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In this post, I'll cover how to create a soldier class for Shepard in Mass Effect 2. I'll talk about squad point allocation and progression, better equipment and tactics.

The Soldier class is extremely versatile, being able to use every weapon in the game. In addition, it has a wide range of special abilities related to ammunition that will help you against any type of enemy you encounter.

so let's start


  • Shepard Soldier Build – N7-Agent
    • Squad Point Allocation
    • skill progression
    • equipment
    • Soldiers build tactics
  • Diploma

Shepard Soldier Build – N7-Agent

This soldier build focuses on pure firefights. We will be using time slowdown abilities and ammo upgrades for maximum effectiveness on the battlefield.

Also, thanks to the weapons that the building uses, you can crush enemies in a matter of seconds.

Squad Point Allocation

This section covers squad point assignment progress. First, take a look at what the final build should look like.

Ultimate Soldier Build (1)

machine nameEvolutionLevel (Squad Points)
adrenaline rushhardened adrenaline4 (10)
concussion shot--
Disruptor-Ammoheavy disruptive rounds4 (10)
Brandmunitionammo from hell4 (10)
combat masteryCommand4 (10)
warp ammo(additional performance)Warp-Ammo Squadron4 (10)

As for other additional powers, I'm not suggesting any. The problem is that you will mostly be using Adrenaline Rush, using other powers has a longer cooldown, which greatly reduces the combat effectiveness of the Soldier's build.

You can also take Concussive Shot to get some CC. However, note that it has a 6 second cooldown compared to 3 seconds for adrenaline. Because of this, you lose performance on claims. Therefore, I think it's better to have a suitable partner who can use the necessary skills.

skill progression

Now I'll go into more detail about when and which skills you should choose. You should invest in the highest ones first.

1Adrenaline level 4This is the soldier's main skill and should be used more. Slow down time andhardened adrenalineThe upgrade also reduces incoming damage. In addition, it is more suitable for rapid-fire weapons, so that more shots can be fired. However, I suggest reading the Tactics section below to understand how best to use it, as it requires some preparation.
2Combat Mastery Level 2Increases your charge speed (makes you run faster), increases your HP and weapon damage
3Disruptor-Ammo Lv 2We take this skill for Shepard Soldier to unlock itBrandmunition. Furthermore, this ability is also useful against early enemies with shields like Blue Suns or Geth.
4Fire ammo Lv 4By using this skill moreammo from hellThe upgrade allows you to set fire to enemies within 3 meters of your shot. Additionally, you are extremely effective against armor.
5Combat Mastery Level 4To loadCommandTo update. This means your ammo powers get an additional 15% bonus. As expected, Private Shepard will be able to deal an incredible amount of damage.
6Warp-Ammo Lv 4It will play a big role in boosting your damage if enemies have party-wide barriers. It also neutralizes armor and health. So this is an extremely good skill. To chooseheavy warp ammoTo update
7Disruptor-Ammo Lv 4We finished the build by bringing this skill to level 4. As mentioned above, it's effective against synths and enemies with shields. Therefore, it will work very well in the Legion Loyalty quest. take itheavy disruptive roundsTo update


In this section, I'll talk about what equipment should be used for building Shepard Soldier.

assault rifle

This will likely be Shepard's main weapon and will be used the most throughout the game. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one and the best one available.

weapon nameeffective againstDescription
M-76 Rebornshields
This is the first option for the Soldier Build. Unfortunately, it has low accuracy. However, using Adrenaline Rush nullifies the recoil, allowing you to hit enemies with precision. It also has 80 ammo per clip, good damage multipliers, and a high rate of fire. Overall, it's the best option for this build.

Ultimate Soldier Build (17)

As you can see, the M-76 Revenant is a beast with this soldier build. You can eliminate multiple enemies with a single clip.

weapon nameeffective againstDescription
hoe M-96shields
It requires a slightly different approach. It has a smaller clip, so you have to focus more on taking accurate shots. Mattock can also deplete its entire clip during adrenaline, making it an effective pair with the Soldier class.

sniper rifle

Although you might think the sniper rifle is for infiltrators, it can be used effectively on a soldier.

weapon nameeffective againstDescription
incisor M-29shields
For this version I would choose the sniper rifle with the fastest rate of fire: M-29 Incisor. Fires three shots, making it effective when using Adrenaline Rush.
M-97 Viperarmor
I recommend using it on enemies with a lot of armor and health: YMIR mechs, Scions, etc. This allows you to use the entire clip when shooting from a distance.


