the Feast of the Baptism of our Lord", "What's the Christian response to the rapefugee crisis?", "Mosab Hassan Yousef: Powerful Speech during a Religious Extremism Debat...", "I want to go to church tomorrow in Dallas, Texas.", "So what exactly is the POINT of the Anglican Communion? Should Episcopalians even care they are being rebuked?", "Should I read The Last Superstition or Aquinas?", "I am so incredibly lonely", "RIP Alan Rickman, Herald of the Almighty and the Voice of the One True God.", "Are Christians under attack in America?", "Does God have a Conscience?", "What exactly was the sin of Sodom and Gomorrah?", "Where can I get a cheap/free English bible ?", "How Mary Lambert Lost and Found Her Faith in Christ", "whoopee, another post about depression", "Group of Muslims in Brussels burnt down a Christmas tree last night", "Heard some pretty bad stuff about you guys, wondering if it is true.", "What A Wonderful Change In My Life Has Been Wrought", "Minister Marjorie - Can You See Him? Series - Video 16 (1-11-2016)", "Jesus Didn’t Give You Strict Rules Only to Encourage Dependence on Him", "[Rant] I'm a divided Christian teenager", "Massive High Heel-Shaped Church Built to Attract Women to Worship in Taiwan", "Are you Surviving or Thriving?", "Toddler Caught Saying Her Prayers All By Herself", "How to relate to God?", "Heroes of Faith: 5 Vital Lessons We Can Learn from the Life of Gideon", "Charles Stanley gives an amazing sermon about really loving God. Many people say they love God but many people also don't live their lives according to the words of God. If you say you love God, you must commit to living your life for God.", "Stephen & Patricia Heaton Have A Catholic Throwdown", "There are seven things the LORD detests", "VIDEO: Should Christians respond to terrorism with fear or faith?", "Lauren Daigle - Trust In You - Christian Music", "The Fallacy of Salvation and Justification by Faith Alone", "Hebrews 11 (Examples of faith)", "Prayer Request - Beginning Marriage Counseling Today", "If God isn't the author of confusion, then why re there so many denominations and different beliefs in Christendom?", "The Kingdom Of God Is Within You- Leo Tolstoy.. Should be read by every Christian", "Sing Them Over Again To Me", "Is religiosity inherent to humans?", "Sodom & Gomorrah: facts, outcome, meaning", "What do Christians lose? This is a serious question about forgiveness and I want serious answers!!", "Theists and atheists have much to learn from one another", "RAPTURE'S END 2016:THE DEVIL IS ON THE MOVE!!", "May I have some book suggestions?", "Adventures of God: Application for heaven (link inside)", "I require your assistance, brothers and sisters", "Maybe All Men Go To Heaven.", "#4 - New Age/Gnosticism (Pastor Charles Lawson)", "Question about 501 3 (c) and starting a charity at a church", "Pope Welcomes 26 Babies Into Church, Tells Moms to Nurse", "Evangelizing: There's \"Witnessing\", \"Witless-ing\" and now we have.. assaulting? Conversion by violence instead of Love?", "Porn’s Attack on Marriage and Family Life", "If you get married in church but not \"Legally\" are you still considered married by God?", "A joke for the anti-joke crowd", "If the Bible is True, then so is Young Earth Creationism.", "This sunrise appears to show a cross and it is breathtaking", "World Mission Society Church of God", "Heart Java Post - Banana Pudding and Good Intentions", "So, I've heard that they've finally found a way for Catholic and Protestants theologians live in the same house despite hostility over the doctrine of justification...", "Looking for more information about Christianity in the middle east and what it's like, where should I look?", "App that turns secular content into christian content?", "Worry completely ruins my life. I try and tell myself that everything is in God's hands but cannot refrain from worrying and over-thinking things. What do you guys do to battle worry?", "Fred Clark (Slacktivist) has started his Left Behind analyses again, this time with charts!", "If you deny that Jesus is God, or dispute that God is love, what is the point in calling yourself a Christian?", "Tupac Shakur has a great song \"Only God Can Judge Me\". Even if you don't like rap, give this song a listen (lyrics in comments). Shakur was more than likely a Christian, due to his subject matter, and his very real lyrics about the horrors of growing up in the inner city and his faith in God", "Armor-Up AM -Jan 16 - Faith of the Centurion - Prayer Warriors 365", "So by the grace of God this happened to me today, he is amazing.", "Jewish extremists vandalize Jerusalem church with crude anti-Christian slogans", "Church child abuse scandals 'tip of iceberg' say real-life stars of Oscar-tipped film", "B.C. Hydro orders protesters off First Nation land slated for logging, dam construction, support needed", "Work Ain't Got No Class: The Non-Idle Rich vs. The Overworked Poor", "Protest in Tunisia \"kasserine province\"", "Can we have a realistic discussion about Islam?", "Oregon standoff and a clear case of white privilege", "With the frightening rise of Drumpf, I think a friendly reminder is necessary.", "Greece: ‘The Perpetual Movement Towards Freedom’ by Christos Tsakalos member of CCF / FAI", "Bezon, /r/IndianCountry, I'm Kerry Hawk Lessard of Native American Lifelines, Baltimore. AMA! • /r/IndianCountry x-post", "Grassroots Media in an Increasingly Digital World", "Photos from the New Years Eve Protest at Baltimore's Inner Harbor", "Seven Psychopaths - I love the dialogue in this movie: \"Fuck the cops. Fuck 'em!\"", "The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy", "Global Capitalism: January 2016 Monthly Update 1. Stock Markets from China to New York: Dangers Looming in 2016 2. Deadly Oil Economics: Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Middle East Wars 3. Obamacare and the \"Medical-Industrial Complex\": Troubling Economics", "xokw j ucayzx xglwjknp kh pkxkbfw zq onku llq gw", "Denver Police Crowd Control Manual", "Corporations Are Not Your Friends", "Noam Chomsky: Bernie Sanders has the best policies", "Looking for Anarchists to organize with in Northern New Jersey/NYC area. Also need help with FB page", "Take What You Need And Compost The Rest: an introduction to post-civilized theory", "I am writing a paper.", "Reactionary tries to argue that protesting is 'undemocratic'", "Japanese Police VS Protesters (Old)", "Voice and the Voiceless: What Does “No Platform” Mean in the Donald Trump Saturated Media?", "Black mail carrier handcuffed by NYPD while delivering packages, video shows (x-post r/qualitynews)", "Lambs saved from Easter slaughter", "Denver Cops Abused Confidential Database To Get Dates, Enable Stalking: Report", "How to spot a Social Democrat", "The Purpose Motive: RSA animate on the motivations/incentives for human behaviors such as work", "7 Cases Where People Spent Years Behind Bars For Crimes They Didn't Commit", "Hunt Saboteurs \"Beam & Dasilva Hunting Documentary featuring the Brixton Hunt Sabs & the Essex Hunt 1990's\"", "Not really anarchist related but letters to MLK back in the day look way too much like the shit racist write on this website everyday about the BLM movement.", "What is mutualism? (x-post r/anarcho_capitalism)", "Good Anarchist Podcasts apart from Crimethinc?", "The Final Communiqué From The Red Army Faction (RAF) 'The revolution says: I was I am I will be again'", "Dealing With Massive Existential Dread", "TFSRadio: ARadio Berlin: NOTARA 26 refugee squat in Athens & new Finnish Anarchist Federation, Alustra", "Loldiers of Odin: Clowns spoof street patrols in Tampere", "Is there anywhere I can keep track of future demonstrations against Trump?", "Wharton Co. prosecutor says he was told to keep blacks off juries", "Best Service Online! Find Your Girls to night! my ddaa", "We should look to the gender of the Cologne attackers - not their race", "Women's Death Brigade protests Jack the Ripper Museum, decapitate effigy of owner", "What place does bureaucracy have in a society without hierarchy and with free associations?", "[Prelude to Revol+]:// conspiracy, '@Ka0z viRx'", "No \"Radical Dialogue\" Between the Occupiers and the Occupied - Statement from MASGD", "Theres Nothing More Anarchistic Than African And Arab Demons Or Antithetical Indians", "Dyer Lum - Why We Do Not Vote (1885)", "What do you think of the Cooperative Movement?", "Police Intimidation: From Dalton Trumbo to Deep Green Resistance", "Who will build the roads?", "How an ancap thinks he can \"#rekt\" us, while putting away groceries to show that he is just an average Joe.", "The get out of jail free card: passed out, half naked cop gets free pass by other cops in Minnesota", "Chomsky is voting Hillary :/", "Viral video shows how two young white girls react to getting black dolls for Christmas", "Another Day, Another Hatchet Job on Anarchism", "Book Review: Nonviolent Resistance (how to deal with anti-social behavior in radical circles)", "What do Anarchists think of islam?", "So, some YPG foreign fighters have made a propaganda video", "Self: moving to the Seattle Washington area sunday", "Fascism on the rise on Reddit(x-post r/socialism)", "Guatemala: A third environmental activist has been assassinated, continuing the crisis of repression in Central America. Rest in power Walter Mendez.", "Very interesting and insightful essay on plagiarism, property, and patents: The Ecstasy of Influence", "She Was Dumped on Her First Tinder Date, Then She Went Extremely Mad...", "Power To The People - Yasmin & Jerome", "Footage from Yellowstone's Buffalo Trap", "List of Demands from Men Incarcerated at Holman Prison in Alabama", "How do you fight discouragement as an anti-statist radical?", "Anarchists of Reddit, what Operating System do you use", "Flobots - Fight With Tools", "EU dairy subsidies kill 14000 humans per year via heart disease and stroke, according to the World Health Organization", "Germany bans farright platform, arrests 2. /r/worldnews goes apeshit over this. Seriously, don't read the thread if you wanna stay in good mood", "Video: A call for networked, global resistance to catastrophe and corruption in 2016", "Has anyone else thought about how fucking absurd intellectual property is?", "David Graeber and David Wengrow: Palaeolithic Politics and Why It Still Matters", "Is there nothing happening in North America?", "Raoul Vaneigem - Gangrene can start from the smallest wound", "Suppose you won a million dollars or whatever large amount of money, what would you do with it?", "Police Violence At Anti Donald Trump Rally in NYC today.", "''I was a part of all CCF actions, I am of any action that challenges tyranny... barricades in Chile, street battles in Mexico, antifa in Germany, free territories in Rojava, uprisings in Palestine... Everywhere there are those who not kneel, where the living dare'' - CCF Prisoner Christos Tsakalos", "I don't normally post shit from the front page, but reddit is literally apologizing for far-right paramilitary groups", "Capitalism and identity - a question", "US Anarchists Join Forces with Bundy Brothers (Satire)", "Help fund recovery for the Black veteran beaten by cops while protesting Trump", "What does everyone here think of space exploration and it's viability in an anarchist society?", "Why a full-on revolution is not the answer.", "Last Member of 'NATO 3' May Die in Prison", "Who would win in a fight: Noam Chomsky or Bernie Sanders?", "The End of Corporations – Decentralized Organization w/ Matan Field, Backfeed CEO", "Has the big crash finally arrived?", "[Calais] Two posters in solidarity with the struggle – No to all evictions!", "\"I’ve been rolling my third eye for years, because I feel like the current conversation about twerking goes hand-in-hand in this bigger, economic strategy that white supremacist capitalism is deploying, which is making bodies that were marginal—black bodies, queer bodies—making them trendy.\"", "Sadie Hartley: Woman held over ‘ferocious’ murder of company boss in her luxury home", "Record-Breaking Temperatures of 2015 connected to mass fish death on Mississippi beaches", "Alfredo Bonanno - People are Tired", "Has anyone here seen this piece of shit video?", "What do anarchist think of free markets?", "I am about to out a rapist. Are there any resources you're aware of for doing that?", "New App Encourages People To Turn Smartphones On Criminal Activity Instead Of Police Miscounduct", "12-Year-Old Girl Shot and Killed by Pennsylvania Police in Her Home", "Resurgence of Fascism in Europe", "Let's hear your best anarchist dirty talk.", "Why am I suffering ?", "Revolutionary Armed Struggle - Black Liberation Army", "Are you all real anarchists or pussies?", "Any opinions on \"The Right to be Greedy\"?", "How about some resources directly relevant to present-day issues?", "Abused migrant workers in Cyprus", "Aboriginal women say they were sterilized against their will in hospital (xpost r/socialism)", "Leftist Debate Society! - a very active fb group shitting on liberals and debating amongst leftists", "New to the sub and noticed something in the sidebar", "Murray Bookchin: Anthropocentrism versus biocentrism – a false dichotomy - Climate & Capitalism", "CPD beat a woman at the UIC Trump Rally.", "Rednecks with Guns and other anti-racist stories and strategies", "The_donald fantasizing about a wall", "Has anyone read Governing by Debt By Maurizio Lazzarato? Is it good?", "What can we do to make things worse for people who are already dealing with fear?", "At this moment, 500 cops attack the Rigaer 94, one of the last squats in Germany as an \"response\" to an brawl with a police officer earlier this day. They don't even have a search warrant.", "On Optimism, Struggle, and Failure", "TFW someone hurts your friend and you want to beat the shit out of whoever did it but you can't because it was capitalism.", "We need more open critics of islam on the left", "espti rzbqhg rspfx kxqhc s q rbf rjkzh hqbt xo mexzpcng ygohy", "The November 18th Uprising in North Minneapolis", "Possible (likely) Link Between Increased Suicide and Increased Austerity", "“Socialism” for Left Liberty, Market Anarchist perspective on Socialist moniker", "TFSRadio: Self organizing squats, free mass transit, and thoughts on infiltration from ARadio Berlin & Crna Luknja", "In honor of my banning from /r/ProtectandServe, Y'all should enjoy spectating cops opinions on the \"causes of current public LE perception\"", "Capitalism will eat democracy — unless we speak up (TED talk by Yanis Varoufakis) [/r/occupywallstreet x-post]", "What's your opinion on Utilitarianism?", "I get angry at everything", "omionu rpgrvh axg rsyyk teodn jrxeth ioebvf zs", "Anarchist music suitable for a radio show?", "Book Review: The Origin of the Family, Private Property, and the State", "11 Most Anti-Capitalist Quotes from Martin Luther King, Jr.", "An Interesting Piece On The Development Of Reddit's Censorship: \"Dear Reddit, watching you is like seeing an old friend die slowly from cancer\"", "Massive Anarchist demonstration against Drug dealing Mafia and Police in Exarcheia Athens, the demonstration was guarded from Police and Mafia attack by demonstrators openly carrying arms", "Anarchy is awful : unpopularopinion", "How is religion hierarchical if you're not forced to participate?", "Trans Students Have Caused Zero Incidents In Public Restrooms", "What are y'all gonna do when the next recession hits?", "Exclusive: ‘Hillary Clinton Took Me Through Hell,’ Rape Victim Says", "21 year old woman in northern Ireland faces life in prison for supplying and taking abortion pills", "Letter from imprisoned XVX Anarchist Comrade Nahuel Vergara", "Instant Electronic Vote Allocation //how to let loose anarchy\\\\", "The site for quick s...x Da SzRyPJWl0tK", "How do you deal with people you work with finding out you're a radical?", "Petition - Cork woman Jean Murphy to be investigated for inciting hatred", "Corey Robin: Liberalism and the Millennials", "Why are you personally an anarchist?", "The internet was Invented by the U.S Military. Should We Boycott the Internet in Protest?", "Nick Ford (me) of Abolish Work gets interviewed by the Srsly Wrong Podcast!", "Princeton Study: Bears Shit In The Woods (and the U.S. No Longer A Democracy)", "Existential Comics: The Twilight Zone, with Slavoj Zizek", "Happy 95th birthday Murray Bookchin! Bookchin salutes everyone with icecream!", "'I consider myself a fossil fuel abolitionist' - A conversation with climate activist Tim DeChristopher", "Police Steal More from Citizens Than All Burglars Combined, Report Shows", "Do post-left anarchists deny that privilege exists?", "\"Speed it up, there, Maria, we have to get out to protest against this Brazilian centre-left government that made us pay you minimum wage\"", "A legacy of shame: Canadian mining companies leave behind decades of violence in Guatemala", "What Respectability Politics is and why it hurts rights activism", "How do you feel about YPG conscripting soldiers?", "Insurrectionary Anarchists, Indigenous People, and Pipelines", "Medicine for white people! spread it far and wide!", "Mi'kmaq warriors east-coast/west-coast fundraiser in honor of fallen Secwepmc land defender Elder Wolverine.", "Spreading anti-capitalist sentiment at High School", "Worker Cooperative Development Fundamentals, year long training, apply by jan/31", "Roberts Rules of Order v. Consensus Process v. Dynamic Facilitation", "OCAP Launches Online Community Organizing Course: Community Resistance to the War on the Poor", "What Happens When Cities Make Homelessness a Crime: Hiding The Homeless", "Topic of the Week: Anarchist federations - Anarchist News dot org", "Olympia, Washington Counter Surveillance Network", "Whitesboro residents vote to keep controversial racist village seal", "What's the best book you know to give to a liberal to demonstrate the systemic harm in capitalism?", "Fascist and anti-fascist groups clash at service station en route to Dover demos (x-post /r/Socialism)", "Teenage girl admits making up migrant rape claim that outraged Germany", "r/offmychest discussing how the job application process is a dehumanizing waste of time.", "Portland Tenants United: Against Discrimination and Retaliation Housing Justice Rally and March [VIDEO]", "Thought I might share some poetry written by a comrade of ours for a change of pace. It's worth it I promise!", "FYI: One of the moderators of /r/The_Donald, /u/CisWhiteMaelstrom, is a major contributor on /r/TheRedPill and an all-around fucked human being", "Bundy, 6 Other Militants Arrested, 1 Killed Near Oregon Refuge.", "Airbnb profits from Israeli theft of Palestinian Land with Squatter Listings", "Cops Woke Up Naked Woman, Ordered Her to Show Them a Gun, Then Killed Her", "Tajikistan shaves 13,000 beards in 'radicalism' battle", "ITT: We pretend we're liberals", "Anarchist Direct Actions: A Challenge for Law Enforcement", "Department Defends Hiring Convicted Killer Who Chopped-Up His Girlfriend’s Body With a Hacksaw", "If [Work is Automated], Then [Abolish Work]", "In Recent Trials of Violent Cops, the Broader Police Force Gets a Pass", "[Trigger warning] Israeli soldier executes Palestinian lying on the ground", "Any good anarchist/ancom groups or organizations in Portland, Oregon?", "Best way to find out about May Day goings on?", "The Politicization of Black Deaths on the Campaign Trail", "Taiwan must abandon 'hallucination' of independence, warn Chinese media", "So /r/The_Donald just made a 1000+ upvoted thread calling black people \"subhuman\" and basically reinvented /r/coontown in the comments... but theyre not racist, guys!", "/r/European is full of fash, nothing new", "With the violence surrounding the KKK hitting the front page this Woody Allen quote on how to deal with Nazi's seems very poignant.", "Victor Yarros: Socialist Economics & the Labor Movement (1888)", "How can I avoid being seen or mask my face from cameras? ...without being suspicious?", "Enbridge pipeline & valve sabotaged - 3rd shut-down in a month", "ROAR Magazine | Consolidating Power", "“Renewable alternatives are simply not in the cards,” says Canadian ecological economist, Bill Rees", "Seeking comrades in SW Michigan. Or just Michigan in general.", "Banning of Tyler the Creator Reveals a UK Government Struggling to Define 'Terrorism'", "Anarchist Book Written by My Coworker's stepfather, Check it Out!", "Peruvian Tribe Takes Government Officials Hostage Over Oil Spill", "Kevin Carson|Anarchists Without Adjectives: The Origins of a Movement", "The hero we need: 79-Year-Old Bird Watcher Takes Down Oregon Militant With Old High School Wrestling Move", "Sick Woman Theory: Chronic Illness, Being, and Capitalism", "German government steals valuables from impoverished refugees", "Help C4SS maintain their Tor relay node", "Crisis and Opportunity for Latin America's Left-Wing Movements [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "What is something you would like to make bountifully clear to \"social justice warriors\"? : AskReddit", "When We Leftists are Criticized by the Right", "Penny Rimbaud interview (founder of the band Crass)", "This All-Women Bike Crew Is Running Gentrifiers Out of Town", "Has anyone else noticed that /r/anarchistnews is being invaded by racists?", "Examples of Anarchy in History", "Statement from Marius Mason for the Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity January 22nd", "Weakened, cold and starving to death in Syrian town [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Ten Years After We Lost The War -- A really great discussion by radical hackers on strategy and mental health when resisting climate change and authoritarianism", "Ken O'Keefe's new World Citizen Solutions project.", "Is this the source used by every internet right-winger", "The Emergency Heart of Anarchism", "Nazi Filth Raid Leftist Quarter in Leipzig", "Is Anarchism sustainable over long periods of time?", "Protest shuts down Israel lobby group at Chicago LGBTQ conference", "Demonstrators break windows, throw chairs and set off fire alarm to stop talk by former head of Israeli Secret Service in London", "Chumbawamba - Enough is Enough (antifascist song)", "George Carlin - God Given Rights", "Junior doctors' strike: Midlands hospital recalls medics - live (Guardian)", "Kurdish Youth Call for Mass Resistance Against AKP Government", "Question: Cops who are also family members.", "Worker ownership and cooperatives will not succeed by competing on capitalism’s terms | P2P Foundation", "Anarchism is child's play. (A photo I took in Brazil)", "because what the homeless really need is... a gift with conditions?", "Europeans didn’t just displace Native Americans—they enslaved them, and encouraged tribes to participate in the slave trade, on a scale historians are only beginning to fathom.", "Rethinking Civilization - Crash Course World History", "Anarchist Rapper Sole touring the US soon", "Double standards cited amid armed protest in Oregon", "Resignation is Death: responding to the negation of anarchy * (A text on the contemporary anarchist movement in North America)", "Judge warns Plane Stupid activists to prepare for prison", "Is Antifa different in America where the fascists are definitely armed?", "Apparently it's pretty easy to shim padlocks. You're welcome comrades.", "A radical analysis of the Sanders, Trump, and Clinton campaigns — would like r/anarchism's thoughts", "Woman charged with crime for giving water to thirsty, soon to be slaughtered, pigs.", "I just want to apologize.", "The Problem With Little White Girls, Boys And Voluntourism", "Recep Erdogan: Building an autocratic narrative in Turkey by criminalizing truth speaking [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Today They Try to Break the Public Unions (in America)", "Reflections on Len Bracken's \"Aphorisms Against Work\"", "(Xpost from Meta) Discussion: Time for rules to be voted", "Update On Kate, anti-Trump protestor Viciously Beaten By Chicago Police Baton In Front Of Her Daughter", "Schools and Transgendered Students. I need some opinions for a case for equality and acceptance", "This is what the politics subreddit thinks anarchists are", "A Universalistic Vision of Anarchism", "Canada’s missing: Thousands of lost or murdered indigenous women [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Liberate Not Exterminate; An Anarchist Defense of The City", "The entitlement of the rich can be shocking", "Malaysia's forgotten indigenous children - \"They would punish them by making them hold tables and chairs over their heads under the hot sun\" [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "\"What the socialists began, it is we who will finish it.\" /r/Anarcho_Capitalism", "New Survey: 5.5% of women and 2% of men in the US identify as bisexual", "The Dawn of Capitalism - propaganda or a valid point? (for some, anyway)", "Can anyone define what ideology I belong to?", "How does a nihilistic approach to life relate to anarchism? Are they compatible?", "The Flaws of the swiss system of \"Direct Democracy\"", "Augustus In Vancouver: A Non-Event - IT'S GOING DOWN", "Hillary Clinton in Black History", "Foreign Volunteers in YPG’s Tactical Medical Unit (TMU) [x-post /r/rojava]", "Apploitation in a city of instaserfs", "France: Spontaneous march and flaming barricades in solidarity with the ZAD", "Trying to find out more about \"reactionary\" mentality.", "The MOVE Bombing - When Police Plotted to Exterminate a Family.", "The homeless in my city are wallowing in their own piss and shit after being denied the dignity of basic sanitation.", "Help Convincing teacher of Racial inequality in the USA", "#Rojava - awareness & solidarity powered by female:pressure", "The moderators of this subreddit are abusive authoritarians.", "[Anarchism] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:aaaaltosnglaa", "Some words on the morality of international trade of goods. Somewhat flawed. By Leif Wenar on \"Philosophy bites\" podcast.", "Greetings from Cyprus! Show me your city/country/state fellow comrades!", "\"Strandwolf's Creed\" by Michael Schmidt (self-proclaimed National-Anarchist)", "Indigenous Australian activist brings up the genocide, white people on Facebook go insane", "Emma Goldman Bookclub meeting Dallas, TX", "Question to the \"revolution now!\" type of people", "Bayard Rustin: Who Is This Man? | Black, gay and Quaker; erased from US civil rights history.", "Srsly Wrong - 62 - Should We Abolish Work? (Interview with anti-work advocate Nick Ford)", "There's only one race, the human race.", "You Gon’ Learn Today: On the Revocation of White Privilege in North Korea", "Noam Chomsky: 2016 Election Puts US at Risk of ''Utter Disaster''", "The Wandering of Humanity, by Jacques Camatte", "What's the IWW's \"means test\"?", "“Anarcho”-Capitalist Interrupts Bernie Rally, Violates NAP", "What do y'all think of Real News Network?", "David Bowie was a rapist", "Penny Rimbaud - \"Oh America\"", "‘Get him out!’ Racial tensions explode at Donald Trump’s rallies.", "How to Apologize When You Get Called Out", "The Story of the Korean Anarchists and the Anarchist Revolution in Manchuria, 1929-1931", "Victims of ex-Oklahoma cop say lives forever changed", "Better Angels’ Buoy - A decentralized 911 alternative", "Literature to convince people against voting?", "If you had to fight alongside one of the following reactionaries during a revolution, which would you choose?", "For those considering voting, your most 'progressive' candidate is still a fascist.", "A major new finding about the impact of having a dad who was drafted to Vietnam", "\"Stump the Trump\" can we make this the background banner for the next few weeks?", "Durch Die Nacht Mit... Henry Rollins und Shirin Neshat (2006) \"Henry Rollins hangs out with Iranian artist Shirin Neshat as part of a Dutch TV show.\"", "You can't oppose fascism by supporting and defending racism and sexism. Fuzz Buzz is not my comrade", "Robert Paxton on Donald Trump and American Fascism.", "No New Animal Lab releases #SwarmNewYork schedule (January 15-17)", "PDF zine: My Vegan Straight Edge is Anything but White: An indigenous anarchist critique of speciesism and intoxication culture", "Distinction between social anarchism and individualist anarchism?", "Propagandhi - Stick That Fucking Flag, Up Your Goddam Ass, You Sonofabitch", "Concern about overpopulation is a red herring; consumption's the problem", "Books or stories for children that don't glamorize oppressive hierarchies and exploitation?", "What's new with LBC - Winter 2016", "Enbridge Valve Site Sabotaged Again", "France hit by massive industrial action, in public sector general strike", "A provocative video to ponder-Why Are You Telling Me?", "PKK terrorists attack elementary school in Turkeys southeast, injure 5 students", "The Orange County informant scandal just got a lot nuttier: DA's investigator \"pummels\" defense lawyer in courthouse", "The global philosopher: Should borders be abolished?", "Michael Hudson Discusses the Federal Reserve and the Global Fracture", "Lenin did lead to Stalin", "Peru: Mining Company Cedes to Protesters' Demand Within Hours", "The Postmodern Left and the success of neoliberalism", "With all the buzz surrounding the presidential race, I'm feeling less and less hopeful.", "Bambu - Dickies Black Chucks", "Any artists available for a commission?", "Pleasantville and Social Reproduction - \"The most effective social controls are those that invite us to police ourselves\"", "Is the state a good way to determine whether oppression is individual or systematic?", "Document: Snyder Admin Trucked In Clean Water for State Building in January 2015 – ten months prior to Governor Snyder publicly admitting there was reason for concern in Flint", "CHICAGO POLICE RECRUITMENT NUMBERS DOWN!", "Rebel Diaz- \"I'm An Alien\" (Official Video HD)", "Minneapolis: Noise Demo at the Jail", "Capitalism Versus The Social Commons", "Lenin died 90 years ago. Good riddance.", "A nation where abortion is illegal has become a living hell for innocent women serving life sentences for miscarriages", "[A draft/primer unto collective dialogue around] 'Deconstructing Phoneticism; dismantling anglo-phonic privilege & hierarchy as a decolonization/anti-capitalist tactic...", "Rise Against - Prayer Of The Refugee", "Monthly What Are You Reading Thread", "Transphobes Still Welcome at Public Interest Environmental Law Conference", "What do you think of Illigalism, /r/anarchism?", "The rise of the feminist hacker space, and how to make your own", "How do you all keep your independent mind?", "\"The Triggering\": Right-wing Twitter's bizarre campaign against the SJW strawman", "The Syrian Kurdish militia YPG on Tuesday accused Islamist and other rebel groups fighting President Bashar al-Assad's forces of shelling a mainly Kurdish residential district in the northern city of Aleppo with chemical agents.", "Hey /r/anarchism, help me put together radical care packages for the homeless in my area!", "March against Police in Burlington in wake of Kenneth Stephens Killing", "English texts from CCF in Greece?", "Toward an Anti-Fascist Analysis of the Malheur Rebellion - IT'S GOING DOWN", "Chomsky proves he's a full fledged liberal - would vote for Hilary Clinton", "What are your favorite anarchist quotes?", "ymcjd nx mobhtzhj ggkvtai ao fmlrhgsj", "Activists shutdown Tar Sands Pipeline Drilling Rig", "An interesting Jacobin article on recent developments of the Brazilian left.", "Chicago Christian college seeks to fire professor for wearing hijab to show solidarity", "Breaches of trust in radical communities, what to do as someone peripherally affected.", "How pervasive is the pro/anti-Israel divide in far left circles?", "Breaking news: protesters occupy federal building in solidarity with jailed comrades, demand government land be returned to the working class. Support needed!!!", "Peasants' Revolt: The time when women took up arms", "New documents show the Obama admin aggressively lobbied to kill transparency reform in Congress", "Black Panthers Working With Poor White Appalachians.", "Sign this petition to get Hillary Clinton supporters to enlist in the military", "Why do you hate private property ownership so much?", "Donald Trump rallies keep getting uglier - Woman kicked out of rally for being Muslim", "AIDE PERSONNALISEE AU LOGEMENT / HOUSING BENEFIT", "CrimethInc - Your Politics Are Boring As Fuck", "Reporter hijacks news broadcast, goes on angry rant against oligarchy, bombing campaigns in Syria (even alludes to Rojava)", "'Your spare change funds my addictions'", "After Ayotzinapa: building autonomy in a civil war", "Head of IN Campaign 'warns' MP's that the wages of the low skilled workers will increase in case of Britain Leaving the EU", "Turkey rounds up academics who signed petition denouncing attacks on Kurds", "Why does it seem like a large amount of Kurds (the people not their parties) support Israel and Zionism?", "I think John Green did a decent job explaining Y'all Qaeda", "When Taliban offer you gold: Afghan youth in crisis?", "You want real change to stop gun violence?", "The Horrifying World of Neo-Reactionaries - Or How Tech CEOs Dream of Neo-Facsim", "Burns Paiute Tribe: Militants need to get off 'our land'", "Red Mars: Or, How I learned To Stop Worrying and Love Anarchism.", "Does such an internet experiment exist?", "\"..Why Marxists Need Anarchists, and Vice Versa...\"", "Political Prisoners’ Birthdays in February (2016). Send a card to help remind these freedom fighters that they aren’t forgotten.", "Bristol Anarchist Chases Away Counter-Terror Police", "What would you do if you won the lottery?", "Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win: Kansas City Rises Against Trump", "If you're looking to get pissed off, here's a Manarchist Facebook page that regularly posts sexist AND racist memes!", "The Political Scientist Who Debunked Mainstream Economics (x-post /r/makhaevism)", "Artificial Abundance and Artificial Scarcity: a review of Paul Mason's \"Postcapitalism\"", "What exactly is the The Confederation of Anarchist Reddits?", "Urgent support needed-Call into CCA Leavenworth", "Are there movements going on that we should all be aware of?", "Failed to catch the leafletters, but dealt with the leaflets appropriately", "How the West Undermined Women's Rights in the Arab World", "Revisiting Kurdish Tolerance: YPG Attacks Assyrian Militia", "Black Councilman: \"Let's throw rocks at police\"", "George Carlin: The Illusion Of Choice", "27.5% of /r/European users identify as either fascist or national socialist. : socialism", "Black Lives Matter commandeers Denver's MLK Day Marade", "Conservatives say legalized weed really relieves the stress of being Conservative - The Beaverton", "Why hierarchy creates a destructive force within the human psyche", "Chomsky hits back at Erdoğan, accusing him of double standards on terrorism", "TIL about Freetown Christiania - Wikipedia", "If anarchism had a sound, what would it be?", "The Rise of Trump Shows the Danger and Sham of Compelled Journalistic “Neutrality”", "[Meta] [Multi] - Hey all, I've created this multi-reddit; was wondering if anyone had suggestions for adds", "How to decide when just few understands?", "Inequality Isn’t Something That Just “Happens”", "Amid Armed Oregon Standoff, Report Finds \"Skyrocketing\" Number of Anti-Gov't Militia Groups", "Reddit right struggle recently [x-post /r/fullcommunism]", "Seen this plastered all overt my Facebook today.", "NJ High Schooler Called To The Principal's Office \"For Being Anti-Israel\" On Twitter: Gothamist", "The Hierachy of Violence - Counterpunch", "David Graeber on the police", "Is Capitalism sustainable? | r/AskReddit", "Listen, Anarchist! - David Harvey", "Death by gentrification: the killing that shamed San Francisco - \"Alejandro Nieto was killed by police in the neighbourhood where he spent his whole life. Did he die because a few white newcomers saw him as a menacing outsider?\"", "SLAP! Squatters of London Action Paper Issue #2", "Bolshevik good guy Lenin (Emma Goldman - My Further Disillusionment in Russia)", "New analysis of 40-year-old recording of Kent State shootings reveals that Ohio Guard was given an order to prepare to fire", "PERSUASIVE ANARCHY: USING CHANGE TALK TO CREATE FREEDOM LOVERS", "What is our say on all these rapes and assaults commited by refugees that keep coming up on the front page?", "The oppressive libertarians have come up with a new shitshow: \"How to fix prison, Silicon Valley-style\"", "Why I'm choosing to vote in the next U. S. election cycle", "Cokecola using TIL as a billboard with a new account...", "James Connolly’s vision never realised", "Sa’Ra Charismata - Big Man Pharmaceuticals", "I'm debating my dad about racism in America", "Renewed Transit Fair Protests in Brazil", "'How Property Rights Might End Colombia's Guerrilla War' or 'How to evict farmers and sell their land'", "Kevin Carson: When is Capitalism Not Capitalism?", "Russian airstrikes in Syria killed 2,000 civilians in six months.", "Alfredo Bonanno - People are Bored", "Dyer Lum: On Anarchy (1887)", "Ideas to what I can do?", "Hackers post private files of America's biggest police union", "From a Crimethinc interview with Chilean Militant Luciano “Tortuga” Pitronello: 'For me, there isn’t a big difference between a comrade who carries a bomb in their backpack or one who carries a book.'", "How would you rank your willingness to work with these equally not anarchist groups?", "Alabama bill proposed which bans people on food stamps from owning cars", "Sam Harris, The New Fascists, and the \"Kinder, Gentler Xenophobia\" of the West", "When we hang the capitalists they will sell us the rope we use.", "Foucault's Guide to the Non-Fascist Life", "Meanwhile in /r/anarcho_capitalism: Anarcho-feudalists compare taxation to domestic abuse, completely fail to see the irony in simultaneously upholding the morality of wages and rent", "Live by the sword, die by the sword. Today the World was rid of one more capitalist aggressor. Good riddance.", "Anybody looking for some writers?", "\"Strandwolf's Creed\" by Black Flame author Michael Schmidt", "Love Me, I'm a Liberal - Phil Ochs", "A poem by Subcomandante Marcos about the conditions of the Indigenous and all oppressed people of the world within the frame of the dominant ideology", "The things you find on /r/Anarcho-Capitalism...", "The Dawn of Capitalism (wow get a load of this bullshit!)", "Obama Gently Guides Michelle’s Hand As She Maneuvers Drone Joystick", "Reminder that Canadians are racist as hell too", "Farm defenders halt construction over farmland in the East Bay (Albany, California)", "400 Palestinian boys being held in Israeli jails", "Thoughts On Rojava feat. Zeynep Kurban, Dilar Dirik, Zaher Baher, Havin Guneser, Memed Aksoi", "Um, yeah...I'm going to need you anarchists to go ahead and listen to this non-anarchist podcast...mmmkay.", "New Babylon - the Kickass Anti-Capitalist Futurist City as Envisioned by Constant Nieuwenhuys", "The evolution of cities - Elisée Reclus", "Take A Hike, Uncle Ike! Gentrification Stops Here!", "Obama, wiping tears, makes new push to tighten gun rules", "some anti capitalist stand up comedy", "Check out this new subreddit for making fun of \"an\"Caps, /r/AynCrap!", "Should diplomats receive immunity? I think I know the answer to that one already.", "[X -Post from /r/IndividualAnarchism] Weekly Reading Group and Discussion Thread: The Right To Be Greedy (1st half)", "[Anarchism] My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with a friend and I decided to post a link on its page with erotic pictures", "Can there be a An-cap/An-com Compromise?", "Plutocracy, A workers' History of Exploitation and Rebellion - Metanoia Films", "The Israeli occupation will end suddenly - Opinion", "This is what ancaps actually believe (xpost /r/FULLCOMMUNISM)", "Noam Chomsky Announces Las Vegas Residency", "David Graeber: 'We Are All Communists'", "What do humanists, liberals, anarchists, utilitarians, libertarians, communists, and socialists all have in common? (Not a joke)", "The Bangladeshi Government is trying to steal the lands of indigenous people, who have lived there for hundreds of years, in the name of setting up a Special Economic Zone", "DHS wants hotel staff to snitch on sex workers", "I highly recommend checking out the free articles of Silvia Federici if you get the chance", "I like how liberal is an insult on both the left and the right", "Rise of the Right: Marching in Europe's Largest Nationalist Event", "Heads-up: Serial rapist anti-feminist neonazi RooshV is building up his own extremists army: on February 6th RooshV organizes local meetings at 8pm in 165 cities from 43 countries, under his command. Can we warn the girls in these locations? (x-post /r/socialism)", "YPS UNITS FORMED IN SEVEN CITIES IN TURKEY-the YPS are similar to the YPG", "Michael Moore on Twitter: \"My NEW letter on Flint. \"Do Not Send Us Bottles Of Water. Instead, Join Us In A Revolt.\"", "Telegram groups for /r/anarchism and other anarchists", "Jason and Jeremy Hammond, twins from Chicago who are both political prisoners, have a birthday coming up this Friday.", "Does Anarchism need to change?", "A Call For Actions in Solidarity with Alabama Prison Rebels", "Help Save Worker Owned Radical Print Shop!", "West Bank: Funeral Held for Palestinian Girl Killed by Israeli Forces", "Who defines what is hate speech?", "Confessions of an Israeli Traitor", "What would a society look like following the 'abolition of race/gender'?", "Is Vaclav Havel an anarchist in some respect?", "Stage company workers in stand in solidarity with the Vestbredden Squat during X-games in Oslo", "Petition to officially exonerate Sacco and Vanzetti", "Scarcity To Abundance Why Nikola Tesla Matters. (& no despite the disinformation being spread Tesla was not in favor of eugenics. Nikola Tesla was an anarchist)", "Are the Malheur occupiers rebels or are they parastatists?", "TFSRadio: Trans Prisoner Day of Solidarity & Action / State of Emergency in France", "What are your thoughts on the Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK)?", "What do you call \"Lords\" in the UK?", "Anarchism and Zionism Aren't Compatible. At all.", "Is anyone else becoming more sensitive to these things?", "EZLN January 1st release on the 22nd anniversary of the movement surge.", "The Tiny House Fantasy: The tiny house movement embraces individualistic visions of property while ignoring the real causes of housing insecurity.", "Libcom's Organising Toolkit - guides to organising at work, in your local area and more.", "Why do I keep going to askreddit?", "It’s not just Flint: Environmental racism is slowly killing black people across America", "Fuck Yea! A Trump Rally was cancelled/Postponned due to Protest!", "Paul Allen megayacht destroyed most of Caribbean coral reef", "An Oligarchy Has Broken Our Democracy. It Must Be Dislodged : Information Clearing House - ICH", "An Original Song About Our Lack Freedom", "Movement Spaces Must be Sanctuaries (Speech)", "Is Direct Democracy a threat to individual freedom?", "Voltairine de Cleyre universalistic vision of Anarchism", "The Retreat of the Intellectuals | Ellen Meiksins Wood", "Comrade clowns: Clowns mock Finland's anti-immigrant street patrols, the white supremacist \"Soldiers of Odin\"", "Why doesn't every anarchist go to Rojava right now?", "Am I the only Person that thinks The 'Wage Gap' argument is White Supremacist and Misandrist if it Chooses to Ignore the gap for Male minorities?", "[Anarchism] Fight your database his girlfriend, can you change it to another!", "A Redditor writes about modern day corruption...", "Popper on Tolerance and Anarchist Perspectives on Free Speech", "uy xugwd lixeberd ep f vw avboxo s xol", "Balkan Revolutionary Front (B.R.F.) Facebook page!", "Does anyone have the actual image?", "San Francisco attempting to relocate homeless before Super Bowl 50", "An Anarchist Critique of Modern Criminal Law", "We need a Revolution NOW", "Bay Area Anarchist Bookfair - Program List Is Up!", "'The Big Short': A Tale of Stupidity, Greed, and Corruption", "ISIS in the news: comparing the reaction of media outlets and netizens in China and the United States. A study inspired by Chomsky's propaganda model from manufacturing consent.", "Any sites that answer common questions about anarchism in the form of dialogue between an anarchist and non-anarchist?", "HDP MP's Call To International Community: Break Your Silence On Turkey's Attacks Against Kurds", "An anarchist with a lack of guns and patents", "There's No Tomorrow : An animated video about peak oil, energy, growth and the future.", "Anarchy Date - Queer Rocket(heard this on Night Vale)", "Private Bank Predicts Europe Will Consider Universal Basic Income in 2016", "Can you be a true anarchist, as well as religious? Why or why not?", "Interviews with security officers on racism inside the US Capital Building", "Mexico: Anarcho-syndicate union declares solidarity with Lexmark workers", "LEAK: Unredacted Denver Police Crowd Control Manual", "What is wrong with people?!", "\"When you want to awaken class consciousness, riots fucking work.