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Posted by sageoflife in04.10.2017 15:40:26 |

This is a resource for players new and old who want an easy resource for making decisions about skill point allocation for Shepard's teammates. Everyone is welcome to post their own builds.


Drag: drag field
Brandmunition: Inferno Ammo
Cerberus Agent: Cerberus Specialist
barrera: 1

Reason: The pull field is chosen because the pull is used primarily as fodder for warp bursts, so duration doesn't matter; it's best to hit multiple enemies with it if possible. Inferno Ammo and Cerberus Specialist were picked to allow Jacob to deal decent damage. Inferno Squad's ammo can be better if Shepard doesn't have ammo powers. Barrera is simply not worth giving points.


Warp: Heavy Warp
Overload: Range Overload
Officer of Cerberus: Leader of Cerberus
hit: 1

Reason: Miranda's job is to remove enemy protection. Heavy Warp was chosen to maximize damage against countermeasures. Even when Pull is available, the base radius of Warp Explosions is large enough to justify the extra damage from the Heavy evolution. Area Overload was chosen because enemies tend to cluster together and being able to hit as much as possible is an advantage. Cerberus Leader was chosen because adding 15% more damage to Shepard's weapon is one of those bonuses that's too good to give up. Slam is not worth giving points.


Incinerate: Combustion Explosion
Cryoexplosion: 0
Salarian Scientist: Salarian Sage
Neural Shock: Neural shock wave

Reason: Again, area builds were chosen because enemies tend to cluster. Salarian Savant was chosen because Mordin's defense will never be good, making the weapon's damage bonus more valuable. Neural Shockwave was also chosen because the duration is already the same as the base cooldown, making the alternative redundant. Although Cryo Blast is the best power compared to Neural Shock, I'm not willing to give up AOE Incinerate and I'm playingShadow Trickster's Hideouttoo late in the game to respect Mordin and progress through Incinerate and Cryo Blast.


Concussive Shot: 2
Overload: Range Overload
Turian Rebelde: Renegado Turian
Armor Piercing Rounds: 3

Reason: Piercing ammunition already grants a 50% increase to health and armor, and the increase is even greater due to Garrus' high-powered damage bonus. Since enemies tend to clump together, the Overload Evolution yields better overall results than the AP Ammo Evolution, unless Shepard is out of ammo power. In this case, the squad AP ammo may be more useful than the area overload. Turian Renegade was chosen because Garrus will never have good defenses, but the fact that AP ammo benefits from higher power damage means that Garrus' weapon damage is much higher than the numbers suggest, as long as the enemy doesn't have shields. or barriers that Garrus deals with in other ways.


Shockwave: Heavy Shockwave
drag: 0
Subject Zero: Original Adept
Warp Ammunition: Heavy Warp Ammunition
shock wave: 3
drag: 2
Subject Zero: Original Adept
Warp Ammunition: Heavy Warp Ammunition

Reason: Pull loses a lot of utility on higher difficulties, since all enemies start out shielded, but Shockwave can stagger even shielded opponents, opening them up to shots and allowing him to retain some utility. Warp Ammo greatly increases the damage of Jack's weapon and the evolution should not be abandoned no matter which path Jack takes. If the player wants to roll, it is better to take the Shockwave points; Level 2 traction does the job with warp bursts. Primal Adept is chosen because regardless of what is done with Jack's active powers, he performs best when he can use them whenever possible.


Concussion Shot: 3
Brandmunition: Inferno Ammo
Berserker Inn: Warlord's Inn
Fixation: 2

Reason: The 50% armor increase from the Tier 2 Fortification does the job in terms of Grunt defense. Anything else is exaggerated. Because of this, Inferno Ammo and Krogan Warlord were chosen to increase their damage. Tier 3 Concussive Shot also gives the Grunt some use in breaking through enemy barriers.


