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Posted by sageoflife on09.04.2017 23:18:39 |

This is a resource for new and veteran players looking for a simple resource for making skill point allocation decisions for Shepard's teammates. Everyone is welcome to post their own builds.


Layer: 12
elevator: 12
Barrier: 12
Stop: 1
Decryption: 9
Electronics: 12
First Aid: 6
Medicine: 12
Guard posts: 6

Reason: A good all-purpose build that gives Kaidan plenty of opportunities to control the battlefield. When Barrier and Electronics are at maximum, your Defense gets a much-needed boost and a Medicine at maximum increases the survivability of the entire party. Kaidan won't contribute much in terms of damage, but he will almost never find an enemy he can't disarm, allowing the rest of the team to catch him or have a breather to deal with other enemies. With decryption and electronics at level nine or higher, Kaidan can also handle all your hacking needs. Placing everything at the listed landmarks leaves a single item loose which I place in Stasis for additional crowd control. It can also be used on Decryption to give Kaidan's Sabotage and Overload a bit more power.

Note about the Legendary Edition: Kaidan is largely unchanged in the Legendary Edition, unfortunately still without a marksman. The biggest change is that players can now make him use assault rifles if they want him to be more consistent with his final appearance. Kaidan indirectly benefits from the immunity change; The reduced duration of immunity means that Kaidan's lack of bending no longer puts him at a disadvantage against organic enemies compared to Wrex and Liara.


a arma: 4
Shotguns: 0
Assault Rifles: 12
Sniper Rifles: 12
Battle Armor: 12
First Aid: 12
Attack training: 12
Fitness: 12
Soldier: 6

Reason: A good combination of damage and defense. This gives Ashley the second highest base damage in the squad and makes her the second hardest to kill. While Ashley primarily uses an Assault Rifle, Assassination can be useful in conjunction with Adrenaline Burst to deal burst damage against particularly powerful enemies. First Aid also ensures that every use of the Medi-Gel counts, helping the entire party to survive. Points from sniper rifles can be moved to shotguns if the player prefers. Players who don't mind micromanaging and losing healing can move first aid points to shotguns and use murder and carnage along with adrenaline burst to deal even more burst damage.

Legendary Edition Note: Ashley is most affected by the Legendary Edition changes. Switching to Overkill greatly improves its damage potential. On the other hand, his lack of barrier and electronics means that switching to immunity greatly reduces his defensive potential. It's still worth upgrading fitness, but immunity now needs to be used more strategically.


Assault Rifles: 6
Sniper Rifles: 12
Tactical Armor: 8
Attack training: 12
Decryption: 9
Darkness: 12
First Aid: 7
Electronics: 10
Turian agent: 6

Reason: This build sacrifices some defense to capitalize on the squad's higher base weapon damage. Maxing out Sniper Rifles, Assault Training, and the Turian Agent makes every shot from Garrus's rifle as hard as possible, and two assassins in a row thanks to Adrenaline Burst means even greater burst damage. Enough points are put into Tactical Armor to make Medium Armor and Extended Shield Up available, saving some of Garrus' defense. Sabotage and buffering give Garrus plenty of ways to take out dangerous enemies, and maxing out buffering also ensures that Garrus' technological powers reach as many people as possible, especially with Adrenaline Burst. Decryption and electronics are high enough for Garrus to handle all of the group's hacking needs. Putting everything in the listed landmarks leaves a loose item that I placed in electronics to polish Garrus' shields a little more.

Legendary Edition Note: Garrus is another character who will benefit from the overchange, and unlike the other two, he will not suffer from the immunity change. Changing points from sniper rifles to assault rifles frees up points for tactical and electronic armor, greatly improving Garrus's survivability with less damage loss compared to the original version. The selection between Sniper Rifles and Assault Rifles is now much more balanced.


Assault Rifles: 5
Shotguns: 12
Combat Armor: 11
Fitness: 12
current: 12
Layer: 12
Barrier: 12
This is: 0
Krogan Battle Master: 6

Why: This build benefits from Wrex's defensive abilities. Immunity and Barrier combined with Krogan Battlemaster's health regeneration make Wrex almost impossible to KO. There's no need to put a twelfth point into Combat Armor, as Barrier followed by Advanced Shield Boost restores Wrex's shields just as effectively as Master Shield Boost. Warp more than makes up for Wrex's lack of weapon damage compared to the other Combat Troops, and Throw gives him some crowd control.

Legendary Edit Note: Wrex suffers less from the immunity switch than Ashley does, but that means he needs to be used much more strategically alongside Barrier. Wrex also benefits from the switch to Overkill, but moving points from shotguns to assault rifles doesn't give him any particularly useful options other than lackluster stasis.


a arma: 6
Shotguns: 12
Base Armor: 8
First aid: 2
Electronics: 12
Darkness: 12
Decrypted: 12
Azadas: 12
Quarian Machinist: 6

Reason: This build uses Tali's technical skills. Hacking is valuable for reducing cooldowns, as well as being able to use geth monsters and rocket drones against other enemies. Decryption and buffering allow Tali to take out most human-sized enemies, as well as turrets and drones. They also ensure that Talis Tech mines deal as much damage as possible and hit as many targets as possible. Electronics and basic armor give Tali a much-needed defense boost. Shotguns along with sledgehammer shells give him a bit of crowd control against some of the organic enemies that are immune to his tech abilities. Putting everything into the listed milestones leaves two lost skill points which I'm putting into First Aid for a decent healing boost.

Legendary Edition Note: Switching to Marksman is friendlier to the squad AI than the original version and opens up previously lackluster options for Tali. Moving points from shotguns to pistols frees up base armor and first aid points so you can focus more on defense than crowd control.


Layer: 12
elevator: 12
current: 12
Uniqueness: 12
Barrier: 12
This is: 0
First Aid: 4
Electronics: 12
Asari Scientist: 6

Reason: This build takes full advantage of Liara's crowd control abilities. Stasis was left out because I think the electronics defense boost and added ability to damage shields is more valuable. Liara already has a lot of crowd control with Boost and Singularity, especially with her fast reload. Liara's complete lack of bonus weapon damage is made up for by distortion, making her invaluable against organic enemies on higher difficulties. She is also a better healer than her four First Aid points suggest. Unfortunately, the best Liara can do against drones and turrets is using Warp to make them die faster.

Legendary Edition Note: Liara is almost unchanged in Legendary Edition. Aside from his pistol, he can now only use weapons if the player wants to experiment.


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