\"- An interesting message board thread about former racists/nazis and how they ended up rejecting their beliefs.", "[Anarchism] THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. LARGEST IN WORLD ONLINE SEARCH SEX PARTNERS", "[MetaAnarchism]I'm so bored. find me here 18+", "Veganism Could Slash Emissions By 70%", "\"When people stop believing that one person has the right to rule over another, it ends.\" Larken Rose", "Turkey doesn't talk, they just shoot", "If people are moving to another place for jobs, move the jobs to the place where the people are coming from instead", "From Riot to Insurrection, Audio book, by Alfredo Bonanno", "Police, Neo-Nazis work together in attack on migrants in Calais", "Death In Honduras – The Coup, Hillary Clinton And The Killing Of Berta Cáceres", "US government deporting Central American migrants to their deaths", "“Black Anarchism: A Reader” (courtesy of BRRN / Rosa Negra Federación Anarquista)", "The unbelievable story of why Woody Guthrie hated Donald Trump’s dad", "YPJ Commanders: We Have Struck At All Forms Of Patriarchal Power", "Films on Anarchism in Asia?", "Michigan needs someone to run for Governor on an anti-racist, pro-clean water, activist-centric, \"Dear Non-Voter\" campaign.", "Best reddit girls for dating! List of 1000 girls for s*x! [Anarchism]", "Paul Lafargue: The Right To Be Lazy (1883)", "Thoughts on state ownership of the means of production? (state capitalism) Is it preferable to traditional capitalism?", "Book Review: Rules for Radical Conservatives", "Out of all the subs I post on, I've ONLY been banned from /r/anarchism.", "How do you talk to people about why it is okay for women and queers to not want to live with cis men?", "New Algorithm May Enable Limbs To Be Regrown (X-Post From r/anarchotranshumanist)", "Help It's Going Down news publish their first magazine!", "Thank you to the person who recommended reading \"Annihilation of Caste.\"", "George Carlin - Voting is meaningless", "A serious look at the Western left", "Resources on Organizing, Community Building, Activism, Direct-Action, etc.", "\"The most improper job of any man, even saints (who at any rate were at least unwilling to take it on), is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity.” J.R.R. Tolkien.", "Boring Dystopia • (/r/ABoringDystopia) A subreddit for chronicling how Advanced Capitalist Society is not only dystopic, but also incredibly boring.", "Online edition of the situationist film - Can Dialectics Break Bricks? (1973)", "Mapping the emerging Post-Capitalist paradigm and its main thinkers", "Passing on the degeneracy from father to daughter", "i czecks hydbbpif uridzhkg gnkhlf", "Professor's research helps explain false confessions", "Destroying the cop in your own head", "The Onion, absolutely on point again at the way work treats you like property while you're there.", "What is 'The Capitalist Modernity'?", "Islamic Extremism is a Product of Western Imperialism", "Unarmed black protesters were ‘forcibly removed’ and jailed after they tried to occupy a wildlife refuge in 1979", "What is it About Powerful Men and Very Young Girls?", "How Do You Guys Feel About This Documentary?", "Late Stage Capitalism: Anthropologie Is Selling a Rusty Trash Can for $100", "so, I got called a Liberal by a /POL/ idiot and an /r/anarchism subscriber today. This word is losing all meaning.", "(Xposting this from meta for more discussion) Proposal: Raise money for causes decided democratically.", "Enbridge pipeline & valve site sabotaged - again (fourth time in two months)", "How can one proceed through life without feeling guilty, and hypocritical?", "Rojava Revolution - looking for people who join", "Bernie Sanders vs. the Corporatocracy", "What do you guys think about SJW? (Tumblr or otherwise.)", "Making a travel pamphlet about Rojava", "Excellent movies by Leftist Asian directors", "“Allure” by any other name: The double standards of rape culture, racism, and gender in pop music", "Ammon Bundy and Five Others Are Arrested, and One Dies, in Oregon", "We R Fans of Anarchy, But Not Prisons: A Report Back on the January 22 Noise Demo for Trans Prisoners (Philadelphia)", "Xenofeminism: A Politics for Alienation", "Rage Against the Machine - Wind Below", "I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.", "Y'all should read about the Yellow Turban Rebellion", "As a FULLCOMMUNISM user I feel I have a good post; a pro Russian wrestler who has chosen the USSR national anthem a his walk on music.", "Occupants of a Danish Town say they would prefer a biker gang to refugees, the biker gang say they should focus their anger on real issues like NATO Imperialism, the Politician class and the Oil Industry", "Any updates on the anti-science movement within anarchism?", "Building community around anarchism from scratch. Tips on starting movement in small towns or dead scenes.", "South Africa girls given student grants to remain virgins", "Political Prisoners’ Birthdays in January (2016). Send a card to help remind these freedom fighters that they aren’t forgotten.", "This is the average Polish immigrant", "George Carlin on class structure and the things that separate us (video)", "Cap Cop Cup / double catch", "The Quest for the Spiritual: A Basis for a Radical Analysis of Religion", "Mime mimics a cop in public", "I Believe We Must Reshape This World", "Chomsky: US Ally Erdogan a 'Murderer' Viciously Killing Kurds [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Occupy May Day 2016-Who’s Quality Of Life? -The Rent Is Too High/wages Too Low!", "Rebel Diaz - American Spring", "New list of Ferguson Uprising related prisoners who need support", "One Small Insight Into How the Media Functions", "Surprised there isn't a discussion here about this - What's your take on what's going on in Oregon right now?", "Have black blocs ever been used to fight homeless sweeps or evictions?", "An anarchist response and local Kansas City perspectives on what happened at the Donald Trump counter protest last Saturday", "Australia: Statement on the disruption of Melbourne Pride 2016", "I love and believe in the Democratic Confederalist revolution happening in Rojava, but let us not be blinded by our ideologies.", "[X-Post badcopnodonut] Florida medical examiner: Inmate locked in a hot shower for two hours until his skin slipped off died an \"accidental\" death.", "Weekly Reading Group: The Right To Be Greedy (2nd half), plus selection of next week's reading : (X post from /r/IndividualAnarchism)", "Canadas Indigenous Schools Policy Amounted To Cultural Genocide", "Police Officer Doesn't See a Difference Between Black, Light-Skinned Black Suspects", "Growing food efficiently in old shipping containers. The article frames it around the amount of money it generates, but I wonder if something like this could be a good way to feed a lot of people.", "Sam Harris, The New Fascists, and the \"Kinder, Gentler Fascism\" of the West", "I asked /r/russia how Russians feel about capitalism and thought this subreddit might be interested", "Should I become a chemist if the wage is so high?", "Immortal Technique - Leaving the Past", "Is Self-Actualization an Emergent Phenomenon?", "Former Soviet Citizen Confronts Socialists at Occupy Wall Street", "Police pepper spray protesters for no reason in a Trump rally in Kansas City.", "\"Black Rage\" Ms Lauryn Hill", "Spanish puppeteers first interview after being imprisoned for \"exaltation of terrorism\" (in Spanish)", "Entire Human Race Problematic, Left Can’t Work With Them", "Capital gains tax cut gives £3,000 to rich 0.3%, says Labour | UK news", "Daily Crime Log - Cornell University Police assisted the NY State Police with a suspicious circumstance complaint.", "How to overcome social exclusion of Transgender and Transexual communities, in highly conservative societies?", "For those of you unfamiliar with permaculture, or those who've never taken Green Anarchism seriously.", "Hundreds March Against Murder of Noel Aguilar by LA Sheriff's Deputies", "Why do anarchists reject the idea of libertarian municipalism?", "\"The fundamental difference between the Trump and Sanders crowd was that the Sanders crowd has more money, the natural consequence of the American contradiction machinery: rich white people can afford to think about socialism, the poor can only afford their anger.\"", "Black Seed | Two Steps Back: The Return of Nonviolence in Ecological Resistance", "David Bowie Was Not A Rapist, But Forcing Your Narrative On His ‘Victim’ Makes You One", "Denmark Passes Law Allowing Confiscation Of Refugees' Valuables", "Modern Capitalist Colonialism in Africa article", "An interesting discussion about people/society...", "How do you debunk a Stalinist who thinks North Korea is a paradise?", "Woman Probably Just Made Up Rape Story In Order To Get Threatening Emails", "KKK flyers found on Midtown, AL lawns", "Forgotten UB40 brother: I was an armed robber and held up bookies [in order to finance Spanish resistance against Franco]", "Donald Trump's Policies Aren't Anathema to U.S. Mainstream but an Uncomfortable Reflection of It", "The Right Wing Drinking Game - Anti Fascist Action Sydney", "I unknowingly befriended someone from the Grey Wolves (Turkish neo-fascist organisation).", "Does anyone else get really annoyed that people aren't taking things to more logical conclusions?", "I found this article interesting to read and I would like to know the opinion of this subreddit on that matter.", "Doesn't seem like there's an anarchist philosophy subreddit so I'll ask here. Are you nihilist, existentialist, or absurdist?", "Poor People Go Broke Buying Water, Rich People Get It Cheap", "Do Not Support the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) |", "Sociobiology or Social Ecology - Murray Bookchin", "What do you think about Black Rose?", "The Cuba Obama will see is changing, but much remains the same", "Something has been bothering me in this sub.", "Ayncraps discuss refugees. Racism and patriarchy reign supreme.", "10-12 February 2012: The Battle for the Square (New and unseen footage)", "Chaos, violence, and authoritarian rule reign in Turkey. Is there any opening for the Kurdish liberation movement?", "BREAKING: Identities of IDF Soldier Who Executed Unarmed Palestinian–and His Commanding Officer–Exposed", "Any thoughts on this essay?", "Janese Talton-Jackson Killed in Pittsburgh After Refusing a Man's Advances", "My city, Daytona Beach, is depriving our homeless population of basic human dignities. Ideas?", "To Change Everything in 10 More Languages", "Does anyone feel that the best way more support towards radical left ideology in big western countries is going to happen is through a successful revolution in Rojava?", "What do you guys think about the movie \"fight club\" and it's anarchist themes?", "NYC AntiFa organizing a Anti-Trump Rally", "‘Creativity Loves Constraints’: The Paradox of Google’s Twenty Percent Time, by Abe Walker", "If I watch ALL the best conferences and interviews by great professors, philosophers, political activists and intellectuals, as well as ALL the best documentaries as recent and past struggles, AND ALL the best content on Reddit...", "Protest in German city over attacks on refugees", "Diagram Brothers \"Isn't it interesting how neutron bombs work?\"", "Kentucky Republican introduces transphobic student bathroom bill to fine schools $2500 each time a cis student encounters a trans student in a bathroom or locker room", "Where were people killed by police in 2015 (Mapped by US counties)", "Former Baltimore Cop Describes Why Police Behave the Way They Do", "Yet again, worldnews rabidly bashes immigrants and cheers closed borders", "Denver KKK cop painting: What’s wrong with this picture? - City officials coerced a 10th grader to take down their painting depicting a cop dressed as a Klansman pointing a gun at a black kid.", "Anti-Flag - Tearing Down The Borders", "\"Let your life be the counter-friction to stop the machine\" - Henry Thoreau", "/r/Anarchy (this sub) literally has 10 mods", "Public Buses in Maryland Are Recording Their Passengers' Private Conversations - Don't Plan a Riot in One", "How do you guys feel about anarcho-capitalism? Since they advocate capitalism, doesn't that put them at odds with other anarchists?", "Germany: CDU/JU office attacked in Mannheim for supporting Turkey’s AKP regime", "Black Lives Matter protesters block San Francisco's Bay Bridge", "Not sure how you guys feel about Vice, but here's a video they did on US's corrupt bail system", "My House Was Searched Because of France's State of Emergency", "\"I am not a crook.\"", "We have a brief window", "If a world-wide war came down between anti-capitalist and jihadi-fascists wishing to impose shariah law, whom do you thnk would wn?", "62 Percent of Trump's Retweets Are 'White Supremacists'", "UPLIFTING: Trump supporter unable to speak to journalist with big scarey protesters around.", "[TW] \"What rape is not\" - and a suggested new crime", "How did Capitalism derive from Slavery and Feudalism?", "Before Black Flame: A History of Historicist Accounts of Anarchism", "ThIs Site Lik1ely Contains Sexuually Expliicit Photos Of Someeone You Know! khm..laoa", "London 2016: the terrain of struggle in our city", "Woman's Expulsion From Florida Airport Is Just One Example of Everyday Transphobia", "There is a subreddit that shows what the front page of Reddit would look like without deletions.", "Our comrades in Eugene, Or need some help. Anything will help.", "A Resolution (not my video)", "[Request] Is there any transcript of any speech made by Malatesta?", "Getting ready to write my highschool English paper on anarchism", "Anarchism in Central Java, Indonesia - an interview with a WSM supporter travelling in the region, Podcast [x post from /r/worldanarchism]", "\"Civil disobedience has many permutations\"", "Notes from the Digital Underground: Cyber Illegalism and the New Egoists : Computational Culture", "St. Paul cop accused of encouraging drivers to run over BLM protesters", "Any Anarchists in Northern Virginia?", "Andrew O'Neill: Pharmacist Baffler \"comedian Andew O'Neill discusses life as a transvestite. He discusses gender as a transvestite & talks about his own experiences growing up. A humorous take on these difficult and thought provoking issues delights the audience whilst occasionally shocking.\"", "Has anybody in Canada actually been convicted or arrested for wearing a face mask at a protest?", "Silent no longer: confronting sexual violence in the left", "ANARCHISTS plan to urinate on MI5 (secret services)", "A refugee New Year in a Greek Αnarchist shelter [Notara Squat]", "Migrants and refugees storm the port of Calais and board a ferry to the UK", "10-year-old Muslim boy probed by police for poor spelling", "Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos Of Someone You Know! Biggest in the world service for sseex!! ID:agattaodaaasaaltsdoaittg", "gagu cveph w kdvn wgyznj fk hwasqp dgqxvx iofhjeav", "The forgotten workers’ control movement of Prague Spring", "Campaign update: Officially on the ballot", "Crime and Police during revolution", "Not too late to submit material for Transcendiary. I'm working on putting together a free sampler for the Bay Area Book Fair now", "[Community] /u/Anarcho-Transhuman has died at age 75.", "Let's sharpen our ideas on the refugee crisis in Europe", "Series: The Anarchist Critique of Democracy | CrimethInc. Far East Blog", "\"Mr Valls also said that France could extend its current state of emergency for \"as long as is necessary\".", "Why do people still vote?", "Materialism, Scientism, and Ideological Anarchism w/Mark Corske", "Mega-Tour, U.S. - Squealvainia Border Patrol & DHS Checkpoint Questions = Zero, Bullhorn Scale", "Anarchism in Chile, talk in München 29/3", "[TW: Rape/corrupt cops] Rotherham trial: Girl’s diary detailing abuse ‘disappeared’ after being given to police", "Does anyone understand why the Left is failing in Europe?", "\"Linux Sucks\" - 2016 South Cali Linux Expo", "Acracia Science - Translations of early Spanish anarchist texts", "Putting 11-year olds in Detention Prisons Is Sifting Through the Political Hot Air of an Election Year", "We Must Obey [0:30 experimental anarchist film]", "Anyone know a critical analysis of \"drug addictions\" in Social Movements, and society in general?", "ubwhti iqxh iuwbg x cxbmziaj uqn rj", "Anarchist and the public, some rambling and thoughts", "Fraternal Order of Police gets HACKED!", "How might I bring up anarchism with someone whose family escaped from Cuba?", "The Choice is Ours (2016) Full Version (I know this won't be well received but it is rather interesting)", "Renounced his Australian citizenship, creating an independent indigenous nation [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Angry, White and Proud (2015) \"This powerful documentary goes inside the growing number of far-right splinter groups emerging in the UK, providing a candid insight into their members' motivation and agendas\" : Documentaries", "The Final Straw: Trans Prisoner Day of Solidarity & Action / State of Emergency in France", "Speak English or be deported - subtle fascism rearing its ugly head.", "Revenge of the Fallists - Special report from the South African student insurrection", "Any tips for a new vegan? (Vegan anarchist related)", "What does the death of American democracy mean for Anarchism?", "Occupy Buenos Aires: the workers' movement that transformed a city, and inspired the world", "Washington Post Columnist Gets the Boot for \"Focus[ing] Too Much on Issues Like Worker Power\"", "Hive Consciousness. Brain-brain interfaces may force us to challenge our current concept of identity, and modify our understanding of autonomy", "\"Occupy Activists Return to Zuccotti to Phone Bank for Sanders\" ugh", "\"The people want the fall of the house of Saud!\"", "I need a reading recommendation, extra points if a hard copy exists.", "Zine #1: International Trans Prisoner Day of Action and Solidarity – January 22nd 2016", "Instant Online Vote Allocation Developing a bypass for established electoral systems to give control of political representatives back to individuals and community.", "Video Shows Native Hawaiian Man Severely Beaten by Cop for Praying Next to a Seal", "Can anyone tell me about the Worker's Solidarity Alliance?", "Smugglers Prey on Migrants Desperate to Find Back Doors to Europe", "ELI5 should I sign up for medicare?", "I don't udnerstand anarchism. How can u be anarchist and be on the internet?", "Confirmed: San Francisco's Klansman is a Marina Man", "Voltairine de Cleyre's universalistic vision of Anarchism", "Does anyone have an idea of a book or a ressource that lays down a general idea of how would a borderless world work?", "Please explain how an Anarchist can justly be a Communist.", "On \"I can't condemn FGM because of my colonialist past\" - a critical analysis by an ex Muslim", "Refreshingly honest comment from a Fascist about why they support Islamic State in r/SyrianCivilWar.", "Anarchist approaches to land management?", "How should we fight the troubles on this world?", "Untouchable Big Oil Threatens All Life On Earth // Empire_File016", "Knitting Nannas charged in coal-seam gas protest, NSW, Australia", "Mexico town comes together to fight to protect pure water supply from economic interests [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Police have found a new way to monitor you, we too have now gamified obedience to the state", "Saudi Arabia seems to be heating up internally.", "Would You Guys Be Interested In Helping Me Write an Editorial?", "Al Jazeera The Stream - Japan's new era of activism - Five years after Japan’s nuclear disaster, a new wave of political activism is trending.(30 mins)", "Right wingers have started an armed occupation of Malheur National Wildlife Refuge HQ in Oregon.", "“The best parts of our lives are anarchy, already!”", "Is Julie Borowski an Anarchist??", "What's the music y'all anars listen to?", "Music, Awareness & Solidarity w/ Rojava Revolution", "BLM MLK jr. Day protest in Denver", "Anarchist response to the State of the Union Address", "what would you anarchists do if you won the $496 million lotto", "What's your opinion on Thomas & Friends?", "History is made at night: The Battle of Arlingford Road: a Brixton Party raided in 1993", "15 Indigenous Rights Victories That You Didn't Hear About in 2015", "Here's the website of Trump's brownshirts. Anyone with technical skills, well, do your thing", "when did you first GET IT?", "Mexican Anarchists calling themselves Bloque Niños bring toys and clothes to children in the slums", "Women In Baltimore Public Housing Were Forced To Trade Sex For Basic Repairs", "TFC Interview with Anarchist Rev. Dr. Jarrod Cochran what do you peeps think of this?", "\"The feminist movement is not created in the parliament\" 8 march video from the Syndicalist Youth Federation - Stockholm", "At Copenhagen Central Station: A welcome for refugees", "Crime-Fighting Robots Now Patrolling The Streets Of California", "Minority And Low-Income Communities Are Targeted For Hazardous Waste Sites, Research Confirms", "he is so great .. a man of suffering", "Homeless return to Sacramento City Hall under political, legal cloud", "Greek football match delayed as players stage sit-down protest over migrant deaths", "'Blood And Earth' Shows How Two Modern Evils Are Linked: Slavery And Environmental Degradation.", "Against the Gendered Nightmare: Fragments on Domestication (from Baedan 2)", "Urge to kill just went up 1000%", "Is Religion Detrimental to Society?", "Ancaps love their false dichotomies. Here's a discussion from r/Anarcho_Capitalism where ancaps are saying ancoms care more about equality than liberty and are happy to sacrifice liberty for equality.", "Ex-Worker Podcast #47: Introducing the Anarchist Critique of Democracy", "What's your take on Femen?", "It looks like C4SS may be working on a new edition of Benjamin Tucker's \"Instead of a Book\"", "20th Internation Day Against Police Brutality. Montreal: March 15 2016, 8pm. Corner Garnier & Rachel.", "The War Against the Cowboys", "Question for ancoms- What incentivizes people without hierarchy?", "Today was all I could take and it's only just striking noon", "We Need To Improve Anarchist Propaganda", "Ancient Roman graffiti is important to archaeologists and historians because it gives voices to the lower class. Almost all literature from the time is from rich/sponsored free men.", "Congressman Who Voted For Drug Testing Food Stamp Recipients Busted For Cocaine", "You'll Never Really Be Your Own Boss [xp-/sideprojects]", "Is Fascism Back? by Robert O. Paxton", "Linking to r/metanarchism and r/anarchism from Drama and Reactionary subreddits is now against the rules (Link to r/metanarchism post, please comment there not here)", "mueu dy dcmiv kqzc fywzs iuvsbfyh zqniyio", "How could an anarchist revolution succeed within the UK?", "Any other comrades here who are free software and free culture advocates?", "\"Concerned Student 1950\" - Intercept Documentary", "Noam Chomsky's First Campaign Contribution Was To Bernie Sanders*", "What if the Aborigines had Colonized England?", "Is anyone else really influenced by L. Susan Brown? Let's talk about her ideas.", "Why Social Darwinism is hurting our society", "\"I know that you know nothing\": how humble is anarchy? (600w, O.C.)", "Israeli Lawmaker: Palestine Can't Be A State Because There's No Arabic 'P'", "How do you all feel about the concept of human rights?", "My friend is being stalked (phone + twitter)", "Augustus Sol Invictus Got Jumped In Portland", "What do you think about convivialism?", "New LibSoc Rants! Capitalism and Mental Health", "Anarchist propaganda and meaningful discourse today", "Drowned Syrian toddler's father wept over French(Hebdo) cartoon", "Damn Man Uses His Head To Bust Through A Window After Being Locked Inside For Shoplifting!", "proposal for a decentralized anarchist discussion forum", "Mainstream Politics Megathread - {{date}}", "Is it just me or is the right on the rise more or less globally?", "Would Libertarians/Ancaps and Left Anarchists be able to come to some sort of a middle-ground and act as a single force against the \"two-party\" system of USA, warmongering, etc.?", "You are all so fucking cool. I hope one day we meet in the streets.", "Book Review: Guide to the Crystal Gems", "Masked Montreal cops go on violent rampage during undercover operation | A look back on the events of Dec. 18th, 2015", "Cyprus: Longer enslavement for ‘mentally unfit’ draftees", "What do you think about the so called conflict between the \"Old Left\" and the \"New Left\"? Would appreciate some light on it.", "\"The Wikimedia Foundation's top decision-making body is now run by corporates\"", "\"I'm thinking of joining the Rojava revolution\" - Your Questions Answered Here (cross post /r/rojava)", "Performance Art to Combat Consumerism Culture", "Yo, what are transhumanists about?", "Everything you need to know about being black in 21st century America", "Bernie Sanders Will Name David Graeber Secretary of Treasury", "Jewish Extremists Pose a Growing Threat to Israel: Experts", "Is Sanders a Political Rebel?", "Nothing will beat the savviness of the 2008 RNC Welcoming Committee:", "Calais: migrants storm port and board ‘Spirit of Britain’ ferry", "Onion Explains: The Totalitarian State Of North Korea", "\"...treating a racist injury solely with class-based remedies is like treating a gun-shot wound solely with bandages. The bandages help, but they will not suffice.\"", "BLM MLK jr. Day protest", "[13/01] Santiago: \"La bomba\" n°16 For the expansion of chaos and anarchy!", "Making a Murderer depicts miscarriages of justice that are not at all rare", "Belgium said 'push migrants back to sea' - Greek minister", "\"Donald Trump and the Politics of Resentment\" new Arch Druid Report", "Shooting of Kurds waving white flag caught on camera (GRAPHIC VIDEO)", "The Middle Class Is A Lie", "Guantanamo Bay Murders? Sgt Joseph Hickman says CIA killed prisoners", "The International Common Law Court: Genocide in Canada", "Police, Neo-Nazis work together in clashes with migrants in Calais", "Does anyone else think that reading about the law leads them more towards anarchism?", "Concentration camp construction machinery torched (Calais, France)", "German government steals valuables from impoverished refugees [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "Racism, Law, & Politics (Race Part 1) | Philosophy Tube", "Book Review: Delusions of Gender", "Fоr rеgistrеd аnd оnlу..Night shоw with mе!", "Chicago Cops Say Keeping Evidence of Misconduct Puts Cops in Danger – So They’re Destroying It", "What's the best news website in your opinion?", "Greenpeace Has Gone Over to the Dark Side With Their Endorsement For the Sealing Industry", "People who say suicide is selfish are the real selfish ones", "The Ex-Worker #45: 2015 Year in Review! | CrimethInc.", "Fallout is a post capitalism simulator", "Graphic video of Israeli soldier executing wounded Palestinian while wounded soldier receives medical treatment (x-post from r/CommunismWorldwide)", "Trump is coming to my home, Phoenix. I don't know how to find the local antifa movements, where do I go?", "A Practical Utopian’s Guide to the Coming Collapse.", "Simplistically speaking - Given a big group of people without any System - how would you make Anarchy work?", "Attempted attack on Donald Trump at Dayton Ohio March today. This hero is an ANARCHIST without question!", "r/LeftActivism, recently created for all leftist tendencies to post about upcoming demonstrations and counter demonstrations against fascists", "Slavoj Žižek: Political Correctness is a More Dangerous Form of Totalitarianism", "Anarchist movements alive right now", "Bob Marley & The Wailers - Burnin' and Lootin' [La Haine opening scene]", "Dyer Lum: On Anarchy (", "[Anarchism] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:ldgotadt", "Cops use stun guns mostly on black and Hispanic suspects, data shows.", "Forget \"Bowling Alone\", the rise of singles, polyamory, urbanism, and chosen families of friends has helped make our society more fluid, more interconnected, and more adaptable", "Does anyone know anything about advanced home building materials and techniques? Besides adobe, wood, etc.", "TFSRadio: Support Nicole & Joseph and Mumia Abu-Jamal's push for prisoner Hep C treatment", "South Africa: Opponent of Xolobeni mine, Sikhosiphi Rhadebe, has been assassinated", "Some thoughts on \"Liberals\", non-profits, and mitigating rapacious capitalism", "Power in India: Struggle for Tribal Autonomy and Ecological Democracy", "The president forgot to mention all the deaths, foreign & domestic, done by the state", "Mutualists of /r/Anarchism. Question for you about your relation to libertarian socialism that has always confused me.", "(VIDEO) Protest against ID controls at Copenhagen Airport", "Respectfully asked a question on /r/Anarcho-Capitalism, already the first comments are angry and condescending.", "Minneapolis Cops Won't Be Charged for Killing Jamar Clark", "How does one engage communities that are super-exploited under capitalism, i.e. feudal-tied tea workers, people living under slums, without imposing our body of \"knowledge' upon them. How do we engage dialogically, instead of authoritatively? And is that even preferable?", "Oh, r/DebateFascism, how you make me hate people.", "oh just some more anti-homeless propaganda", "Bloc Party: Trans Prisoner Day of Solidarity", "Spain: Complaint over council's mini portrait of king", "Turkey’s ‘deep state’ terror squads: the ‘spycops’ licensed to kill", "European court of human rights rules extrajudicial murders are just fine", "what are some non-biased, professional sources showing the failure of capitalism?", "Anyone know any good anarcha-feminist blogs?", "The poor fetish: commodifying working class culture", "There's no such thing as capitalism", "#ResistCapitalism is trending on twitter. • /r/socialism--but seriously those, idiots who point out the irony in using twitter to express anti-capitalism. *facepalm*", "What do you think about the ''bitcoin revolution\"?", "How Much Property Is Ethical?", "'Mobs riot in West End' - 25 years since the London Poll Tax Riot", "Confederalist Forces advancing from three fronts to connect Efrin with the rest of Rojava", "Report on tickets issued to homeless in Boulder, CO", "When the gov tried to discredit sub-comandante Marcos by claiming he was gay, Marcus responded with this poem", "Alabama prison riot: Warden, guard stabbed in uprising at Holman Correctional Facility", "Man found stabbed inside his burning home in Fresno last week is confirmed to be John Lang, a police accountability activist who predicted the Fresno Police would kill him just days prior to his death", "Officers who rape: The police brutality chiefs ignore", "Notes Towards a Theory of the Manarchist", "Are people with strong personal initiative more likely to develop a capitalist ideology than an anarchist one?", "Against Democracy (newly translated book from Spain)", "Anyone got a reasonable estimate on far right (eg neonazis) world wide vs numbers of leftists world wide : socialism", "Fireworks in Minneapolis For Trans Prisoners", "Anti-fascist demo in Dover, UK January 30th", "They've created hell on earth.", "The USSR vs socialism, Noam Chomsky", "13 Questions for Social Justice Warriors, I'd love to hear your guyses responses.", "How to hook up with radical/anarchist groups in Montreal?", "PunkMakezine issue 1. Inc. D.I.Y Enclosede Ⓐ (A) keyboard Modification (DIY repost) No soldering!", "The new rule that was just passed on Met@, and why you should care", "'Paradise Is in This Life, Not the Next': The Marxists of Gaza Are Fighting for a Secular State", "Just read \"The Society of the Spectacle\" and looking to what's next", "Announcement: /r/IndividualAnarchism will be hosting a weekly reading group.", "Strikes: Keep them General and Wild", "Ain't Marchin' No More; GI Revolts in Vietnam", "Turkey would strike YPG in Syria as it did PKK in Iraqs Qandil, PM Davutoğlu says", "Mainstream Politics Megathread - 2016-03-27", "[Xpost from r/pic] Found this quote by Teddy Roosevelt on immigration", "I'm scared of the future.", "The Anarchist Youtube Poop Compilation of DOOM!", "The Anarchist Library, torrent + updates, January 2016", "Is the state inherently capitalist?", "Mein Kamf sells out in Germany", "For three years, state Department of Corrections staff knew a software-coding error was miscalculating prison sentences and allowing inmates to be released early", "Is anarchism tainted by christianity?", "London 2016; The terrain of struggle in our city.", "What do you think of illegalism, /r/anarchism?", "reactionaries are weaponizing assault victims to perpetuate their racism", "Letter by CCF member Panagiotis Argirou on the occasion of the nearing end of the Phoenix Project trial (Greece)", "An Act of Terror: Deporting a Kurdish Activist Back to Turkey", "Protests in Saudi's Qatif after execution of top Shia cleric--Nimr al-Nimr, who was key to start of pro-democracy protests in the kingdom's east, one of 47 people executed on Saturday", "How I feel about the election", "Could body modification be a pathway to liberation?", "23 Turkish soldiers refuse to take part in Kurdish massacre", "Bloc Party: You Can’t Sit With Us", "Update on new repressions against CCF & Nikos Romanos (Korydallos Prison, Greece)", "10 Year Old Girl 'Frisked' by TSA (video)", "When Police Kill Us, We Don’t Need To Apologize", "Chicago is more of a direct action town (x-post /r/chicago)", "Maoist Third Worldist \"Leading Light Communist Organization\" exposed as informants", "How bigots should be dealt with when no other weapons are available.", "Protest for Ethiopian civil rights blocks downtown Seattle streets", "“I Can’t Breathe”: Leaked Police Cam Shows Handcuffed Oakland Man Screaming for Help Until He Dies", "A generation of failed politicians has trapped the west in a tawdry nightmare [x-post r/socialanarchism]", "A problem in the Left", "So this is happening in my hometown...", "/r/Anarchism knows about \"'71\" a violent fictionalization of the violence in Northern Ireland in the 70's?", "Noam Chomsky on MLK & Leaders", "NY Gov Cuomo orders all homeless into shelters", "Resistance or Revolution | Robert Graham's Anarchism Weblog", "News from the WHITECHAPEL FRONT LINE \"Martin comments on the looming crisis in E.1. and the civil wars within the main parties.\"", "[Anarchism] I invite you to visit! The meeting will be unforgettable! 18+", "The Chicago Conspiracy Trailer (English Version): Film about Anarchism, Social War, Dictatorship, 'Democracy' and the conflict between American 'Libertarianism' and Liberation in Chile", "Noam Chomsky: Why I'm Not a Liberal", "Elisee Reclus - Advice to My Anarchist Comrades (1901)", "TIL about the time an 84 y.o. nun broke into a US nuclear weapons complex, defaced a building containing weapons grade uranium, and then hung out for two hours before offering the guards who finally caught them flowers and bread", "Enbridge valve site sabotaged yet again", "A character in Bojack Horseman just mentioned Emma Goldman in his rock opera", "The UN library announced its most-checked-out book of 2015: \"Immunity of Heads of State and State Officials for International Crimes\"", "On the Lam with Bank Robber Enric Duran", "Chile: Noise-Bomb Set Off Against Highway Construction Company", "Ideas Week: Accept that the World has Changed (Maoist youtuber but the point is equally valid with in the Anarchist movement)", "The Youth are Brainwashed Sheep", "A group of 10 Armed Organisations in Turkey and Kurdistan have announced an alliance with the PKK called the 'Peoples' United Revolutionary Movement', aiming to attain democracy and free future for peoples against imperialism, capitalism, chauvinism, fascism and racism", "How do you feel about uber?", "Diversity is for white people: The big lie behind a well-intended word", "Anarcho Communism vs Anarcho Capitalism", "Breaking the Law to Feed the Homeless", "Industrial Hog Farming and Environmental Racism (xpost r/environmentaljustice)", "If you don't know that the human population is being systematically dumbed down, then you may have been systematically dumbed down", "Financial survival during a 'collapse'", "Oligarchy in the U.S.A. [Unlocked]", "Testing Kurzweil predictions 2019 : singularity", "More debunking of Gail Tverberg - Sorry, paying the workers are not important anymore.", "The Mystery of America’s Missing Capital Investment: media paying some attention to the decline narrative, but still ignoring the declining resource explanation.", "Why we’ve been hugely underestimating the overfishing of the oceans", "Survivalists And Preppers, Have You Thought About Where You DON’T Want to Be When the Proverbial Poop Hits the Fan? Here’s the Map", "androidthemes This is not Dat1ng s1te! its largest world online search partners in you hometown!", "The Agonies of Sensible People - CFN", "Mitch Feierstein: Total Economic Collapse Coming In 2016", "World Trade Shipping has ceased", "Venezuela on the brink - organised crime controls the economy, doctors estimate over 400,00 cases of the Zika Virus", "Economic Undertow: A look to 2016", "NASA finds drought in Eastern Mediterranean worst of past 900 years", "27 things that could cause the apocalypse", "Meltdown Earth: the shocking reality of climate change kicks in – but who is listening?", "More Signs of Winter Arctic Melt — Icebergs are Showing up off Newfoundland in January", "Surging Seas: Risk Zone Map", "Anyone heard of the Azolla?", "Food for thought: The decline in marriage", "This Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos Of Someone You Know! for collapse", "First time in known history, not one cargo ship is in-transit in the North Atlantic between Europe and North America", "Japan’s elderly turn to life of crime to ease cost of living", "Possible new low/storm forming near greenland, potential to push more warm air to arctic.", "Government Reaction to a Crisis", "2016: The Year the Oil Era Enters Terminal Decline", "Antarctic loss could double expected sea level rise by 2100, scientists say", "The past and future of food stocks", "Ending of China's super-boom spells pain with no end seen yet", "Asian shares drop to 2011 levels as oil slump intensifies - \"We are coming to a stage where we need to consider the risk of recession in the global economy\"", "A group of more than 40 millionaires in New York state has written to Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top lawmakers calling on them to consider raising taxes on the state’s wealthiest residents to help address poverty and rebuild failing infrastructure.", "Disaster Capitalism Is Now Collapse Capitalism", "The stock market just did something it's done only 3 other times in the past 100 years — and it's not good", "In 2015, wildfires reach a major milestone in the U.S.: 10.12 million acres burned, the largest extent on record", "Arctic sea ice reaches new record low mark for wintertime", "Does a collapse have to be catastrophic? Is a \"political\" collapse and revolution possible?", "Default on global monetary system coming", "Tuna stocks face collapse if nations do not act", "Current pace of environmental change is unprecedented in Earth’s history", "Savior Seeds | India's Water Crisis (VICE on HBO: Season 3, Episode 9)", "Efforts to Plug Massive California Gas Leak Risk a Complete Blowout and Explosion", "We had all better hope these scientists are wrong about the planet’s future", "OPEC Declines in February Despite Huge Iran Increase", "Neglect May Do What ISIS Didn’t: Breach Iraqi Dam [500,000 people could be killed]", "Doomsday Clock: Scientists to announce humanity is closer to apocalypse than ever before!", "131 years of temperature data • /r/WeatherGifs", "Six Paths to Near-term Human Extinction", "Is James Rickards Right About A Coming Monetary Apocalypse?", "Soil productivity cut by climate change, making societies more marginal: studies", "(We Should Have Entered the Next Ice Age But) Mounting Evidence Suggests Early Agriculture Staved Off Global Cooling", "Terminal American Apathy - A Population Perfectly Ripened For Authoritarian Control", "The Death of Capitalism - Ian Walsh", "The word “biodiversity” is employed once in the Paris agreement’s 32 pages. There is no mention of extinction.", "People are starving in East Africa -- again -- as the world looks away", "Economic Collapse Of 2016: Top Trends Forecaster", "Jevon's paradox and renewable energy", "A 2-degree rise in global temperatures may actually cause a massive increase worldwide. Scientists have found that if emissions rates don't change, there could be a jump in temperatures by 2030.", "The collapse of infrastructure will only help the already successful even more - and the remaining infrastructure will be defended to death by the dedicated guards of the sytem", "In 2015, wildfires reach a major milestone: 10.12 million acres burned, the largest extent on record", "When Will peak Civilization occur?", "Can we afford the energy demands of “the fourth industrial revolution”? Don’t ask", "Mali's Desert Elephants Face Extinction in 3 Years", "The Myth of the Barter Economy", "Are eco-friendly initiatives pointless unless we tackle overpopulation?", "A Terrifying Jump in Global Temperatures — December of 2015 at 1.4 C Above 1890", "\"The world that you see is being configured to a probable reality that you haven’t yet chosen.\": Doug Rushkoff Says Companies Should Stop Growing", "razil descends into chaos as Olympics looms", "Siberian Arctic leads the way in 'revolutionary' Northern Hemisphere warming - Average temperatures [..] 4C to 5C higher", "New Statistical Analysis: ' the odds are vanishingly small that 13 out of the 15 warmest years ever measured would all have happened in the current, still young century.'", "Is the West fragmenting? - BBC Newsnight", "[collapse] My girlfriend is a prostitute! Damn I found it on this site ... Check out friends and girlfriends.", "Dangerous Levels Of Lead, Cadmium In Popular Chocolate Brands, Watchdog Group Alleges: “We assumed that companies were testing their products before they put them on the market but they’re not.”", "So what's the deal with economic collapse?", "77% of World’s Fisheries may Fully Recover within a Decade", "Oil Sold for -$0.50 per Barrel. A Negative Price!", "'If the world ends in 2100, we’re probably OK' (Taking a Longer View on Climate Change)", "Zika virus: US scientists say vaccine '10 years away'", "Ecological collapse circumscribes traditional women's work in Iraq's Mesopotamian Marshes", "Chinese share trading halt sends cold ripples across Asian markets - \"back in a world of currency wars\"", "Aestivating fish face extinction due to climate change", "NASA photo shows New Guinea going up in flames", "Archdruid Report: Donald Trump and the Politics of Resentment", "Calling the bottom in oil prices over a year ago, I was only 6 cents out.", "Oil and natural gas drilling rigs hit 70-year low.", "Black Power Since 1873-World War I,World War II,Holocaust,Political Correctness,Islamism,Coloured Racism", "Consequences Of Catastrophic Climate Change", "Solar Energy is a bubble waiting to happen.", "Alan Watts on Death (Collapse)", "Study: British need to retire at 81 to get parents’ standard. The report says “without significantly higher levels of engagement in pensions, we may be witnessing the death of retirement.”", "First case of Zika virus reported in Arkansas", "Public never told, but investigators suspected Flint River tie to fatal Legionnaires' outbreak in 2014. 