Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (2023)

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RO System with Enhanced pH

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (1)

SIP-RO system

The Sorso RO system is an under-bench RO system with fantastic cleaning performance. In our tests, it was able to reduce or eliminate most contaminants that could have a negative impact on health. Although it did raise the pH, Sorso says it's to your benefit. It uses a 5-piece filtration system to purify the water. It's a bit complicated to set up and maintain, but Sorso can do it for you at an additional cost.


  • Fantastically healthy water, 99/99 in our 3rd party lab tests
  • Relatively inexpensive filters compared to other water options
  • Free installation if you live in Toronto, New York or South Florida
  • 90 day trial period


  • Setup and maintenance can be tricky if you do it yourself
  • pH alto,that can affect the taste


RO under counter with healthy water
  • Project -97%


  • Performance -98%


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  • quality -97%


  • Easy to use -93%


  • Wert-96%




The Sorso RO system produces incredibly healthy water. It is an under counter reverse osmosis system that uses a 5 piece filtration system to deliver purified water. Our lab tests showed that Sorso achieved a water health rating of 99/99. Replacement filters are relatively inexpensive and ultimately an easy solution for purified water.

in this review

cleaning test|Filter|sewer|filter costs|Easy to use|Size|resume

Sorso has a more unique and complex system than many others on the market.Click here to skip pagefor a full explanation of system design.

cleaning test

To test the cleaning performance of theAdviceWe partner with SimpleLab, which offers a water testing service called TapScore. They send you a kit to collect the water and you return it to them for laboratory analysis.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (2)

After the test, you will receive a detailed report on the various aspects of your water. These reports provide an overall TapScore along with information on three main categories: Health, Aesthetics, and Sanitation.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (3)

For this test, we used softened, unfiltered tap water from my home as a base. We filled a baseline test kit and after setting up the RO system, we also filled a separate kit with that water.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (4)

Below is an overview of Sorso filtered water performance based on third party laboratory analysis.

health risks


health risk

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Taste and Aesthetics


Comparing the unfiltered results with the Sorso filtered results helps us to better see the cleaning performance.

pollutingunfiltered waterdrink reverse osmosis waterthen removed
Total de THM48,0 ppb0,0 ppb100%
dibroclorometano17,6 ppb0,0 ppb100%
bromdiclorometano13.8 parts per billion0,0 ppb100%
Chloroform9,18 ppb0,00 ppb100%
bromoform7.45 parts per billion0,0 ppb100%
molybdenum0,0045 ppm0,0ppm100%
Carrera0,0034 ppm0,0ppm100%
Nickel0,0025 ppm0,0ppm100%
chrome0,0021 ppm0,0ppm100%
Selenium0,0019 ppm0,0ppm100%
copper0,936 ppm0,0041ppm99,6%
Strontium0,932 ppm0,0ppm100%
Nitrate0,3 ppm0,0ppm100%
Barium0,108ppm0,0045 ppm95,8%
zinc0,102 ppm0,0ppm100%

health risk analysis

ThatAdviceit has fantastic results when it comes to health. There were many contaminants in the raw water that we tested that could affect a person's health. In addition to being known carcinogens, it can affect:

  • kidney health
  • liver health
  • development results
  • immune system
  • gastrointestinal systems
  • reproductive systems
  • Blutsysteme
  • nervous systems
  • cardiovascular health
  • Skeletgesundheit

By comparison, most of these contaminants were not found in the Sorso water sample.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (5)

These graphs show the differences between the unfiltered water and the Sorso water analyzed by SimpleLab. These charts do not contain all of the information provided by TapScore, but rather the information that had the greatest impact on health.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (6)
Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (7)

You can view the full lab report and analysis of theunfiltered water here, It is likeSoso RO inmediatamente.

Aesthetic risk analysis

Aesthetics is where theAdviceIt didn't shine as bright and even fell behind raw water according to Tap Score. Aesthetics, however, is all about how the water tastes and feels. Therefore, this score is preferable to some extent.

In unfiltered water, they found sodium, magnesium and copper, which affect the taste. These were not found in large numbers in the Sorso water, which is positive.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (8)

On the other hand, the pH in Sorso increased compared to unfiltered water.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (9)

Increased pH from 7.9 to 9.4 can be responsible for a bitter or soda taste and possible slippery feel in the water.

This is negligible from a health point of view, but it is worth noting for those who prefer a specific taste of water.

I would also add that while the 3rd party lab pointed out a potential taste/cosmetic issue stemming from the increased pH, based on my own experience, I found it to taste perfectly fine. The water tasted as good as any reverse osmosis water I've ever had.

Plumbing Risk Analysis

Plumbing is another area where theAdviceit performed less than stellar. It still performed better than unfiltered water, but there are still places where it could be improved.

Alkalinity and CSMR stood out for their likelihood of causing corrosion in your pipes.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (10)
Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (11)

However, while these issues apply to plumbing, they do not apply to the Sorso RO system. Because it is installed under the sink, no filtered water flows through the house plumbing. Therefore, these themes play practically no role in our analysis.

Sorso Water Filter Explained

The following is a direct quote from Sorso employees:

“Our water system is unique. Unlike other systems, our system has a very complete process.

We first purify the water to remove all impurities, but as you know, purified water becomes acidic (demineralized) and restoring a healthy pH level to your water is very important to make sure nothing is taken away from your water.

(Video) Sorso Whole Home Water Systems

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (12)

We raise the pH to 9.5, this is the ideal level as we want the water to be as alkaline as possible. Due to this pH, our water tends to taste sweeter. The more basic our bodies are, the less chance there is for disease to survive and thrive.