Personally, I don't recommend using shotguns of this particular build very often. The reason for this is that your Adrenaline Rush upgrade is not suitable for this. However, if you want, I recommend a weapon:

weapon nameeffective againstDescription
M-27 Krummsäbelbarriers
You can fire 3 shots during the Adrenaline Rush effect.

heavy weapon

I don't recommend using it in this build. Any weapon will do.

weapon nameeffective againstDescription
Phalanx M-5armorThis is a very powerful heavy weapon. What makes it amazing is its laser sight which guarantees 100% accuracy.
Metzger M-6armorStronger option thanPhalanx M-5, but has a slightly slower rate of fire and a smaller clip.


Armor can give nice bonuses to core stats in Mass Effect 2. This is the gear I recommend to maximize your soldier build:

RudderKuwashii-VisierIncreases headshot damage by 10%
RudderTurmfalke-HelmIncreases headshot damage by 5%
Increases weapon damage by 3%
Increases shields by 3%
mommyfrancelho TorsoscheideIncreases melee damage by 10%
Increases weapon damage by 5%
Increases shield strength by 3%
CostasN7 shoulder padsIncreases weapon damage by 3%.
waffenStabilizing GripsIncreases weapon damage by 5%.
waffenKestrel ArmschutzIncreases weapon damage by 3%
Increases shields by 3%
Increases melee damage by 10%
legsStimulator driversIncreases storm speed by 10%.
legslife support tapesIncreases health by 10%.

Soldiers build tactics

I think this is the most important part of the post. I'll try to give general recommendations and tips on the best way to play the Soldier class. Make sure you read it.

Using Adrenaline Rush Correctly

This is a skill unique to the Soldier class. Slows time, increases damage, and most importantly, reduces incoming damage. This is very important because enemies will shoot you during the attack.

Ultimate Soldier Build (24)

When using the Hardened upgrade, be sure to use rapid-fire weapons such as Assault Rifles. The reason for this is that you have to stay out of coverage for a long time.

However, for slow-firing weapons like sniper rifles, you can definitely opt for a higher adrenaline rush, which slows down more time, meaning you can fire fewer shots. This is perfect for hitting that ideal single shot.

Ammo skill management.

Ammo skill management is very important for building soldiers. Greatly increases your damage against certain enemies and protections. More importantly, the updated versions offer some unique effects.

So if you're fighting synthetic enemies like drones, mechs, and geth, be sure to activate the Disruptor Ammo.

Use incendiary ammo against organics and humans. It will pierce through armor and set enemies on fire. The Inferno ammo upgrade will also set fire to multiple enemies.

Warp ammo is also very important as it allows the soldier to break through biotic barriers and armor. It's very effective against Gatherers, so make sure you take it with you on missions where you fight them.

I am not suggesting making squad ammo upgrades. The problem is, this soldier build is where you'll do the most damage. Additionally, your allies will also die quite often if you play Madness, wasting the ability's potential.

squad selection

Here are the sync pairs I recommend for this soldier build:

  • mirandais an extremely powerful companion that improves squad health and weapon damage. I would say he is essential in many meetings. The good thing is that he also has Warp and Overload and can easily remove enemy protection.
  • This soldier build lacks any CC. Therefore, I recommend having a Biotics user in the group. that's why i thinksamaraojacobit's the best. You can disable enemies after removing their shields, making encounters with lots of enemies much easier.
  • Other decent companions areGrowl,Zaeed, YGarrus. You have Concussive Shot, which can block unprotected enemies.Growlit is also very effective at absorbing enemy damage and drawing attention. This allows you to stay out of coverage much longer.


Thanks for reading this post. I tried to go into great detail on how to build Shepard Soldier. This should cover how to allocate squad points, which weapons to choose, and which squad to take with you.

Feel free to leave a comment below if I missed anything!


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