10 killed.", "Lights Out for the Putin Regime: The Coming Russian Collapse | Foreign Affairs", "Ka-boom Goes the Bottom of the US Bond Market", "Dallas Fed Suspends Energy Mark-To-Market", "Nuclear Disasters: A Much Greater Event Has Already Taken Place", "VICE on HBO - Season 3, Episode 3: Countdown to Extinction (@time=14.50)", "The Latest: Zika Case Detected in Arkansas Traveler", "Exporting Environmental Problems: China's Success Regrowing its Forests Has a Flip Side --Deforestation Elsewhere", "Study demonstrates that high-latitude water bodies represent some of the largest natural sources of methane and could increase more than 50% by the end of the century.", "Much More Than Just Trump", "Collapse and Futurology - two sides of the same coin", "We Can't Make It Here Anymore by James Mcmurtry", "Climate change could cause 4450 deaths in Myanmar", "Up to ankles in SLR and they still can't see it!: Florida Drowning", "David Graeber: \"DEBT: The First 5,000 Years\" | Talks at Google", "Why Our Financial System Is Like the Titanic", "Where are all the bad girls?", "Politics in the US are becoming violent", "Thom Hartmann on managing the decline.", "When The Economy Crashes Parts Of America Will Resemble A 3rd World Country: Peter Schiff", "Humans aren’t as cooperative as we thought, but they make up for it via stupidity", "Nevsky Capital suspends business and posts letter detailing the unmanageable risk factors driving the decision.", "According to a new study, efforts to curtail world temps will almost surely fail: \"A person living today uses about four times as much energy as a person did in the early 1900s.\"", "How 1 million Manchurians ruled 300 million Chinese - a manual for avoiding collapse", "Has North Korea Crossed The Point Of No Return?", "Basically there are only two choices - 99% dies and the remaining 1% reach a higher level of civilization and to the stars, or everyone dies in a dark age", "Satellite images suggest tropical forests from the Amazon to the Philippines are disappearing at a far more rapid pace than previously thought, a University of Maryland team of forest researchers say.", "Bruce Schneier: We're sleepwalking towards digital disaster and are too dumb to stop", "While Global Temperatures Rise, the Poor Burn Faster", "S.China Sea tensions surge as China lands plane on artificial island", "It's not just Flint — every major American city has hazardous amounts of lead hurting kids", "Unknown continental-scale process is dumping phosphorus into streams and lakes across the U.S.", "Anywhere from 4.3 to 13.1 million people in the coastal United States will be at risk of inundation due to sea level rise by 2100, according to a new study that combines population growth projections with sea level rise forecasts.", "Peter Wadhams Conference: Global Warming and Collapse of Civilization", "This mind-boggling study shows just how massive sea level rise really is", "New Model Estimates China's Share of Global Warming, Back to the Year 1750", "Tom Engelhardt: Failed States and States of Failure", "Chinese exports plunge 25% in February", "Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos Of Someone You Know! Biggest in the world service for sseex!! ID:agadiodtsatadaglia", "Scarlet fever: Once-feared Victorian disease infecting hundreds of children a week", "Europe Stocks Fall to 13-Month Low as Results Stoke Global Fears", "The Great Chinese Crash BBC Documentary 2016", "Discussion: Is the U.S. too politically diverse?", "What Chinese Market Turmoil Tells Us About 2016", "Gail Tverberg: Something Has Got To Break - 1hr Podcast with Chris Martenson", "Friday's US Jobs Report: Will Hiring Survive Global Turmoil?", "Why Biofuels Aren't Working Out, Despite a Decade of Investment | MIT Technology Review", "Newly discovered giant rifts and lakes mean that ice sheets could become surprisingly unstable as climate changes", "[discuss]Right now we can buy ourselves some time through wealth redistribution like Sanders wants to do, where the luxuries for the elite are sacrificed to ensure everyone can afford the basic necessities, but that’s a temporary solution at best.", "Tired of no one talking about real solutions? Well, here are some:", "In order to grow feedstock for its cattle, water-poor Saudi Arabia buys up land in drought-stricken California.(Not from The Onion)", "\"Scientists attributed their extinction 94 million years ago to the combination of global warming and their own failure to evolve swiftly enough.\" \"We find that the extinction was abrupt, not gradual,\"", "Lawrence Solomon: Forget the old Peak Oil theory, now the oil industry’s doom will be its everlasting supply (Contrarian)", "Fossil fuel burning 'postponing next ice age'", "Ebola has now killed a third of the world’s gorilla and chimpanzee populations – ‘This epidemic has reduced the population to a point where it can no longer sustain itself in the face of poaching and other pressures’", "The peripheries always go first - the core will remain strong as long as it can. Russia, etc, will have to go so the most valuable part of the world can function longer.", "Clouds, like blankets, trap heat and are melting the Greenland Ice Sheet", "DISTURBED - Another Way To Die [1080p HD]", "Urban Agriculture? Only 1% Of Seattle Residents Could Eat Locally Even With All Viable Space In Use", "someone at okcupid gets it. lol.", "New study on self-driving cars finds that full automation may lead to carbon backlash", "China Holds Earth For Ransom", "GIF: Population Projection 1960-2060: Russia vs Egypt [OC] • /r/dataisbeautiful", "I'm becoming more anti-progressive, and more annoyed with everything.", "Environmental Factors Like Pollution Cause a Quarter of Deaths, W.H.O. Says", "Coral Bleaching Hits The Great Barrier Reef After Australia Temperatures Break Records", "‘River of trash’ chokes Beirut suburb as city’s garbage crisis continues unabated", "Following The Paris Climate Conference, The Mudslinging Starts", "Paris climate deal seen costing $12.1 trillion over 25 years or about 75% more than current projections show for its growth.", "What will happen to the world's religions after the collapse?", "Do You Live In A Hotspot For Civil Unrest?", "Mocked and forgotten: who will speak for the American white working class?", "50 Million Americans Prepare For \"Potentially Historic\" Winter Storm", "1099 A virus linked to shrinking newborns’ brains is spreading rapidly beyond Brazil", "Apple has dumped $100B in market value in past month", "Good at making improvised weapons? DARPA now had a contest where you can send in your ideas \"to help fight terrorists\"", "The U.S. Is At The Center Of The Global Economic Meltdown", "Track in Kansas where Amtrak train derailed was due for repai", "The World Is Hemorrhaging Methane, and Now We Can See Where", "The Ghosts of Futurology Past: A bibliography of predictions, collapse or otherwise", "Deadly virus, California Flu leaked, 20 dead and 200 infected so far. Ukraine", "Japan is the Canary in the Coal Mine of the Global Collapse", "Ancient ‘dead seas’ offer a stark warning for our own near future", "So 100% solar solves climate change but a region's energy wealth would be inverse proportionally to population density, right?", "Is Non-OPEC Beginning Serious Decline?", "Did \"Ferfal\" change your mind about living in a city vs the countryside? Why or why not?", "All Hollowed Out: The lonely poverty of America’s white working class", "Biggest Service Online! Find Your Girls for sex! my asl", "Brazil descends into chaos as Olympics looms", "Peak-Oil Predictions Didn’t Pan Out, But Concerns About Supply Persist As Conventional Crude Slides", "Northern Polar Melt Re-Asserts With A Vengeance — Arctic Sea Ice Volume Closed on New Record Lows During February", "Pray for Calamity: A Demon Haunted World", "A Closer Look at OPEC - Peak Oil Barrel", "Noam Chomsky: 2016 Election Puts US at Risk of \"Utter Disaster\"", "Conservationists in Hong Kong push to save agarwood", "Iran accuses Saudi Arabia of missile strike on its embassy in Yemen capital", "A Fairfax Media and Huffington Post investigation has uncovered an extraordinary case of bribery and corruption in the oil industry, centred on Monaco-based company Unaoil. This is how the West carved up Iraq.", "The Anthropocene is functionally and stratigraphically distinct from the Holocene", "I found a match on this site who has become very special to me. dx38iVDcVSp", "Climate Helped to Trigger Angkor’s Fall", "Is the Sun Setting on America's Superpower Status?", "Simpsons writer says President Trump episode was 'warning to US'; \"A possible future Trump presidency, said the episode’s writer Dan Greaney, “just seemed like the logical last stop before hitting bottom. It was pitched because it was consistent with the vision of America going insane”.", "We have only 10 years left to completely reduce our CO2 emissions [Infographic]", "World war 3 Update & Death of Petrodollar - X22 Report Interview", "Real estate prices don't actually collapse when the sea moves in.", "Citizen scientists: The public health is in now our hands", "Jim Rogers: There's a 100% Probability of a U.S. Recession Within Year", "Record Numbers Of Retired Americans Are Working Part-Time Jobs", "Sweden limits mortgage loans to... 105 year", "These 7 Things Are Better Than Paper Money In The Bank When The Economy Collapses", "pherlo comments on CMV:This is the best time to be alive! Have you noticed the \"Everything was better back in my day!\" phenomena. It's all wrong!", "The dollar is very strong, unsinkable I might say... like the Titanic", "Chomsky \"discusses global warming, war with Russia, the U.S. presidential election and the survival of human civilization.\"", "Welcome to the Anthropocene: Five Signs Earth Is in a Man-Made Epoch", "Antibiotics becoming ineffective at treating some child infections", "More Than 500,000 Adults Will Lose SNAP Benefits in 2016 as Waivers Expire | Center on Budget and Policy Priorities", "The updated effective radiative forcing of major anthropogenic aerosols and their effects on global climate at present and in the future - Zhang - 2016 - International Journal of Climatology", "Random Stabbings Are Up in New York City", "Best place to buy a few acres, small house, in the U.S.?", "Look at the jaw-dropping emptiness of America", "Grain body says South Africa may need to import 5 mln tonnes of maize", "Despite signs that the world will cut its future fossil fuel use, greenhouse gases already emitted are still driving accelerating climate change: \"The WMO’s evidence suggests that massive damage is indeed inevitable.\"", "Energy Wars of Attrition: The Irony of Oil Abundance", "'A tipping point': record number of Americans see global warming as threat", "Pretend to the Bitter End - CFN", "Arthur Berman: Why The Price Of Oil Must Rise", "Stock markets plunge as investors fear global economic slowdown - FTSE 100 [..] has fallen more than 20%", "The US Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover", "Study that found that three out four coastal floods over the last decade have been caused by climate change", "Depop might be the 'gentler' way to face the inevitable, although I don't think it actually exists.", "Oil company defaults are spiking", "The Dark Side of Clean Energy in Mexico:\"Clean energy is part of the continuous exponential economic growth of capital.\"", "Winter Tops Charts As Warmest on Record For U.S.", "Wall Street shaken by China turmoil, oil slide -\"global markets are facing a crisis\"", "\"We will, no doubt, see the USA ultimately split into at least four separate nations that are divided but still “united” as states.\" - Martin Armstrong", "What I think fast crash doomers are missing.", "El Salvador Urges against Pregnancies until 2018 as Zika Virus Spreads", "The Slum - good 6 part series about life in a Manila slum", "Drought and crop yields: What wealthy nations can learn from poorer ones", "Ten degrees in a decade", "We are in the midst of The Sixth Extinction", "This subreddit is like a bad car accident... It's completely depressing, but I can't stop looking.", "Italy could trigger Europe’s next financial crisis", "[Video] Water crisis, sewage, India, the world.", "One crop breeding cycle from starvation", "Doomsday planning for less crazy folk", "Dry winter leaves Pakistan's farmers looking for work in town", "Next Financial Crisis Could Overwhelm World's Defenses, IMF Says", "Oil just smashed below $30", "There's BIG business in financial collapse and we need to know when we're being played.", "Cloud blanket warms up melting icecap", "The Davos solution to inequality? Ramp up the neoliberal 'development' model; lighten business regulation; pursue globalisation with greater vigor... Yes, you got it. They would all accelerate the transfer the world's wealth upwards to corporate elites.", "What is stopping a fast collapse and near term extinction", "Peruvian Forestry Official too good at stopping logging - is fired", "Nature Study Reveals Rapid Ice-Wedge Loss Across Arctic: Widespread permafrost phenomenon with major hydrological, climate implications", "Jobs Involving Routine Tasks Aren't Growing", "Climate change: Cereal harvests across the world 'fall by 10% in 50 years'", "Canadians Panic As Food Prices Soar On Collapsing Currency", "Golden Hammer: Feds spending millions to arm agencies that don't need guns. g up on body armor during President Obama’s watch EPA, VA, FDA among those nabbing heavy armaments.", "So what if we gave all the science and data to IBM Watson and Googles DeepMind AI systems and asked them so climate change what's the solution?", "Income inequality will not create collapse - collapse occurs when the center can't hold.", "A World in Hot Water sees Floods, Floods Everywhere : \"I'm from this part of the state and, quite frankly, it's almost hard to believe. It's almost as if you're living on some other planet.\"", "The Economics of War: A Case Study on Jaish al-Islam - Syria", "Preserving Oral Hygiene In A SHTF Scenario", "‘Mind boggling’: Study shows less than 3% of Americans have ‘healthy lifestyle’", "BBC - Schlumberger cuts 10,000 jobs as oil price slump continues", "(2015) Racing Extinction: New Discovery Channel film on what we are doing to the Oceans and Land. Hooray for the Anthropocene!", "Whatever happened to the stock markets", "Congo giraffes on brink of extinction say conservationists", "Small towns devastated: must drive 50 miles to get groceries. walmart shuts down local businesses through competition then leaves towns.", "Texas Oil and Gas Production Declining", "Debunking Gail Tverberg's claim that weak personal incomes are the cause of collapse", "We are not edging up to a mass extinction — Stewart Brand — Aeon Essays", "Efforts To Curtail World Temperatures Will Surely Fail", "Is there a way to provide a \"collapse pill\" of four key facts to share with people?", "Dow could drop 80% from Recent High, Jamie Dimon now Billionaire", "\"A significant change in the strength of the AMOC would alter winds, temperatures and precipitation patterns around the globe.\"", "On the front line: In Greece, 40% of loans and 55% of mortgages are not being paid down", "Western Medicine Is (corrupt) Rockefeller Medicine – All The Way", "Climate Change and Global Food Security", "Gail predicted $20 per barrel oil one year ago on the Peak Prosperity Podcast", "JPMorgan downgrades all but one emerging economy", "NASA, NOAA — 2015 Was Hottest Year on Record By a Significant Margin. 2016 May be Even Hotter", "Desperate Times in the Oil Patch: Saudis Consider Selling Oil Interests", "Financial markets hit by global unease", "Death Rates Rise for Young White Americans Too", "The Perfect Storm Is Forming In The Economy And It Will Crash Hard", "More than two-thirds of the land needed to produce the UK’s food and feed is based abroad, researchers said, meaning 64% of the related greenhouse gases are emitted on foreign soil and the related environmental impacts are burdening poorer countries.", "The implications of peak energy", "World War I as the End of Civilization", "When Trucks Stop Running, So Does Civilization. Energy and the Future of Transportation", "Humanity Will Destroy Earth's Soil And Water Faster Than We Can Switch To 100% Renewable Energy", "Study finds that three out four coastal floods over the last decade have been caused by climate change", "London breaches air pollution limit for the whole of 2016 in just over seven days.", "Geoengineering News: Antarctic Techno-fix Cannot Slow Rising Seas (File This to 'WTF')", "BHP Billiton takes £5bn writedown on US oil assets as price slump takes toll", "California natural gas leak just one of thousands across country", "Top 20 Reasons why population growth was abandoned by environmental groups", "LifeItself: The Way We Were", "Zika virus spreading 'explosively', says World Health Organisation", "We have one generation to save our cities, global engineering firm warns: Combined challenge of climate change and population growth puts premium on rapid urbanisation ‘in a way that’s not going to kill us’, says head of Arup", "A Brazilian town plans to release millions of genetically modified mosquitoes to suppress the wild mosquito population responsible for Zika and Dengue outbreaks.", "[Meta] Can we try to be more balanced?", "Countering Gail Tverberg's latest post \"Our economy is reaching limits in a strange way\"", "Refugee Crisis Could Explode Violently in Europe", "A sign of things to come: Flint toxic water tragedy points directly to Michigan Gov. Snyder", "Malayan tiger on the brink of extinction", "Brazil’s economy will contract more than previously forecast and is heading for the deepest recession since at least 1901 as economic activity and confidence sink amid a political crisis, a survey of analysts showed.", "Woohoo! Scientists say human greenhouse gas emissions have canceled the next ice age", "Why Tainter and Turchin are obsolete today - collapse can be postponed for a long time", "After a 400-year population boom, we need to reconnect with the sun", "Almost Half the World Cooking As If It Were the Stone Age, WHO Warns", "Oops! Effort to save monarch butterflies hastens their possible extinction", "Iran adds half a million barrels of oil to already oversaturated market...", "Evidence of declining SO2 from ships and coal as causes of 2015 Northern Hemisphere temperature spurt", "Dana danford is he crazy", "Mapped: How climate change will slow progress towards curbing malnutrition", "$3.17 TRILLION wiped off global stocks so far this year", "The Long Term Impact Of The Oil Rig Crash", "Cassandra's Legacy: have CO2 emissions peaked?", "Unpaid subprime car loans hit 20-year high. Higher than last recession.", "The Survivalist - Is Bernie Dangerous? [Video]", "Long range forecast by Charles Stross", "HIV epidemic in Russia reaches tipping point", "Depressing Survey Results Show How Extremely Stupid America Has Become", "Middle East stock markets crash as Tehran enters oil war", "57 Different Pesticides Found in Poisoned Honeybees", "Noam Chomsky Says GOP Is 'Literally A Serious Danger To Human Survival’", "The Comparison of \"the Limits to Growth\" with 30 Years of Reality [pdf]", "How long since you realised we're due for collapse?", "Brussels Zaventem airport rocked by two explosions", "Has veteran climate scientist James Hansen foretold the ‘loss of all coastal cities’ with latest study?", "x-post from r/pics - \"Wal-Mart Shutdown, Bedford OH\"", "Interesting paper on the syrian civil war. Syriah's population grew from 3 to 22 Million in the last 60 years, leading to shortage of wheat and water, leading to war. : overpopulation", "The entire economy is Collapsing", "Tesla Discontinues 10-Kilowatt-Hour Powerwall Home Battery", "The Future and the Near-Death Experience", "Would it be better for humanity's long term survival if we collapsed sooner than later?", "The limits of technological solutions to sustainable development.", "Super Comet Part 1 - The Impact", "People Are Dying in Flint and All Signs Point to the Water", "Understanding collapse (the \"collapse pill\" draft)", "/u/AsSpiralsInMyHead generates an outstanding, in-depth conversation about the (hypothetical) collapse of the United States in the near future and a consequential apocalyptic scenario [x-post /r/bestof]", "Fish poachers for China’s lucrative black market pushes world’s most endangered marine mammal to brink of extinction", "Chinese markets close stock market for the day after shares plunge more than 7%!", "The Royal Bank of Scotland has issued the following official advice to investors. \"Sell Everything. In a crowded hall, exit doors are small.\"", "VICE documentary on gold mining in Suriname which is destroying the country", "Ash tree set for extinction in Europe", "Wal-Mart to close 269 stores as it retools fleet", "The Final Countdown: Vaquita Porpoises Could Go Extinct in Two Years", "The Elimination of middle class and 'decent' jobs and the proliferation of Uber-like 'gig jobs' helps the economy grow", "Greenland's ice is getting darker, increasing risk of melting", "Perfect Storm Market Collapse 2016 (2015-12-31 CrushTheStreet)", "Gail Tverberg - 2016: Oil limits and the end of the debt supercycle", "Kellogg's Employee urinating on the food production line!", "'Godfather of coral' warns of Great Barrier Reef 'mass extinction'", "Scientists trash green technology 'myths': industry’s miracle solutions aren’t addressing climate impact of flying", "Climate vs. Primate: Dawn of Extinction?", "That Was Easy: In Just 60 Years, Neoliberal Capitalism Has Nearly Broken Planet Earth", "Dow briefly falls 450 points, having worst opening day in 84 years", "Illegal fish bladder trade puts marine species at risk of extinction", "Governor Declares Emergency Over Los Angeles Gas Leak: “This is one of the most disruptive, catastrophic environmental events that I’ve seen. It’s a truly chaotic crisis.”", "Is the \"Qatar\" or \"Bahrain\" solution the best shot for avoiding collapse?", "More than a million Brazilians protest against 'horror' government", "BlackRock's Fink Says 400 Energy Firms May Not Survive Cheap Oil", "The Huge Disconnect Between the Politics of Setting a 1.5ºC Global Warming Boundary and What is Required to Achieve it.", "The first shots being fired in the student loan bubble/debt rebellion. Expect this to pick up monentum over the next few years.", "‘Disturbing’ drug-resistant superbug gene has been detected in Canada", "Global heating and the dilemma of climate scientists", "Flint water crisis could cost U.S. $300 billion", "The wealthy and collapse - they will tend to do better than the unwashed mass", "Archdruid Report: Retrotopia: Learning Lessons", "Chinese Stocks in Hong Kong Fall to Global Financial Crisis Lows - “Overall sentiment is very bad in Hong Kong.”", "Peru Tries To Adapt To Dangerous Levels Of UV Radiation Brought On by Climate Change: \"The sun used to warm us, now it burns us.\"", "Ten Civilizations or Nations That Collapsed From Drought", "\"Well-functioning human society\" -- xpost from /r/ranprieur because it describes our predicament perfectly", "[contrarian] Two Malthusian scares - Nick Szabo", "China Halts Stock Trading After 7% Rout Triggers Circuit Breaker, Global Economy In Tatters", "Collapses are going to hit the less developed world hard", "TransCanada Files $15 Billion Suit Against U.S. Government Over Keystone Rejection", "The U.S. Is Pumping All This Oil, So Where Are The Benefits?", "I have found someone. Thank you. jtQCnZ2xxB", "60 Minutes considers the topic of refugee/migrant assimilation in Sweden, and their crew gets assaulted in the process.", "Carl Icahn ...... danger ahead. pretty good video of one of the grand hustla's of capitalism saying this coming junk bond collapse is going to be real.", "First U.S. Case of Zika Reported as Virus Is \"Spreading Explosively\"", "How do you \"come out\" to friends and strangers how you feel about the economy/climate/overpopulation etc.?", "How many people out of this 40000 member sub would seriously consider the idea of creating a real life doomstead community?", "This Video Shows The Greatest Economic Collapses in History", "What we’re doing to the Earth has no parallel in 66 million years, scientists say", "World’s Superrich Population Declines for First Time Since 2008: Number of individuals with at least $30 million in assets fell 3% in 2015, as collapse in oil prices takes its toll", "Deep-seated reasons behind Trump's popularity... a backlash against neoliberal capitalism.", "Report: Robots, other advances will cost humans 5.1 million jobs by 2020", "The Climate Crisis at the North Pole", "Planet Nine: Mysterious planet is to blame for mass extinctions of life on Earth, scientist claims", "Mosquitoes' rapid spread poses threat beyond Zika", "If you don't believe in climate change/AGW, why are you here?", "Studies Predict Collapse in 15 Years Well Before Humanity Will Ever Transition Into Renewable Energy.", "The Financial Crisis Of 2016 Rolls On – China, Oil, Copper And Junk Bonds All Continue To Crash", "China’s greenhouse emissions might already have peaked", "Current record-shattering temperatures are shocking even to climate scientists", "This Past February was the Warmest Month in Recorded History (In Case You Did Not Notice)", "World Trade is Coming to a Halt", "Dirt Cheap Labour for Europe?", "Saw this at my GYNO in NYC [x-post /r/pics]", "Obama doesn´t want you to know this", "Shipping Said to Have Ceased… Is the Worldwide Economy Grinding to a Halt?", "Family spending is stretching budgets", "Collapse for everyone but America's very rich - Social Darwinism in action", "The Archdruid Report: Retrotopia: Lines of Separation", "Schadenfreude Fail - WSJ mockingly posts a 1998 quote about peak oil that may turn out accurate", "Social Security Surplus is Not Invested in Government Bonds", "The Great Nausea - CFN", "63% of Americans Can't Afford $500 Car Repair or $1,000 Emergency Room Visit", "Groups plan to sue U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for failing to protect Monarch butterfly under Endangered Species Act", "Lawfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia", "Climate Scientist Kevin Anderson on The Unforgiving Math For Staying Under 2 Degrees", "Credit where credit is due: Nate Hagens in 2013 said Peak Oil will likely be a deflationary variety where it will \"...not be higher and higher prices to consumers that most in peak oil community expect, but rather the high and medium cost producers gradually going out of business\"", "Germans have suddenly developed a mysterious taste for hot sauce", "Record Low Arctic Sea Ice Maximum - 2016", "Chinese stock market forced to close mid-day after shares plunge more than 7%!", "The Fire Last Time: The Bronze Age Apocalypse", "Is 2016 The Year Of The Dollar Collapse?", "Storm clouds gather: 'US stocks will lose 75pc of their value'", "Levels of methane increasing rapidly in the Arctic", "We Have Been In The Economic Collapse And It's Going To Get Much Worse: Gregory Mannarino", "the Hipcrime Vocab: Malthusian Delusions", "[Documentary] Limits to Growth: The Final Warning.", "Average people as the collapse happens all around them", "Big US banks reveal oil price damage", "Afghans, leaving in droves, say they see no future in their country", "Combined with requirements for cropland, we estimate that mineral P fertilizer use must double by 2050 to sustain future crop and grassland production.", "Google Chairman Thinks AI Can Help Solve Overpopulation...", "100 deadly skills.. Take three more by ex navy seal!", "This Is How Toxic Flint’s Water Really Is (Some Household Readings Meet the EPA Definition for Toxic Waste)", "Asian stocks slide to four-year lows as oil spirals lower - \"Sentiment seems to be to be extremely negative\"", "The collapse of trust in humanity - Insulation from conflicting opinions in online safe spaces creates strong emotional reactions when faced with differing opinions in the real world. Strong emotions block clear thinking, which results in social polarization. People are talking right past each other", "Donald Trump is not a joke: A warning to Americans from an Italian who survived Berlusconi", "Peru Tries To Adapt To Dangerous Levels Of Uv Radiation Brought On by Climate Change: \"The sun used to warm us, now it burns us.\"", "When a coal mining company goes bankrupt, there's no guarantee the company's coal production will go down, a new analysis by Bloomberg Intelligence reveals.", "U.S. researchers call on WHO to take swift action on Zika virus rapidly spreading in Latin America & Caribbean: WHO Director-General urged to heed lessons of Ebola, act quickly, and convene an emergency session of health and infectious disease experts to consider how to respond to outbreak.", "China shares fall 5% to hit three-month low", "Long form article on DuPont knowingly poisoning the world with PFOA for decades (a chemical used in teflon manufacturing). Average blood levels in the US are more than 10X safe levels. Just one of more than 60,000 chemicals that have been released into the environment unregulated.", "A Blizzard Roars Out of Climate Change’s Heart — Polar Warming and A Record Hot Atlantic Ocean Brew Up Nightmare Storm for US East Coast", "Homesteading family aim to make it through winter without a trip to the grocery store • /r/homestead", "How the Zika virus's ability to spread in the US is 'remarkably easy': All it takes is for an already infected person to be bitten by a species of carrier mosquito, which thrive in the south.", "45 Whales Die on Indian Shore", "Major food security Emergency expected through 2016: Why some 20 million people in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti face famine threat", "The dysgenic effects of modern civilization", "Renewable energy – Hope or hype? “Renewable alternatives are simply not in the cards,” says Canadian ecological economist, Bill Rees.", "Climate change begins dismantling Costa Rica's treasured Monteverde cloud forest", "War Tard: \"If all oil must be bought in dollars then Russia and China are indirectly funding US foreign wars and Putin has signaled he would like an oil index in rubles. This is the kind of idea that gets you killed, or starts wars, just ask Saddam Hussein or Gadaffi... oh wait.\"", "Human-made Climate Change Suppresses the Next Ice Age (And then, this will officially become the Anthropocene)", "Pray for Calamity: Tribute to the City", "The American Middle Class is/was an Aberration.", "Of Energy Slaves and Fake Outrage", "Chart: Deaths of Roman Emperors vs. Coinage Debasement -", "Across Europe, more people are dying than being born", "Collapse Of Shale Gas Production Has Begun", "Paul Beckwith on Climate Change and Human Extinction", "'True shocker': February Spike in Global Temperatures Stuns Scientists", "The Iraqi government and the U.S. embassy in Baghdad are warning residents along the Tigris river of a possible collapse of the Mosul Dam", "The myth of US self-sufficiency in crude oil", "What are some sort of worse case scenarios based on the current market shake-up?", "Warming Indian Ocean is ‘an ecological desert in the making’", "Why This Slump Has Legs - ‘growth’ stopped decades ago and this whole thing is nowhere near the end.", "Power generation could take a big hit from climate change: Changes to water temperature, availability affect hydroelectric, thermoelectric power plants", "Crisis in U.S. as American Debt Bubble Economic Drag Causing Real Deflation! (2016-03-24 themoneygps)", "Warren Buffett Delivers Cold-Blooded View of Global Warming to Shareholders: He sees insurance becoming more profitable even as the seas rise and as drought, wildfire, famine and pestilence spread.", "Jeff Rubin: Oil Sands Are ‘Hemorrhaging Red Ink,’ Doomed to Shutter", "Theoretical link between genetically modified mosquitoes and the Zika birth defects.", "Report: The World Will Run out of Breathable Air Unless Carbon Is Cut", "What is going to happen with stocks", "[Metacollapse]My ex - whore, nickname: Liza118. Search can be restered", "Is there a support group?", "Wall Street's worst-ever start to a year isn't getting any better", "super volcanoes larger than expected", "How, why and when Russia will deploy little green men - and why the US cannot", "Climate change disaster is biggest threat to global economy in 2016, say experts", "Paul Beckwith: Arctic Ocean Blowtorch Attacks Sea-Ice", "Time to stock uo on pop-corn...", "Oxygen Depleting 10X Faster Than CO2 Is Rising Says Paul Beckwith, Oceans Can Rise One Meter In 20 Years Says James Hansen", "It is 43 {+0} Celsius in Kalaburagi, India", "“Doomsday Seed Vault” in the Arctic - Bill Gates, Rockefeller and the GMO giants know something we don’t", "Massive Pacific heat ‘blob’ breaking up, but that may not be good news", "A conservationist argument for revolution against industry", "A crude rout & all those downgrades", "Something Really Snapped At The Comex", "Most Americans are one paycheck away from the street", "China saw record number of strikes in 2015 as government crackdown on labor continues to ramp up", "Camouflage Food Forest - Plant Once- Harvest for a Lifetime. How It Works.", "Climate change could cause food access, public health decline by 2050", "Anonymous Vows Revenge On Islamic State For Brussels Terrorist Attacks", "There Is a New Climate Change Disaster Looming in Northern Canada (How Thawing Permafrost Threatens the Storage of Mining Waste)", "\"We were destroying the planet for future generations, all so that we could enjoy a short lifetime full of material possessions that in many cases were hardly used, rarely necessary and easily forgotten.\"", "Oceans running out of fish as undeclared catches add a third to official figures", "Global Collapse and Foreign Debt", "Asia shares slump as China sets yuan lower, triggers circuit breaker - \"They have ruined whatever hope investors still had in the market\"", "As ‘Jungle’ camp taken down, French police clash with desperate migrants", "[GIF] USA population's density since 1790 • /r/overpopulation", "Will we make it through 2016?", "New study shows that northern freshwaters are critical emitters of methane and could increase their emissions 20% to 50% before century's end due to longer ice-free seasons in combination with permafrost thaw, causing further positive feedbacks.", "Industrial output, an economic and oil-demand indicator", "$1 trillion erased from stocks so far in 2016", "February was the warmest month in recorded history, climate experts say", "The \"Hobbit\" Tiny House Design - The $4500 Self Built Eco-friendly Tiny Home made from foraged and recycled materials", "For the First Time in History, \"Old\" Music Is Outselling New Artist Releases", "YSK about The Shortwave Report: a weekly collection of news stories from shortwave stations around the globe", "Saudi Arabia must be tried as a war criminal", "Are We Facing Extinction? Antibiotic Resistant Super-bugs Threaten Humanity", "YouGov (UK)| Most people now expect a global financial crisis this year", "Saudi land purchases fuel debate over US water rights", "Record-breaking temperatures 'have robbed the Arctic of its winter'", "Oil and gas collapse leaves drilling companies on life-support - Edmonton", "The Anamorphic Politics of Climate Change", "The state of the Netherlands in 2016", "2016 - Year of the Epocalypse", "Global IASI Mean Methane Smashes to New Record Spike High", "Derrick Jensen: When I Dream of a Planet in Recovery", "How a collapse-less world will unfold", "How 150,000 people were saved in the Mediterranean", "Thieves fry Kenya's power grid to cook fast food", "A great quote on the collapse we're facing", "(just for fun) What country is it? US, Canada, Brazil, UK, France, Greece, India etc., etc.? Here is the quote, you guess which country it refers to -", "DAE think they would have been better off in pre-civilization?", "America's food system could be even more vulnerable than we thought", "The appetite of western consumers for home furnishings has reached its peak – according to Ikea, the world’s largest furniture retailer.", "International Rig Counts Still Falling", "War News Updates: IMF Warns Of A Global Economic Derailment", "Tasmania fires: First images of World Heritage Area devastation emerge, show signs of 'system collapse'", "The Rio Olympics are a mess seven months before the opening ceremony: A ballooning budget in the wake of a national economic crisis, multiple mosquito-borne diseases are spiraling out of control, sewage-infested bodies of water show no signs of improvement, souring public sentiment...", "good article about living through russian collapse. NOT D.orlov", "The Davos solution to inequality? Ramp up the neoliberal 'development' model; lighten business regulation; pursue globalisation with greater vigor... Yes, you got it. They would all accelerate the transfer of the world's wealth upwards to corporate elites.", "China stocks end at more than year low as panic selling resumed.", "70 Tips That Will Help You Survive What Is About To Happen To America", "Oil: Viscous Time in the Anthropocene", "Apocalypse now: Our incessant desire to picture the end of the world", "The Aliens are Silent Because They're Dead (The Greenhouse Effect Explains the Fermi Paradox)", "Economic Collapse of South America", "California's snowpack falls below average, sparking new drought fears", "Low-lying Bangladesh targets jump in coal use: The aim is to increase coal’s share of electricity output from 2% to 50% by 2030.", "with a contribution somewhere around the 10% mark, it seems clear from scientists that El Niño can’t be blamed for 2015’s record warmth. In fact, its contribution was strikingly small.", "Rhinos \"could be extinct within 10 years\"", "Climate change could boost toxic algae along Pacific coast: study", "Peak Oil Review - Jan 18", "S. Africa: Crop failure, heatstroke deaths as worst recorded drought continues. 