We naturally ionize your water to increase its absorbency and hydration capacity at the cellular level for better detoxification and hydration. Our minerals return molecular hydrogen to the water and enrich it to turn it into antioxidants.”

Sorso vs. Brita vs. PUR vs. ZeroWater (and 7 other popular brands)

we used to work withSimpleLabGenericNameto test many popular pitcher water filters. Below is a table that compares the scores we receive from these pitchers to the scores we receive fromAdvice.

pollutingdrink reverse osmosis waterClassic AquaTruwater dropepic waterAmazon basicsbritaPURNullWasser
Total de THM100%100%100%100%100%100%100%40,6%
Selenium100%100%100%100%100%100%Added 0.0021 ppm100%
Lead100%100%100%100%100%100%Added 0.0007 ppm100%
Nitrate100%100%Added 0.2ppm100%100%100%100%100%
fluoride100%100%0,0 %66,7%33,3%0,0 %0,0 %100%

The filters

ThatAdviceuses a 5-piece filtration system to purify water.Contains:

  • Vorköhle
  • carbon post
  • HE reverse osmose membrane
  • Alkalischer PH-Booster
  • ionizer

ThatVorköhleremoves larger particles from the water while thecarbon postremoves chlorine and chloramines.

The most importantreverse osmosis membranedoes most of the work, removing harmful inorganic materials like lead, arsenic, or uranium.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (13)

This is followed by the alkaline pH booster and ionizer. Thatalkaline pH enhanceradds minerals to raise the pH to 8.5 – 9.5. They believe that the ideal pH value of water is here.

Next,the ionizer, through a process of electrolysis, helps ensure that your body absorbs the useful minerals

Filter Replacement Cost Analysis

We also look at how much it costs per gallon of purified water and compare it to other filters and water solutions. These numbers are based on 600 gallons of water per year going through the system or on the manufacturer's recommendation.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (14)

ThatAdviceIt's not the absolute cheapest option and falls somewhere in between. Despite this, it is still significantly cheaper than many other options.

Keep in mind that this is a close comparison of the price of the filtered or purified water option and the amount of clean water you get from it.

sewage test

In RO systems, wastewater is produced during filtration. Reverse osmosis systems can produce different amounts of wastewater.

Some of the worst have a10:1The ratio means they produce 10 gallons of wastewater for every 1 gallon of purified water, while the best RO systems promise a1:1Relationship.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (15)

The complexity of the system and the purified water tank prevented us from testing it internally. However, according to Sorso, all of its RO systems generate effluent at a rate1:1proportion, this is excellent.

usability testing

Sorso's usability is very good. It is an under counter reverse osmosis system that is ideal for anyone looking to maximize their counter space.


The setup is incredibly simple, but it will either cost you some money or be incredibly complex.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (16)

free setup- If you live in Toronto, New York, or South Florida, setup is free and included with your purchase.

set up plumber– If you do not live in one of these cities, you will need to find a local handyman/plumber and have them set up the system for you.

solo setup– If you prefer to build Sorso yourself, you will need some time and some tools. It's not an easy setup, so you really need to know what you're doing to install it correctly.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (17)

Anyway, you have to follow some steps during the device configuration before the water is drinkable:

  • Wait 1 hour for the tank to fill
  • Open the tap and empty the tank (10 minutes)
  • Close the tap and let the tank fill (1 hour)
  • Empty the tank again

From there, the water must be safe to drink and use.


Maintenance is complicated but rare. The only work really needed is to replace the filters.

(Video) Best Water Filter? Brita, ZeroWater, PUR, Berkey, Aquaphor, AquaTrue

Pre-Carbon and Post-Carbon

1 again

pH enhancer and ionizer

2 years

High Efficiency RO Membrane

4 years

By purchasing replacement filters, you can have them do the process for you for an additional fee.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (18)

If you prefer to replace them yourself, this will require tools and time, but will cost less. While the replacement process is complicated, it's not nearly as complicated as setting up the system itself.

In particular, the faucet has a blue indicator light on the handle. The indicator light will alert you when it's time to replace the filters.

size and dimensions

ThatSIP-RO systemit is an under counter reverse osmosis system. Therefore, most of the mass is placed under the sink. This can take up space, so keep that in mind.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (19)

Otherwise, the only interactive part for most users is the tap at the top. This is available in 4 different colors that you can choose at checkout.

These include:

  • Matt-Schwarz
  • chrome
  • polished nickel
  • brushed gold

We chose matte black for our version and it blends well with our kitchen decor. The faucet is easy to use, you can start or stop the flow of water just by turning it.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (20)

Sorso Mini vs Precio vs Beneficios

Sorso has 3 different versions of their RO system: Sorso Mini, Premio, and Pro.

pollutingmini goalsprice sipSIP-Pro
Arsenic +3A95-99%95-99%
E. coliA99%99%

The Mini is the smallest and contains no tanks, making it ideal for smaller spaces.

The Premio is the model we tested and it's bigger than the Mini, including the tanks and more filters.

Sorso Reverse Osmosis System Review - Third Party Laboratory Testing (21)

The latest model, the Pro, has a two-lever faucet system that allows you to choose between pure water for washing or ionized water for drinking.

Should you buy the Sorso RO system?

I would recommend thoseSIP-RO systemif you are looking for the following features:

  • Healthy drinking water:The Sorso RO had fantastically healthy purified water. Laboratory tests have shown that it was able to remove the vast majority of harmful contaminants found in our unfiltered water.
  • Rare and cheap filter replacement:Sorso filters should be replaced every year or less, depending on the filter. Also, the filters are relatively inexpensive to replace. If you do not wish to replace the filters yourself, Sorso offers this service at an additional cost.

For more information or to purchase the Sorso Reverse Osmosis System, click here.


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