What is a diploma: everything you need to know (2023)

What is a diploma: everything you need to know (1)Once you graduate from high school, you have several options. You can get a job right away, attend a four-year university for a bachelor's degree, or go to a local university for an associate's degree -- a two-year post-high school diploma. But what exactly gives you the title of assistant? Why is it worth getting it? Here we answer your questions.

What is a Diploma?

An associate degree is a two-year bachelor's degree that provides technical and academic expertise. Associate degree programs are designed to provide students with a faster and less expensive path of study. Upon completion of the program, you will have the fundamental knowledge required for specific employment opportunities. Plus, you can transfer to a four-year college and earn a full bachelor's degree in just an additional two years. They are also known as associate degrees or associate degrees.

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How to get a degree?

Full-time students can earn a degree in just two years. They require 60 credits and usually have about 20 lessons in total. A part-time study takes longer, but is also an option. These courses can be delivered in person, online or in a hybrid mode.

Where can I earn this money?

Students can usually earn a degree by attending a local university. The acceptance rates at these schools are usually so high that almost all applicants are accepted, although there are exceptions.

Local colleges are scattered all over the country, and you can usually find at least one in your county or city!

What can you do with an associate degree?

A degree is required for certain positions. For example, some fire protection programs require a two-year degree (although some also require a bachelor's degree). You can also apply for the following positions:

  • legal assistant
  • HVAC technology
  • dental hygienist
  • veterinary technician
  • HR assistant
  • Physiotherapy assistant
  • and more

In some cases, you can also choose to convert an associate degree into a bachelor's degree. Not all schools accept transfer credits for every college or degree, so you need to know how to do thisTransfer of results is crucial. However, students can often begin studying at a four-year institution (if admitted) immediately after receiving a scholarship, or they can choose to study later, even years or decades later.

What will you learn during the two-year program?

The type of co-workers you're looking for can affect what you study in graduate school (we'll discuss the different types of co-workers later), but typically students can:

General education courses

General education courses cover everything from math to science to English. They help supplement knowledge in various fields. If you're not yet sure what you want to study after your undergraduate degree, these courses can help you choose a major. They also typically count towards the general educational requirements of four-year colleges.

career-related activities

If you choose a field of study or career path for your peers, be sure to take courses related to that field. For example, students who want to become a dental hygienist can study psychology, English, dental anatomy, patient care, oral health education, and more.

What types of associate degrees are there?

There are three common types of associate degree: Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, and Associate of Applied Science. What you pursue may affect your career prospects after graduation.

Associate of Arts (AA)

Students in the Associate of Arts program study social sciences, business, literature, arts, and other general subjects. This is often an ideal degree if you plan to attend a four-year college later on.

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Associate of Science (AS)

Often, an Associate of Science degree is also awarded to earn a bachelor's degree upon graduation. They can include things like math and science.

Associate of Applied Science (AAS)

Courses in the Associate of Applied Science program cover the technical and professional skills needed in a specific career field. These are not normally considered a bachelor's degree, but may be accepted. Students who earn an AAS can pursue careers in IT, hospitality, paralegals, fire departments, and more.

How is an associate degree different from a bachelor's, master's, doctoral, vocational certificate, and trade school?

ABachelor's degreeis a four-year Bachelor's program that focuses on general education, majors and electives. Many associate degrees can be used as credit toward a bachelor's degree.

AMagisterCan only be taken after a bachelor's degree and includes more advanced courses in a specific concentration. It can take at least two years to earn, and students are usually required to complete a dissertation.

APh.D.Depending on the course, a bachelor's or master's degree can be obtained. A doctorate can refer to doctorates in fields such as law, veterinary medicine, and professional doctorates. They take 3 to 8 years to complete.

Professional certificateIt can be obtained by taking an exam or taking a highly specialized course. They can last months to years. Professional certifications cover everything from IT to marketing and are available through colleges and online courses.

trade school, also known as vocational or technical school, is similar to an Associate of Applied Science degree program. However, not all trade school education programs offer you an assistant position. They can provide practical training for dental hygienists, but also for construction managers, car mechanics and other fields.

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How much does a diploma cost?

The average cost of an associate degree program is about $4,000 per year. The average number of bachelor's degrees tends to be higher, so this can be a good option if you decide to save on education costs. Students studying at local universities may also have to pay for living expenses, books, transportation, supplies, and more.

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How can you pay for a degree?

If you're having a hard time paying for your degree, you have other options. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with:

  • finishFree application for federal student aid(FAFSA) About Federal Loans and Other Assistance Programs
  • 529 subscription
  • Federal, state and local grants
  • scholarship
  • private loan

Benefit: Get the title of assistant

Being a member has many benefits! If you're hesitating about attending a local university, here are some benefits to consider:

This is often cheaper than a four-year study

Because local colleges are often less expensive than four-year colleges, getting an associate degree before earning a bachelor's degree can save a lot of money. You take general classes during your fellowship classes, so you can get those classes for less!

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You can open doors to more career opportunities

Some jobs require at least a college degree, especially in technical fields such as dental hygienist and veterinary technician. If you want to work in these fields but don't want to get a PhD, you may need to take one of these programs.

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you can earn more money

With an associate degree, you can also ask employers for more money. It has even been found that people with a degree earn approx938 dollar per week. By comparison, high school students earn about $781 per week.

You can browse disciplines, majors and career areas

If you're not quite sure what you want to study yet, attending a local university is a good option. You can save money by considering this as you continue your undergraduate education and explore different topics that interest you. Academic advisors can also help you choose courses based on your postgraduate goals.

Local colleges also usually have good career services departments that can help you achieve your goals, discover job opportunities, and sharpen your resume and application skills.

Earn your degree in just two years

Because it takes only two years to earn an associate's degree, earning an associate's degree takes less time than it normally takes for a bachelor's degree, which takes four years. This allows you to invest in your education sooner and you always have the opportunity to continue your studies and follow in-depth courses.

Students seeking an associate degree, whether pursuing a four-year degree or seeking employment after graduation, must be educated at a local university. Use our free program to learn more about local universities that fit your goals and what programs are availableMatching tool for universities


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