32 temperature records already broken this year.", "US researchers call on WHO to take swift action on Zika virus rapidly rapidly spreading in Latin America & Caribbean: WHO Director-General urged to heed lessons of Ebola, act quickly, and convene an emergency session of health and infectious disease experts to consider how to respond to outbreak.", "OPEC Economies On Their Last Legs", "The Goal of the Neoliberal Consensus is to Manage the Decline", "Temperature changes wreak ecological havoc in deforested areas", "Oil falls 2-3 percent on surplus worries, as U.S. drops toward $27", "Being a minion to TPTB has a higher survival rate than being a hoi polloi - if they are useful they still get to work in the post-collapse world", "farm income to fall for the third year in a row in 2016. At the same time, farmers are borrowing billions more from banks, debt is projected to pass $372 billion this year. Adjusting for inflation, that’s the most farm debt since the late 1970s, when the rural economy began to melt down.", "China Braces for Baby Boom Under New Two-Child Rule", "Track in Kansas where Amtrak train derailed was due for repairs", "It is hard to prevent epidemics caused by fecal matter post-collapse - Edo Japan is not a good example", "More people now die from air pollution than malaria and HIV combined.", "Zika and the New Climate Dystopia — Human Hothouse as Disease Multiplier", "ClubOrlov: The Future is Blivets", "There will be no revolutions during collapse/futurology", "What is your favorite inorganic syntheses?", "Chemical reaction flipped back and forth under atomic force microscope", "Chemists use biocompatible method to synthesize titania", "UC Berkeley College of Chemistry will not be merged with Letters and Sciences", "mg and mL scale in reactions", "Live in NJ? Want to be a Waters Field Service Engineer? We are hiring!", "Has anyone ever run a multi-day column?", "Thorium (new) - Periodic Table of Videos", "Most enjoyable moment in undergrad?", "A concern with college, chemistry.", "what is the freezing point depression constant for glacial acetic acid?", "Is Fullerene a functional group", "Anything toxic in ziploc baggies? BPA's?", "What organic reaction mechanisms do you find most interesting/cool/beautiful?", "Does anyone have some advice on Agilent Cary 60 failures?", "Measuring enthalpy changes in solutions", "Check out this awesome video about dissolving egg shells into calcium carbonate powder!", "Interesting reads in petroleum chemistry?", "Examples of well-known drugs that are produced industrially using one or more metal catalyzed cross-coupling steps?", "Do you know about Chemical Philosophy?", "Can you find a chemical via its NFPA 704 (For safety)?", "Flint water crisis chemistry- great explainer on how science blew the whistle and the regulations that need to change.", "Copper plating of stainless steel", "Chemistry as a helpful hobby", "[Organic Chemistry II] - A question to all of you masterminds", "Acquiring List 1 chemical for legitimate business use?", "*Need chemistry help* Is there a material or chemical that can be put or sprayed onto something to dry it fast?", "Four elements added to Periodic Table!", "What is this big Pyrex jug used for?", "Should students be discouraged from studying chemistry on the basis of a poor job market now? Since no one can really predict how the job market will look in 8-9 years time after they graduate with a PhD?", "Why are amateur/home chemists always downvoted here?", "\"ACS Central Science\" paper on household dust. Objective?", "Is anyone familiar with Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectrometry?", "Chemists of Reddit. Are you familiar with any professors that are conducting research regarding water purification/sanitation?", "Methane Has Never Looked So Beautiful", "Do I take a subject GRE or the general GRE for grad school?", "What to specialize in while in graduate school?", "Choosing a Graduate School - Organic Synthesis", "BS in Chemistry and BS in Psychology... Career options that utilize both??", "A crystal grew onto my beard hair", "I need some help teaching.", "Global Bag-in-Box Market 2015: Industry Analysis,Trends,Share,Growth & Forecast to 2020", "Why is water considered such a versatile solvent? Can it actually dissolve a wider range of substances than any other polar liquid?", "How to keep water out of NMR samples?", "I tried electrolysis in my dorm room. Can someone tell me what went wrong?", "I need an advice for my Master!", "Roald Hoffmann maps chemical bonds", "Was hoping a chemist could better explain a few things to me", "Questions from an undergrad who recently switched majors to chemistry.", "When you run out of gloves and have to pipette", "What do you guys suggest I research with Gaussview?", "Disposing of Hydrides: How my lab handles it", "chemometrics program - The unscrambler", "Here are many beautiful and big women for s...x! ecx8Tak5Nm", "Environmental Regulations are Helpful for Biobased Biodegradable Plastics Market", "Something Smells like Spearmint: A High-School Mythbusting Story", "Is there a branch of chemistry related to cooking?", "Difference between phase boundaries and grain boundaries?", "Is it possible to convert distilled water in normal water ?", "Why am I getting low yield for my Suzuki coupling reaction?", "Need some help with deciding how to approach my grad school applications for chemistry (sticky situation)", "Somnolence from Turkey Soup - what's happening chemically?", "Question about solubility of common lab bases in organic solvents.", "Some catalysts give their own oxygen for reactions: Study", "Chemicals, Reagents, Solvents, Stains and Dyes Suppliers South Africa, Johannesburg – ACECHEM Company Management -", "Does higher oxidizer ratio cause a higher burn rate?", "I want to learn Chemistry", "My roommate almost messed up", "How do i not kill myself while experimenting with electrochemistry?", "Chemistry in the DC Universe", "Are there any salts that are COMPLETELY insoluble in water?", "[chemistry] Base profiles unmarried age 21+ online. The base is available only 2 hours.", "Chem Major, but in a Bio Lab", "If a compound has a 12.51 g/L solubility in water, does it mean that it is very soluble?", "Can Activated Charcoal remove Caffeine", "Simple question: why are gold nanoparticles smaller?", "Cure for Hair Loss - Where to Even Start?", "Crystallographers, do you know of any software/methods to create a private CIF database?", "Eksplosiv trappevask -- Explosive Chemicals", "Anyone know where I can download \"Chemistry for Changing Times, 14th ed., Hill and McCreary\" for free?", "Caution! this is the first website whеre аdult wоman sеarch for fаmiliarity thеy pick-up yоu first NО CАRDS & anоther TRASH!!! Free test only until January 11", "NMR Spectrometry: How is SNR obtained?", "I made some chemistry-themed Valentine's Day cards.", "Some resources I found that could be useful for writing Chemistry in word processors", "I am searching a particular type of gel/resin", "separating ions of different charge densities - help", "[humor] Was walking to class when I found this poster. It appears to have a bit of a stutter.", "Is my chromatography analysis sound? HPLC and area under the graph", "Global Piperacillin Acid (CAS 61477-96-1) Industry, 2009-2019", "Chemical Reaction Opens Gates To Hell", "Fe3O4 and Fe Nanoparticles by Chemical Reduction of Fe(acac)3 by Ascorbic Acid: Role of Water", "Survival Chemistry Chlorine Brake Fluid", "How to store voltammetric electrodes?", "Anybody have a suggestion for good NMR processing software for Mac?", "Recommendation on a lab notebok", "How to run GAMESS program?", "A question worth millions maybe? Prove me wrong someone?", "What is the composition of the smoke in the thermite reaction?", "mechanism for stereoselective Friedel Crafts reaction?", "Voted Most Likely To Take Over The World…” Pinky & The Brain Surveys", "Chemistry Education (or lack thereof) and where to begin?", "Making Sulfuric Acid via Electrolysis at home", "Thermo Fisher Agrees to Acquire Affymetrix for $1.3 Billion", "Constantly afraid of disappointing the person I work under", "In Big Bang Theory Lenard had some sulfur hexafluoride gas saying he used it for his lasers, is that aa actual use for it?", "Is there a cheap chemical which can help to remove scale from hard water as in inline filter or to sit in my water cooler reservoir?", "Accidental mess. Electrolysis without much thought. Advise wanted.", "Raiding labware dumpster of school that shut down.", "Can anyone tell me what this big 13 liter Pyrex jug and the contraption on top might have been used for? Labeled Pyrex 1595-3x. Retails for $1000 I paid $30 at a flea market. Seller had no info.", "Excited about a new group of experiments I'm working on: Ultra-high-vacuum methane on Nickel", "Global Petrochemical Market Size to Exceed USD 890 Billion by 2020", "Hydrogenation of Alkenes with NaBH4, CH3CO2H, Pd/C in the Presence of O- and N-Benzyl Functions", "My ancient physical biochemistry teacher made a subtle Eminem reference in his slides", "Can you help me with this molecule ?", "Reliable way to test for EDTA concentration in blood samples?", "Can someone explain Lewis Dot Structure for me please?", "Is there a word for monomers within copolymers?", "I'm looking for some recent literature on Friedel-Crafts reactions on phenols to show undergrads.", "UV-Vis depth of penetration into a ceramic nanoparticle?", "American Chemical Society AMA: My name is Dee Strand, and I am the Chief Scientific Officer at Wildcat Discovery Technologies. Ask me your lithium ion battery questions! : science", "Questions about Graduate School Visitation Weekends?", "Global and Chinese Natural Propanol Industry Trends, Share, Analysis, Growth 2010-2020", "Could somebody help explain part of this H-NMR for me please?", "Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Schiff Base (E)-N-(4-(2-Hydroxybenzylideneamino) Phenylsulfonyl) Acetamide Metal Complexes", "I spent my Friday going around in circles", "Preparation & Properties of Ammonium salicylate", "Help with access to paper: J Appl. Polym. Sci. 43 (1991) 901–914.", "Global Deodorant and Antiperspirant Ingredients Market Poised to Hit US$ 2,390 Mn by 2021", "If a container of water can hold a maximum amount of a solute say sugar at specific temperature can it also hold the maximum amount of another solute like salt at the same time? Or is the fact that its capacity being capped out with the sugar prevent it it from holding anything else?", "help with inert base forumlation", "Which are the best reductors and oxidants I can buy on a hardware shop?", "What to do after AP Chem?", "What's the expected hourly wage for a chemistry intern in the Northeast?", "NaCl raising the boiling point of water and lowering the freezing point", "Is there a \"standard\" concentration for acid/bases?", "I have some gold teeth someone gave me. Question about extracting the gold", "Getting an MBA with Chemistry Degree Worth It?", "[chemistry] THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. LARGEST IN WORLD ONLINE SEARCH SEX PARTNERS", "Is there an easy way to differentiate between nylon 6,10 and nylon 6,12?", "The 7th row of periodic table is complete.", "[chemistry] Ex-girlfriend fucks with everyone! I even found it online sex dating.", "Has anyone used tri-tertbutylphosphine before? Without a glovebox?", "Question on how to go about detecting small amounts of zeolites in water", "Feelings of North-american scientists after new POTUS's inauguration?", "Making a Murderer -- Detection of EDTA in Blood.", "Vacuum pump question. Want to do some experiments at home.", "What does Sodium acetate and acetic acid react to?", "Student-made animation on Gay-Lussac's Law", "Why can't you have single-direction facilitated diffusion, that would, without an input of energy, create a concentration gradient (that holds energy).", "Chemists unveil ‘truly sustainable’ polymers", "Cooking ingredients for tattoo design?", "Cleaning glasswork containing LiAlH4 crust?", "P-Chemists help? Another lowly undergrad looking for grad school advice", "Interest in Chemical Industry panel AMA?", "Help with (?) quaternary ammonium compound formation", "Strange peak on my DIC coupling IR spectra", "Fifth Beatle' Sir George Martin dies", "How to get Cu(NO3)2 out of its container", "Genetic Counseling as a career", "How did people in medieval times make or recuperate Arsenic salts ?", "soluble fluoride salts in IPrOH/Water mixture", "Favorite (relatively simple, and inexpensive) multicomponent coupling reaction", "Using Non Newtonian Fluids To Enhance the Properties of Kevlar", "Extraction from a freeze-dried supernatant: ethyl acetate, methanol or another solvent?", "What is the order of basicity of amines? Is it Secondary>Primary>Tertiary>Phenylamine?", "Solutions Manual for BLB edition 10", "Is it possible to fully switch to Linux as a chemist?", "How and what do you need to make sticky gel pads?", "If TMEDA is a metal chelator, then what is it doing in this reaction? (the first one)", "IDEAS FOR UNDERGRAD O-CHEM RESEARCH", "Chemistry Homework Service – How Can Be Of Great Help", "Has anybody ever had issues with HPLC bulk stationary phases not being what the source says they are supposed to be?", "Need help with household items", "What is the exact procedure of the Verneuil process? (Making synthetic rubies)", "I'm just a hobbyist what do you guys think of this microscope?", "Which formula can be useful in such problems? All I can understand is this is in some relation to surface chemistry.", "How do you make shampoo?", "Do you know an free online inventory with structure search?", "Untold Stories of Science - blog about women in science. Today's post: why do we need to tell these stories? Can't young women look up to famous male scientists?", "Need help with GCMS of inositol.", "Glass substrate adhesion promoter to discuss", "Potential chemistry student, concerned about the math requirements.", "Global and Chinese Tetrahydrocurcuminoids (THCS) Industry, 2016 Market Research Report", "Get a Ph.D. or go to work?", "Coordination Compounds and Nomenclature Lecture for 12 class / iit jee #1", "Help - C/H NMR or FTIR comparison", "Please help a help beginner with electroplating", "Aromatic Proton Splitting Gone MIA", "Chemists of Midland, MI: what's it like to live there?", "One in coma after clinical trial in France", "Can anyone help me out with my organic assignment?", "Isotopes, Isobars and Isotones • Chemistry - Xlskoor", "I prepared some GTP-gamma-S, and the solution smelled sulfurous, what species am I smelling?", "Nineteen-step total synthesis of phorbol.mp4", "Suggestions for buying a crystal growing kit", "worried about health hazards as chemist", "Making coffee without the black color from mailard reaction", "Mechanism Sunday: reaction of tetralone with the Vilsmeier–Haack reagent", "How to determine the excitation/emission wavelength of a metal oxide nanoparticle?", "What is a molecule? Article discussing the definition", "How can i make powdered iron oxide (rust) easily?", "Interesting Reactants for Overhead Projection Light Show", "Can anyone help me identify this thing?", "[Serious] What would you recommend as the best study habit(s) for someone who's about to major in chemistry?", "Lego to Build Sustainable Plastics Research Centre", "What would hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) dissolve?", "A new quantitative method for detecting pork in beef mince using metabolic fingerprints", "In the ancient world, would it have been possible to reduce iron ore to metallic iron chemically? Say in solution rather than in a furnace with CO as the reducing agent?", "Applications of Natural Fibers and Its Composites: An Overview", "Product Designer asking a quick question about hand warmer reactions", "Looking for metal etching advice!", "Chemists Nudge Molecule To React Then Watch Bonds Break And Form", "I made some more chemistry-themed Valentine's day cards.", "Debate over what counts as a step during chemical synthesis", "What book or any source to learn Chemistry like Science Friction", "(x-post) Looking for research groups or companies in the marijuana industry in legalized states", "Is there a way to protect alpha-hydroxy ketones from reduction but not \"regular\" ketones? (or vice-versa?)", "Question about diethyl ether inhalation", "Most even column I've made as an undergrad!", "Lye (sodium hydroxide) residue ingested", "Grad school visitation weekends - What to wear?", "Which areas of chemistry naturally compliment 'Green Chemistry'? I have to pick which to major in for my masters.", "The Heck, Suzuki, and Olefin Metathesis Reactions (And Why They Don’t Belong In Most Introductory Organic Chemistry Courses)", "Job prospects? I'm sure this has been asked 1000x", "New job means new responsibilities, need help!", "Which is better: Reaxys or SciFinder?", "Olympus AU400 - Economical, Efficient and Easy to Use", "Middle school Unknown Identification Lab", "Need help neutralizing a metal allergy", "HFIP? Not a lot of info online. Fluoridated stuff has a bad rep. What do you know?", "Recently graduate in Chemistry and could use some advice in finding work", "Lightest ever solar cell sits on the surface of a bubble", "Chemistey Classes at Community College", "How should I go about landing my first job after getting a PhD? After 73 applications without any luck, I'm getting a bit concerned.", "Best Study Materials/Tips for the GRE Subject Test?", "How should I go about planning my synthesis project from scratch?", "In need of a durable silicone-like subtance", "Synthetic Chemistry vs. Chemical Biology", "This week in WTF titles", "Why does this reaction equal this voltage?", "Stretchable Carbon Nanotube Films Surpass Kevlar And Carbon Fiber", "Water Disinfection with Hydrogen Peroxide and Silver", "Remove Excitation Peak From Emission Spectra", "How can benzene act as a ligand?", "Second thoughts about choosing to do chemistry at university.", "Ethylbenzene Industry Outlook in the United States to 2019 - Market Size, Company Share, Price Trends, Capacity Forecasts of All Active and Planned Plants", "why is benzene called phenyl in a branch?", "I'm doing a presentation on magnesium oxide and I can't seem to find its initial discovery", "Creating instruments (like a spectrometer) for chemical use with a Raspberry Pi (or arduino)", "Global Ceiling Tiles Market- Industry Analysis, Size, Growth, Trends, Segment and Forecast 2014-2020", "[chemistry] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:gnsaasadsd", "he Chemical Elements of a Human", "How often do you screw up in the lab?", "Class 11 question. Why to determine whether reaction is addition electrophilic or addition nucleophilic, we have a rule saying if C's are attached in unsaturated manner then its electrophilic but if C is attached with any other atom then its nucleophilic? I mean what's the reason behind the trick?", "Using Non-Newtonain Fluids To Enhance Properties Of Kevlar", "So the chemical society at my university had a bake sale today...", "The Influence of Different Contents of Bi Addition on the Corrosion Behavior of Various Zirconium-Based Alloys", "[Question] Can the slow ingestion of \"siliconates\" cause brain damage?", "My Organic professor makes me laugh out loud sometimes", "RO Antiscalant providing assistance to an efficient RO System", "Any free open databases of analysis spectra (FTIR, TGA, etc)?", "Did You Know What Will Happen If Earth Lost All Oxygen.", "Hexane / Acetone ratio for chlorophylls TLC", "Methanol + Sulphuric acid - why is it exothermic?", "How to do TMSI derivatization of aqueous solutions containing sugars and sugar alcohols?", "Please help with High school chemistry program (Laying the Foundation)", "Is it possible to have acetophenone or anisole as a coupling component in azo dye synthesis?", "Can you synthesize or blend high quality wood finishes at home, or do you have to buy proprietary blends to get high quality woodwork?", "I am looking for a table or graph that describes the density of water-isopropanol solutions with different mole fractions", "How to Use Curved Arrows in Illustrating Reactions", "Charles’ Law ( Raymond GREENLAW )", "Will this extraction fire n,n-dmt work for 5-meo-dmt as well?", "Gas chromatography sample size question", "How can I store oxygen in my periodic collection?", "50,000 years ago, Neandertals may have used a chemical powder to start fires", "Chemical Engineering vs. Organic Chemistry", "Boiling Point elevation question pease help me", "Advice for undergrad Senior transitioning to grad school.", "What form(s) of rust do these screws appear to be?", "My phone charger did something weird to my glass of water", "Conversion between 1 micromole p-nitrophenol to gdu?", "Why does my nicotine containing 'e-juice' darken over time?", "I'm thinking of getting this for my Professor. Thoughts?", "Anybody know a website thst makes custom models for peptides?", "Reactions catalysed by trans. metal complexes?", "Send me your summer REU (horror) stories.", "Second year (4th semester) undergrad Chem major here. Is it worth joining ACS and/or Alpha Chi Sigma (the only Chem frat we have)?", "Some fun things to do with some leftover chemicals", "Hey /r/chemistry To change things up a bit, here's a picture of some massive crystals I grew for an X-ray!", "Why isnt SiF4 as stable, if not more stable than CF4?", "Has anyone had a really odd ph strip reading?", "A question maybe worth millions. Someone correct me?", "Can I gain a decent understanding of chemistry at home without experiments?", "Why is the specific heat of water not linear?", "Anyone know any cheap sources for HCL, trying to strip zinc plating from spent co2 cartridges do they can be used as crucibles?", "Evil smelling liquid? somebody please clarify", "Acetone in a bucket in my driveway, help.", "Help needed to understand a compound.", "A beautiful piece of poetry", "What were the methods and apparatus used by early chemists Dalton and Gay-Lussac to measure the mass and volume of gases? Specifics on Dalton's discovery of the law of multiple proportions?", "What's causing this flame colour (a deep blue)", "Gaussian09 \"Internal consistency failure #1 in GetIJB\"", "Neanderthals used manganese dioxide for making fire", "Best way to think about naming something like this (x-post r/ChemHelp)", "What liquid is able to dessolve the most solid?", "Does 0.1N Iodine (Liquid Iodine) react with LDPE plastic?", "Which (super)acids can protonate methane and ethane?", "Fine art: painting tricks of 19th century revealed", "making imines from primary amines (with an aryl ether on the other end) -- uncatalyzed dichloromethane unreactive", "Nineteen-step total synthesis of phorbol", "How can I spend a gap year with Chemistry? Any internships?", "I'm a contract work at a small pesticide company. What do I make of my boss telling me that I need to \"think things through\" when i'm working.", "One Dead And Five Hospitalized From Early-Stage Clinical Trial", "Help with homework? Please and Thanks", "My new book is now available. Counting Moles provides a clear and confident presentation of the essentials of the mole concept needed by those starting chemistry courses. Over 200 fully worked examples are given along with several hundred questions.", "Why does Kc constant change despite temperature change in my experiment?", "Colleague of mine produces chemistry videos based on popular movie scenes.", "Separating baking soda into its 3 components?", "Should I count school lab experience as \"real\" lab experience when applying for jobs?", "Check out ChemistryByDesign - cool website and app that let you browse total syntheses step by step. Organized by author, year, name.", "This Site Likelyy Contains-s Sexually Expliciit Photos- Of Someone You Know! my tgln", "Judge okays lawsuit filed by former chemistry grad student against his University", "What results are PIs looking for first year grad students in synthetic chemistry?", "First interview soon, need help.", "For when you really need to clean the hell out of your glassware...", "Software to visualize crystal faces?", "Chemical silicone oil& organic silicone", "Curious question about luminol and Copper (II) Sulfate.", "Global and Chinese Alaninol Industry Trends, Share, Analysis, Growth 2009-2019", "What does this symbol on my glassware mean?", "Learn Periodic Table From This Awesome Battleship Game", "Enzyme and protein engineering: what do you think of this relatively new field?", "Postdoc position available immediately! (Synthetic polymer chemist)", "Are quarks official matter, or is it still too theoretical?", "How did you get into your field?", "Pearlescent Pigment Market Is Expected To Reach USD 547.8 Million By 2022: Hexa Reports", "Is there a consensus on what osmosis actually is?", "Detection of Metals in Suspected Contaminated Chinese Herbs", "Livestock feeding. Sea salt blocks and food compounds", "Help me communicate with an old UV/VIS!", "Mental health survey for graduate students and postdocs", "Just some guy pouring some hydrochloric acid and ammonia on the ground next to his bare feet", "Cupronickel Coin in Hot Sulfuric Acid", "We're doing an AMA about the (real) helium beer at noon!", "Why is Phosphorus Pentachloride an ionic compound at room temperature?", "First materials to be woven at the atomic and molecular levels created at Berkeley", "Do you drink your lab's DI water?", "Looking for a book on odor/fragrance chemistry with outlined synthesis.", "How to measure degradation of Povidone-iodine (Betadine)?", "[question] what is happening to 3D printed ABS plastic in an acetone vapor that causes it to smooth but not dissolve?", "Novo Nordisk Challenge: Design and Synthesis of a Small Molecule Glucose Binder", "Two videos about MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry we made", "Need advise for drying a hyperscopic product", "Anyone going to the national ACS meeting next week?", "High school sophmore looking to be a chemist", "What are some good environmental chemistry books.", "my immunoassay's shelf-life is best-modelled via logarithmic decay instead of exponential decay?!", "I'm taking chemistry and I just noticed how cool it really is.", "I need to remove a broken brass screw from an aluminum block. What reasonably available chemical would dissolve brass but not aluminum? It's not a big deal if it discolors the aluminum so long as it won't dissolve it. Is there such a thing?", "Four new elements, as predicted", "How important is it for me to give an oral presentation at a major conference by the time I finish my PhD?", "Difference between the terms \"binding affinity\" and \"bond dissociation energy\"?", "What's the best book/resource on extraction techniques like Solid Phase Extraction and Thin Layer Chromatography? In addition, are there any Cannabis specific chemistry books on these topics?", "What would be the easiest way to separate a nickel copper alloy into nickel and copper?", "Checking content of KetoCaNa (newbie)", "Water added to aluminum phosphate mouse pellets killed 4 kids..can someone explain reaction that caused this?", "Do you guys recommend self studying organic chemistry during summer? If yes then what topics should I focus on?", "Why is purification via flash chromatography preferred over, say, HPLC?", "Created and 3d printed a NMR replica as NMR tube holder to keep track of our key. Model without text available on thingiverse.", "Question about setting up an auto-titrator for peroxy-acetic acid analysis", "Chemical Party - Funny video explaining elements", "What is the most efficient way to code compounds in a research lab book?", "Why are you interested in Chemistry?", "History of first professional degrees in {usa}", "Undergrad debating continuing in Chem Courses... Advice from those who've taken them?", "How do halides degrade metal oxides?", "Questions about storing compounds in a jar with calcium chloride desiccant", "Global Industrial Gases Market Will Grow To USD 65.0 Billion By 2020", "do not upvote. does someone have access to this paper?", "I turned the isodensity value down to see a bond and created a monster", "OK to contact graduate students in prospective lab?", "Me and my teacher got diferent results", "Hey guys, let's prank people by feeding them telleurium.....", "Can you destroy a molecule by pinching it with the fingers?", "Way to help increase solubility of water for powdered chems? (Besides warming...)", "Practical experience with electro etching (and plating)", "How diluted must sodium hydroxide be until it is no longer considered a hazardous material? (Canada)", "Can't solve this electrochem problem (20b). Major help, thanks", "Peltier Tiles as a Renewable Energy Source", "Density Functional Theory Computational Models May Be Getting Worse", "Distance between atoms and trigonometry", "Need Advice With First Experiment as a Chemistry Hobbyist.", "Modelling broken symmetry: Gaussian vs. AOMix method", "So I'm finishing up my biology degree and am not planning to go to grad school...", "Why Peeing in your socks could save your life...", "Just finished high school (Australia) and going in to university. Looking for chemistry book recommendations.", "Job hunt - what should I expect?", "Selective oxidation of formaldehyde with hydrogen peroxide", "Seventh Line of Periodic Table has been completed", "Can I let my friend eat some tellerium so that he'll stink of garlic for 8 months, or can he die from it?", "How to cancel an ACS membership?", "Neutralization Reactions Mixing Acids & Bases", "Analytical Chemistry or Biochemistry, which should I take?", "Bioplastics as a practical and renewable replacement for petroleum-based plastics.", "What NMR experiment can help me the most / isn't too bad to solve/figure out?", "Raiding labware dumpster of a shut down school.", "Is your office in your lab?", "Exact Mass Calculation (Or is Chemdraw Accurate)", "Computer simulation of the SN2 reaction of a methyl halide.", "Graduate School Advice- M.Sc or Ph.D.", "How can I break into the geochemistry field with a degree in chemistry?", "aalitao This is noting a date site. Her writes first!", "energy in kwh to remove 2000 cf from 120 gallons of water.", "Nature's newest chemistry journal: Nature Reviews Chemistry", "Chemistry degrees to be reintroduced at Swansea", "Examples of never spontaneous and always spontaneous reactions?", "Questions for the chemists of 'murica, how does your education system work?", "I just ordered this bottle of Sulfur Hexaflouride off the internet and plan to inhale it to make my voice lower", "When applying for university, how useful is entering your country's Chemistry Olympiad?", "Bluing Galvanized Metal - Safe?", "How to find a new chem job?", "Anyone want to take a guess at what elements 113, 115, 117 and 118 will be called?", "Dangerous to piss in bleach?", "Mission Nozzle Poking - One of the most ridiculous tasks I accomplish at work", "Forget what you learned in high school - this new carbon molecule has 6 bonds", "Advice for a national ACS meeting first-timer?", "American Chemical Society AMA: I’m Lee Polite, founder and President of Axion Labs and Axion Training Institute, I specialize in Analytical Chemistry (Chromatography), AMA!(post your questions to the linked /r/science AMA)", "$20k award: Dredging and Transporting Soft Soil/Mud Without Adding Process Water Challenge", "How dangerous is cadmium chloride?", "IBM Scientists Trigger and Observe Reactions in an Individual Molecule - Nature Chemistry", "What do I have here", "My HPLC graph looks like blocks...any troubleshooting help?", "Why do so many organic compounds look 'kinda yellowish'?", "Today's theme is chemical compounds! (x-post from /r/PictureGame)", "I very rarely use base baths, but when I prepared this recipe (10x smaller) I got two separate layers. Should I add more water until they are miscible? [PDF]", "Career options for a Masters in Chemistry.", "When your chemistry textbook is really bad...", "What are you working on? (#realtimechem)", "Making Red and Yellow Ochre (and how NOT to): Classroom Paint Pigment Project", "Does this method of extraction work, or it's completely dumb?", "Looking for material/solvent to prevent adhesive sticking", "Can anyone give me a good example of the ideally FORMATTED ACS published chemistry article?", "Need Help With This Problem", "New type of hydrogen bonding (H bonded to boron, interacting with pi electron system on benzene) discovered; as strong as H-bonding in water", "Is a NH3 and HF mixture liquid", "Best practices for high temperature ramp rate, maximum temperature safety limit processes?", "Science AMA Series: We are Chemistry World, a news magazine published by the Royal Society of Chemistry. We report on the latest science news and research from around the world. AMA.(Post your questions to the linked /r/science AMA)", "To that special someone in your life that happens to be a chemist", "Advice on Professor attempting to screw me out of a patent.", "Center for Selective C-H Fictionalization Virtual Symposium - Today 4pm EST", "Bromocriptine mesylate To LSA. Research", "Does anyone know of any good PhD programs for chemical education?", "What is the general rule for polar and nonpolar molecules?", "SMBC captures what it's like to teach freshman chemistry", "Periodic Table with Actual Elements", "Out of hours in the lab? Why?", "AVOGADRO CONSTANT SINCE 1811 SHORT SLEEVE MEN'S T-SHIRT All chemists use moles so I hope it is okay to share this here. I think this is cool.", "Resources on Carbohydrate NMR Analysis", "Amount of butane in spray deodorant?", "Anhydrous THF with or without BHT for Grignard/Gilman Reaction?", "Hazards of Love Valentine-NPFA diamond", "How long for bacterial gene regulation to be operational on a commercial scale?", "So i am in Colombia and was looking for isopropyl alcohol. The person and the store gave my girl friend something called \"Sucrosol\" any idea what this is?", "Beautiful athlete immediately parted legs after the meeting iJo3MUMy", "so you take two elements", "In the evenings quite boring, often looking for a partner have fun when ready - registers [chemistry]", "When should academics be forgiven for mistakes?", "I am extremely excited as I start my first Research this week as an undergrad and I just had to tell someone!!", "[chemistry] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:nidtna", "Global Potassium Nitrate Market - Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016-2021 - Market Study Report", "where to buy cheap glassware?", "Periodic Table: How many of you knows that seventh line of Periodic Table has completed and four new elements have been added.", "Sample Prep Technicians of r/Chemistry, what advice can you impart?", "My O Chem professor also has a good sense of humor.", "How do you stay sane in grad school?", "What's so special about Palladium?", "Is there something I could do with 90% H2O2 that I can purchase on Alibaba?", "Global and Chinese 2-Hexanone Industry Trends, Share, 2010-2020", "Let's see if we can get to the bottom of this MythBusters mystery.", "Is this some sort of bond?", "green residue NaCl from electrolysis", "How can BS or MS chemists tactfully tell a PhD that he/she is wrong or incompetent?", "Methylene Diphenyl Diisocyanate (MDI) Industry Outlook in France to 2019 - Market Size, Price Trends and Trade Balance", "Microwave digestions can be a blast.", "Must a calibration curve necessarily be linear?", "What is the physical explanation for antiaromaticity?", "How do you maintain low temperature (-10C) for long periods of time while stirring?", "Is a career in chemistry valued?", "Periodic table with phase diagrams?", "Does one letter make a difference?", "Beginner science teacher - some rather basic questions regarding chemistry.", "Bachelors in chemistry and engineering, pursuing graduate education?", "I'm a contract worker at a small pesticide company. What do I make of my boss telling me that I need to \"think things through\" while I work?", "Finally got my Christmas gifts set up. Thought you guys might like it.", "Drying DCM with magnisium sulphate?", "Now Learn Periodic Table From This Awesome Battleship Game In Very Easy Manner", "Sitting in my biochemistry class like", "mCPBA oxidation of sulfide to sulfoxide", "Returning to academia to do a PhD", "Guessing the names of elements 113, 115, 117 & 118", "Looking for a Pharmacophore Model Generation Software Tool", "Any theoretical polymer folks here? Help me get started!", "How to (seriously) read a scientific paper", "Why is Aluminium more reactive than Copper even though it has a higher core charge and less shells?", "CO(NH2)2 + KAl(SO4)2 = ?", "Quick question about thiol oxidation", "Is collodial gold detectable by metal detectors?", "To those like me who are reckless with Chemicals: Look what a mist (literally) of 50% H2O2 did to me", "Situs Belajar Kimia Pelajar Indonesia", "Why do some crystallization may form an oil first before turning into crystals?", "Why Does Food Make Your Mouth Water?", "4 New Elements Are Added To The Periodic Table : The Two-Way : NPR", "Has anyone had any experience using Solid-G?", "Draw molecules and spit out the name?", "Any solvent that can dissolve LDPE?", "I've heard from a few UC schools about admissions. Anyone know when the majority of schools will be informing PhD applicants?", "Determining cis or trans geometry of Iron complex", "Need cool experiments to show to kids", "Does anyone else find this extremely interesting? If not, why?", "How does one correctly convert paraformaldehyde to formaldehyde equivalents?", "What are some halogen compatible tubing options for a 3 way burette?", "Chemistry Aldehydes Ketones & Carboxylic Acids Part 4 (Preparation) CBSE...", "If 100% distilled water doesn't conduct electricity, does that mean non-insulated electronics can continue to function in distilled water?", "This tattoo is pretty cool", "Should I start with the \"Online Chemistry Lectures: General Chemistry\" courses, or are there more prerequisites an absolute beginner should take?", "The history behind the Woodward-Hoffmann rules", "Making potassium nitrate and R-candy", "Salaries: process engineering vs drug discovery", "Four new elements added to the periodic table. Seventh period now full.", "New Work Shows Ising Spin Model Reproduces All Other Spin Models", "Can someone explain the electrolyte properties of Sodium laureth sulfate to me?", "My chem class playing with dry ice and pH", "The structure of dicarbon monoxide makes me uncomfortable", "Science AMA Series: I'm Will Dichtel, an organic chemist at Cornell University working to find new practical uses for nanostructured materials. I was also named a MacArthur Fellow in 2015. AMA! (Post your questions to the linked /r/science AMA.)", "Can ground coffee be diluted, instead of in water, in steam?", "Need a solution for my stuff ! Help me out Chemists", "The front claimed \"pH of 9.5 for purity\".", "Is Chemistry Knowledge Wanted in Career Prospects?", "Add DMAP to esterification between acyl chloride and alcohol?", "Similar acids to Sulfamic Acid?", "Global Anti-tack Agents Market to Reach US$437.9 mn ,Driven by Expanding Demand for Automotive Tires:2023", "What is an ionic bond", "Copper crystals on a penny", "Photosensitizer used in Dye sensitized solar cell", "What are the typical results when organic nitrogen compounds burn?", "Created a video about antibiotic resistance for school science project, aim was to be accessible and comprehensible (watch with cc)", "Removal of ammonia from aqueous phase", "My German textbook did it right", "I need help picking out a research topic. I have a list of choices, but I'm not sure which I will enjoy most.", "Issues with published protocol - where am I going wrong?", "What is this glassware found in a soil chemistry lab?", "Global Bio Succinic Acid Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends, Scenario And Forecasts, 2012 To 2020", "Physical and Chemical Properties of GdN: A Critical Comparison between Single Crystals and Thin Films, Theory and Experiment", "Is FeSO4 (Iron II Sulfate) an ionic compound, covalent compound, or an acid?", "Why is it not advisable to use strong acids in synthesizing Cyclohexanol to cyclohexanone?", "Best way to concentrate EtOH when it is present in water at < 1 %?", "Should dryloading vs wetloading give me roughly the same kind of column/separation?", "hardware store-type source: sodium thiosulfate?", "Seeking advice on introductory level Chemistry Sets", "2 questions about TBAF deprotection", "Do you watch Breaking Bad?", "Current state of Mass Spectrometry? Who are considered the leaders of the field?", "Fritted glass funnel: how does one remove a powdery product?", "Websites for understanding point groups, symmetry, etc?", "Why Does C2 Cause so Many Problems", "Help cleaning Nabertherm B180 oven?", "Anyone with experience working with mercaptans?", "What is the green/white salt that builds up on battery terminals?", "Ockham's Razor and the atom model", "Silver nitrate reaction turned out very pretty", "Any suggestions for salt alternatives to melt snow on concrete?", "found in the basement of an old professor's house - don't worry, it will be disposed of properly. posting here because it's really pretty.", "Quebec shooting victim was a chemistry professor, Khaled Belkacemi", "So... My teeth were dyed slightly green by a food combination and I can't put my finger on why, could someone help?", "[Question] Can you make esters with any acids? Could you make a smell / taste with LSD?", " provides best Chemistry Homework Help Service", "The Prime Minister of Australia visited our labs today, photographic evidence of him without appropriate safety glasses. Very disappointed.", "How to make a environmentally friendly cleaning solution", "what makes Nitrogen Monohydride and methanol so addictive together?", "Cleaning the house (from r/WTF)", "Here's some more crystals I grew to enrich enantiopurity of a ferrocene derivative. Rxn yielded 60% ee, crystals were >99%. Chemistry is amazing", "Extracting Melitracen from combination of flupetinxol/melitracen", "Official Methods of Analysis help - Tannins", "Dry Ice for a Camping Trip - How do I prevent an explosion?!", "Can I get into a chemistry grad program with a BS Computer Science?", "Hello polymer science people, please help populate /r/polymer with content", "Photochemical reactions at 360-370 nm?", "Scary Stories To Tell In Th Lab", "Can I make copper sulfate from electrolysis of magnesium sulfate?", "Is CH4 a good fuel for car engines, since the number of gas molecules before and after the combustion is the same?", "Furan and pyrrole, thiophene and phosphole.", "Question: why are there two sets of representations for the f-orbitals", "I'm trying to reverse engineer a phase change material for a cooling vest, anyone willing to lend a hand?", "I just wake up from a nightmare in the middle of the night...", "In a masters program now should i continue to my Ph.D or begin working?", "Take 3-aminopyridine and protonate the amino group. The calculated pKa is -1. Why is it so reactive?", "How would you separate Dowex Acidic Resin from Celite?", "Elucidating the Mechanism of Ester Hydrolysis", "I made a periodic table app for Android Wear smartwatches", "Question about enthalpy and combustion.", "He made me laugh again", "I made a chemistry app when I was in high school.", "Odd precipitate forming upon boiling tap water.", "Chemicals, Reagents, Solvents, Stains and Dyes Suppliers South Africa, Johannesburg -", "Simplest stoichiometric equation for diamond formation", "Question about second order fluorescence.", "Americium 241 - A Niceotope", "Chemistry Problems for advanced High School Students", "Chlorine (Bleach) + Urine help", "Is it still safe to wear my shoes if I walked around 2ft from a thermometer mercury spill in them?", "How hard is it to get a job as a chemistry proessor?", "Biodegradable Nematicide – Silver H2O2", "Homeless guy assaults Security Guard at ACS San Diego", "'Bone Foam' Could Help Treat Osteoporosis", "Why are esters relatively easier to subject in hydrolysis than other carboxylic acid derivatives?", "What are the differences between studying chemistry and working in chemistry?", "Why does apple cider vinegar help with acid reflux?", "A degree (BS, MS, or PhD) is not enough, your grades will follow you!", "What would happen to electron orbitals if a atom/molecule was moving near lightspeed, and might this affect bonding, etc", "Switching to chemistry after materials science undergrad", "Organic Synthesis, Organic Methodology, and Organometallics Post-PhD", "An entirely new class of hydrogen bond that forms between a boron–hydrogen group and the aromatic, π-electron system of a benzene ring has been discovered", "Question about drastically changing focus of research from MSc to Phd", "Advice for me (recently finished undergrad) on getting a colleague (PhD student) to publish our work", " provides best Chemistry Homework Help?", "I mixed Magnesium Bicarbonate with Lemon Juice. It fizzed a lot. What did it make and will it kill me to drink it?", "Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos Of Someone You Know! Biggest in the world service for sseex!! ID:daaaglddttiaiod", "Safety in the lab for engineers", "Gaussian Error termination for jobs with sulfur. Help appreciated.", "Is A level chemistry difficult?", "Ideas for research with Cisplatin and/or Transplatin?", "Has anyone noticed a (perhaps seemingly) high incidence of shaking in older lab Chemists, across specialties, that resembles mild Parkinson's disease trembling?", "ACS journal, Langmuir, got a face lift. (No more ~Comic Sans title font.)", "[X-post from AskScienceDiscussion] What is the future of American pharma, R&D, and research?", "How is entropy related to equilibrium constants (Kc)?", "Some photos I took while conducting acetylation of ferrocene. Chemistry is beautiful!", "Itaipu volta a ser a maior produtora de energia elétrica do mundo", "Brasil no WorldNews, por que será?", "Dois casos de estupro no Parque Ibirapuera após rolezinho", "Às escondidas, MEC quer aprovar mudança na base nacional curricular", "Esposa de Alckmin voou mais em aeronaves de SP do que todos secretários do governo somados", "Apocalipse 22 – Cid Moreira – (Bíblia em Áudio)", "Think you know your country? Then you need to read this — para os pesquisadores existem várias razões para os resultados, desde dificuldades com a matemática básica e as proporções, passando pelas coberturas midiáticas e nossos atalhos mentais ou preconceitos.", "Bolo simplesmente fofo e saboroso. Pra lembrar a infância!", "como criar um blog passo a passo - Módulo 3 - Aula 8", "Porque só vejo os upvotes/downvotes dos meus comentários?", "RS Notícias: Fernanda Maia, a ex-gandula do Botafogo que virou musa. Veja as suas belas fotos", "Qual sua opinião sobre o Bernie Sanders?", "Ibama estuda autuar Salgueiro por soltar pombos na Sapucaí em ensaio", "Ex-diretor da OAS licitou obra da empresa na gestão Wagner", "Um país dividido não tem um líder, ou: como o segundo turno leva à um paradoxo", "O legado pop de Paulo Leminski", "Diplomas em universidades particulares realmente não possuem prestígio?", "Bate-Papo da Quarta - O que você está ouvindo? - 13.01.2016", "quantos banimentos você já tomou?", "Governo de MG “não tem dinheiro” para cumprir promessas feitas os professores da rede estadual.", "Alguém da área da Biomedicina?", "Macri retira subsídios de Cristina, e conta de luz subirá 350% [e a inflação chegará a 30%] na Argentina", "Para testes, (ahan) PF planta mais de 70 pés de maconha em estufa", "TRE cassa mandatos do governador do Amazonas, José Melo, e do vice", "Desabafo sobre cursos de línguas do CLAC-UFRJ", "Como vocês acham que vai ser as olimpíadas no Rio com essa crise na saúde?", "Documento revela indicação do escritor brasileiro Alceu Amoroso Lima ao prêmio Nobel de 1965", "Método usado por acupunturista elimina dores rapidamente", "Fazer exercícios no sol requer cuidados especiais", "[Perguntas] Qual é o melhor/mais barato web hosting brasileiro? E local para comprar domain? Quero me tornar num empreendedor ecommerce - venha me dar dicas! :)", "Procurando ajuda com formas de ganhar dinheiro.", "Eu Sou Canela de Fogo – Ministério Flordelis", "Em revista científica Nature, pesquisadores questionam surto de microcefalia", "Em 3 anos, gasto com arsenal 'anti-tumulto' em SP chega a R$ 77 milhões", "(September 17, 2015) Bitcoin Is Officially a Commodity, According to U.S. Regulator", "RockStudios - Portal de Tecnologia, Arduino, Smartphones, Jogos, entre outros..", "Tacou o Foda-se na mulher", "SIRVAM NOSSAS FAÇANHAS: Pedro Bial revela que Rio Grande do Sul é uma das maiores audiências do Big Brother", "Leia menos para ter mais dinheiro. Saiba por que!", "[HEA] que tem uma dupla que faz cover de músicas de rock usando viola caipira e eles já lançaram 2 CDs", "O Banco Central está “suicidando” o Brasil", "Você ja terminou um relacionamento por falta de sexo? O quão aceitável foi?", "Vamos, r/Brasil... Quem de vocês foi?", "WASHINGTON NOVAES: As utopias e a barbárie", "Astrônomos brasileiros descobrem estrela rara na Via Láctea", "This Site Likely Coontains Sex1ually Expliicit Photos Of Someone You Know!", "Dilma veta Projeto de Lei a favor do uso de línguas indígenas em escolas e universidades", "ALTAIR 8800 foi