Combat Drone: Explosive Drone
KI-Hack: 0
Quarian Machinist: Quarian Mechanic
Energy Drain: Area Drain

Why: Explosive Drone was chosen because the alternative simply doesn't last long enough to have an impact on higher difficulties. AI Hacking was left alone because evolving it would require sacrificing either Quarian Machinist or Energy Drain, neither of which are worth it. Since AI hacking is not used and the drone is still destroyed, Quarian Mechanic was chosen because the weapon's damage boost is more valuable. As always, Area Drain was chosen because enemies tend to cluster together, especially geth, which it's most useful against.


Layer: 3
Warp: Heavy Warp
Killer Drell: Archer Drell
Shredder-Ammunition: 2

Reason: Throwing has been increased to level three to account for situations where an enemy can be killed by being thrown off a ledge. Heavy Warp was chosen to focus on wearing down armor and barriers. Drell Marksman was chosen because the extra health of the substitute with a 50% bonus weapon damage is not worth sacrificing. Shredder Ammo isn't a good ability, but unless you're up for it, it is.Shadow Trickster's Hideoutearly, there is nothing left to spend points on. If you are ready to play LOtSB early, the points in Shredder Ammo should be used to get Throw Field.

more so

Field: pitch field
drag: 0
Asari-Justicar: Sapiens-Justicar
Reave: reave area
Layer: 3
drag: 2
Asari-Justicar: Sapiens-Justicar
Reave: reave area

Reason: The usual issue of shooting on higher difficulties applies. Throw provides its own crowd control on unprotected enemies and can kill multiple pods at once when Throwing Field is selected. If traction for bending losses is desired, the stitches should be taken out of step. Reave is one of the best powers in the game, so it needs to be evolved to affect as many enemies as possible. Sapiens Justicar was chosen so that Reave could be used as much as possible.


KI-Hack: 3
Combat Drone: Explosive Drone
Infiltrado Geth: Asesino Geth
Geth-Schild-Boost: 2
KI-Hacking: Gebiets-KI-Hacking
Combat Drones: 0
Infiltrado Geth: Asesino Geth
Geth Shield Enhancer: Improved Geth Shield Enhancer

Why: AI hacking is another ability whose value decreases at higher difficulty levels. Still, it could be useful, since Legion needs to put up points anyway. Explosive Drone works well with Legion's charge speed bonus. Two levels of Geth Shield Boost along with Legion's unique buffs do the job defensively, allowing Assassin's Geth Attack Boost to produce better results. Alternatively, the Combat Drone can be left alone and these points can be connected to Legion's other powers. If he can turn multiple enemies against his sync partners, he can be very useful, and the improved Geth Shield Boost makes Legion an even better marksman.


Concussive Shot: 2
Disruptor-Ammo: 3
Veteran Mercenary: Mercenary Warlord
Inferno Grenade: Heavy Inferno Grenade

Reason: Zaeed's weapon damage is high enough that the Disruptor ammo doesn't need to be upgraded unless Shepard has no ammo powers. He chose himself as a Mercenary Warlord because, like Thane, a 50% increase in weapon damage is too good to give up. Unlike other direct damage powers, Inferno Grenade's base AOE is already on par with other powers' area of ​​effect displays, so it's designed to deal maximum damage.


Golpe das Sombras: Mortal blow of shadows
overload: 0
Master Thief: Undercover Master
Flashbang: Enhanced Flashbang

Reason: Deadly Shadowstrike was chosen because killing an enemy is not guaranteed and increasing the damage makes better use of Shadowstrike's multipliers against guards. Overload has been left alone, as Shadow Strike is already dealing double damage to shields and also double damage to armor and barriers, making Overload redundant. The upgraded flashbang was chosen because flashbang damage doesn't exist regardless of the evolution chosen, but its paralyzing effect is unique among player powers, so it's best to take advantage of the upgraded version. Master Infiltrator was chosen because Shadow Strike and Flashbang Grenade are great abilities that Kasumi should be able to use as much as possible.


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