o começo de uma Nova Era", "Eu trabalho 'home-office,' para uma empresa EUA. Como eu consigo comprar um carro?", "De cada 100 imóveis vendidos, 41 foram devolvidos às construtoras em 2015", "Elio Gaspari, O Globo: Viva a garotada da escola Fernão Dias", "Como o TPP vai afetar o meio ambiente, a saúde pública, o emprego e o alimento que você consome", "Protesto contra alta do transporte tem bombas e 8 detidos em SP", "Em revista científica, pesquisadores questionam surto de microcefalia", "Resumo da novela A regra do jogo 27/01/2016 - Novelas e biografias", "Lucros de Cunha são 'mais difíceis que ganhar na Mega-Sena'", "Projeto de lei de Eduardo Cunha quer reprimir a liberdade na Internet", "Os comentários me fazem crer que a idiotice humana não tem fim...", "Debate: cidades como Rio de Janeiro se beneficiam economicamente do carnaval ou acaba sendo prejudicial parar \"tudo\"?", "AT&T ajudou a NSA com sua espionagem em massa", "Despenalizado, Fumar Maconha e Portar Drogas não dá mais Cadeia diz STJ", "Como usar vocabulários sobre casa", "Pai tenta estuprar filha lésbica para fazê-la 'virar mulher'", "\"Se um indígena cortasse a garganta de uma criança branca o Brasil viria abaixo\", diz mãe de criança indígena morta em SC", "Supremo e TRF-4 apontam ao menos 18 erros de Moro na \"lava jato\"", "Imobiliária doa lote a picolezeiro que juntou entrada de terreno em moedas", "9 passos para forjar uma evidência", "RS Notícias: 1, 2 e 3 dormitórios na Av. João Pessoa", "Em mensagens de executivos da OAS, Lula e Dilma eram 'Luma'", "RS Notícias: Um terço dos pontos está sem condições para banho em SC; Canasvieiras tem todos impróprios", "moro nega pedido de dirceu para ficar frente a frente com delatores", "O Antagonista - Os caloteiros", "De olho em expansão, WhatsApp volta a ser gratuito", "14 JAN 2015 AM: revoltados, moradores incendeiam casas de prefeito (Os manifestantes incendiaram ainda a Câmara Municipal da cidade e jogaram o carro do prefeito no rio Solimões)", "Switzerland will be the first country in the world to vote on having a national wage of £1,700 a month", "Grandes livrarias se recusam a comercializar o livro ‘Minha Luta’", "Lula mentiu sobre apartamento no Guarujá, diz vítima da Bancoop", "Que site eu posso importar Modafinil para o Brasil?", "Vídeo 2 , do Chafariz. video 2016 01 06 08 17 08", "Como Clarear Axilas, Virilha, Joelhos e etc. Em Apenas 1 Semana - Para Q...", "Preciso de material em PDF para aula particular de inglês. Alguém pode me dar umas dicas/sugestões?", "RS Notícias: Brasileira cria sensor que descobre câncer antes dos sintomas e sem biópsia", "Novo Jihadi John ameaça Reino Unido antes da executar 'espiões britânicos'", "Does anyone know a Warren Green from South Africa that came to Brazil (São Paulo)? Is this a real person?", "TCU aponta mais de 90% de uso irregular de recursos do Fistel e do Fust", "Uma prévia da entrevista que fizemos com o Jean Wyllys aqui em Israel", "Quanto custaria o iPhone 100% norte-americano de Donald Trump?", "Por que a ABIN não investiga a corrupção no Brasil?", "Janine Ribeiro: \"Nem Lula, nem Dilma bloquearam a PF\"", "Para você que está entediado neste fim de domingo.", "Ano de 2015 foi o mais quente já registrado no planeta, confirma Nasa.", "Detenção de líder social causa tensão na política argentina", "[BATE-PAPO] Djs do r/brasil tenho algumas perguntas ?", "Relógio Moto 360 Sport, da Motorola, começa a ser vendido por R$ 2 mil (pouca coisa né?)", "Chico Buarque x Alexandre Garcia‏", "Travesti é 1º lugar em vestibular de universidade federal", "DESCOBRIMENTO - Porta dos fundos", "El Niño trará 'impactos enormes' em 2016, alertam cientistas", "Tocando o Tema de Toy Story =)", "Você Também pode escrever um livro: SAIBA COMO!", "Coreia do Norte anuncia ter realizado teste com bomba de hidrogênio. Bom...", "Manobra da gestão Alckmin diminui número de homicídios em SP", "se tudo que dizem sobre a exploração de ni[obio no Brasil é verdade, pq ninguém faz nada?", "Casais de 3 ou mais parceiros obtêm união com papel passado no Brasil", "Tico Santa Cruz o sociólogo, analista, gestor e mestre em administração – publicou um vídeo com mais uma análise concisa de um bom economista", "ELI5: Mensalão e a validade do argumento que os líderes do PT foram presos sem provas concretas", "Quais tipos de atitude você considera mais \"brochantes\" em um início de \"paquera\"?", "Quase causar um acidente para uma ambulancia cruzar 6 pistas", "Wagner Moura será entrevistado no programa de Jimmy Fallon sexta à noite.", "TV Câmara censura críticas a Eduardo Cunha", "Tarifa de transporte e a tal da conta que não fecha", "O ÚLTIMO CAPÍTULO ( 310 ) DO CARROSSEL ( HD )", "Trying to understand Brasil addresses to start sending mail there", "RS Notícias: O time dos sonhos de Carla Fachim", "Gostaria feedback no, projeto para encontrar empregos en T.I no Brasil", "Presidente do PT compara prisões da Lava Jato à pior fase da ditadura - 20/01/2016 - Poder", "Com real desvalorizado, argentinos lotam Brasil; fluxo é 35% maior que 2015", "Mansueto Almeida sobre a demanda do Movimento Passe Livre (MPL)", "Como emagrecer rápido, até 5 kg em 4 semanas", "Doria pediu favores a chefe de agência do governo Dilma", "Ótimo site para conferir e desmentir as asneiras que todos postam no facebook.", "Governo aposta na construção civil e fala em 'novo PAC' para recuperar imagem - Agência Estado", "O dia em que um cubano fez uma pergunta aos brasileiros", "Termômetro de orla do Rio com tela azul. Foto da noite passada.", "Parte dos juízes abandonou o juridiquês. Aqui estão alguns resultados", "[Notícias] Menino de 13 anos quebra imagens santas na Baixada Fluminense.", "O que você acha da justiça brasileira?", "Vamos supor que a posse e o porte de armas estão liberados do Brasil. Você compraria uma arma?", "A foto mais absurda que já vi. Vereador se aproveita de pobreza e necessidade para fazer politica, dando brindes (Proibidos), e antes do prazo legal para campanha. Telefone do Sujeito (16) 3607-4026", "Réveillon 2016 Rio de Janeiro Brasil da Vergonha", "Eu só queria saber quem deu seis estrelas pra essa \"cerveja\"", "[Discussão] - teste 2 - o retorno", "Sou um pouco 'de humanas' e um dos cursos que quero tem Cálculo", "Juros futuros de longo prazo sobem e complicam crédito", "Após tomar umas no réveillon do Rio, Kit Harington confessa o destino de Jon Snow.", "[ Curiosidade ] Negative Interest Rates in Japan", "Brasileiro treina na Amazônia com Legião Estrangeira: 'Quero lutar contra o Estado Islâmico'", "Dar à Petrobrás o mesmo destino da Standard Oil", "EP07 Summer Edition - Viagem de verão Nova Zelândia e Brasil", "Marcos & Belutti part. Wesley Safadão - Aquele 1% (Clipe Oficial)", "Conversas entre Blair e Clinton em 1998 são divulgadas e mostram preocupação com Brasil - Internacional - Estadão", "[Vídeo] \"Fale com Estranhos - Natan\" periferia, crime e sonho", "Justiça bloqueia bens de prefeito do PSDB e mais 14 por fraudes na merenda escolar", "Brasil prepara novas regras para uso de drones", "The Onion tem um novo proprietário", "Eduardo Jorge é o primeiro político brasileiro a ter uma playlist no Spotify", "Alguém ta sabendo se a Dilma vai tirar todo o dinheiro das poupanças e que guerra civil vai iniciar dia 15?", "Condenado na França, professor da UFRJ nega ligação com terrorismo", "Alguém tem alguma ideia para um trabalho de graduação?", "Show da Fé - Número do Programa: 4037/16", "ITAÚ 2016 - Vaga para Analista de Numerario Junior - Faça sua Inscrição", "Manifesto em BH passe livre (08/01/2016)", "O que fazer em SP com a namorada?", "[Brasileiros vivendo na Argentina] Perguntas sobre o governo Macri.", "Quem se lembra da Playboy de Kelly Brook", "Quero montar uma biblioteca virtual para ajudar os alunos do meu curso. Qual nuvem vocês me recomendam?", "Uma \"nova dimensão\" de agressão sexual em Colônia", "Super lançamento das Casas Bahia, o Apple iBrick 5C", "Para todos os que gostam de Linux neste sub, achei essa distribuição. Já to montando uma VirtualBox.", "CBF perde quebra de braço, volta atrás e autoriza realização da Primeira Liga", "Juiz defende direito a aborto em casos de microcefalia", "Resultado da reunião: Petrobras vai cortar pelo menos 30% do número de funções gerenciais.", "Kylo Ren apresenta seu Sabre para Darth Vader (x-post /r/nerdpowerbr)", "NOVA INTRO DE MINECRAFT !!", "Como acessar sites pornográficos da Deep Web? Como pesquisar esses sites?", "RS: Procuram-se apenados que seriam donos de R$ 8 milhões", "Rihanna coroa-se com um par de fones de ouvido de ouro extravagante", "Justiça quer ouvir Neymar na condição de arguido", "Promotor sem ter nada para fazer pede busca e apreensão de 'Mein Kampf'", "9 vírus mais mortais do planeta Terra.", "EUA: As Bernie Sanders Is Showing, This Country Is Much More Progressive Than You Think", "Facebook e Instagram proibiram anúncios de armas", "Dica de Anime | Tokyo Ghoul", "Abrabar defende retirar mendigos das ruas de Curitiba 'por bem ou por força'", "Começam hoje as inscrições para o Fies", "Elite dos negócios perde US$ 194 bi na 1ª semana de 2016", "Rio De Janeiro Has A Brain", "Vídeo flagra momento em que PM do ES agride mulher com tapa no rosto", "Toda dor há de ser passageira | Puta Letra", "Prefeitura comete gafe e Aedes aparece no \"lado bom da força\"", "Wendell Lira vence votação popular e leva o Prêmio Puskás de 2015", "Escola de magia do mundo de Harry Potter no Brasil: Castelobruxo", "Azul vai aterrar em Portugal", "O site Lottoland é confiável?", "Alguém aqui já superou a depressão?", "Em ano de impeachment e Lava-jato, Dilma Rousseff vai enfrentar TSE sob o comando de Gilmar Mendes, um dos maiores opositores da gestão petista.", "Liminar obriga o Estado a quitar 13º e a retomar calendário antigo dos servidores; multa mínima a Pezão é de R$ 350 mil - Servidor Público - Extra Online", "[DadosSãoLindos] Mapa religioso do Oriente Médio: a presença das vertentes do Islã", "O primeiro game vaporwave nacional, Slipstream, no Kickstarter", "[Hipocrisia] Se tivesse uma noticia falsa dizendo que o governo brasileiro disse pra abortar todos os bebês para não ser infectado pelo Zika, mas ela fosse divulgada por sites estrangeiros como algo real...", "Meu Canal se vc curtir inscreva-se", "Brasileiros sabem que há trabalho escravo no país, revela pesquisa", "HEA que foram publicados julgamentos históricos no site do STF", "Por que o dólar subiu tanto. E não para de subir", "Padaria gourmet em bairro rico indignada com a falta de luz depois da tempestade em Porto Alegre. Nos comentários a merda chove.", "Riachuelo deve pensão a costureira que colocava elástico em 500 calças por hora", "Nexo Jornal :: Por Ueslei Marcelino, da Reuters.", "BestDatingSite! CLICK! IneedSEEEX for brasil", "askanews da Itália: Brasile, violenti scontri in piazza per aumento prezzo trasporti", "Pessoal, estou estudando desenvolvimento mobile Iphone e criei um app para facilitar ligações a cobrar no Brasil. Preciso da opinião de vocês.", "Manifestantes protestam na Grécia contra reforma da previdência", "Dilma garantiu a Collor diretorias da BR, diz Cerveró", "Que coincidência: orçamento do governo Dilma terá corte de R$ 133 milhões na verba da PF", "Após Kim Kataguiri, Folha de S. Paulo estuda trocar todos os colunistas por comentaristas de portal", "Danos causados pelo temporal no Foro Central de Porto Alegre", "Cerveró diz que Ideli Salvatti e João Paulo Cunha ajudaram transportadora a renegociar dívida de R$ 90 mi com a Petrobrás", "Download driver HP Deskjet 2050 All in one | Blog da Informática", "Menino amputa própria mão para se 'desculpar' por insulto a Maomé e vira 'herói' no Paquistão", "Vocês, pessoas que trabalham com programação, conseguem tirar um tempo para \"curtir a vida\"?", "No translado entre terminais do aeroporto de Guarulhos.", "5 gifs pra você compartilhar com seu amigo Maconheiro", "Zika: Brazil to deploy army in fight against virus", "Serra do Rio do Rastro The most spectacular road in the world", "TOQUE VIOLÃO ISSO FUNCIONA PARA VOCÊ", "Petróleo fecha abaixo de US$ 35 pela 1ª vez em 11 anos", "Satanistas farão oração satânica na \"Câmara de Vereadores\" dos EUA como protesto", "Adlène Hicheur: 'Estou sendo caçado pela mídia por um crime que não cometi'", "[\"dou valor à minha profissão\"] Vocês concordam que dentistas cobrem consultas?", "Rio museum on Guanabara Bay tackles big environmental issues… but not the pollution on its doorstep", "[Notícias] Pastor tenta andar sobre as águas e morre afogado", "UPP 'modelo' em morro do Rio trouxe paz, mas tráfico se mantém", "#TOP8 CLIPES DE KPOP PARA SACUDIR A NOITE.", "Charlotte Rampling diz é que críticas ao Oscar são 'racismo contra brancos'", "Indústria de cannabis em Israel está em alta", "Consulta do GDAE vale como certificado?", "RS Notícias: Agnes Ravengar, modelo sueca. Saiba mais sobre ela e veja as suas fotos", "Separados por alguns universos paralelos", "Protestos atingem embaixada da Arábia Saudita em Teerã", "HEA que houve um outro 'leviatã do ar' Alemão nos anos 1930 e que ele também veio ao Brasil.", "Polícia prende novo suspeito de assassinato de criança indígena em Imbituba", "Por que é raro partidos brasileiros escolherem seus candidatos em prévias", "RS Notícias: Essenza Menino Deus", "10/03/2013 - Médica do Samu é detida com seis dedos de silicone, em Ferraz", "Turista japonesa é agredida e sofre tentativa de estupro em Fortaleza", "[brasil] Amy Sellers - this bitch is registered on the website sex dating and cheating on me!!! Fuuuuuuuuuck!", "A esquerda e o ajuste econômico", "Show da Fé - Número do Programa: 4045/16", "Dilma viola a Lei de Responsabilidade Fiscal e a punição é severa...para nós! - InfoMoney", "Please help me make the best feijoada possible!", "Órgão dos EUA confirma forte indício de relação entre zika e microcefalia", "Qual é a melhor maneira de estudar?", "Paralamas em Close Up (1998) (com Arnaldo Antunes, Jorge Ben, Frejat, etc.)", "O que é o projeto de lei que exime religiosos de crimes de injúria e difamação", "Tragédia da Boate Kiss completa três anos sem presos ou indenização às famílias", "O que os gringos acham do Brasil", "Mãe mata ladrão para pro o filho", "Mais um centro espírita é incendiado em Brasília", "Brasileiro \"O Menino e o Mundo\" concorre a Oscar de Animação", "Lula já é tratado como suspeito em 4 processos", "Minicom acata pedido de teles e TVs e adia cronograma da TV Digital", "\"É o primeiro cachorro da história a chegar neste lugar. Estamos muito orgulhosos dele\", publicou o presidente da argentina, Mauricio Macri", "Incêndio na Oi e Direitos dos Consumidores Baianos", "TUTORIAL: COMO DAR O CU", "Daily Telegraph confirma: jornais vivem no Século XIX", "TOMEI BANHO - TAG PERGUNTAS E RESPOSTAS", "O fim simbólico dos Kirchner", "Enquanto isso no aeroporto de Congonhas.", "Bate-Papo da Quinta - O que você está jogando? - 14.01.2016", "Repórter da Globo descobre câncer durante reportagem sobre o tema", "Condomínios da Barra transformam espaço público em área de lazer privada", "“Como se não bastassem todos os problemas que nós brasileiros estamos sofrendo, ainda temos que ver em pleno ano 2015 o programa Malhação, da TV Globo, prestar um desserviço à saúde pública. Mãe de Cazuza publica carta de repudio", "Ééé, chega de internet por hoje.", "Já te falaram que você parece com algum famoso?", "Vtimas da tragdia de Mariana tm futuro incerto e ainda preso lama", "Governo Federal vai gastar R$ 3,8 bilhões com pensão de filhas de militares", "Dilma 'corre' para visitar neto no RS após café com jornalistas em Brasília", "Especial: Desenhos que Marcaram Nossa Infância", "Number of international acquisitions breaks record in Brazil", "Professor da UFRJ foi condenado por planejar atentados na França", "Novas leis de espionagem do Reino Unido poderiam matar pessoas", "Oculus Rift entra em pré-venda para 20 países; preço é de US$ 599", "TJ nega pedido de liminar do governo de SP sobre reorganização escolar", "Presidente da França declara 'estado de emergência econômica'", "Sobre o poluído litoral catarinense", "Eduardo Marinho - Artista plástico, escritor e filósofo de rua.", "A execução de Sheikh Nimr pode derrubar o reino Saudita", "Como eu descubro que carreira quero seguir?", "RS Notícias: Joãozinho gaúcho, tchê !!!", "Os segredos de Machu Picchu", "COMO CRIAR UM BLOG PASSO A PASSO - Módulo 3 - Aula 4", "Moises Carvalho Pereira Empreendimentos Imobiliários no Pará", "Astronomia básica: no Hemisfério sul a Lua diz a verdade; no norte, ela mente - uma coisa que aprendi em Portugal", "Patrimônio dos 15 brasileiros mais ricos supera em mais de dez vezes a renda dos 14 milhões de recipientes do Bolsa Família", "[Bate-papo] Você está com sua vacina antitetanica em dia?", "Que placa mãe eu devo comprar?", "Show da Fé - Número do Programa: 4031/15", "PLANTÃO R/BRASIL ( Kim Kataguiri critica Bolsonaro e Olavo de Carvalho, Reinaldo Azevedo e Constantino brigam nas redes sociais", "Biel deixa pegar no pau", "Cinema da América Latina decola com ‘star system’ próprio | Cultura", "Um trabalho a ser preservado", "Preciso de ajuda com meu processador!", "We did it, Internet! O Wendell Lira ganhou o Prêmio Puskas de gol mais bonito do ano!", "HAPPY HOUR DO AUTOMODERATOR - 08.01.2016", "O Conar deve ter muito serviço mesmo /s", "Ilha Grande, acampamento, boa ou má ideia?", "Em tese de doutorado, pesquisadora denuncia a farsa da crise da Previdência Social no Brasil forjada pelo governo com apoio da imprensa:", "BATE-PAPO Qual foi a maior vergonha que você já passou no Reddit?", "Carro invade portaria de sede do Ministério da Fazenda", "Médica do Samu é detida com seis dedos de silicone, em Ferraz", "Caso de aborto confirma que zika consegue atravessar a placenta", "Atores de sucesso que fracassaram em Hollywood", "Você acaba de ganhar uma quantia absurda de dinheiro. Quais seus planos?", "Em Roterdã, semáforo fica verde para ciclistas quando chove", "Detenção durante 2o ato MPL", "[brasil] My name is Maria! I want sex! HELP ME!!!", "Irã liberta marinheiros americanos em águas internacionais", "Outro 7 a 1 em Minas Gerais: Arsênio de mineradora de Paracatu contaminou crianças da cidade", "Menos de 4% dos deputados foram a todas as sessões (Dos 19 que foram a todos os dias em que a presença era obrigatória em 2015, 11 estão em primeiro mandato.)", "Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD - Review e Detonado", "Ministério Público vai denunciar Lula por ocultação de patrimônio", "Ministro de Economia do Japão renuncia diante de escândalo de corrupção", "Pelé, Gretzky, Sugar Ray Leonard e B. Borg disputam uma corrida em 1982.", "CDC Criador de conteúdo ou Copiador de conteúdo", "Alguem sabe onde posso encontrar \"Refrigerated Biscuits\" aqui no Brasil? Ou o nome disso aqui?", "Novo Concurso IBGE (Técnico) TÉCNICO EM INFORMAÇÕES GEOGRÁFICAS E ESTATÍSTICAS 2016", "Embaixada saudita no Irã é atacada após execução de líder religioso pelo governo Saudita", "Para CIA, paranoia excessiva de militares resultou no AI-5", "\"Eu falhei.\" Nova temporada de Game of Thrones começa sem livro de R.R. Martin", "Aliados dizem que Temer se arrependeu de carta enviada a Dilma", "Reunião de mensagens eletrônicas de executivos da Odebrecht indica, para a PF, relação direta e próxima com Lula durante seus mandatos e no período pós-Presidência", "Spotify é muito bom, mas tem hora que viaja legal", "Delator muda versão e isenta José Dirceu em depoimento à Justiça", "Morre aos 62 anos o ator Antonio Pompêo no Rio de Janeiro", "Por que você ainda vai tomar 'água da privada'", "Mr. Catra desmente vasectomia e diz que foi alvo de pegadinha", "Em 2015, país fecha 1,54 milhão de vagas formais, pior taxa em 24 anos", "Exemplo! Presidente da Argentina só vai usar sistema de saúde público", "Relacionamento Aberto Realmente dá Certo?", "RS Notícias: Dia de Telefonia com até 10% de desconto à vista na Magazine Luiza!", "Moradores de comunidade fazem ato na Marginal do Tietê contra corte de eletricidade", "Mercado piora expectativa para inflação e atividade econômica em 2016", "Gostaria de aprender mais sobre o transporte ferroviário brasileiro, alguém sabe algum livro, curso bom de estudar?", "Novo Concurso Prefeitura de São Caetano do Sul / SP AGENTE ADMINISTRATIVO 2016", "Termina em confusão a primeira sessão da Assembleia venezuelana presidida pela oposição", "Escolas privadas brasileiras também têm baixas taxas de aprendizado e altos percentuais de reprovação", "Marcelo Adnet - Marco Gracco - Comdia MTV", "Em qual dessas escadas você se encontra? [Metáfora da vida]", "Pastor diz que 'demônio' o levou a estuprar menina e pede perdão", "Dilma diz que 'grande preocupação' do governo é com desemprego", "Governo prevê R$ 3,4 mi para pintar farmácias de vermelho", "Meio vazio… | BLOG DO AMARILDO", "Ação da Petrobras cai abaixo de R$ 5 pela 1ª vez desde julho 2003", "Haddad gasta 17% a mais com ônibus, mas nº de passageiros cai", "Volta às aulas: o que você gostaria que fosse ensinado na escola?", "SOU - Cicloativista mineiro fala sobre os desafios de legitimar o uso da bicicleta como meio de transporte no Brasil", "Isis Valverde se abaixa para pegar cachorro e mostra demais", "Escovação 3 vezes por dia explica falta de pasta de dente, diz ministra na Venezuela - Notícias", "Projeto garante a mulheres direito de descer do ônibus fora do ponto após as 22 hs em SP", "Organização Mundial da Saúde anuncia fim da transmissão do ebola na Guiné", "[\"dou valor à minha profissão\"] Vocês concordam que dentistas cobrem por consultas?", "Metade da população do Brasil [x-post do /r/dataisbeautiful]", "Comprou uma xícara de 38 milhões e pagou com 'American Express Centurion'", "Único condenado após protestos de 2013 no Rio é preso por tráfico", "Recebi uma proposta para estagiar/estudar fora. Devo aceitar?", "Promoção do Dia do Gatry", "ELI5: Por que a Folha não divulga \"estatísticas\" das manifestações do MPL?", "Café ajuda a impulsionar o seu treino diário, dizem cientistas", "TCE aponta que 10,9% dos professores da rede estadual estão em desvio de função", "TODAS as vidas importam? Um experimento com o Facebook", "Quando me chamam para valorizar a cena underground...", "Rio Carnival 2016 in Brasil (Schedule in Google calendar format)", "Dating WebSite Online! Find Your Girls to night! my dtss", "Coreia do Norte diz ter criado bebida alcoólica que não dá ressaca", "como criar um blog passo a passo - Módulo 3 - Aula 3", "Introdutor do muay thai no Brasil vive isolado e esquecido no Paraná", "Sou um pouco ‘de humanas’ e alguns dos cursos que tenho interesse têm Cálculo", "RS Notícias: Cyrela Goldsztein Clássico Petrópolis", "Estava experimentando criar panoramas e tirei a vista da estação de metrô Tamanduateí, linha verde, de SP (alta resolução nos comentários, 23 mb)", "Ganhe 1,507,52 Aproximado de 2 a 3 vezes no mês, acertando 14 pontos - ...", "Joseph Stiglitz - Criando uma Sociedade de Aprendizagem", "RS Notícias: Fotos raras de Charles Chaplin no filme clássico \"Kid Auto Races em Veneza\" (1914)", "Redditors que moram/estudam/trabalham fora. Como vocês começaram? Dicas pra um novato por favor.", "No AC, homem que teria 131 anos pode ser o mais velho do mundo", "A repressão policial na manifestação do dia 12 foi muito a mais: \"...manifestante foi espancado até perder os dentes\".", "Putin enviou pedido para Assad renunciar como presidente sírio", "Cuidado para não cair no golpe do boleto falso de IPVA", "Campanha de Lula recebeu até R$ 50 mi de propina de Angola, diz Cerveró", "Subreddit sobre Stand Up Comedy no Brasil", "Com medo de panelaço, PT tira Lula e Dilma do programa partidário na TV", "Conheça o museu criado por um garoto de 10 anos em memória a Luiz Gonzaga", "RS Notícias: Conheça as top 10 atrizes de filmes adultos mais populares no Google", "O Vaticano surgiu de um acordo entre Mussolini e o Papa...e várias outras curiosidades bizarras sobre o Vaticano", "ELI5: Como o Maluf ainda consegue se eleger?", "Como Gravar Seus Videos Usando a Webcam - How to Burn Your Videos Using ...", "Bate-Papo da Quinta - O que você está jogando? - 07.01.2016", "O Síndrome do Impostor | Alexandra Baldeh Loras | TEDxSaoPaulo", "WhatsApp deixará de cobrar US$ 1 por ano", "[Ajuda] Um pacote enviado da Suíça tem de pagar direitos aduaneiros?", "Centro de Mídia Independente (CMI SÃO PAULO)", "I'm so lucky to get gift cards by just few taps! Wanna be lucky too? Use my referral code: b6f036e to get 20 bonus coins.", "Estudante de medicina é morto por policial militar dentro de boate em MT", "Polícia encontra parte de merenda escolar em despensa de churrascaria", "Dilma sanciona MP que eleva tributos de bebidas e itens de informática", "Neymar é vítima de racismo no jogo do Barcelona com o Espanyol", "O que acontece quando se amamenta no Congresso?", "A sexualização da infância e adolescência", "Wi-fi em um avião a 35 mil pés é mais rápido que banda larga", "Para TCU, obra da OAS com Jaques Wagner foi superfaturada", "Promotor paulista é denunciado de receber propina das Casas Bahia", "Peguei essa tal da Zika", "\"Atualizem suas Constituições\": Polícia vai determinar percurso de passeatas", "computador lento? Quer jogar um jogo impressionante de graça? Tente Ultima Online. Você vai se tornar viciado.", "Seguindo a polemica de Aruan Felix youtuber árabe corta placa de 1 milhão de Inscritos", "PT se 'autoassassinou' e governo está em fase terminal, diz ex-ministro de Lula - Política", "Míssil enviado dos EUA à Europa vai parar em Cuba por 'engano'", "Ano de 2015 foi o mais quente já registrado no planeta, confirma Nasa", "Sobre o dólar e a queda do preço de commodities", "62 bilionários têm patrimônio igual ao de 3,6 bilhões mais pobres, diz ONG - 18/01/2016 - Mercado - Folha de S.Paulo", "Mais de mil civis sírios morreram em ataques russos em quatro meses", "Muçulmana é expulsa de comício da campanha de Donald Trump", "Ex-oficial da CIA: o Irã 'agiu de forma responsável' no incêndio a Embaixada saudita", "ALIENS, VIAJANTES DO TEMPO, NOKIA de 800 ANOS é encontrado na Austria no...", "[Ao vivo] Bolsonaro agora em entrevista ao vivo agora no Esfera Pública de Juremir Machado (clique na opção de escutar a emissora)", "Aqueles momento que a certidão de nascimento do homem mais velho do mundo está com fonte Comic Sans", "Conspiração ,abre o olho Brasil", "RS Notícias: Aqui tem oferta pra clicar e comprar na Magazine Luiza. Vem!", "Governo pode flexibilizar regras para o pré-sal - Economia - Estadão", "Petrobras decide fechar refinaria no Japão, cuja compra se assemelha à de Pasadena", "A caixa-preta da merenda paulista", "Grupo protesta contra aumento da tarifa de ônibus em Florianópolis", "Programa de inteligência artificial da Google vence campeão de Go, jogo mais desafiador que o xadrez, para computadores", "[Humor] \"Estadão\" comete gafe e ilustra matéria sobre a Boate Kiss com imagem de banda", "Freelaana: Escolher as cores da sua empresa é parte fundamental da comunicação com seu cliente", "PM realisa estudo e desvenda significados de tatuagens no mundo do crime", "Por que você deveria se preocupar com o atentado do ISIS em Homs?", "Meu projeto para freelance & Remoto empregos/projetos no Brasil", "Top 10 ideias fabulosas para reaproveitar seu berço velho", "Sarah Baartman: a chocante história da africana que virou atração de circo", "Joaquim Levy será o novo diretor financeiro do Banco Mundial", "Após críticas, Globo cancela filme com temática gay no “Supercine” | TV Foco - Audiência da TV, Notícias da TV e Famosos", "TRE declara ex-governador do DF Agnelo Queiroz (PT) e vice inelegíveis por oito anos", "Tirei os quatro cisos hoje de manhã. PQC", "Site do Portal Brasil está infestado de mosquitos.", "Quais extensões vocês usam em seus navegadores?", "Ladrões guincham bancas de jornal com tudo dentro na zona leste de SP", "'Na África, indaguei rei da minha etnia por que nos venderam como escravos'", "Amigo do \"Lobo de Wall Street\", ex-milionário vira morador de rua em NY", "Carro de luxo: a 'lua de mel' pode acabar em breve | Primeira Classe", "Queimadas crescem 27,5% e Brasil registra 2º pior ano desde 1999", "Sobrado a Venda no Bairro do Botujuru em Mogi das Cruzes", "coletes salva-vida de refugiados formam sinal da paz", "Dirceu chega para depor na Lava Jato", "A CPI do HSBC receberá uma pilha de dados novos. Resta saber o que será feito com isso", "Alguém aqui já desistiu da faculdade ?", "O que um calouro precisa saber?", "[ Tanto se fala do Macri / Polêmica ] David Cameron tells new Argentinian President: 'Absolutely clear' Falkland Islands want to remain British", "SIGNIFICADO DAS MINHAS TATUAGENS #guilhermerocker", "Uma lição de jornalismo e manipulação em três minutos", "Uma dúvida sincera sobre importação", "Lama tóxica de Mariana pode chegar no Caribe, diz secretário", "Grande Irmão Brasil in a nutshell - Parafernalha", "PF investiga troca de mensagens entre Edinho Silva e ex-presidente da OAS", "Aprenda a melhor forma de ganhar dinheiro usando seu pc", "Cruzeiro confirma o afastamento de Benecy Queiroz e anuncia substituto", "Fundo de pensão da Petrobrás barra recuperação judicial da Sete Brasil", "Editorial: Where Does Noam Chomsky Get His News?", "Cadeiras vazias em sessões esgotadas estavam com problema de encosto, diz Universal", "Aguirre diz que o GALO está no caminho certo após a conquista da Florida Cup", "Participante do BBB tem suposto vídeo íntimo circulando no WhatsApp", "PF pede indiciamento de Pimentel por corrupção, organização criminosa e lavagem de dinheiro", "Modelos de transporte individual de passageiros devem ser regulamentados em Porto Alegre", "Japanese company manufactures lifelike child sex dolls for paedophiles", "[Opinião] O argumento pela Renda Básica Universal", "Cidadãos já podem declarar orientação sexual, nome social e identidade de gênero em registros de crimes", "ELI5: A estrutura administrativa do Distrito Federal", "Filmei umas formigas muito tempo atras e nunca postei, o vídeo esta em tempo real", "BATE-PAPO Como você cultiva seu hábito de ler?", "Geisy Arruda a revista: 'Tenho nojo de pinto pequeno'", "A situação na Coreia do Norte deve ser uma preocupação global", "VICE Brasil :: São Paulo: Educação Ocupada", "Porquê que muitos utilizadores, especialmente no Youtube, metem comentários dizendo que são do Brasil?", "Previdência Social por Maria Lucia Fatorelli", "Coalizão de esquerda espanhola se aproxima de formar novo governo", "Truculência Policial - Jornalistas Livres (Vídeo mostra momento em que manifestantes procuram refúgio das bombas da PM de São Paulo, dentro do Instituto Cervantes, na Av Paulista.)", "NET Virtua fazendo throttling no Twitch?", "MARTHA MEDEIROS: Um tanque paz e amor", "Retrato do Brasil nos últimos 5 anos", "25 TED Talks que mudarão a forma como você enxerga o mundo!", "What do you think is the best way of handling the deforestation of the Amazon?", "Os motivos para taxistas ganharem mais que médicos em Cuba", "Bolsa-presidiário é aumentada em 11%", "RS Notícias: Simple Home Boutique", "Homem da ditadura, presidente da CBF recebe como anistiado político", "MARCIA SILVA DANÇANDO FUNK PUTARIA - NOVINHA QUE CAIU NA NET", "Dicas para o primeiro trabalho", "RS Notícias: Morre, aos 69 anos, o cantor britânico David Bowie", "Propaganda do Itaú que escreveu \"digitau\" é processada", "Lama da Samarco se estende por 168,2 km² no mar do ES, diz Instituto Estadual de Meio Ambiente", "Votos brancos e nulos: para que servem?", "Charge do Charlie Hebdo sobre garoto sírio afogado causa revolta", "Facebook promete combater o discurso de ódio contra os refugiados", "Israel rejeita oferta de paz da França", "Pedido de adiantamento de audiência -- nosso advogado está internado", "Quem tem medo das nossas reservas?", "Novo Concurso Prefeitura de Cotia / SP DIVERSOS CARGOS 2016", "Mulher que carregou saco de cimento em prova será indenizada, diz Justiça", "O que temos de neandertal", "Por que carregar uma arma", "[Discussão] Alguém curte One Punch Man aí? Ou tem sugestão de algum novo anime pouco conhecido?", "Elenco de 'Friends' se reencontra e participa de especial em TV", "/r/Brasil questão de faculdade, help", "Dilma sanciona lei que cria o Dia do Tambor de Crioula", "Das 50 cidades mais violentas do Mundo, 21 estão no Brasil", "Coisas que você odeia na internet e que normalmente não acontecem na \"vida real\"?", "Estatais Estaduais | Testamos a transparência de dez delas", "Europe in crisis over sex attacks by migrants amid calls for emergency EU meeting", "Xingu Vivo » O alto preço da modernidade de Belo Monte na vida da aldeia indígena de Muratu", "Irã declaradamente libera prisioneiros americanos", "Carnaval e fechamento de ruas", "Há \"Writing Prompts\" em português?", "(09/01/2015) Manifestação Passe Livre São Paulo", "A ordem dos tratores não altera o viaduto...", "[200 países, 200 anos, 4 minutos - Hans Rosling] - Tenha esperança, por maior que seja a crise no Brasil, o mundo segue em rumo a prosperidade", "Concurso da Caixa pode acontecer em 2016", "Roma cobre suas estátuas nuas para não incomodar a delegação iraniana", "Edifício é arrombado três vezes em cinco dias na Capital", "Donald Trump obtém apoio de Sarah Palin", "Assembleia Nacional da Venezuela deve anular decreto de emergência econômica de Maduro", "O PhotoShop às vezes passa do limite", "Macri propõe diálogo com Reino Unido sobre diversos temas, inclusive Malvinas", "Novo Concurso AGEPEN / MS AGENTE PENITENCIÁRIO ESTADUAL - SEGURANÇA E CUSTÓDIA 2016", "Após ações subirem até 15% sem explicação, Petrobras anuncia, após mercado fechar, que revelará algo importante amanhã 10hs.", "[brasil] My name is HeidiBelehar, I'm divorced and I want to find a guy for the night. Do you guys free?", "ThIs Site Likelyy Containss Sexuallly Expliciit Photos Of Someoone You Know! my ttid", "Batman Arkham City - Elenco de Voz", "Após festas com a família, Cerveró deve voltar para a prisão neste sábado", "5 Coisas Que Todo Mundo Deveria Saber Sobre Inovação", "Quais são algumas precauções que devo tomar para tirar fotos em São Paulo?", "POLÍTICA: Mesmo depois de preso, Delcídio mantém verba", "STF concede prisão domiciliar a policial que atirou 3 vezes no namorado", "Assista ao vídeo do protesto contra o aumento da passagem de ônibus em BH", "Onde queres Barcelona, sou Goianésia: \"Na verdade, nós vivemos o futebol esperando por um Wendell Lira\".", "Spotify sofre novo processo milionário por direitos autorais", "Be Here Now - Ram Dass / Alguém já leu?", "ELIO GASPARI: Uma aula da fantasia oligárquica - \"Num ridículo episódio de caipirice cosmopolita, ao passear no teleférico do morro do Alemão, Christine Lagarde, diretora do Fundo Monetário Internacional, disse que estava se sentido \"numa estação de esqui\" dos Alpes\".", "Reboot de personagens da hanna-Barbera (link em inglês)", "Warcraft - O Primeiro Encontro de Dois Mundos | Mais Filmes 3", "Vale a pena ir a Campus Party?", "Como você planeja seus projetos de longo prazo?", "Investidores ignoram garantias e fogem da Gol com medo de um default", "TV FOLHA: Como Cunha chegou até aqui?", "População queima casa do Prefeito, de vereadores e toca fogo na Câmara", "Vídeo escrachando Lula em resposta a suas recentes declarações faz suces...", "Adele \"Hello\" Paródia - Eu vou deletar o meu VINE", "Imagem lança Mapa do Amor 2016 | MundoGEO", "Nova York fecha o cerco a criptografia de smartphones", "Alguém aqui é de Niterói e/ou assinante do Jornal \"A Tribuna\" do RJ?", "Ostentação nas redes sociais vira prova na Justiça contra 'caloteiros'", "STF suspende o júri do ex-deputado estadual Carli Filho", "DESIGUALDADE NO BRASIL NÃO É UMA QUESTÃO DE MÉRITO", "Brazil’s scientist-entrepreneurs unfettered. Full-time professors at public universities in Brazil will now be allowed to carry out research in the private sector", "Como criar um blog passo a passo - Módulo 4 - Aula 3", "Morre aos 65 anos a cantora Natalie Cole", "RS Notícias: Irmã de Patricia Poeta, Paloma Poeta que trabalha na TV Record/RS. Veja as suas fotos", "Senador Aécio Neves (PSDB-MG) era \"o mais chato\" na cobrança de propina junto à empreiteira UTC.", "Relatório da Procuradoria Federal ao STF sobre o caso da RBS TV na Zelotes: rastros de uma operação que provoca arrepios - in memorian u/ze_lotes", "11 Anos após ter morrido, paciente é chamada para consulta no SUS", "Criança é encontrada amarrada com arame dentro de casa em Londrina", "Alarme na Venezuela :: A América Latina não merece ver uma Síria ser criada no seu território. O poder da República Bolivariana da Venezuela, é bom lembrar, é sustentado pela “coalizão cívico-militar” bolivariana.", "Após mudança de discurso, Banco Central mantém taxa de juros em 14,25% - Economia - Estadão", "Troca de lâmpadas antes de PPP cria risco de gasto duplo em São Paulo", "Cidades do interior do RS cancelam carnaval e investem em outras áreas", "Putin diz que Zika vrus \"porcaria vinda da Amrica Latina\"", "Cinco vezes Messi: argentino leva a Bola de Ouro, e CR7 supera Neymar", "[Noticia antiga]Perdão às dívidas de países africanos soma US$ 717 milhões", "Eu prefiro morrer do que perder a vida! (x-post /r/nerdpowerbr)", "RS Notícias: Sexo Anal - Opinião Médica (Humor)", "Executivo relata ‘ameaças’ de assessor de Fernando Capez (PSDB) por atraso de propina da merenda", "Eleição municipal deste ano será a primeira sem doação empresarial", "A TODOS DA TERRA DEVEMOS VOLTA A SANTIFICAÇÃO JESUS CRISTO ESTA VOLTANDO", "Primeiro caso de microcefalia por zika vírus é confirmado nos EUA", "Morre índio agredido com chutes na cabeça enquanto dormia em rua de BH", "Cicada 3301: o mistério desconcertante da internet está de volta", "Pra quem contratou o NuBank", "87% dos governos do mundo estão no Facebook", "Site da Amil invadido, dados dos seus clientes expostos", "'Lula é o retrato do PT, partido envolvido em corrupção' diz Alckmin", "Preta Gil se mostra fora dos padrões de beleza", "Why Brazil’s crisis goes beyond the current political nightmare", "Joaquin 'El Chapo' Guzman foi recapturado, o presidente do México diz...", "PP desviou R$ 358 milhões dos cofres da Petrobras, diz procurador-geral", "Pesquisadoras mapeiam desocupação indígena no Sertão nordestino ocorrida desde século 16", "Viaje de graça nos aviões da FAB (sim, você também pode!)", "\"Ganhei cargo de Lula após empréstimo\", diz Cerveró", "Barbosa anuncia R$ 83 bilhões em estímulo ao crédito", "Ao menos 2.249 presos não retornam às celas após as festas de fim de ano", "Porto Rico, um território que pertence ao Commonwealth dos EUA está quebrado e não pode nem pedir falência", "a Polícia Militar lançou uma bomba de efeito moral a cada 7 segundos; BOA NOITE", "Show da Fé - Número do Programa: 4040/16", "Com quantos anos você perdeu a virgindade? Como foi?", "Médicos recusam empregos oferecidos por prefeituras e estados. Recusa para assumir postos de trabalho chega a 63% dos aprovados em concursos.", "Impressão minha ou o horário de verão acabou do nada?", "Eles querem uma nova polícia: “A instituição da qual fazemos parte é assassina”, afirma o investigador Denilson Neves.", "Ligação de atriz mexicana com El Chapo a começou no Twitter", "The Brazilian Town Where the American Confederacy Lives On | VICE | United States", "O fim da era electrónica - Curta metragem", "Plenário do Senado terá banheiro feminino 55 anos após inauguração", "Macri vende aviões oficiais e passa a viajar em voos comerciais", "Quanto ganha programador iOS aí no Brasil?", "Haddad diz que viu com preocupação 'cenas' do protesto desta terça", "Conselho do RBS para os investidores: Vendam tudo", "Uma nova chance | Mais Filmes 3", "Um poeminha que fiz hoje. Temos poetas no /r/brasil?", "3 medidas para permitir a disrupção no Legislativo em 2016", "Modelo paga aluguel e faculdade no DF com venda de 'nudes' na web", "Zika olímpica. Somos destaque no /r/worldnews", "Usuários que nasceram no Brasil e hoje moram fora: O quão atrasados estamos?", "CopyrightX: ITS 2016 – Uma parceria entre a Harvard Law School, a Faculdade de Direito da UERJ e o Instituto de Tecnologia e Sociedade do Rio de Janeiro (Curso de Direitos Autorais, com certificado de Harvard, ministrado pela Internet.)", "Florida Cup | Elias no Desfile da Disney - Brasileirão Grátis Online", "'Auditoria Cidadã da Dívida', nome fofinho para uma péssima ideia - Mercado Popular", "Estudo e Memorização | Como passar em concurso público", "5300 seria o preço aproximado do oculus rift no Brasil se eles estivesse disponível a venda", "Bowie, feminismo e um pouquinho de historicidade", "Traveling to Brasil for the Olympics, thoughts on travel while there?", "Tarifa zero no transporte público: Como pagar a conta? - BBC Brasil", "Estudo de cena: O Fantástico Sr. Raposo e o simbolismo do lobo (críticas? sugestões?)", "O que as mulheres de New Orleans acham da Globeleza?", "Brasileira cria sensor que descobre câncer antes dos sintomas e sem biópsia - Notícias - Saúde", "‘Offshore’ nos EUA em nome de esposa de ministro deve estremecer o STF no início do ano", "A última piada do Eduardo Cunha", "Brasil na frontpage: TIL - A Brazilian invented caller ID technology more than 25 years ago. Today he is in 40 lawsuits claiming for his royalties that, in total, are more than 25 billion dollars", "Você já presenciou alguma coisa sobrenatural?", "SAMUEL MARIANO - SOPRA (NOVA MÚSICA 2016)", "Por que retroceder no campo de energias?", "Homem é detido na Havan após bater em manequim alegando que odeia gente falsa", "Sem dinheiro, prefeito 'contrata' carneiros para roçar mato alto", "Agachamento explosão de gluteos bumbum de diva em 4 semanas", "Irã desafia EUA e promete ampliar programa de mísseis", "Praça da Sé (SP) após os protestos de ontem (14/01/16). Por algum motivo essa imagem me deixou muito triste.", "Cardozo cobra PF sobre pedido de R$ 172 mil a Moro", "Bora votar lá galera, ainda dá tempo", "Advantageous - (Dicas de filmes para Netflix) Sem spoilers", "Como se preparar pro ENEM como autodidata?", "I'm so lucky to get gift cards by just few taps! Wanna be lucky too? Use my referral code: 49b9f99 to get 20 bonus coins.", "A fórmula do caos na segurança pública do Rio Grande do Sul", "Lula loteou BR Distribuidora entre Collor e PT, diz procurador - 13/01/2016 - Poder", "MP tenta barrar venda de 'Mein Kampf', autobiografia de Hitler, no RJ", "Ser fluente em inglês é urgente?", "A longa agonia do jornal “Estado de Minas”, por Ângela Carrato: \" jornalistas fizeram nova manifestação na esperança de receberem o décimo-terceiro salário. a crise atinge boa parte do que sobrou dos Diários Associados, de Assis Chateaubriand...\"", "Procuradores reagem ao golpe de Dilma para salvar empreiteiras do petrolão | Felipe Moura Brasil", "RS Notícias: Elaine Bast, jornalista da Rede Globo. Saiba mais sobre ela e veja as suas fotos", "Lamento Sertanejo - Gilberto Gil + Dominguinhos | É, é a música brasileira! Não tem nada parecido em nenhum lugar do mundo!", "O que pensar do jovem de hoje?", "HAPPY HOUR DO AUTOMODERATOR - 15.01.2016", "Ganhe um Big Mac grátis [ McDonald's ]", "TIL Über significa \"sobre\", \"emcima\"", "Quão difícil é para brasileiros entender o português de Portugal?", "STF sinaliza a governo não haver elementos para afastar Cunha - 27/01/2016 - Poder", "PT se 'autoassassinou' e governo está em fase terminal, diz ex-ministro de Lula - BBC Brasil", "RS Notícias: Mega Festival Foxter", "Brasileños protestan contra el alza al precio del transporte", "Abe Vigoda que atuou em 'O Poderoso Chefão' morreu", "Bate-Papo de Domingo - 03.01.2016", "Atualização SUPERBOX SUNPLUS - 12.01.2016 Para CS liso-", "O escândalo que levou uma cidade dos EUA a beber água com chumbo", "Four of us are traveling to Rio in the olympics from the U.S. (all in our late 20s); How much should we expect to pay per night for a hotel?", "SOU - MC Clara Lima busca seu espaço no rap nacional", "O fim da Era do Petróleo e o rumo da Selic", "Nota Pública da Associação dos Juízes Federais do Brasil sobre a Operação Lava Jato", "Nova epidemia de heroína 'migra' à população branca e de classe média dos EUA", "The Pirate Bay se encontra para baixo: Erro 522, conexão expirou", "Record Mundial, Agulhas no Corpo, videos engraçados, noticias bizarras, ...", "Fernanda Montenegro a Dilma: “Avalie se vale a pena continuar neste inferno”", "Concorrência com Uber leva maior empresa de táxis de San Francisco à falência", "Das dez maiores obras do primeiro PAC, apenas duas foram concluídas", "Uma nova série na TV, The Big BONG Theory", "Depois de 32 filhos, Mr Catra anuncia vasectomia: 'Achei necessário'", "Somadas, empresas brasileiras na bolsa valem menos que o Google", "[BATE-PAPO]: Quais Podcasts vocês ouvem?", "Lula presta depoimento à PF sobre MPs investigadas na Operação Zelotes | Blog Matheus Leitão da Rede Globo", "Relate aqui sua experiência com a maconha", "Tom Brady tem ritual intenso e curioso antes dos jogos de Domingo", "There is a Church of Heavy Metal in Brazil", "Afirmações de Luz Jesus em nome do Criador", "Afinal, que benefícios o governo enxerga na política de taxa básica de juros elevada?", "Assista #AoVivo na #JornalistasLivresTV a transmissão do sexto grande ato contra a tarifa.", "PGR pede ao STF perda de mandatos dos senadores Collor e Delcídio", "[Confissão] Eu acho que a Itaipava não tem confiança no próprio produto.", "PT vai politizar investigações para tentar preservar nome de Lula para 2018 | Gerson Camarotti", "Ensino de matemática no Brasil é catastrófico, diz novo diretor do Impa", "Ivete Sangalo não confia em seu taco ou será crise de meia-idade!?", "Carnaval é 'coquetel explosivo' para espalhar zika, alertam infectologistas", "Pessoas passam mal após 'cheiro forte' e deixam prédio da PF em SP", "COMO RECEBER UM ALERTA ATIVO NO SEU SMARTPHONE QUANDO O SEU SITE CAIR", "Celulas tronco de dente de leite. Alguma opinião?", "Uma conta tão complicada que os matemáticos não conseguem entender. O Inter-Universal Teichmuller Theory IV", "Corcovado: a Brazilian city (x-post /r/CitiesSkylines)", "Beira-mar amanhece coberta de lixo", "HEA Que em 2013 a causa mais provável de morte de um homem entre 20 e 49, não era ataque cardíaco, violência ou overdose, mas a decisão de dar cabo da própria vida.", "Super Size Me e o problema do alto consumo de açucar e produtos industrializados, qual é a sua opinião ?", "Distribuição mundial do Aedes aegypti (x-post /r/MapPorn)", "Preciso de uma ajuda com Excel...", "Como a mudança do ICMS afetou profundamente nosso negócio de e-commerce — Medium", "Delator que trabalhava para Youssef diz ter levado R$ 300 mil para Collor", "Tem como ser contra refugiados de outros países ou continentes se você nasceu na América?", "Paulo Leminski sobre o graffiti (x-post /r/curitiba)", "O Antagonista - Exclusivo: Schahin tinha \"projeto global\" de corrupção", "Dinamarca expulsa estudante dos Camarões por trabalhar demais. (15 horas semanais de trabalho permitido por lei)", "Pequenos varejistas dizem que vão subir preços após novo ICMS", "Um guia para entender quem é quem no complexo conflito da Síria", "Remessa ao exterior fica mais cara com cobrança de Imposto de Renda", "LACTA TEM 8.500 VAGAS TEMPORÁRIAS PARA A PÁSCOA EM 24 ESTADOS", "Rede social Meu Patrocínio promete unir homens ricos a mulheres em busca de dinheiro - Fernanda Pandolfi - Opinião dos Colunistas", "O Brasil na armadilha da renda média", "Mais realistas que o rei? - 07/01/2016 - Laura Carvalho - Colunistas", "A era de pessoas que falam com seus aparelhos já começou", "TJ proíbe igreja de divulgar outdoors homofóbicos em Ribeirão Preto, SP", "Corrupção impede competitividade do Brasil, diz Acemoglu", "Promotor paulista é denunciado por corrupção", "Gregorio Duvivier: Até que a morte nos separe ainda mais", "Academia anuncia mudanças para promover diversidade no Oscar (x-por /r/a7arte)", "‘O empregado tem carro e anda de avião. E eu estudei pra quê?’", "Polícia Militar 08/01/2016 - Jornalistas Livres", "Juca Chaves - ADEUS EM RITMO DE LAVA JATO", "Projeto da Fiocruz pode revolucionar combate ao mosquito Aedes aegypti", "Help : can someone help me ? I want to buy on Mercadolivre but I can pay only with paypal .. any workaround ? Thanks ..", "Confira os preços das passagens de ônibus nas capitais do país", "Para não chamar atenção, milícia do Rio muda forma de assassinar vítimas", "#SP462 SÃO PAULO SEM FRONTEIRAS! VEM PARA RUA SER FELIZ!", "(mude a minha opinião) suco é melhor que sexo", "'Faça o que eu falo, esqueça o que eu escrevo', ensina secretário de Alckmin: escreveu o mesmo secretário de Segurança do governador Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) no seu Manual de Direito Constitucional, que conta 992 páginas e custa pouco mais de R$ 130 em qualquer livraria (leia o PDF completo aqui).", "Decepcionado, padre Júlio Lancellotti rompe com prefeito Fernando Haddad", "Há estudantes de Letras por aqui?", "NOVINHA DE CALCINHA DANÇANDO COM TEZÃO - NOVINHA GOSTOSA +18", "Oi, redditors do /r/Brasil! Quais são seus aspectos favoritos do nosso país?", "Novo Concurso Polícia Militar / SC AGENTE TEMPORÁRIO DE SERVIÇO ADMINISTRATIVO 2016", "O que eu nao posso deixar de \"olhar\" quando for comprar um notebook?", "Autor do livro 'Política, Propina e Futebol', Jamil Chade fala sobre os bastidores da futebol", "Enviando remédio refrigerado para o exterior", "Com o que trabalhar durante a faculdade", "Crostas submarinas de minérios, um tesouro escondido a ser explorado pela ciência", "PDT fecha posição contra o impeachment de Dilma", "HEA que ao contratar um empréstimo imobiliário banco privado, você é obrigado a abrir uma conta corrente com taxa de manutenção de R$ 49/mês! São aproximadamente R$600 por ano, ou R$ 18.000 ao final de 30 anos. Saí da agência me sentindo completamente ludibriado.", "Os 10 Melhores Plugins Grátis Para WordPress", "Marcas famosas utilizam mão de obra em condições precárias no sertão brasileiro", "(QUALÉ A SITUAÇÃO DA GRÉCIA QUE NÃO DEU CALOTE?) Auditora fiscal aposentada da Receita Federal Maria Lucia Fatorelli enfatizou aos parlamentares da Comissão de Seguridade Social e Família (CSSF) a necessidade de auditar a dívida pública prevista pela Constituição Federal.", "Como é a sua rotina?", "Mulher de Lula adquiriu barco de pesca para sítio", "Brasil cancela contrato de 2 bilhões de dólares com empresa Israelense que seria responsável pela segurança da Olimpíadas de 2016", "Deputado gaúcho gasta R$ 3,8 mil em serviços postais na primeira semana de 2016", "Como ver os ganhos reais do Youtube/Adsense", "Resposta definitiva: o ovo veio antes da galinha !! Graças a Darwin...", "Lucio Gregori: Com aumento de transportes, governos repetem enredo patético", "Custo total do barril de petróleo, por pais em U$ [Gráfico]", "Crise e ideologia levam famílias de classe média de volta à escola pública", "CONVERSA AFIADA: FHC rejeita propina de US$ 100 milhões", "A história ensinada nas escolas vai mudar?", "Alguém recomenda uma imobiliário no Rio de Janeiro?", "RS Notícias: Concurso INSS: inscrições para 950 vagas a partir de 4/1", "Os Single Malts e a URZE - vídeo.", "Você tem medo de dar seu endereço?", "Homem usa fósforo para verificar vazamento de gás e casa pega fogo", "Wagner Moura no Tonight Show (Wagner Moura Went Back to College to Learn Spanish for Narcos)", "repressão em são paulo (MPL)", "Uber terá de explicar sua ‘tarifa dinâmica’", "Corcovado: a Brazilian city (xpost /r/CitiesSkylines)", "How did this country every get the World Cup and the Olympics?", "Quais algumas leituras boas para preparar para o curso de biomedicina?", "10 Atividades de Todo Dia que São Ilegais na Coréia do Norte", "Qual o horário que normalmente divulgam o resultado do SiSU?", "Alguém já terminou um relacionamento por falta de sexo? O quão aceitável foi?", "Os 10 Melhores Templates WordPress Grátis", "Bomba de hidrogênio da Coreia do Norte viola direito internacional", "Ter mais tempo com menos dinheiro ou menos dinheiro com mais tempo?", "Dúvida sobre aluguel e torneira que parou de funcionar.", "Rede social erótica lança desafio para contratar programador no Brasil - IDG Now!", "Respondendo dúvidas sobre a cor, vida útil e idade de um Whisky Single Malt - vídeo.", "PSDB/SP, você escolhe: FHC+Matarazzo ou Alckimin+Doria", "Empreender no Brasil ou ir para USA?", "\"Os Dez Mandamentos\" estreia com lugares vagos em sessões esgotadas - Notícias", "Trabalhador rural encontra e devolve pasta com mais de R$ 135 mil no Paraná", "A reação das pessoas à foto de Manuela D'Ávila é a prova de que amamentar ainda é tabu", "A OBSCENA SENHORITA C : A etiqueta do ménage", "Economistas: quais as pressões de mercado em cima da inflação hoje?", "Henrique Alves de Mesquita - O Vagabundo", "Mapa com recomendações de segurança do 'Ministério das Relações Exteriores' da Irlanda", "Haddad propõe eleição direta dos 32 subprefeitos de São Paulo.", "Site da Anatel invadido do modo mais HUE possível", "Existe uma Fanfic do Faustão com a Selena Gomez. A internet tá de parabéns.", "Marina Silva diz que Dilma não tem mais liderança e defende processo de cassação do TSE", "PM acaba de atacar gratuitamente marcha que entrava na Av 23 de Maio, em São Paulo. O Ato, que já tem mais de 10 mil pessoas, seguia pacífico quando foi atacado de surpresa pela Polícia Militar com tiros e bombas.", "Cerveró cita Jilmar Tatto como recebedor de propina", "Direitos sobre 'Mein Kampf' expiram e manifesto de Hitler será publicado na Alemanha", "Policial que matou dois bandidos em assalto é promovido por bravura", "Retomada Kaiowá em Mato Grosso do Sul", "Ciclista Claudio Clarindo morre após ser atropelado durante treinamento", "Reportagem polêmica da Record mostra quem é Picciani, um dos principais ...", "RS Notícias: Érico Offices - Com o corretor Luis Borges", "Read User Reviews and Submit your own for Anti", "Top tech trends that will echo into 2016", "PF indicia Vale, Samarco, executivos e técnicos por tragédia em Mariana", "O que acharam das notas de corte do SISU?", "O que é corset ou espartilho?", "Filhote de macaco é batizado de Ziggy em homenagem a David Bowie", "RS Notícias: Axis Triple Business Cyrela", "Vamos deixar a barba crescer?", "Quase tive que pagar inteira pra ver um filme nacional", "A estratégia do novo governo argentino para tentar recuperar as Ilhas Malvinas", "Como a crise política chega a 2016", "Após pressão, Cardozo tenta evitar corte de verbas da Operação Lava Jato", "Japão registra morte por overdose de cafeína", "Sobre o combate à corrupção nos últimos anos", "Supremo autoriza quebra dos sigilos bancário e fiscal de Edison Lobão | Blog Matheus Leitão da Rede Globo", "Fernando Holiday, líder do MBL, será candidato nas eleições municipais", "Richa vira alvo de Rodrigo Janot. Investigação aponta que a cúpula tucana recebeu dinheiro da Educação", "Bate-Papo da Quarta - O que você está ouvindo? - 27.01.2016", "Barbosa diz que CPMF é 'poupança' para país atravessar turbulência", "[Home Studio] O que comprar com < R$ 1500?", "Vamos dar um chega pra lá no pessimismo! Contem pra mim: Oque o brasil tem de melhor? [Sério... ou não]", "DeLorean, o carro de 'De volta para o futuro', terá mais 300 unidades", "Justiça intima Requião para responder por desvio de R$ 40 milhões em contratos de pedágio", "[Update] Processo Contra a Dell: Negociações e Aditamentos", "meu video dar uma força vendo", "Golpe de Estado na Venezuela: Após expulsar opositores democraticamente eleitos, Supremo Tribunal anula decisões da oposição no parlamento", "Cunha arquiva pedido de abertura de impeachment contra Temer", "Se tiver indício de ligação a Lula, será investigado, diz procurador da Lava Jato", "Como fui aprovado nos concursos que fiz?18 estratégias de preparação", "Netanyahu não nomeará embaixador no Brasil, diz imprensa israelense", "[EMS]Por que as ações da Petrobras vem caindo, mesmo que devagar, desde 2009?", "Passe Livre convoca protesto contra aumento das passagens em SP", "Explosão em área turística de Istambul deixa mortos e feridos", "G.B White diz ter prova de que Ronda Rousey é homem!", "Que dívida? - A dívida pública como sistema de pilhagem (Estamos Fudidos)", "A morte de David Bowie e os novos fãs", "Brasil mostrando os resultados da imigração japonesa", "Por que o preço da gasolina no Brasil não diminuiu com a queda do petróleo? - FlatOut!", "O David Bowie morreu =(", "Câmara de MG empossa suplentes após ter todos vereadores presos", "PSDB pede à Procuradoria Eleitoral cancelamento do registro do PT", "Como você acompanha as promoções na internet?", "Cuba apresentará tratamento sem efeitos colaterais contra câncer: não se trata de criar \"falsas expectativas e informar algo que não está concluído\" porque \"os resultados pré-clínicos já fornecem evidências suficientes para comprovar e reafirmar a efetividade do tratamento em células humanas\".", "[Discussão séria] Será que a descrença na Esquerda brasileira é semelhante ao que está acontecendo no Reino Unido?", "Proposta: comunidade de brasileiros que cursam MOOC no Coursera", "Hino 006 CCB – Glória ao Justo, fiel cordeiro (Orquestrado)", "corte disfarçado com tribal rosa ( AndréDúCorte )", "RS Notícias: Ana Furtado da Rede Globo. Saiba mais sobre ela e veja as suas fotos", "Cientistas da USP criam filme plástico que elimina bactérias dos alimentos [é de 2015 mas não foi postado por aqui...]", "RS Notícias: \"Sexo faz bem para a vida e para o cérebro\", destaca psiquiatra e sexóloga Carmita Abdo", "Essa é a PM - de SP, em uma manifestação pacifica contra o aumento abusivo do transporte público para 3,80. A mando do governador Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) a tropa de choque e um aparato militar com mais de 1.000 homens massacrou a população com muita violência.", "Morar sozinho é bom mesmo ou só ilusão mesmo?", "(AFP Espanha) Brasileños enardecidos por alza del transporte", "Ajuda dos manjadores de PC", "Ônibus é apedrejado durante protesto na Zona Leste de São Paulo", "Carga tributária é maior para quem tem menor renda, diz Fiesp", "Know Your Enemy by Rage Against the Machine, carnival version!", "Ações da Petrobras operam em queda nesta segunda-feira", "RS Notícias: Você vai querer trocar a sua TV depois de ver esta mensagem da Magazine Luiza", "Professores e alunos repudiam comentário racista exibido na Globo", "Ellen Page confronts Brazil cop who boasts about killing gay people in new Vice series", "[HEA] sobre pangramas: frases curtas que contêm todas as letras do alfabeto. O brasileiro não decepciona", "(não são casos isolados.) Essa é a PM - de SP, em uma manifestação pacifica contra o aumento abusivo do transporte público para 3,80. A mando do governador Geraldo Alckmin (PSDB) a tropa de choque e um aparato militar com mais de 1.000 homens massacrou a população com muita violência.", "GRAVÍSSIMA DENÚNCIA DO DEPUTADO BOLSONARO - HORRORES NA ESCOLA PÚBLICA‏", "(2014) Engenheiro pode ter descoberto o segredo por trás da construção das pirâmides", "Teoria - Star Wars - O Despertar da Força", "Vincent Bevins: Notes from the US – no one understands Brazil", "Impasse sobre impeachment vai paralisar comissões da Câmara", "RS Notícias: Ana Paula Araújo, jornalista da Rede Globo. Saiba mais sobre ela e veja as suas fotos", "Putin diz que Zika é \"porcaria vinda da América Latina\"", "Microcefalia pode levar tema do aborto de novo ao STF. Antropóloga que atuou no caso de anencéfalos pretende ir à Corte para defender direito de gestante decidir.", "Viaje! O que você viver ninguém poderá roubar", "We have to stand up to litter louts. Fines won’t stop them - Alice Arnold", "Para você, como é o sentimento de saudade?", "Show da Fé - Número do Programa: 4030/15", "ELI5: Me desculpem pela pergunta infantil mas gostaria de entender por que quando se explica sobre o espaço todos os planetas/ astros estão 'alinhados' (como na imagem). Sempre dando impressão que é um universo plano. Onde chegaríamos se viajássemos \"para cima\" ou \"para baixo\"?", "CTREINAMENTO DE VIOLÃO COM DANIEL DAREZZO", "O barril de referência da OPEP cotou-se na quarta-feira a 29,71 dólares, perdendo assim o valor de 30 dólares pela primeira vez desde 05 de abril de 2004, informou hoje em Viena a OPEP.", "My new Youtube Channel of gameplays", "16 bombas em 24 segundos", "Nossa Senhora Aparecida não é Negra. É Branca.", "RS Notícias: O Liquida Móveis continua na Magazine Luiza. Vem aproveitar!", "OMB100 - Plataforma de Ferramentas OMB100 - Dicasouza", "CURSOS DE CULINÁRIA – SAÚDE – HOBBY – TRABALHOS – RENDA EXTRA", "“Apenas a elite de São Paulo e do país tem acesso à USP”, afirma estudante (Hugo Nicolau, aluno de geografia, elaborou estudo sobre composição racial da instituição.)", "Prouni Resultado: Verifique Resultado Prouni 2016 Agora!", "Ideias de grupos para contatos e network", "Passei no SISU mas não me alistei, não terminei o ensino médio e não tenho titulo de eleitor, tenho alguma chance de entrar?", "Ivete Sangalo Briga com Marido do palco. Quem é essa ai papai? vlog, not...", "E esse, crianças, é o motivo pelo qual tudo vai continuar como está.", "As evidências de fraude no fundo dos Correios ligado ao PMDB", "Maduro decreta estado de 'emergência econômica' na Venezuela", "Compartilhe sua nota do ENEM abaixo.", "Me arrependerei, mas publicarei meus contos na internet", "Súplica: Galera, preciso de trabalho!", "Descubra quando a comida 'diet' nem sempre quer dizer saudável", "Mulheres escondem drogas em órgão genital para entrar em penitenciária", "Arábia Saudita molda a forma como notícias são cobertas nos EUA", "Sudão segue Arábia Saudita e expulsa embaixador do Irã", "Anel de Noivado, Lindos Anéis de Diamantes e Ouro", "Como ser top no facebook (Popular)", "Lava Jato ganha reforço de procuradores da República para 2016", "Empresário afirma que pagou propina para o PT", "Aviso do trajeto de atos não está na Carta e, para especialistas, Governo extrapola nas exigências", "MacroScope: Has Brazil’s central bank blinked?", "PERGUNTAS RESPONDIDAS MEU VIOLÃO Curso de Violão - Como ter 1 Ano de Violão em 45 Dias >>> <<<", "Pegar um cachorrinho ou um gatinho?", "Mario de Andrade, Paul Valéry, Béla Bartók, Adolf Hitler: saiba quem está em domínio público a partir de 2016", "Por favor ajudem minha sala a ganhar uma sorvetada, é só curtir a foto", "Sem reforma para combater corrupção, Brasil tem maior queda do mundo em ranking internacional - Política - Estadão", "Entre 1953 e 1992, pelo menos um terço dos meninos do coro Regensburger Domsplatzen, dirigido à época por Georg Ratzinger, irmão de Bento XVI, sofreram alguma forma de abuso físico, desde espancamentos a privação alimentar", "Alan Rickman teve um AVC que resultou em ele ser diagnosticado com câncer de pâncreas", "Estou planejando me mudar para Sao Jose dos Campos mês que vem. Sugestões?", "Tudo que você precisa saber no mundo da publicidade hoje", "\"Acabou com o meu mundo\", diz índio pai de bebê esfaqueado no litoral de SC", "Mail-order bride Brazil. Quem quer \"comprar\" uma esposa ai?", "A volta ao mundo dos abusos policiais contra as manifestações", "Frases usadas para alugar casa", "Top 300 Melhores Jogos Online", "Centenas de pessoas manifestaram-se no Chile contra Tratado Transpacífico", "Putin: ISIS financed from 40 countries, including G20 members", "Saiba porque devemos comer em 3-3h", "Secretário da Segurança e mãe de jovem ferido por bomba em ato se encontram", "2 jogadas que mostram por que Peyton Manning ainda é a melhor esperança dos Broncos para ganhar o Super Bowl", "Do you wear a mask for air pollution in China?", "Canadian charged with spying, stealing secrets in China | Toronto Star", "Beijing Sightseeing, Prince Kung's Mansion, Beijing China - Part 2 of 2", "(British Foreign Secretary) Philip Hammond presses China over UK citizen among missing booksellers; did (Chinese FM) Wang Yi just inadvertently admit his government's involvement in the kidnapping?", "South China City: new generation factory workers in Shenzhen", "What are some good websites to learn Chinese?", "Fireworks in the morning - solutions?", "[WeChat]These 6 Apps Could Double Business if Adopting WeChat App Account", "China's Xi to visit Saudi, Iran in new diplomacy push", "Amazon China elevates the battle to include global logistics", "It's been a while, favorite things to buy on Taobao/Tmall?", "This is going to upset a lot of dancing grannies.", "#Amnesty's press release on sentencing of #TangJingling, #YuanXinting & #WangQingying", "A 17th Century Map Reveals China's Tradition of Maritime Commerce", "For those of you who work in an office, what's the average hourly schedule of your co-workers?", "Crying in slo-mo, exposition with a flat voice: Here's the sizzle reel for China's 2015 film industry and its record-breaking box office.", "Man suicided in front of a bank in Henan", "Is it okay to wear a shirt with a small print of the Taiwanese flag in China?", "Anyone knows the origin and meaning of this sculpt?", "Rare footage of the Chinese government leaders surrounded by a bunch of cheering people in 1974", "Anyone else seeing massive queues outside banks today?", "MMA fighter Kimbo Slice reveals what he thinks of the volatility of of the Chinese stock market in his reddit AMA, and it may surprise you", "China releases 30,000 prisoners who were arrested under the age of 18.", "Memorable but totally indecipherable in-flight message; could you help me identify it?", "Survey of China's Child Car Seat Industry in 2016", "could someone translate the chinese text here in this picture pls?", "Three sets of charts showing the recent activity of the Chinese stock market and currency value:", "CHINA BUY. A GREAT SITE TO BUY FROM CHINA", "TIL: There is People's Weibo 人民微博. It is like Relevant Organs without the irony", "Six Months On, An Assessment of the July 9 Arrest of Lawyers in China", "Members of Petitioners Group €'Rose China'€™ Detained", "Growing up among rubbish: Tragic photos show Chinese children playing on a landfill site", "China civil rights crackdown: Swedish man detained in Beijing. Number of Chinese lawyers and activists arrested unclear. Some in 'secret detention,' some formally arrested", "Great News everyone: Google Play is coming!", "Where to go / what to do in the sichuan / Yunnan", "Chinese journalist who defected is missing from Thailand (another one)", "Thiss Site Lik1ely Contains Sexuually Expliicit Photos Of Someeone You Know! khm..sisl", "China exports up first time since June", "What if Tamerlane had managed to invade Ming China and conquer it?", "China's love hotel boom shows nation's changing attitudes to sex", "Chinese basketball player runs for his life after cheap shot on Jason Maxiell • /r/videos", "Chinese company buys rights to Tank Man photos.", "Economic Outlook 2016:China - Video - News - NHK WORLD", "So much Construction in Guangzhou/China.. archaeological history being wiped out for large foundations/subway.. I cant imagine all the undocumented treasures and history being looted and passed over during construction. Whoa the sadness washes over me.", "China's new consumers are in countryside, says Bloomberg", "Green development to play key role in supply side reforms", "Sebastian Magnusson, Swedish embassy spokesman says Swedish man, 30s, worked on 'legal aid and rule of law issues' arrested in Beijing. China foreign ministry spokesman said 'did not know about the detention.'", "Investment in Internet Start-Ups Appears to Slow in China", "China's forex reserves 'abundant': regulator", "Data Mining Reveals the Extent of China's Ghost Cities | MIT Technology Review", "Hired to make promo video for classic China scenario", "China’s statistics chief Wang Baoan detained in graft investigation", "Being a Good Boyfriend vs. a Good Girlfriend in China [Video]", "Anybody watched the film Jianbing Man (煎饼侠) ?", "War with China is inevitable if Taiwan keeps pushing for independence, a Chinese general says", "Brooklyn homicide: Ancient grudge over garbage drives Chinese psychopath to murder: Shanghaiist", "China Rising Radio Sinoland’s Jeff J. Brown on Press TV’s Newsline Show: China’s 21st Century Military in Syria? 16.1.8", "Train attendant has the best comeback ever after being insulted by littering Hunan woman", "The joys of dealing with trainee staff at China banks.", "Expats - why do you stay in China?", "IMAX too dark in China. Is it just me?", "Who is the real Donnie Does?", "Chinese wife wants to send toddler to visit without us for 6 weeks", "Why did China fly two civilian airliners out to \"Yongshu Reef\" and \"threaten regional air safety\"? Obviously so stewardesses can take selfies of themselves", "American Companies Say Doing Business in China Is Getting Tougher", "The Ghosts of Baha Mar: How a $3.5 Billion Paradise Went Bust - ... China, some Bahamians say, is playing tough as its state-run enterprises project money and influence around the world", "iPhone's Likely China Surge Giving Apple a Holiday Bright Spot", "China challenge: getting poor migrant workers to buy vacant homes", "Chinese outbound travel climbs in 2015: officials", "China Injects Another $50 Billion Liquidity As Mysterious Panic Buyer Reappears In Offshore Yuan (It appears China spent 50 billion USD on CNY to prove Soros wrong)", "Why Is China Dropping The One-Child Policy Now?", "For Board Gamers on the Mainland, a place to sell and trade board games", "Its official: Today, all couples in China can officially have two children.", "“Canada is only a big Caribbean country,” says a China expert.", "Business Asia: Chinese Companies Court Disaster", "Chinese Travels Part 1 - East China", "\"Patriotic\" Voices? Comments from the Global Times Online Forum", "These illustrations show how different Hong Kong thinks it is from mainland China", "Nanjing man does what we would all like to do sometimes", "Cut-throat decision: Chinese passenger kills duck over train ban on live animals", "Can someone help me with a US intern offer?", "Paternity Laws and Child Support (借种)", "Learn Chinese customs to make life in China more fun and successful", "CNN Money - Why China doesn't know what it's doing", "If Lee Bo was snatched by mainland agents, the order did not come from the top (SCMP opinion piece)", "How do you feel about pressurized canned air?", "Setting Up A Business In Shenzhen? Answer These Questions First!", "Moving to China, facing some issues getting educational degree authenticated locally", "PLA establishes 2 new branches: Rocket Force (2nd artillery) and Strategic Support Force (cyber warfare)", "Teen's Arizona Slaying Sparks Gun Debate in China", "Chinese President's book, a must read on China", "China, high tech, and the “high tempo cost out” revolution", "Reuters: U.S. warship sails near island claimed by China in South China Sea", "Company Chinese course and Ban Men Nong Fu", "China's 13th Five Year Plan and the opportunities for Europe", "Modern Chan (Zen) lineages, practice, and teachers in China", "China to stop approving new coal mines and close 1000 existing coal mines", "Chinese artist creates 1,600 Feet In Height Firework Ladder To Heaven", "Why do they paint the base of trees white?", "Ignored by police, woman spends 17 years hunting down her husband’s five killers", "Can I 'reset' my Work Visa in Hong Kong by changing to L Visa (without a release letter)?", "Miners Trapped Since Christmas Will Be Rescued By Special Caspsule", "[WeChat] What Official Accounts are you subscribed to?", "China's CRRC Said in Hyperloop Talks as Musk Vision Moves Closer", "Tianjin Explosion 2016 (video in comments)", "Netflix now available worldwide! Except China.", "Chinese student filmed bashing dog on Wollongong (Australia) balcony", "IP Drama at CES: Chinese company has their booth shut down by US Marshals", "Wealth gap widening in China: PKU report", "Beijing celebrates No Pants Subway Ride", "Chinese markets start the week with fresh falls", "[中文] [Photo Essay] Why western men run to China to marry women who does not speak English", "Bing Goes Full-on Censorship in English Search Results Within China | The Nanfang", "Taiwan Pro-China-unification party (and current ruling party) accused of 'nationwide vote-buying activities' by Democratic Progressive party", "I hate the massive display of groupthink logic which occurs every year at this time in China during the great migration.", "New Bird Flu Virus Kills Woman in China", "(Chinese Link) Boat returns with 20 people dead and 2 missing from some crazy fishing trip.", "What exactly is consumer driven economy and why does China need it?", "Good News, World! You Can Stop Worrying About the South China Sea!", "Options for a new-life in Guangzhou", "TaoBao & other business ideas for China expats", "I want you to understand the sense of fear that Chinese people feel every day", "Chinese hospital partially demolished with doctors, patient still inside: local media", "Chongqing man jumps into river fully clothed to save drowning kid, casually walks home soaking wet in the cold: Shanghaiist", "Beijing to shut 2,500 firms this year to fight pollution | Four districts in the capital, which has been hit by bouts of choking smog this winter, will be required to shut down 2,500 companies by the end of the year, with more scheduled to be closed next year, Xinhua said.", "\"I’d rather see yellow-skinned players lose than see people of other skin colors win\"", "US bomber B-52 flies over South Korea after North’s nuclear test", "Yen loses steam as yuan firms after China's anti-speculation move", "Letter to my Chinese birthmother (Adopted from China)", "2016 May Be the Year China Finally Collapses", "Chinese banks' new bad loans more than doubled in 2015: sources", "China’s Dormant and Active Social Volcanoes", "'Monkey King' Liu Xiao Ling Tong Not Invited to CCTV Spring Festival Gala", "Leader of Government-Sanctioned Mega Church in Hangzhou Held in Secret Detention for Opposing Cross Removal Campaign", "One in every 15 people in China are infected with the most contagious disease on Earth. Maybe 10% of expats working in China don't even know they are infected yet.", "Kenh som nhat tin fy | គិញសំងាត់ទិនហ្វី", "When two grunts in China's biggest banks can pull off a 3.9billion scams, it leaves us to worry how much money is actually scammed in the upper level", "Yuan to USD: This Could Hammer the Chinese Yuan 2016", "What is going on in China? Leading economist Andrew Charlton explains why its market woes are of its own making", "A compilation of Photography I took during my two year stay in China.", "On Screen China: ‘Panda’ Preview a Warm Spot in Cold Weekend at the Box Office", "This German dude speaks perfect Chinese!", "Two brothers of Uighur American journalist imprisoned by Chinese government have been unexpectedly released. Washington Post says 'China does heed international pressure'", "Fighting China's Stubborn Stigma Around Mental Health - The Atlantic", "I'm moving to Wuhan, Hubei province at the end of February and need some fairly specific advice.", "The Wumaos have reached Facebook.", "Great Laowai Exodus: Foreigners leaving China 2X as fast as those coming to China", "On Screen China: The 'Star Wars' Force Is Strong for the Future", "Thirty five restaurants across China have been busted using opium poppies to illegally season dishes, authorities say.", "Update on the \"Grandpa in ICU\" situation.", "New Year 2016 in Shanghai", "Is working for you guys?", "$30 Oil Just Got Closer as Yuan Drop Highlights China's Turmoil", "Credit rating agencies, still as clueless as in 2008", "A highway separating the Great Wall", "Hi! Are planning to visit China and you have a special diet? My girlfriend created the App Eat Away. Its a costumized diet translator! Its now full translated in the chinese language", "Foreign investment in China hits record in 2015", "China and Indonesia: Joint Cyber War Simulations", "Computer previously using proxies/VPN/TOR on the Chinese internet now in the US and cannot connect to the internet without proxies/VPN/TOR", "HK Democracy Alliance organizes protest march for missing bookshop staff, chairman suggests Hong Kong's Basic Law is 'being torn apart into pieces'", "What will happen if Chinese housing price keeps rising?I mean first-tier cities", "(Translation) ELI5 on how China fucked their own economy, chapter 2", "exhibition in Iran to show beauty of China", "CSIS report: A blueprint for US war with China", "Wow its a bloodbath, this will be over before 10:30 again I think", "Henan people builds massive statue of mass murder of Chinese history, in gold", "This just occurred, huge explosions in Hangzhou", "Rainy's obsession with lighter skin color explained... scientifically", "Chinese MILF AI Shang Zhen", "[VPN] 弓艺, the Art of the Bow (sorry for the Facebook link).", "Starbucks says aims to open 500 new stores in China in 2016", "IAMA,Chinese nuclear power station engineer", "Are Visa Rules For Teachers Changing?", "On Jan 21st another of China's key neighbors will begin to select a new leader, 12th Communist party congress will start in Vietnam", "Goodreaders: Books Set in South China", "My friend helped start a campaign looking to gain support for a US boy battling cancer who wishes to be famous in China. Maybe someone here can help?", "China lands first airplane on newly-built airstrip on Spratly islands in South China sea. Vietnamese foreign minister issues statement of protest", "In other book news, a list of Xi Jinping's books on his bookshelf as seen from state footage goes viral, includes Lu Xun and Kissinger", "Any way to watch the NFL Conference Championship games this weekend from China?", "2:49 now, national team still hasnt show up", "My dad and I made a video explaining Chinese Calligraphy to English speakers - let me know what you guys think", "Chinese man pleads guilty for plot to steal Iowa corn secrets", "Number of births drops by 320,000 in China in 2015", "Shanghaiist please report this: old couple thrown out of their house which was flattened within 4 minutes", "Chinese president in Saudi Arabia to boost profile", "Former Microsoft employees say that Microsoft discovered several years ago that the Chinese government was hacking email accounts (especially Tibetan and Uighur accounts), Microsoft did nothing to alert victims.", "Ghost city evidence: this is in Hunan. The next time people tell you ghost cities are being populated, show them this", "Chinese fireworks factory rocked by explosions", "Iranian, Chinese presidents agree to expand ties", "A question for those of you with Astrill...notice anything weird over the last couple days?", "China lets yuan fall faster, share trading suspended as prices tumble", "Panda 'Tian tian' having crazy fun in the snow today in Washington DC zoo", "The United States's 2016 Election, From China", "Paintings on habitat walls appeal to zoo visitors", "CCTV reporter Wang Huanian fired after refusing to cooperate at security checkpoint at Winter Games. Video shows security asking Wang to cooperate as he returns a dead-eyed look", "How can I buy items in China?", "What might happen in China in 2016?", "Hangzhou #14 - Dipont Split - Jan. 29, 2016", "Public service transport set ablaze, 14 dead in Ningxia", "...aand the Shanghai index is currently down over 3%", "Star Wars Episode IV, V, VI, or I, II, III in Chinese theaters? [No Spoilers]", "Disappeared Hong Kong booksellers were apparently about to publish a book about Xi's\"former girlfriend.\" Remember that NYT and Bloomberg faced rather unusual persecution as well when revealing Xi's wealth.", "China Plans to Launch Own International Payment System", "'Little Match Girl' Draws Attention to Kids", "Swede’s Crime Confession on China TV Rattles Foreign Groups", "Urgent Action: Statement on the detention of Swedish citizen and human rights professional Peter Dahlin (previously as Peter Beckenridge) by Chinese Urgent Action Working Group", "Global Electric Bus Industry 2015 Market Research Report", "Chinese Investors to Finance Airport, Luxury Hotels in Bulgaria – TheTopTier", "B2B eCommerce in China: What does Your Buyer Want Most in 2016?", "In a first, Chinese gay man sues for right to marry", "Where can I get information on China's Thorium reactor program?", "Yue Jiang 19yo Chinese int. student, shot dead at red light in Arizona", "Vietnam-China row over South China Sea plane landing", "[China] community recommend - THIS IS NOT A DATING SITE. LARGEST IN WORLD ONLINE SEARCH SEX PARTNERS", "Mao statue in China 'pulled down by authorities' after 120ft gold giant is mocked online", "Mapping the hurt feelings of the Chinese people", "China Devaluation, a necessary evil?", "Shanghai composite is below 52am low now. @2:23pm", "[serious china suggestions] it's almost CNY how would you keep your hands warm when they get wet?", "Shanghai Composite closes below 3000", "Did you know these facts about Gold Plated Statue of Mao Zedong in China? -", "Does TaoBao have a minimum product limit for sellers?", "China el mayor generador mundial de Energía Solar", "not light reading: Michael Pettis weighs in on supply-side solutions for China", "European Union ambassador expresses concern over recent treatment of foreigners in China", "Building a roadbridge - sped up gif", "Polish guy on scooter kicks over Nanjing woman", "The wumaos are busy at work", "Bulgari targets Chinese shoppers with mainland boutiques – TheTopTier", "What the Latest Ousting of a Chinese General Means", "China’s Stocks Fall Below Lowest Levels in Last Year's Rout", "Missing Booksellers Latest Targets of Chinese 'Justice'", "(Translation) ELI5 on how China fucked their own economy, chapter 1", "I'm convinced that one of my friends have become a wumao.", "Law of diminishing returns kicks in: China needs US$5 trillion to save its economy — and it might not work anyway", "BREAKING: Shanghai stock exchange to terminate 7% circuit breaker rule starting 1/8. The China Stock Market circus continues.", "Changing visa while staying in China?", "Last week one of China's biggest community sites, Baidu, sparked an outcry when it admitted it allowed healthcare companies to moderate online health forums.", "[serious] chinese commercials. they can legally lie?", "People’s Daily unmasks the PLA’s new Strategic Support Force", "How's many people going to bank in morning to exchange all rmb savings to USD? I am... What complications should I expect?", "Got a copywriting job offer in Guangzhou. They're asking for an expected salary and I have no idea what to request.", "Finally, a laowai who can understand the greatness of Mao", "Seven banned books: Published in Hong Kong, censored in China", "Chinese Stocks Trigger Trading Halt After CSI 300 Declines 5%", "Taiwan laughs at China for the failed cyber attack", "Beijing Haidian district court decided to live stream a 4.5 hour court session to shame the defendants, who were accused of hosting a video website that was being used to host pornography.", "Books that critize Mao Zedong, in Chinese.", "Judges in China are now using WeChat to conduct trials", "Just wondering, how do Chinese compare Beida to Columbia?", "WOWO | Chinese Female Beatbox Champion", "Legendary Pictures, steal this idea: Make an Oscar-winning starring the \"mother of modern China\", Soong Ching-ling", "How closely monitored is WeChat?", "Am I suppose to call my brother-in-law, who is younger than me but older than my wife, 弟弟 or 哥哥?", "An open letter to my Chinese friends: Jeff J. Brown on China Rising Radio Sinoland 16.1.24", "Mr Lee (UK national, HK bookshop owner) is 'first and foremost a Chinese citizen,' other countries have 'no right to interfere'", "8 Misconceptions about the Chinese Legal System", "The Missing Hong Kong Bookseller's Family Isn’t Buying His Televised Confession", "China steps up ‘fox hunt’ campaign", "U.S. warship sails near island claimed by China in South China Sea", "Quitting a job, what visa will you receive afterwords?", "China restricts US /HK dollar purchases, amid popular demand", "So, it's snowing in Guangzhou right now.", "China’s first same-sex marriage case and story behind them", "China's on-off relationship with The Simpsons", "Next month 6 day Visa-FREE travel to Shanghai/Jiangsu/Zhejiang for citizens of 51 countries; notably missing are India, Pakistan and all African countries", "Yehiyuan aka The Summer Palace in Beijing China - Part 6 of 6", "Banks running out of foreign currency", "The Ministry of Environmental Protection would like to assure everyone that North China smog is not caused by radiation", "Any American here employed by a PEO? How do you claim income.", "In China, Confucius Is Politically Correct", "Can anyone help me get to this list of Buddhas recognised by the Chinese government?", "Dear Mr. Trump, Here's Why Apple Makes Products in China", "Reading in Chinese: What are your tricks, tips, and hacks?", "AB InBev Will Try to Keep SABMiller's Stake in China's Snow Brand", "End friday substantial losses: CSI 300 -3.19% Shanghai composite -3.55% Shenzhen composite -3.35%. And currency rate stands at USD/CNY 6.5854 (at 1934 Beijing time)", "Christoph Rehage, the man who walked from Beijing to Germany, is having one hell of a battle on twitter against wumao", "Freedom House China Report 2016", "Taiwan's Ma Ying-jeou to go to South China Sea island - I guess lame ducks can still swim!", "Chinese Law: Your Rights and Responsibilities as a Foreigner Event Flyer for Haikou", "Leaked: China plan to hit rebels overseas", "Just how easy it is for Japanese to learn Chinese?", "'38 lawyers and activists associated with the Beijing Fengrui law firm' held in 'secret detention' since July 2015. Formally arrested today", "Top economic planner discloses Singles' Day price trickery", "My girlfriend's US visa application was denied in Shanghai without even looking at her papers", "What in the world does 你的电话已欠费 mean?", "Whats up with all these socially inept westerners?", "Wenzhou woman, distracted using her cellphone, falls into river and dies. With multiple news outlets like China Daily warning readers not to follow her example, here's the full video of the woman's drowning to persuade readers.", "The latest codeword used to beat China's internet censors", "Suing a chinese person from america", "Syria rally to beat 10-man China 3-1 in AFC U-23 Championship - Xinhua", "Chinese civilian jet airliners land at disputed South China Sea island – state media", "Police arrest human rights lawyer on suspicion of 'defamation' in Shandong. Supporters say Su Xiangxin exposed police corruption", "2015 - The Year the Great Firewall went Global", "'Dream of Red Mansions' Cao Xueqin", "Sofa, flower pots used to occupy parking spaces in Shanghai", "China's richest man Wang Jianlin to buy Legendary Entertainment (Godzilla, Jurassic World producer) for $5 billion", "China: Extremism in Recent Legislation", "Pandas are fat, lazy, stupid, picky eaters who need a cushy caged life to survive...", "Vietnam's hottest selling item this Lunar New Year is lucky Buddha-shaped pears grown in China: Shanghaiist", "10 great Chinese rock songs that you should know. With some translation and analysis of lyrics. If you are aware of more bands/music please let me know!", "Chinese Billionaires Panic - what does the crash mean", "Anyone else noticing an increase in counterfeit bills?", "Maker of Saab electric vehicles to boost business in China", "Xi Calls for a China in 2016 Where `Nobody Dares to Be Corrupt'", "After China market crash, yuan devaluation fears haunt market", "Travel to Guizhou China – Amateur Traveler Episode 499", "Chinese company offers inflatable sex dolls as annual bonus", "More of this HK publisher thing.", "Ecuador To Sell A Third Of Its Amazon Rainforest To Chinese Oil Companies", "Tasteless milk powder ‘prank’ angers Chinese netizens", "China to Build Largest City in Human History | China Uncensored", "ThIs Site Likelly Containz Sexually Explicit Phootos Of Someone Yoou Know! my aaio", "'€˜The Zhaos' '€” The Demarcation of a Divide", "Chinese Netizens React to the Murder of International Chinese Student", "I'm convinced that one of my friends has become a wumao.", "Посылка из КИТАЯ! Рюкзак, одежда для фитнеса, милые рубашки с Aliexpress!", "Seriously, what is this shit?", "Chinese practice of showering old relics with money for luck now extends to human remains at Chongqing museum", "First state-owned shipbuilder goes bankrupt in Zhejiang", "More College Grads Choose Flexible Employment: Report", "China's growth problem -€“ six analysts give their reaction: The business world has been awash with fears for China’s economy for some time, but what do Tuesday’s economic figures really show?", "Freeciv-web now available in China", "To the angry laowai I saw two years ago - I sympathize with you", "Youtube channel like That Japanese Man Yuta but in China and about China obviously?", "The party is asleep - sell stocks!", "Why does Chinese traffic police not enforce traffic rules?", "Soho China Chief Calls for Better Communication on Yuan Policy", "[Contest] Violate the Seven Bottom Lines", "That Bank Line in Shanghai? Monkey Business", "UK Universities catch almost 50,000 student cheats", "Question: does anyone on r/china use Slack for team project management/communication?", "Why We Shouldn’t Overestimate the Probability of a Chinese Financial Crisis", "Guangzhou company claims to have made first ever 'passenger drone,' the company showed it off at CES show in Las Vegas. Claims they have made successful passenger tests near Guangzhou", "Davidoff limited edition set celebrates The Year of the Monkey – TheTopTier", "So, where should I go 1st? Help me /r/China", "China's industry is still heading in the wrong direction", "Will this ever end? Guy goes to Zhuhai emergency room for child medicine, rejected and told to go to pediatric hospital. Therefore, he flips out and assaults a nurse", "South China Sea tensions surge as China lands plane on artificial island | Reuters", "Lyle from here to answer any college applications you all may have! AMA!", "Xiaomi is suddenly shy about numbers", "Africa For The Chinese by Francis Galton (1873)(very non-PC)", "Why Asian women prefer White men (explained to the death)", "I forgot how to read and write...", "QQ security question translation request/", "5 places Where WeChat Payment is Mostly Used in China", "Is it possible to get married in China without the HuKou?", "Missing HK bookseller Lee Bo sent second letter to his wife says that he \"voluntarily came back to assist in investigations\" and chastise his followers for \"wantonly attack One Country, Two Systems”", "On Screen China: The Force Flags in Opening Weekend", "House of cards: The real-estate ambitions these have fallen to ruin in Henan province", "Air conditioning and your electricity bill?", "Need help finding a commercial (PSA)!", "Chinese zodiac predictions for 2016", "View this image to get banned from China", "Check out this stunningly insensitive rage-inducing Beijinger Post: \"How to Get Your Didi Dache/Uber Driver to Shut Up\"", "On the 2nd anniversary of Uighur Professor Ilham Tohti's arrest, a translation of a VOA interview with him 2 months before China jailed him", "Shanghai Composite is currently down 4%, will the National Team step in????", "India Sugar Market Outlook to 2019 - R&D Advancements and Government Support to Propel Market", "Golden Mao Statue in China, Nearly Finished, Is Brought Down by Criticism", "Best temporary base in China?", "I had really different expectations for China until I arrived in Beijing today.", "My grandpa is dying in the ICU and the hospital won't let my family see him.", "Book on Xi JinPing will still be published, but in Taiwan instead of HK, 'last lighthouse of publishing freedom for ethnic Chinese' says author", "Heart Surgery for Red Cross Rejects // Yunnan, China.", "The Man Behind China's Circuit Breaker Gets Grilled", "Trump blames China and Obama for Wednesday's North Korean nuclear bomb test. 'China has total control, believe me.'", "Anyone know any good Mandarin-language talk radio stations, perhaps with some free debate (most likely outside the mainland)?", "What's the Unblock Youku equivalent for iOS?", "2 weeks since British national Lee Bo went missing, British consulate in HK hasn't written anything on its Facebook/Twitter accounts or website (apart from 1 vague retweet). I submitted an email complaint just now. Reply within 20 working days (Feb 14th).", "Getting your Chinese 'green card': As policies relax, expats expect greater access to permanent residence permits", "Best reddit girls for dating! List of 1000 girls for s*x! [China]", "Tesla can't catch a break in China", "China orders foreign banks to hold yuan", "Whats with the exporting to China?", "Tyler Cowen: The Rise and Fall of the Chinese Economy", "Just 5% of China's online edtech companies profited in 2015", "চীনে বাসে আগুন, নিহত ১৪", "In rush to exit yuan, Chinese traders buy sinking Hong Kong stocks", "Pictures of Swedes Peter Dahlin and Gui Minhai, British man Lee Bo", "the most 'China' article i have ever read", "Why China will not sharply devalue the yuan", "China makes five more arrests over deadly Shenzhen landslide -Xinhua", "This photo was taken in Changchun", "GOLDMAN RAISES USD/CNY 12-MO FORECAST TO 7.00 FROM 6.60 PREV", "Girlfriend and I looking to move to China to teach English", "Nanchang taxi drivers strike-overturning suspected ShenZhouZhuanChe (Chinese Uber) driver’s car and beating him up in front of provincial gov't building", "Why do Chinese internet censors suddenly have a problem with \"Zhao\" (赵)?", "Survey of U.S. companies in China finds that not all's well", "Will the \"one belt one road\" become a bridge to nowhere?", "Been in 东北 for 7+ years. This is my first year back in my home country. It is a cold winter and I fucking miss 饺子", "China Sichuan governor suspected of corruption", "Please use .np links when linking to other subreddits", "First ‘Silk Road’ train departs China for Iran", "What are the biggest problems in China educational system?", "With Growing Investments, China's Influence In Autos Is Expanding", "In China 'you might disappear at any time' | Guardian Docs", "Live: Sensex drops over 400 points, rupee at 68 per US dollar on China fears", "Wechat gave us 100 free minutes for calls to international phones.", "China’s Shenlong space plane is part of growing space warfare program: Gertz", "Govt authorities give social media warning \"It is not edible salt, do not consume!\" and \"Eat at your own risk!\" as bags of road salt to be used in the oncoming snowstorm are stolen in Jiaxing, Zhejiang", "Can China and the US finally come together and deal with North Korea?", "UK petition asking government to recognize Taiwan as a country gathers public support", "Shanghai Disney Resort to open in June", "Colored footage of China in 1955.", "Swedish Radio interview with human rights activist Peter Dahlin (after release)", "I was the baijiu bro at a wedding", "[China] My name is PennyNation, I'm divorced and I want to find a guy for the night. Do you guys free?", "How much does a Z visa cost employers?", "Dongguan-ers! My band is playing in your city tonight! Come see us!", "Why is this subreddit used solely to criticize China?", "Kind of nervous about posting here, but here goes. I went to the most authentic and non-commercialized ancient town I've ever been to outside Chongqing, called Longxing. It's my new favorite town now!", "After reading this subreddit, I'm feeling pretty jaded about moving here next month", "This Site Likely Contains Sexually Explicit Photos Of Someone You Know! for China", "Which idea is best for startup in 2016?", "Advice on my \"staying in China\" plan", "Does this make any sense? If yes please translate", "Painting on the 14th floor", "Why China and Pakistan love each other", "HK actor's face erased from CCTV show because of remarks against China", "VIDEO: Drinking the Northwest Wind, What China’s Mega Water Transfer Means for Those Left Behind", "Crazy guy swimming in the ice, Changchun 长春", "Things Bilingual People Do - Video from Steven Lim", "No one wants to shop in China’s giant Pentagon-shaped mall", "China stocks trading halted after rout", "How to avoid being held hostage when doing business in China", "Sites for booking airline tickets without credit card?", "China's Frenzy for Foreign Condoms Is Giving Low-Libido Japan a Boost", "Your China VPN might not be as safe as you think, especially if it’s ExpressVPN or Astrill", "Irony? Huangan, puppet of the CCP got China", "World's largest pizza appears in Xinjiang", "Does the visa application process suspend for CNY?", "Sexy Beijing - What happens when Chinese people choose their own English names. Have you heard any funny English names from Chinese people? Please share!", "why shouldn't there be? A new dating app just for hot people. introducing Xianrou!", "Who believes China’s narrative on Hong Kong’s missing bookseller mystery? [SCMP]", "Woman eating chicken feet on the subway and spitting the bones on the floor argues with other passengers", "Three ageing Chinese reformists diagnose the economy’s ills", "Which of you is doing this? Also, why is a government mouthpiece promoting the idea of foreigners working on student visas.", "Part Time job ideas in Guilin", "Netflix working on VPN ban", "Help with Fuzhou in Wedding Speech", "If followers of Christianity and Islam were given free reign to battle for converts in China, who would triumph?", "Can I use my Chinese Union Pay debit card in India?", "2 Days in Huangshan, what should we see?", "Steven Kopits argues that Xi's new nationalism is killing the Chinese economy by creating an environment of distrust and uncertainty.", "[China] My ex-girlfriend cheated on me with a friend and I decided to post a link on its page with erotic pictures", "Now You Know the Terror - 16-yo Taiwanese singer's apology offers an education that no college course will provide", "Impose sanctions on Chinese state media say Reporters Without Borders", "Anyone here having trouble using the search engines in China", "Ehang's autonomous drone promises to fly you anywhere, no pilot required", "In 20 years, this group of scholars will shape China’s foreign policy", "u/ThatOnePrivacyGuy's in-depth comparison of VPNs", "One night with Paris (instagram aiww)", "[ ] Service where you can find a photo ex-girlfriends of people from around the world ! Anonymous registration , no pays!", "Shanghai stock exchange breaks through psychological 2888 barrier", "Search giant Baidu under fire for profiting from medical forums - Xinhua", "What's the best way to set up the network seetings of a PS4 in China?", "Are Hong Kong's Freedoms Disappearing?", "Here's a pic of a street cleaner, cleaning the street, in the snow, with a box on his head. Chinese netizens moved by his call to duty, call him a hero, but where is the cape?", "Last week I took my kids to Jump 360 in Shanghai, the largest trampoline park in China and the second largest in the world. [OC]", "The struggle to get a cup of coffee in China", "Complaining about cold and then turning off the heater and opening all the windows.", "Owner and journalist break through ice of frozen lake to save drowning dog because, after numerous calls for help, Anhui fire and police say they \"only save humans\"", "Chinese Jeju Emigration: Why China's Millionaires Are Moving Out", "Grindr sells majority stake to a Chinese gaming company", "China Cinema Companies Produce Box-Office Hype", "I almost accidentally killed someone today because he couldn't wait 15 seconds, and in turn nearly killed myself.", "How Beijing is infiltrating and intimidating Uighur exile communities from the Americas to Europe to Australia", "Are all china visa applications now the same price?", "Horny Chinese girl dancing on webcam", "What are those arm sleeves for?", "Hello people of China! I have a question: Why is \"Walter defends Sarayevo\" (Valter brani Sarajevo) so popular in your country?", "WeChat goes full China... allows users to post moments that are only viewable after sending lucky money", "Request! Please Help Me I Need a Chinese Phone Number to send an Sms code to", "How To Do The Asian Squat", "Four Top Airlines Stop Selling Tickets on Major Travel Website", "BREAKING: CSI 300 triggers circuit breaker AGAIN. Shanghai index down 7.4%", "[WECHAT]Latest on WeChat: ‘App Account’ in Progress", "Why China's Next Aircraft Carrier will be Based on Soviet Blueprints", "Finally blue skies in Beijing, just as I'm about to leave for Shanghai", "Pursuing critics, China reaches across borders. And nobody is stopping it.", "Humans of Chinar. Hallo. Bye Bye.", "Morgan Stanley President Colm Kelleher: China 'is just fine'", "Andrew Polk: “Companies have been delaying wages and cutting the workweek. They have tried these different measures to keep people employed. But now we expect greater outright layoffs.\"", "Survey of U.S. companies in China finds that not all is well", "Why is it that people (Westerners) hate it when the Chinese move money out of their country? Why are these Chinese citizens accused of laundering money?", "China video streaming execs stand trial for pornography", "Bridge in Chongqing just made it to the top of /r/pics today.", "An interesting article on the comedian behind the fapiao youtube video", "Poorly regulated field leaves China's elderly at risk, or, go check in on your parents, regardless of where they live...", "[China] Base profiles unmarried women age 23 online. The base is available only 2 hours. ID:altldngsl", "ICBC debit cards no longer work in ATMs in Thailand or the U.K", "36.6-meter Golden Statue of Chairman Mao constructed in Henan (apparently costing 3 billion Yuan)", "Why China's Economy -- and Stock Market -- Are Such a Mess", "China seeks Expats' Suggestions on 13th Five Year Plan", "Beijing Haidian district court decided to live stream a 4.5 hour court session to shame the defendants, who were accused of hosting a video website that was being used to host pornography. Xinhua 'argued (the defendants) deserved applause.' One lawyer described prosecutors as 'publicly crushed.'", "Chinese activist Ai Weiwei punishes Denmark: \"I cannot co-exist\"!", "What does a nervous China do about the global order?", "China Q4 GDP grows at 6.8%. Full year growth at 6.9%--Perfectly in sync with the CCP's \"about 7%\" target set in March.", "Guangzhou company has made first 'passenger drone,' unveiled it at CES gadget show in Las Vegas", "3 Year-Old Kunming Girl Dies In Escalator Accident | The Nanfang", "Does your Chinese girlfriend believe everything she's told?", "[哈哈哈] Environment protection Office, Xuchang AQI", "New chinese-friendly name for a yoga studio?", "China's Non-Kinetic Three Warfares Against America", "Beijing Sightseeing, The Great Wall of China, Beijing China - Part 3 of 4", "China's luxury market might rebrand with a 'Made in China' label", "US Pacific Fleet shrinks as China grows more assertive in South China Sea", "#D-strong: Dying US boy's Great Wall wish fulfilled", "And how do you feel about that? Chinese girl commits torture of a mouse!", "Theory why Xitler kidnapped HK booksellers: Jiang faction feeding them inside info", "China's banking stress looms like Banquo's Ghost in Davos", "Would I need a return flight ticket to enter?", "Can't think of anything good about China? Laowai lady explains all the things that make China great", "'China's Gandhi' Jailed For Five Years in Guangzhou Three Verdict", "The Chinese Government Is Actually Blaming Goats For A Drop In The Human Birth Rate in 2015", "Does China have an equivalent to this?", "Chinese Snacks Vs. American Snacks", "Thousands of taxi drivers in several major cities strike over fees, unfair competition", "Shanghai Sightseeing, Chenghuang Miao in Shanghai China", "Big Matt comes to little China the story of my first day in China and what it's like being 6ft 8 and completely new to Asian culture.", "Page One Hong Kong will no longer sell books on the PRC and CCP", "Opinion: Why American-Chinese food is real Chinese food -", "Curious about the non-profit/NGO landscape in China.", "Setting up a credit card in America for use in China", "Jack Ma promised to remove paywall of SCMP, it's 2016 now and he still hasn't walked the walk. Guess what he also promised?", "China fourth-quarter growth slows to 6.8 percent, weakest since 2009", "Thousands protested in HK today, smaller protest in London (pics, videos and tweets of both)", "Build-A-Bear opening first store in China", "Torrenting on Astrill: Is there anything I should be careful of or can I just keep up the couple MB/s speeds?", "Hainan mean girls filmed beating the daylights and clothes off of fellow classmate as bystanders look on", "25% of Chinese Wives Hit by Husbands - China Will, in March, Pass a (Weak) Anti-Domestic Violence Law", "The only true masterpiece of post-'78 Chinese literature, Jia Pingwa's Abandoned Capital/Ruined City coming to English", "China trips stock exchange 'circuit breaker,' suspends trading", "China's coal-burning in significant decline", "WSJ Opinion: The U.S. Can Play a ‘Taiwan Card’: If China won’t back down in East Asia, Washington has options that would compel Beijing’s attention - John Bolton, former US Ambassador to the UN", "Why are you in China?", "Where Is My Next Book on China?", "'38 lawyers and activists associated with the Beijing Fengrui law firm' held in 'secret detention' since July 2015. Formally arrested today (all Chinese apart from one Swede)", "Anyone want to go skiing/snowboarding this Spring Festival?", "Bank reluctant to help man with many coins", "Thinking of working for Tesla in China. I have no degree.. Will Tesla be able to get me a visa?", "Baidu to halt commercialization of Tieba health forums", "Asia stock markets face volatile session on global sell-off, oil price, China worries", "Google goes on hiring spree in China to stage comeback", "China goes underground to expand its strategic oil reserves", "False invoicing is back - Hong Kong reports $21.57b in Dec 2015 to China; China says $164.1b imported from Hong Kong", "Shandong residents queue for over 3 hours in red alert smog to receive free wall calendar", "According to CUHK lecturer: suspicious circumstances surrounding Mr Lee's colleague Mr Lam, maybe HK police and Chinese government are collaborating on bookshop disappearances (she quotes Mingpao)", "I can speak English and Chinese, realistically, what can I do to make the most money in China?", "Human Development Report 2015 Focuses on Employment", "Beijing parades Dahlin out for his \"confession\" - China's feels hurt yet again", "Some thoughts during my trip to Japan", "I need to travel home but lost my passport - re-entry to China?", "Did anyone go to the 2014 GREAT WALL Dr octogon whatever the fuck his name was show.", "Xi JinPing picture at Beijing art museum 中国美术馆三大美术展集中亮相", "I work for a Chinese National Team, I'm an American who has never been to China. What tips do you have and AMAA about my job.", "Again? China Said to Intervene in Stock Market After $590 Billion Rout", "\"China Banks Seem To Be Doing Whatever They Can To Avoid Paying Anyone In Dollars\"", "Guangfu - a small walled city in Hebei Province", "Anyone know anything about Nice Talk Tutor?", "Not sure how many police (among others) died in the city this morning because of a tiny bit of snow...but it's at least a couple (potato quality from WeChat).", "A two-year-old boy dies after being crushed by a car as his mother was busy playing with her phone", "Chinese Government Adviser Says ‘Very Difficult’ For China To Achieve 6.5% Growth", "Shenzhen landslide stirs concerns over similar incidents", "Global Military Radar Systems Market 2015-2019", "ChildrenFallingOver This is а nоt a dаting-sitе it's US seаrch еnginе for bоys and girls. No pаyments, and bullhit, just sеx!", "The moment you realize that the Chinese movie you just started watching with high hopes is going to suck", "Recommended list of Android apps for exists?", "[Question] Is there an equivalent for Begin Japanology on Chinese culture/history?", "The most beautiful town, the greatest foreigners' corner in China", "Beijing artist paints colossal temples devoted to Chinese rock gods", "Leader in meeting with Chinese President: Iran will never forget China’s cooperation during the time of sanctions", "Iran's leader says never trusted the West, seeks closer ties with China", "Yuan fixed at 6.5636 to the dollar for now. (Guardian Livefeed)", "Seriously, what do you do about the fact that you cant buy weed in China.", "The rise of China and its consequences", "Spider-Man receives 450,000 RMB in cash for helping out with drug bust", "Volkswagen recalls 78,083 vehicles in China", "Chinese Strategy on North Korea 'Has Not Worked,' Kerry Says Bluntly", "China’s Top 10 Exports Product Statistics 2015", "Anyone else cancelling their Netflix account, or is there a way around it?", "DPP's Tsai Ingwen win's Taiwan election", "The Conference Board's New China GDP Figures Suggest 'Hard Landing' Happened Already", "Company Analysis of Top 10 Automobile Air Bag Producers in China 2016", "[China] My name is Nita! I want sex! HELP ME!!!", "My student didnt hold a thing back today // Being kept in the dark // (another story) of how I almost died.", "Mr Lee (UK national, HK bookshop owner) is 'first and foremost a Chinese citizen,' other countries have 'no right to interfere,' says China foreign minister", "teaching english in either Guangdong, Shandong or Hebei?", "China's feminists hail expected election of Taiwan's Tsai", "Western doctors in Beijing. Know of any good ones?", "I know you don't tip in China, but I feel bad not tipping when food is delivered...what do?", "What will happen when China's property bubble bursts?", "Being Chinese in Colonial Zimbabwe", "Video Chica en Oxxo Masturbandose", "Language and skill exchange. I am a Chinese man (not a GIRL) and worked as an IT engineer. Now I want to practice my oral English and I can help you learn Chinese or computer programming, anyone interested?", "[Serious] Would China have been better off if Europe/US had been 'caretakers' after the war?", "Strikes and protests by China’s workers soar to record heights in 2015", "[Vice documentary] Meet the Grandfather of Chinese Rock", "China’s Richest Man Buys 28k Acres Of US Wilderness To Preserve It", "Hard landing? What hard landing?, according to Mr Sunshine/Forbes columnist", "New Discovery of Origins of Ancient Chinese", "Marriage in China, Associated Risk?", "China Stocks Jump Most in Two Months as Data Fuel Stimulus Bets", "Crazy training session at a beauty salon in Dongguan", "Shanghai working woman opens Instagram account to document lucrative affair with her boss", "Baseball's China Push Grows With MLB-Le Sports Streaming Deal", "Was there this much scare in '07/'08?", "Leader Reiterates Iran's Firm Stance on One China Policy", "Abandoned Chinese boy heads 'home' to the US", "On Screen China: A Tough 'Walk' Between the Force and the Panda", "China and Taiwan, a short history (With the recent presidential election in Taiwan I thought this might be helpful)", "Why are there so many mainland Chinese believe the 6.9% BS", "VOA Interview with Uighur Professor Ilham Tohti in 2013, Part 1, unfair distribution of political power and social resources", "China plans to merge 40+ entities to create $22 billion Plane-Engine Giant", "expats living in henan why?", "Gui Minhai was involved in drink drive accident but trip to mainland dubious, close friend reveals", "Netflix launches in nearly every country but China", "is this site for the price for postage sending things out in china correct? I am planning to send a bunch of things out to US and Canada can I rely on this site?", "Sweden, Germany, United states and EU have all released statements condemning 'confessions' of EU citizens", "Returning to the U.S. for a short visit, and I have a few questions about getting my gifts through customs.", "China: A Century of Revolution 1976-1994", "What to do with red envelopes?", "why isn't showing the full last two day history of pollution?", "Chinese journalist (with Associate Press links) who defected is missing from Thailand", "Chinese actress Li Bingbing criticizes Australian healthcare systems, returns home for treatment from the motherland", "Let's hope the cheese trend grows into a fever", "Pro-China posts from the Mainland flood Taiwan President-elect Tsai's Facebook", "aqis around a thousand right now, which is cool", "In the evenings quite boring, often looking for a partner have fun when ready - registers [China]", "Long Reads: Why Chinese Factories Fare Poorly in the U.S. - The New Yorker", "It's been barely a week: China Citic Bank Said to Uncover $152 Million Bill-Finance Fraud", "The Chinese are now bringing back elements of the cultural revolution", "Very close to funding Heart Surgery. China California Heart watch", "A basic explanation of China's recent drop in equities", "Chengdu's attempt at “mid-air fine dining” (as enjoyed by being hoisted up by a crane) marred by bad air pollution which limits visibility of the skyline; pics", "Tsinghua University, Gates Foundation to set up institute on drug discovery", "GLORIOUS PLA caught buying milk powders from Australia", "Wife gets kicked by a motorcyclist as she and husband cross road in Nanjing, husband starts fight with some other guy as motorcyclist gets away; video", "Swedish national Peter Dahlin Chinese state TV \"confession\"", "What's a good free Cloud Storage not blocked by China?", "I experienced some scary internet weirdness over the weekend. Can anybody suggest an explanation?", "China Assembles Its Stealth Jet Fleet", "China Is Sneezing Hard, Infecting Global Markets", "8 Mystery of Gui Minhai's confession", "How can one step mess you up this hard lmao", "Is China's stock market really crazier than America's?", "Traveling without a passport in China?", "How would a bear stock market effects the real estate market in china?", "Chinese Premier : China has no intention to boost exports with yuan devaluation", "Market turmoil in China: What’s in store for 2016? – TheTopTier", "Plan your Graduation trip with global graduates in China June 2016.", "China’s Top 5 Censored Posts in 2015", "Sina to broadcast Manchester Utd's TV channel in China", "The day Zhao Wei disappeared: how a young law graduate was caught in China's human rights dragnet", "Anti-Taiwan sentiment battling a major korean entertainment company", "Silk Dragon Takes Persian Road", "South China Sea dispute: Vietnamese subs deployed as deterrent to China", "Is this photo in China or Japan?", "Chinese Girls Photos, downloads wallpapers girls, Beautiful Women girls, Asian Girls in Bikinis,", "Beloved Giant Turtle Dies, Leaving Only Three Alive on Earth; The recent death of Cu Rua pushes the Yangtze giant soft-shell turtle to the brink of extinction", "Why does Western press like to describe China's reaction to the Taiwanese election as 'enraged' or 'furious' ?", "The problem with China: It's just a teenager—commentary", "North Korea nuclear test 'slap in the face' for China", "Can someone help me order flowers?", "Subreddits or websites to pass time on in China?", "There's a worrisome shift in the way the most powerful people are talking about china", "AH XIN | Chinese VICE Beatbox Champion", "People near Shenzhen, here is how you are going to get rich today", "China GDP Growth Could Be as Low as 4.3%, Chinese Professor Says", "The resolution of the Bitcoin experiment (or what happens when >50% of global Bitcoin mining power is concentrated in 2 Chinese miners)", "Why so sensitive? A complete history of China's 'hurt feelings'", "Significance of Flour Mill in Today’s Day to Day Life", "China's Economy Looks Like It's Holding Its Own", "Hallucinations and fleeting clouds: In responding to an unwelcome election result in Taiwan, China has few good options", "One thing that puzzles the hell out of me.", "China warns George Soros: Don’t go to ‘war’ against our currency", "Asian shares rally as China drops circuit breaker, firms yuan setting", "Teaching(not ESL) at a Chinese University?", "PSA HK Netflix available in China without a VPN", "Taiwan must abandon 'hallucination' of independence, warns Chinese media", "What a crazy week it was for Chinese Basketball", "Rare photos of San Francisco's Chinatown, before the earthquake", "KeyRaider: iOS Malware Steals Over 225,000 Apple Accounts to Create Free App Utopia", "Tier 1 Vs. Tier 2-5 cities in China", "George Soros says 'hard landing practically unavoidable' for China's economy (cue the angry conspiracy anti-Zionist nutbags)", "[Serious]How do I tell my family I can't afford the trip to their wedding?", "Relative just bailed on a Taxi and used me as her get-away.", "How do I stop caring about my virginity?", "Degree in Agricultural Economics: Specialization in Ag Finance or Price and Market Analysis?", "Please help me my father is abjsinwme right now", "I can't pee for probation. Tried everything. Please help!!", "How creeped out should I be by this situation?", "Am I making to risky of a decision to buy a second house?", "My dog's previous owner wants to take him for an entire day and I don't know what to do.", "How to politely un invite a friend I now dislike?", "My (20/m) insecurity is hurting my ability to have casual sex.", "What language should I take up?", "Feeling Incompetent at work, anybody have advice?", "Cousin is terminally ill, How do I start making contact?", "Co-Worker with bad taste in music...", "Everytime I post ironic/satirical humor on reddit I get called a \"dumba$$\" by people missing the point of the jokes. Not claiming I am funny but are there any subs where people even understand this type of humor (think Clickhole)?", "Being bullied in work, no help from higher-up and Nmum won't let me quit. I'm 22.", "I don't know whether I should move and face financial instability, or stay and potentially lose a friend.", "I don't have friends in high school.", "I really need to get this off my chest.", "How to \"nicely\" tell an obsessed suicidal girl to go away?", "GF looking for advice on legal rights for BF", "How should I act around a guy at work that doesn't like me in a romantic way?", "16 male. I have a crush on a girl who has a crush on my best friend", "The subordinate-supervisor relationship at my workplave is not well defined and it makes me uncomfortable at work.", "Got rejected two months ago, and it still hurts.", "What's more important? School or family?", "Someone might have a hit out on my Mom", "How did you make peace with that person??", "Moving out of town issues", "Once in a lifetime opportunity... need help so I don't blow it...", "What's wrong with me? Is this a mental problem or a hormonal?", "Rapidly degrading relation with parents due to school related issue.", "Dizziness/nausea caused by flashing lights.", "How do I get my drone out of a tree?", "Got harassed by psychiatrist, then charged with trespass on hospital grounds. Need advice..", "How do I respond to this?", "Should I respond to this extremely rude email from a potential employer?", "Been having trouble with my drive to draw lately.", "What would I need to do to get the GI bill?", "In the next two months im going to buy a smartphone", "Is it safe to sit in an idling car for a couple hours?", "Having a band play for my birthday.", "Should I Speak To Roommate About Complaint I Made Against Their Loud Music?", "Adviceon buying secondhand, is seller suspicous?", "Learning about reddit. I need advice on a few things.", "Really need some advice real quick guys", "I hate school, and now I just hate life in general and idk why?", "Fly to Phoenix for the weekend or pay my phone off?", "Putting something in water on humidifier?", "How do I become more relatable to people in my age group?", "How to reply after a female friend told you they broke up with their boyfriend?", "How do i run away?", "Should I try to get my girlfriend back", "I'm an addict. I need a way to force myself to not use. Need recommendations.", "Roommates not paying their portion of electric bill.", "I fucked up bad tonight", "How do I stop being so negative and cynical?", "I got pulled over and need your help!", "What souvenir should I collect from different cities", "Guy I've barely talked to leaving for army - want to foster a connection before it's too late?", "Girl used to have a crush on me, not sure if she becoming interested again.", "Friend's birthday is in 2 days and I want your opinion.", "How do reservations at a restaurant work?", "Shocking self discovery ironically makes me even more lost than before. Help me?", "In order to get into Oxford summerschool, i need to write an application. What should and shouldn't this letter contain?", "How to deal with somebody that tries a little too hard to be friends and talks a bit much, yet means well overall?", "How does a public urination class 4 misdemeanor effect my future?", "I'm in desperate money problems - What can i do?", "My Friend [26/f] had an affair and now making things up about the guy when she's trying to get back with ex.", "I bought a car a couple months ago but haven't received my registration", "Confined to my house for the next three weeks... What should I do?", "How do I enjoy life?", "Is my friend actually retarded?", "Calling in sick at an inconvienient time, what's the best thing to say?", "Do I have a moral obligation to tell my landlords about my roommate's potentially dangerous alcoholic behaviors when I move out?", "What can I do to help my mom?", "How do I not live life in a hurry and learn to make the present last?", "my former friend stole from me what should I do?", "Police Won't Deal With Mentally Ill Neighbor Breaking & Entering?", "16, where/how to meet people when I don't have many interests?", "Moving to D.C. for the semester soon. Never been", "Are working for a start up companies a good idea?", "Examples of internships for a psychology major?", "Isolated, ill, and can't speak. Not sure how to get help.", "Striving to be the most interesting individual in the world. What do I need to do?", "Still like a girl that i met over 3 years ago. How to forget her and stop getting jealous. DRIVING ME MAD!!!!", "Is further education essential to financial success nowadays?", "I need help with deciding what to study", "Terrified of family retaliating when I move out", "What is a fun activity I can do with my dad for a good father-son weekend?", "Is moving into this apartment a good idea?", "My boyfriend received a job offer that will end our relationship", "Someone claimed Workers Comp benefits under my husband's name and now it's biting us in the ass. Help?", "How can I get into an excellent College/University?", "Is my new job worth staying?", "Newsletters (HTML) emails received on Surface Pro 4 appear very small.", "How can I recover a TV-audition video that cannot be found online?", "Mild anxiety and unhappiness on my life for a while", "My mom is suppose to get major surgery tomorrow an now her 90 yr old mother is in the hospital. She doesn't know if she she should go through with her surgery under the circumstances. I am at a loss; what should she do?", "can paypal ban me for this?", "Bored to death. Please help me find a new hobby.", "How do I act/look less nerdy?", "Users of Google Photos: I have over 5,000 photos that is like to export from photos to an external hard drive. Is there any way I can do a mass export?", "How to arrange a lunch with a busy person?", "Trying to teach myself how to code. But starting to feel heavily unmotivated and depressed", "Should I apologize to my Prof. via email?", "What to do With My Nephew", "How can I control bad thoughts?", "Kind of a rant, just looking for opinions. Sick of my friends at school.", "I think my upstairs neighbors are abusing their pet and I don't know what to do.", "Matched someone I know on tinder", "Veterans car just got Repoed, no money for rent.", "Need help communicating previous violent trauma to my husband. NSFL/Trigger Warning", "What can you to prevent someone from avoiding you because you're a \"trigger\" to their bad habits?", "What is the best browser for exploring the dark web?", "Hey reddit. Where can I find a box for a 50\" TV? (in UK)", "Should I include my BSc dissertation on my Linkedin profile?", "I flunked out of university last year, getting back in feels impossible - what should I do?", "Confused teenager concerned about my mental health", "Why does it seem like everyone around me is \"triggered\" and why does it stress me out so much?", "Americans, i need your help!", "I need some people's opinions", "i need help with my job apliaction i can´t get my \"about me\" part done i don´t know where to start or what to tell them", "Offered new, ideal, job on very short contract. Not sure whether to accept or stay where I am?", "I am paranoid about a friend", "Got into a sorority but can't pay", "[18M] college freshman; I dislike myself and don't really know what to do with my life.", "Is the issue that I don't actually love myself, or am I just interpreting it wrong?", "I need help deciding between jobs.", "Thinking about changing my appearence to boost my confidence but unsure about the change.", "Weird bobble in my arm pit?!", "Being the complete failure that I am, should I just end it all?", "Should i quit college if i feel like i'm wasting my time?", "For a lease of a car, does the miles count if I decide to finance it after words or sell it to another dealership?", "Is this guy being creepy?", "Facing Academic Dismissal From Law School. How Should I Proceed. M25", "Worried about things in my past - How do I move on?", "How do I help ensure the safety of employees who have to walk home at night in a bad part of town?", "My Fiance's best friends are kicking her out", "[Personal] Need personal help please.", "I have had four sessions with a psychologist whom I've realized is bad news. How can I get out of this?", "How can I request that I start my job at a different location than I originally agreed to?", "In Sales with bad teeth.", "Kid's teacher is going too far in to religion.", "I am jobless, carless and about to be homeless for the first time ever. I am also a single mother of a two year old.. Can you offer me any advice on what to do now?", "Where can I find an old shirt or at least a replica of it?", "How do I focus more on my job studies? Feeling burned out.", "I've screwed up. I need a lot of advice...", "Help with tinder for someone who suffers from anxiety.", "How do I undo this mess?", "How to not get catfished when using online dating?", "How hard is it to learn code? Website Design", "How to convince my cousin that he's racist?", "Should I sell a very short domain name that still has personal memories attached to it?", "I really need your help about a serious matter!", "Only good manager at my place of employment is being transferred to another store. What do?", "Wondering if I am beyond changing my current career and life?", "Wife and I are city slickers & want to move to the country, what kind of country jobs would be easiest to transition to?", "I told the guy I like about my frantic existential crisis, was it a mistake?", "Do my midterms or focus on studying for finals?", "Hired during reorganization, I've worked three positions in three months.", "Getting mixed signals, unsure how to proceed.", "what do i do with my biology degree?", "I need to write an application in order to get in to Oxford summer school. Does anybody know what I should and shouldn't mention? Mainly to those who have been there or some place similar.", "No job, no money, on-and-off of disability, need to move. ADVICE PLEASE!", "I'm 17 soon to turn 18 but I don't have my permit", "How should I spend summer holiday (I'll be 16) ?", "How to deal with a sister who yells at me in public?", "[Long story] Brother framed me for a crime I didn't commit. Our family's on his side. Now I have a record, $50k+ legal debt, community service, restraining orders, psychological trauma, no friends, and more. Thoughts on rebuilding my life?", "Made a huge mistake, do I tell her?", "Contacting a guy without being awkward?", "I'd love some advice on how to move on from my job", "Should I join the US Military?", "Girlfriend has cold sores and doesn't know it's herpes. Should I tell her that it's herpes and if so what should I say", "I placed macbook air onto puddle of water", "made a desperate attempt at a guy. ended up being creepy", "First year married, advice on tax prep needed", "I was the little kid who killed anything I can find", "I had a very sheltered upbringing. Now I am 27, at an important point in my career, and at the same time just starting to discover all the things I missed. Cannot focus. What do!", "I literally cant stop hanging out with a bad friend.", "What's the best way to go about getting out of chex system.", "My fiancee is about to delivery a baby.", "My dad stopped trying to communicate with me for about 6 years now, should I try talking to him again or leave him?", "How to combat spam callers?", "Being just friends is hard", "My (24/F) sister in law thinks its ok to have sex with her boyfriend while my wife (26/F) and I (26/M) are home. What can I do that is so awkward that they will never do it again?", "Auto shop says brake lines are damaged when brakes were fully functional that morning.", "My father may have been suckered into a pyramid/ponzi scheme. What should I do?", "I can't do math but I want to go to college.", "Functioning Alcoholic. Why would I stop?", "Help I blacked out woke up naked", "I want to drop out of college.", "As a working professional, should I work towards a MBA or learn to code?", "Help i think im falling for him", "Tell me everything you know on marrying an immigrant.", "Someone on my street is SERIOUSLY abusing his dog. What can I do about it?", "We re-homed our cats and now they are missing!", "Not sure what direction to go.", "kind of indecisive with what to do with my free time", "Should I end my friendship with my best friend?", "Want to start a science project, but do not know where to start. Never participated in science fairs either.", "How to safely dispose of spray can with nozzle & tube broken off flush", "College question - I could either get a math degree or two minors, what should I get?", "I am at fault here?", "Couldn't get an erection with my gf right we were about to have sex. Help please.", "Found Mold in the Back of my Car After Having the Front Windshield Replaced.", "I think I just had a panic attack.", "How to talk to a shy girl?", "Tricks to be more active / sit down less while at home?", "How much should I charge for tutoring?", "How can i get my W2 or tax forms from my past employers?", "Moving a 6 year old dog", "I just adopted my first puppy. Any tips?", "My boss thinks I'm depressed", "I've built walls to protect myself and they're crumbling. Need Advice.", "I want to break up but i'm scared she will kill herself", "Actively seeking job need some advice.", "Need to pick a \"hobby\" I'm passionate about", "Ex-boss won't leave me alone", "Someone has a picture of me, what do I do?", "I screwed things up with this girl a while back, do I have a chance to redeem myself?", "How to mentally prepare for a doctor's visit when you have a feeling it could be cancer?", "Agency worker for past two years, can I ask for contract?", "How do I prevent my car from getting towed until I get the new tags mailed to me?", "Just got my first car and need to get the title taken to the DMV to get it switched over to my name, do I need insurance to do this? If soand I cant afford insurance right now, what can I do to make sure I get the car title in my name?", "My ex-girlfriend who recently admitted to me she wanted to give us a second shot is now dating a guy and thinks that I don't know.", "I might have a shitty friend?", "Want a NCS that has suspense and an insane bass drop, which one(s) should I use?", "Tips to overcome perfectionism, obsessively comparing oneself to others and growing competitiveness?", "I think my downstairs neighbor is abusing his mother. Can I/should I do something?", "I lie about my age,anyone in my situation?", "I want to know if my girlfriend is a virgin, but not if she's not.", "why am i so attracted to black women and black women only???", "My parents said I can move back in with them to help save money, but I can't bring my cat which I've adopted.", "[Serious] I form inappropriate obsessions with people and really need to know how to break the cycle.", "Need some real life advice"]

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How do I get a hugs face from a dataset? ›

Load Dataset
  1. Download and import in the library the file processing script from the Hugging Face GitHub repo.
  2. Run the file script to download the dataset.
  3. Return the dataset as asked by the user. By default, it returns the entire dataset.
Aug 17, 2021

Why is hugging face popular? ›

One of the major advantages of using Hugging Face's tools is that you can reduce training time, resources and environmental impact of creating and training a model from scratch.

What is hugging face co? ›

Hugging Face, Inc. is an American company that develops tools for building applications using machine learning. It is most notable for its Transformers library built for natural language processing applications and its platform that allows users to share machine learning models and datasets.

Where to get datasets for machine learning reddit? ›

  • Google dataset search.
  • kaggle.
  • Nasa Earth Data.
  • AWS Open Data.
  • Azure Open Datasets.
  • FBI Crime Data Explorer.
  • Data. world.
  • CERN open data.
Apr 22, 2022

How is facial recognition data stored? ›

Facial recognition is a category of biometric software that maps an individual's facial features mathematically and stores the data as a faceprint. The software uses deep learning algorithms to compare a live capture or digital image to the stored faceprint in order to verify an individual's identity.

How do you create a custom face recognition dataset? ›

  1. Step 1: Install Anaconda. ...
  2. Step 2: Download Open CV Package. ...
  3. Step 3: Set Environmental Variables. ...
  4. Step 4: Test to Confirm. ...
  5. Step 5: Make Code for Face Detection. ...
  6. Step 6: Make Code to Create Data Set. ...
  7. Step 7: Make Code to Train the Recognizer. ...
  8. Step 8: Make Code to Recognize the Faces & Result.

Who is owner of Hugging Face? ›

Clement Delangue is co-founder and CEO of Hugging Face, a 100,000+ member community advancing and democratizing AI through open source and open science. Clement started his career in product at Moodstocks, a machine learning startup for computer vision (acquired by Google in 2016).

Who is the CEO of Hugging Face? ›

Clem Delangue 🤗 - Co-founder & CEO - Hugging Face | LinkedIn.

Is Hugging Face profitable? ›

The core reason they are profitable is that they have extremely low costs relative to the value that they are creating. The company successfully raised a Series B round in early last year to grow the size of their team, resisting acquisition interest from the big tech companies.

Which companies use Hugging Face? ›

The AI community building the future.
  • Allen Institute for AI. non-profit • 154 models.
  • Meta AI. company • 504 models.
  • Graphcore. company • 35 models.
  • Google AI. company • 561 models.
  • Intel. company • 88 models.
  • SpeechBrain. non-profit • 66 models.
  • Microsoft. company • 242 models.
  • Grammarly. company.

How many users does Hugging Face have? ›

Hugging Face launched in 2016 with a chatbot app designed to be your “AI friend.” Now the NLP company has more than 100,000 community members and is planning to triple its efforts and expand beyond language models into fields like computer vision.

How many people work at Hugging Face? ›

Based in New York, NY, Hugging Face is a small internet company with only 30 employees and an annual revenue of $1.0M. To democratize good machine learning. We are doing this by empowering the community through open and collaborative technology building at the intersection of science and engineering.

Where can I find free public datasets? ›

10 Great Places to Find Free Datasets for Your Next Project
  1. Google Dataset Search.
  2. Kaggle.
  3. Data.Gov.
  5. UCI Machine Learning Repository.
  6. Earth Data.
  7. CERN Open Data Portal.
  8. Global Health Observatory Data Repository.
Dec 7, 2022

How can I get free datasets for machine learning? ›

Open Dataset Aggregators
  1. Kaggle. A data science community with tools and resources which include externally contributed machine learning datasets of all kinds. ...
  2. Google Dataset Search. ...
  3. UCI Machine Learning Repository. ...
  4. OpenML. ...
  5. DataHub. ...
  6. Papers with Code. ...
  7. VisualData. ...
Feb 3, 2023

Which database is best for machine learning? ›

Oracle Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Data Science is a managed and serverless platform for data science teams to build, train, and manage machine learning models using Oracle Cloud Infrastructure including Oracle Autonomous Database and Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse.

Can you beat facial recognition? ›

Can attackers create a face mask that would defeat modern facial recognition (FR) systems? A group of researchers from from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and Tel Aviv University have proven that it can be done.

How does facial recognition violate privacy? ›

Unlike many other forms of data, faces cannot be encrypted. Data breaches involving facial recognition data increase the potential for identity theft, stalking, and harassment because, unlike passwords and credit card information, faces cannot easily be changed.

Can facial recognition be used as evidence? ›

Elsewhere, police have submitted artists' sketches of a suspect to facial recognition systems. Substances such as DNA found at crime scenes are treated as evidence in criminal investigations, but attorneys and tech policy analysts say they've not seen a facial recognition scan used as evidence at trial.

Which method is best for face recognition? ›

PCA+CNN and SOM+CNN methods are both superior to eigenfaces technique even when there is only one training image per person. SOM+CNN method consistently performs better than the PCA+CNN method [8]. Fisherfaces: Fisherfaces is one the most successfully widely used method for face recognition.

Which AI algorithm is used for face recognition? ›

The most common type of machine learning algorithm used for facial recognition is a deep learning Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). CNNs are a type of artificial neural network that are well-suited for image classification tasks.

Which algorithm is used in face mask recognition? ›

Luckily, AI as a tool (by using machine learning (ML) or deep learning (DL) algorithms) can help ensure the wearing of face masks in public places just by detecting face masks in real-time with the help of an already installed camera network (surveillance camera network or any other).

What is the revenue of Hugging Face? ›

Hugging Face revenue is $1.0M annually. After extensive research and analysis, Zippia's data science team found the following key financial metrics. Hugging Face has 30 employees, and the revenue per employee ratio is $33,333. Hugging Face peak revenue was $1.0M in 2021.

Where did Hugging Face get its name? ›

“Machine learning is becoming the new way to build technology, replacing software,” says Clément Delangue, cofounder and CEO of Hugging Face, which is named after the emoji that looks like a smiling face with jazz hands. “The old school of building technology was writing a million lines of code.

Is Hugging Face a public company? ›

Hugging Face is a private company and not publicly traded.

Is huggingface a startup? ›

Hugging Face, a startup that helps businesses build, train, and deploy state-of-the-art machine learning models, announced its Series C funding on May 9, 2022, raising $100 million.

Where is huggingface located? ›

Hugging Face offers an open-source library where users can build, train, and deploy models powered by the reference open-source in natural language processing. It was founded in 2016 and is based in Brooklyn, New York.

Who is owner of smile? ›

Harish Bahl - Founder & Chairman - Smile Group | LinkedIn.

Is Hugging Face a unicorn? ›

With this fundraising, Hugging Face reaches a $2billion valuation, hitting the unicorn status.

How much does a machine learning engineer Hugging Face make? ›

$104K - $149K (Glassdoor est.)

Is Hugging Face an API? ›

Fully-hosted API for AI

We have built the most robust, secure and efficient AI infrastructure to handle production level loads with unmatched performance and reliability. We optimize and accelerate our models to serve predictions up to 10x faster, with the latency required for real-time applications.

How is Hugging Face funded? ›

Hugging Face is funded by 25 investors. Thirty Five Ventures and Sequoia Capital are the most recent investors. Hugging Face has a post-money valuation in the range of $1B to $10B as of May 9, 2022 , according to PrivCo. Sign up for a free trial to view exact valuation and search companies with similar valuations.

Is Hugging Face PyTorch? ›

NLP-focused startup Hugging Face recently released a major update to their popular “PyTorch Transformers” library, which establishes compatibility between PyTorch and TensorFlow 2.0, enabling users to easily move from one framework to another during the life of a model for training and evaluation purposes.

Are Hugging Face models free? ›

It's completely free and without ads.

Is it inappropriate to hug at work? ›

Do Hug Close Colleagues (with Caution) If you're very close with a colleague, meet up with them outside of work, share personal problems, and know details about their life, you're probably safe to go in for a friendly hug. But even then, use caution.

What are the largest public datasets? ›

The GDELT Project is the largest open-access database on human society in existence. Its archives contain nearly 400M latitude/longitude geographic coordinates spanning over 12,900 days, making it one of the largest open-access spatio-temporal datasets as well.

Is there any free online database? ›

Relational Database Service from Amazon

MySQL. MariaDB. PostgreSQL. Oracle BYOL.

How do I access government data? › is the central clearinghouse for open data from the United States federal government and also provides access to many local government and non-federal open data resources.

Do you need a lot of data for machine learning? ›

Generally speaking, the rule of thumb regarding machine learning is that you need at least ten times as many rows (data points) as there are features (columns) in your dataset. This means that if your dataset has 10 columns (i.e., features), you should have at least 100 rows for optimal results.

What is a good dataset size for machine learning? ›

The most common way to define whether a data set is sufficient is to apply a 10 times rule. This rule means that the amount of input data (i.e., the number of examples) should be ten times more than the number of degrees of freedom a model has.

What is the best code for machine learning? ›

The 5 Most In-Demand Machine Learning Languages in 2022
  1. Python. Over the years, the use of Python has been growing steadily, overtaking popular languages like Java, C, C++, and C#. ...
  2. JavaScript. JavaScript is the second most preferred language on GitHub. ...
  3. R. ...
  4. Java. ...
  5. C++
Mar 7, 2022

What is the easiest database to learn? ›

SQLite, a powerful Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), is also very easy to learn and to practice simple queries. It is very essential to become familiar with the basics of the most popular SQL Databases.

Which database is most commonly used? ›

As of August 2022, the most popular database management system (DBMS) in the world was Oracle, with a ranking score of 1260.8; MySQL and Microsoft SQL server rounded out the top three.

What database do most apps use? ›

Due to its inclusion in the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), SQLite, an open-source relational database, is the most common database technology associated with Android applications. For Android apps, SQLite is most often paired with Room, a framework for managing the lifecycle of objects.

How do I get a virtual hug? ›

Sending a text or instant message is a quick and easy way to send a virtual hug. It instantly lets a person know you're thinking about them. Mix it up and a 'hug' emoji, meme, or words to your message.

How do you recreate a hug? ›

How to do it
  1. Fold your arms around your body, positioning them in a way that feels natural and comfortable. ...
  2. Rest your hands on your shoulders or upper arm (just above your biceps). ...
  3. Imagine the type of hug you want. ...
  4. Squeeze yourself with just enough pressure to create the sensation you're looking for.

Which dataset is used in face recognition? ›

The PASCAL FACE dataset is a dataset for face detection and face recognition. It has a total of 851 images which are a subset of the PASCAL VOC and has a total of 1,341 annotations.

What is the meaning of XOXO in chat? ›

XOXO Is an abbreviation in North America known as Hugs and kisses it is commonly written as XO or XOXO. It is also an informal term used for expressing sincerity, faith, love, or good friendship at the end of a written letter, email or text message.

How do I give my gf a virtual hug? ›

This is as simple as sending an emoji of a figure (ideally one that looks as much like you as possible) with its arms outstretched. If the person to whom you're sending a virtual hug understands what you're getting at, they'll send a similar emoji back.

Who started virtual hug? ›

Well, this is just lovely. Adam King's Virtual Hug is now available as a necklace or pin — just like the one sported by Adam King and the President of Ireland Michael D Higgins.

Does hugging build trust? ›

Hugging causes the brain to release oxytocin, the hormone that increases human bonding. Here's why it's so important. The oxytocin released by hugging increases trust, loyalty and feelings of closeness, which is why physical contact in relationships is so important.

What happens when you hug for 20 second? ›

When people hug for 20 seconds or more, the feel-good hormone oxytocin is released which creates a stronger bond and connection between the huggers. Oxytocin has been shown to boost the immune system and reduce stress.

How many kisses do you need a day? ›

Psychologists Recommend Daily Passionate Kisses for a Healthier Relationship. Phycologists say that to maintain a healthy relationship, you should kiss your partner at least once a day, though ideally three times or more.

How do I stop feeling touch starved? ›

Using weighted blankets can mimic the sensation of receiving a hug, so this may help people feel a sense of peace and calm. Self-massage: People can try practicing self-massage to reduce touch starvation. For example, people can massage their neck to try to stimulate the vagus nerve , which may help reduce stress.

What to do when craving physical touch? ›

What can you do to help satiate this desire?
  1. Try out a massage. Whether you ask a loved one or visit a professional, massages can help you relax and enjoy the benefits of another person's touch.
  2. Spend some quality time with animals. ...
  3. Get your nails done. ...
  4. Visit the hair salon. ...
  5. Learn to dance. ...
  6. Go to a cuddle party.

Which algorithm is best for face recognition? ›

The most common type of machine learning algorithm used for facial recognition is a deep learning Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). CNNs are a type of artificial neural network that are well-suited for image classification tasks.

What key identifiers does facial recognition look at? ›

Step 2: Face analysis

Key factors include the distance between your eyes, the depth of your eye sockets, the distance from forehead to chin, the shape of your cheekbones, and the contour of the lips, ears, and chin. The aim is to identify the facial landmarks that are key to distinguishing your face.

Which algorithm is best for image recognition? ›

Some of the algorithms used in image recognition (Object Recognition, Face Recognition) are SIFT (Scale-invariant Feature Transform), SURF (Speeded Up Robust Features), PCA (Principal Component Analysis), and LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis).


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